Bowling in New Zealand for 2001/02 (Ordered by )

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AC Barnes (Auck)303120     2.40
BF Smith (CD)60140     14.00
JN Snape (Eng)250290     6.96
LG Howell (Auck)300360     7.20
AM Wilkinson (Ot)601380     3.80
ND Morland (Ot)840700     5.00
LK Germon (Ot)000     0.00
ME Parlane (ND)000     0.00
SP Fleming (NZ,Well)000     0.00
JS Foster (Eng)000     0.00
GJ Hopkins (Cant)000     0.00
JI Englefield (Cant)000     0.00
MHW Papps (Cant)000     0.00
N Hussain (Eng)000     0.00
OA Shah (Eng)000     0.00
JW Sheed (Ot)000     0.00
DP Kelly (CD)000     0.00
PG Fulton (Cant)000     0.00
MG Croy (Ot)000     0.00
GG Robinson (ND)000     0.00
AC Parore (Auck)000     0.00
MD Bailey (ND)000     0.00
HJH Marshall (ND)000     0.00
SL Stewart (Cant)000     0.00
PJ Ingram (CD)000     0.00
GR Stead (Cant)000     0.00
RT King (CD)000     0.00
BBJ Griggs (CD)000     0.00
RG Hart (ND)000     0.00
AJ Hore (Ot)000     0.00
JAH Marshall (ND)000     0.00
NKW Horsley (Auck)000     0.00
SP Beare (Ot)000     0.00
MD Bell (Well)000     0.00
CJ Nevin (NZ,Well)000     0.00
MH Richardson (Auck)000     0.00
JM How (CD)000     0.00
RA Pudney (Auck)000     0.00
GP Thorpe (Eng)000     0.00
DJG Sales (Well)000     0.00
MS Sinclair (CD)000     0.00
GT Donaldson (Well)000     0.00
RA Lawson (Ot)000     0.00
TG McIntosh (Auck)000     0.00
L Vincent (NZ,Auck)000     0.00
JC Nelson (CD)000     0.00
NV Knight (Eng)000     0.00
BB McCullum (NZ,Ot)000     0.00
BJK Doody (Cant)000     0.00
ME Trescothick (Eng)000     0.00
MN McKenzie (Cant)000     0.00
RA Young (Auck)000     0.00
RA Jones (Well)000     0.00
JG Hatwell (ND)000     0.00
JEC Franklin (Well)14467983-239.870018.003.29
NJ Astle (NZ,Cant)17019693-410.660018.883.38
MN Hart (ND)3364201154-713.401022.403.58
PA Hitchcock (Well)4978320225-1014.542122.593.86
GR Todd (CD)1601511-1515.000016.005.62
D Gough (Eng)3835267174-4415.701022.524.18
AD Turner (Well)216711173-2015.850030.853.08
GW Aldridge (ND)3725224143-2516.000026.573.61
CJ Cornelius (Cant)12016642-2816.500030.003.30
KD Mills (Auck)126110163-6016.830021.004.80
JM McMillan (Ot)3635228133-3017.530027.923.76
MP Vaughan (Eng)1801811-1818.000018.006.00
SJ Cunis (Cant)4615254144-3718.141032.923.30
EP Thompson (CD)132211464-4119.001022.005.18
CL Cairns (NZ,Cant)3666267143-3219.070026.144.37
MDJ Walker (Well)47711271143-1319.350034.073.40
JAF Yovich (ND)5589434224-6019.721025.364.66
A Flintoff (Eng)3052203104-1720.301030.503.99
MJ Mason (CD)42411296144-1621.141030.284.18
AJ Penn (Well)290517285-1921.500136.253.55
GS Shaw (Auck)9026732-3322.330030.004.46
AM Schwass (CD)279520594-3522.771031.004.40
MY Pasupati (Well)3585276123-7123.000029.834.62
PD Collingwood (Eng)168014364-3823.831028.005.10
SE Bond (Cant)12029742-4624.250030.004.85
CS Martin (Cant)43510293124-4424.411036.254.04
WC McSkimming (Ot)7804922-1824.500039.003.76
BE Hefford (CD)4204327133-4025.150032.304.67
RD Burson (Cant)144112753-4625.400028.805.29
MJ Hoggard (Eng)252220982-2726.120031.504.97
CZ Harris (NZ,Cant)318318472-1826.280045.423.47
AR Adams (NZ,Auck)4163295113-1326.810037.814.25
C White (Eng)324324792-2327.440036.004.57
KP Walmsley (Ot)4566302113-3027.450041.453.97
TK Canning (Auck)4575380134-4029.231035.154.98
NL McCullum (Ot)328124182-1030.120041.004.40
CR Pryor (Ot)265021272-4230.280037.854.80
LJ Hamilton (CD)228518264-4130.331038.004.78
MJ Horne (Auck)4506222-2431.000022.508.26
SB Doull (ND)326122972-2532.710046.574.21
RGT Smith (Ot)5406622-2933.000027.007.33
MR Jefferson (Well)309320063-1933.330051.503.88
DG Sewell (Ot)138210133-2233.660046.004.39
CJ Drum (Auck)4937391113-3635.540044.814.75
BGK Walker (Auck)4624359103-4135.900046.204.66
CB Gaffaney (Ot)3603611-436.000036.006.00
DR Tuffey (NZ,ND)83811592163-4237.000052.374.23
GP Sulzberger (CD)216014842-1037.000054.004.11
AJ Redmond (Cant)158011932-4639.660052.664.51
CJ Anderson (Cant)528735895-3439.770158.664.06
MJ Haslam (Auck)476335892-2839.770052.884.51
MR Gillespie (Well)252319952-2639.800050.404.73
WA Wisneski (Cant)264516941-1742.250066.003.84
CD Cumming (Ot)318225661-2042.660053.004.83
AF Giles (Eng)282417742-2244.250070.503.76
DJ Nash (Auck)6004511-4545.000060.004.50
CD McMillan (NZ,Cant)6024611-4646.000060.004.60
DL Vettori (NZ,ND)372424753-1749.400074.403.98
SB Styris (ND)138110421-3352.000069.004.52
GE Bradburn (ND)528435162-2858.500088.003.98
CJM Furlong (CD)435530253-2360.400087.004.16
IG Butler (NZ,ND)256125441-3763.500064.005.95
TC Crabb (Auck)5407111-3271.000054.007.88
DJ Reekers (Cant)179115422-2277.000089.505.16
PJ Wiseman (Cant)216116321-3681.5000108.004.52
GS Coleman (Auck)126011611-48116.0000126.005.52
RG Morgan (Auck)138012911-25129.0000138.005.60
AR Caddick (Eng)165115511-56155.0000165.005.63





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