Derbyshire in ListA Matches in 2004

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Home Grounds used:
County Ground, Derby

Away Grounds visited:
County Ground, Taunton; Grace Road, Leicester; Riverside Ground, Chester-le-Street; Trent Bridge, Nottingham; John Walker's Ground, Southgate; County Ground, New Road, Worcester; County Ground, Hove; Headingley, Leeds; Raeburn Place, Edinburgh

ListA playing record:
P 20     W 6     D 0     L 13     NR 1

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24 players appeared in ListA matches for Derbyshire in 2004:
CWG Bassano; AG Botha; JDC Bryant; KJ Dean; NRC Dumelow; BJ France; AI Gait; NEL Gunter; Hasan Adnan; PMR Havell; DR Hewson; RM Khan; Mohammad Ali; J Moss; DBL Powell; CJL Rogers; SA Selwood; MA Sheikh; BL Spendlove; SD Stubbings; LD Sutton; DK Taylor; NGE Walker; G Welch.

9 players made their debut for Derbyshire in these matches in 2004:
AG Botha; JDC Bryant; BJ France; J Moss; DBL Powell; CJL Rogers; MA Sheikh; DK Taylor; NGE Walker.

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