First-class Bowling for Derbyshire in 1901

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EM Ashcroft7834011-940.00 00
H Bagshaw4761526854-7553.60 00
FA Barrs120120    
A Barton843610    
JA Berwick216711655-6123.20 10
W Bestwick46571852174757-7028.98 40
W Birkett186610732-2835.66 00
AP Boissier3603222-3216.00 00
D Bottom361120    
O Burton9015522-4427.50 00
SWA Cadman3631016941-642.25 00
W Chatterton2821612142-230.25 00
G Curgenven324524342-4560.75 00
W Ellis420300    
JJ Hulme56232222622656-13540.33 30
AE Lawton102724626112-1656.90 00
GS Marple7261711-1717.00 00
A Morton180140    
J Oldknow252616243-12340.50 00
JH Purdy30090    
W Storer2100291594365-2044.27 10
W Sugg10254311-1943.00 00
A Warren9421860893-6067.55 00
SH Wood483140    
LG Wright604180    
JH Young9452851472-1173.42 00

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