Derbyshire in ListA Matches in 2011

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Home Grounds used:
County Ground, Derby; Queen's Park, Chesterfield

Away Grounds visited:
Headingley, Leeds; County Ground, New Road, Worcester; The PROBIZ County Ground, Hove; Sportpark Het Schootsveld, Deventer; Lord's Cricket Ground, St John's Wood; St Lawrence Ground, Canterbury

ListA playing record:
P 12     W 6     T 1     D 0     L 5

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22 players appeared in ListA matches for Derbyshire in 2011:
Azeem Rafiq; PI Burgoyne; JL Clare; WJ Durston; MHA Footitt; TD Groenewald; MJ Guptill; CF Hughes; PS Jones; TC Knight; MS Lineker; WL Madsen; J Needham; AP Palladino; GT Park; T Poynton; DJ Redfern; GM Smith; LD Sutton; ML Turner; Usman Khawaja; RA Whiteley.

8 players made their debut for Derbyshire in these matches in 2011:
Azeem Rafiq; PI Burgoyne; MJ Guptill; TC Knight; MS Lineker; AP Palladino; ML Turner; Usman Khawaja.

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