Derbyshire in ListA Matches in 1978

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Home Grounds used:
Rutland Recreation Ground, Ilkeston; County Ground, Derby; Trent College Ground, Long Eaton; Queen's Park, Chesterfield

Away Grounds visited:
Old Trafford, Manchester; Phoenix County Ground, Bristol; Fartown, Huddersfield; Trent Bridge, Nottingham; Dean Park, Bournemouth; County Ground, New Road, Worcester; Mote Park, Maidstone; Lord's Cricket Ground, St John's Wood; Grace Road, Leicester

ListA playing record:
P 23     W 13     D 0     L 9     NR 1

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20 players appeared in ListA matches for Derbyshire in 1978:
IS Anderson; EJ Barlow; AJ Borrington; H Cartwright; JMH Graham-Brown; AJ Harvey-Walker; M Hendrick; A Hill; PN Kirsten; JW Lister; AJ McLellan; G Miller; A Morris; PE Russell; FW Swarbrook; RW Taylor; CJ Tunnicliffe; J Walters; RC Wincer; JG Wright.

5 players made their debut for Derbyshire in these matches in 1978:
IS Anderson; PN Kirsten; JW Lister; AJ McLellan; RC Wincer.

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