Derbyshire in Other Matches in 1981

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Home Grounds used:
County Ground, Derby; Station Road, South Darley

Away Grounds visited:
Trent Bridge, Nottingham; Old Trafford, Manchester United FC, Manchester; Old Trafford, Manchester; Clifton Park, York; Caythorpe Road, Caythorpe

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30 players appeared in Other matches for Derbyshire in 1981:
IS Anderson; KJ Barnett; P Bedford; G Bowden; KG Brooks; BG Cooper; MJ Deakin; SJ Farrell; RJ Finney; M Hendrick; A Hill; PN Kirsten; BJM Maher; RP Merriman; G Miller; DG Moir; JE Morris; PG Newman; N Nicholson; S Oldham; B Roberts; C Roome; D Smith; DS Steele; RW Taylor; CJ Tunnicliffe; IC Waring; A Watts; B Wood; JG Wright.

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