Derbyshire in ListA Matches in 1990

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Home Grounds used:
County Ground, Derby; Queen's Park, Chesterfield; Tunstall Road, Knypersley

Away Grounds visited:
County Ground, Hove; County Ground, Taunton; County Ground, Northampton; Orleton Park, Wellington; Headingley, Leeds; The Foster's Oval, Kennington; Old Trafford, Manchester; United Services Ground, Portsmouth; St Helen's, Swansea; Edgbaston, Birmingham

ListA playing record:
P 25     W 16     D 0     L 8     NR 1

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16 players appeared in ListA matches for Derbyshire in 1990:
CJ Adams; KJ Barnett; SJ Base; IR Bishop; PD Bowler; SC Goldsmith; M Jean-Jacques; KM Krikken; AP Kuiper; DE Malcolm; G Miller; JE Morris; OH Mortensen; TJG O'Gorman; B Roberts; AE Warner.

1 player made a debut for Derbyshire in these matches in 1990:
AP Kuiper.

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