First-class Bowling for Derbyshire in 1897 County Championship

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EM Ashcroft904430    
H Bagshaw4633219562-4332.50 00
W Chatterton129292476213-3822.66 00
J Cross1691117574184-6831.88 00
HG Curgenven9046122-2530.50 00
F Davidson502240    
GA Davidson38963451254566-2222.39 30
WB Delacombe482270    
SH Evershed30250    
T Gould4102320594-4522.77 00
JP Hall452330    
JW Hancock22681371126464-3524.47 00
JH Purdy501200    
R Steeples5303521494-7323.77 00
W Storer103530614225-4027.90 10
W Sugg503330    
GG Walker6323432194-4435.66 00
A Warren5862231651-163.20 00
LG Wright10050    

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