England Teams (J)


J Abbott's XI
J and G Meakin
J and G Meakin Fenton
J and G Meakin Women
J and G Meakin Women Second XI
J and J Dyson's
J and J Dyson's Second XI
J Appleyard's XI
J Bamford's XI
J Bayley's XI
J Bowra's XI
J Bradford's XI
J Burgess' XI
J Burrell's XI
J Carter's XI
J Chirnside's XI
J Davis' XI
J Douglas' XI
J Douglass' XI
J Elgood's XI
J Finch's XI
J Franklin's XI
J Furley's XI
J Geary's XI
J Gibbons' XI
J Greenhead's XI
J Hammond's XI
J Hansell's Northumberland XI
J Hargreave's XI
J Harker's XI
J Hennessy's XI
J Horner's Yorkshire Colts
J Hortal's XIII
J Hughes' XI
J Humphries' XI
J Hunt Hickin's XI
J Ingram's XI
J Jobling's XI
J Lang's XI
J Leach XI
J Moore's XI
J Nicoll's XI
J OK's Whallopers
J Pare's XI
J Parker's XI
J Pawle's XI
J Paxton's XI
J Pender's XI
J Pettipher's XI
J Rowbotham's XI
J Schneider's Gaieties XI
J Sharp's XI
J Singleton's XI
J Southerton's Surrey Colts
J Southgate's XI
J Stanning's XI
J Story's XI
J Taylor's XI
J Tufton's XI
J Walker's XI
J Webber's XI
J Webster's XI
J Went's XI
J Wilkinson's XI
J Williams' XI
JA Bailey's XI
JA Berners' XI
JA Brittin's XI
JA Campbell's XI
JA Chatterton's XI
JA Gibbs' XI
JA Jameson's XI
JA McLean's XI
JA Nunn's XI
JA Rudolph's XI
JA Turner's XI
JA Wainwright's XI
JA Wolfe-Murray's XI
JACDB Wildsmith's XI
Jack Frost XI
Jack Hylton's Band
JAG Fulton's XI
Jaidy Kashmir
Jamaican Legends XI
James Allen School Old Girls
James Hull Drillers
James K Hudson Invitation XI
James Lillywhite's XI
James Pratt's XI
James Rose XI
James Thorne Club
JAN Withrington's XI
Jane Powell's XI
Jarvis Porter
Jas Neill's
Jason Gillespie Cricket Academy
JB Bolus' XI
JB Gilmore's House
JB Guy's XI
JB Moyle's XI
JB Statham's XI
JB Wood's XI
JBG Lester's XI
JC Aspinall's XI
JC Clark's XI
JC Falkner's XI
JC Hallett's XI
JC Marshall's XI
JC Stephens' XI
JC Walker's XI
JC White's XI
JC Woodcock's XI
JCM Atkinson's XI
JCM Lowe's XI
JCR Reade's Oxford XI
JCW MacBryan's XI
JD Cairns' XI
JD Cave's XI
JD Clay's XI
JD Currie's XI
JD Eggar's XI
JD Kirkham-Brown's XI
JD Martin's XI
JE Blair's XI
JE Frazer's XI
JE May's XI
JE Partridge's XI
JE Shilton's XI
JED Moysey's XI
JEK Studd's XI
Jer Lane
Jer Lane Second XI
Jersey Over-50s
Jesus and Sidney Sussex Colleges, Cambridge
Jesus College, Cambridge
Jesus College, Cambridge Long Vacation Club
Jesus College, Oxford
JF Cooper's XI
JF Crapp's XI
JF Ireland's XI
JF Leese's XI
JF Marsh's XI
JF Turner's XI
JFO Williams' XI
JG Boothby's XI
JG Forster's XI
JG Wagener's XI
JG Walker's XI
JGW Davies' XI
JGW Hyndson's XI
JH Bowes-Lyon's XI
JH Brain's XI
JH Bridges' XI
JH Doggart's XI
JH Gibson-Craig's XI
JH Hampton's XI
JH Human's XI
JH Hutchinson's XI
JH King's XI
JH Leslie's XI
JH Naumann's XI
JH Nevinson's XI
JH Parsons' XI
JH Stirling's XI
JH Stogdon's XI
JH Westbrook's XI
JH Witterby's XI
JHH Anton's XI
JHP Brain's XI
JI Longley's XI
Jill Powell's XI
JJ McCully's XI
JJ Robinson's XI
JJ Sayers' XI
JJ Warr's XI
JL Godman's XI
JL Guise's XI
JL Gunn's XI
JL White's XI
JM Allan's XI
JM Anderson's XI
JM Barrell's XI
JM Coldham's XI
JM Court's XI
JM Cummins' XI
JM Fitzpatrick's XI
JM Kershaw's XI
JM Kumleben's XI
JM Lillico's XI
JM Mills' XI
JM Synge's XI
JMA Marshall's XI
JME Oppenheimer's XI
JMQ Quinton's XI
JN Buchanan's XI
JN Grover's XI
JN Williams' XI
Jockeys and Racing Officials
Joe Bradford's and Birmingham Co-operative Society Dairy XI
Joe Lumb Cricket Competition XI
John Blezard Memorial XI
John Fisher
John Porter's XI
John Robinson's XI
John Woodbridge's XI
Johnny Sandelson's XI
Jolly Sailor
Jones and Shipman
Jordans Taverners
Jordison Brothers
Joseph Chamberlain College
JOT Powell's XI
JP Bragger's XI
JP Crawley's Hampshire XI
JP Crawley's XI
JP Heywood-Lonsdale's XI
JP Munster's XI
JP Stephenson's XI
JR Bridger's XI
JR Egerton's XI
JR Fitter's XI
JR Long's XI
JR Mason's XI
JR Stewart's XI
JR Thompson's XI
JR Tylden's XI
JR Wilmot's XI
JRM Branston's XI
JRS Raper's XI
JS Brett's XI
JS Fair's XI
JS Fry and Sons
JS Ord's XI
JS Rumbold's XI
JSF Morrison's XI
JSM Runciman's XI
JT McGaw's XI
JT Morgan's XI
JT Turner's XI
JTBD Platts' XI
Judge Chalmers' XI
Jug and Glass
Julian Wood's Cricket Academy
Junction Inn
Junior A Women
Junior B Women
Junior C Women
Junior D Women
Junior Diamonds
Junior Emeralds
Junior England Women
Junior Leader Regiment Royal Artillery
Junior Liberals
Junior Rubies
Junior Sapphires
Junior Super Twos Team One
Junior Super Twos Team Two
JW Dixie-Smith's XI
JW Haygarth's XI
JW Haywood's XI
JW Hobbs' XI
JW Jackson's XI
JW Marsh's XI
JW McAlpine's XI
JW Page's XI
JW Stratton's XI
JWA Stephenson's XI
JWHT Douglas' XI





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