Derbyshire in Other Matches in 1988

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Home Grounds used:
Town Ground, Heanor; County Ground, Derby

Away Grounds visited:
Hamilton Crescent, Glasgow; Graham Solley Sports Development Centre, Sheffield

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27 players appeared in Other matches for Derbyshire in 1988:
CJ Adams; KJ Barnett; AT Bell; PD Bowler; AP Cooke; DG Cork; RJ Finney; SC Goldsmith; FA Griffith; TA Harris; MA Holding; JF Hurst; T Kirk; KM Krikken; JR Lumley; BJM Maher; MR May; JE Morris; OH Mortensen; PG Newman; TJG O'Gorman; B Roberts; C Saville; DR Snellgrove; PJ Tebay; M Wakefield; AE Warner.

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