First-class Bowling in West Indies for 1938 (Ordered by Average)

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CLO Cawley (Jam)130322-31.50 00
GRJ de Soysa3201522-157.50 00
RP Tang Choon17639485-8111.75 10
GH Mudie (Jam)3458166125-3213.83 20
DC Wilson16348155-8116.20 10
DPS Beckford (Jam)27239964-2916.50 00
VA Valentine (Jam)9671711-017.00 00
HHH Johnson (Jam)283310363-7317.16 00
KH Weekes (Jam)9625332-3317.66 00
CL Pouchet64116239138-12018.38 10
MM Walford212014176-4920.14 10
LG Hylton (Jam)192210754-4121.40 00
GE Gomez5612311-1223.00 00
HA Fraser (BG)4755281125-4323.41 21
F Smith (Jam)16817133-4823.66 00
JH Cameron291112053-5124.00 00
J Williams (BG)19217633-7625.33 00
RS Grant3601114053-2828.00 00
JM Neblett (BG)352910432-8634.66 00
CEL Jones (BG)11233511-1735.00 00
WG Griffith (BG)15827322-7336.50 00
JED Sealy8814011-2440.00 00
RCM Kimpton13608622-7243.00 00
C Persaud (BG)21619122-2545.50 00
W Murray-Wood312415432-3851.33 00
BJ Sealey7201623741-3159.25 00
HI Meikle (Jam)11226211-6262.00 00
JB Stollmeyer16026911-6969.00 00
D Hill (BG)26437611-6676.00 00
MACP Kaye168310611-69106.00 00
LS Birkett40280    
SM Abrahams (Jam)16080    
FI de Caires (BG)160100    
CV Wight (BG)481150    
JDC Goddard723150    
OS Wight (BG)160210    
CR Browne (BG)722220    
JS Dare (BG)320220    
CL de Freitas (BG)721510    
MDP Magill880530    
HA Dummett (BG)25641420    





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