First-class Bowling in West Indies for 1933/34 (Ordered by Average)

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AAM Learmond (BG)6040    
CA Merry (Trin)12140    
FC Lobo (Bar)6070    
MG Grell (Trin)30090    
RF Griffiths (Bar)60100    
OS Wight (BG)240190    
CEL Jones (BG)722260    
AB Applethwaite (BG)841560    
JR Edwards (Bar)13831050    
RS Grant (Trin)180182422-1912.0000
D Eligon (Trin)286158674-3512.2800
EE Achong (Trin)246146543-3316.2500
RB Rohoman (BG)3406194117-13017.6311
JED Sealy (Bar)3361610663-1917.6600
E Constantine (Trin)7241811-718.0000
RC Wood (Bar)4692415284-7319.0000
EA Martindale (Bar)58215325165-10620.3110
WM Green (BG)4492910854-5021.6000
BJ Sealey (Trin)10292211-1222.0000
RE McGregor (Trin)3241113753-9527.4000
LA Walcott (Bar)18659132-2130.3300
CD Spooner (Bar)4681721264-4835.3300
AB Rollox (BG)12654111-2641.0000
BBM Gaskin (BG)312119221-4046.0000





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