First-class Bowling in West Indies for 1931/32 (Ordered by Average)

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EE Achong (Trin)61028197157-7313.13 11
MP Fernandes (BG)4802922-2914.50 00
WM Green (BG)297815595-7517.22 10
BJ Sealey (Trin)5043013985-2217.37 10
EA Martindale (Bar)15067242-2118.00 00
LG Hylton (Jam)62421252124-5521.00 00
JL Parris (Bar)12726333-5321.00 00
ELG Hoad (Bar)3612111-2121.00 00
W Yeates (Trin)3241213563-5322.50 00
OC Scott (Jam)74414448196-9123.57 31
HC Griffith (Bar)16849842-2424.50 00
RE McGregor (Trin)266512144-3530.25 00
LA Walcott (Bar)5423111-3131.00 00
VA Valentine (Jam)3021312843-5732.00 00
J Williams (BG)2761113243-5833.00 00
DPS Beckford (Jam)70117372114-10933.81 00
GTS Stevens93615677208-8733.85 11
E Constantine (Trin)234176822-2334.00 00
JA Small (Trin)5062713942-5234.75 00
RM Royes (Jam)6023611-1836.00 00
GA Headley (Jam)6613911-1339.00 00
OC Da Costa (Jam)323917142-5142.75 00
EH Bowley318623953-11347.80 00
CEL Jones (BG)10215111-1951.00 00
HB Young (Jam)3321218232-7660.66 00
MS Nichols449627242-6068.00 00
AB Rollox (BG)17477511-5575.00 00
G Geary6481038152-5076.20 00
CCR Dacre12629111-6491.00 00
CR Browne (BG)3721713011-87130.00 00
NN Nethersole (Jam)3481313711-62137.00 00
WE Astill372823111-115231.00 00
APF Chapman6040    
BH Valentine300120    
CV Wight (BG)362190    
JED Sealy (Bar)181200    
GH Mudie (Jam)1085370    





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