ListA Bowling in New Zealand for 1972/73 (Ordered by Average)

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JFM Morrison (Well)240180     4.50
Nasim-ul-Ghani (Pak)240220     5.50
AR Hounsell (Well)560230     2.46
JV Coney (Well)480270     3.37
BR Taylor (Well)532280     3.16
B Dunning (ND)641300     2.81
RO Collinge (NZ)641350     3.28
MG Burgess (NZ,Auck)640370     3.46
GP Howarth (Auck)480390     4.87
MG Webb (Cant)560410     4.39
GD Alabaster (Ot)640430     4.03
Asif Masood (Pak)1203580     2.90
Saleem Altaf (Pak)5602222-2211.000028.002.35
Sarfraz Nawaz (Pak)12316864-4611.331020.503.31
DR Hadlee (NZ,Cant)12807364-3412.161021.333.42
HJ Howarth (NZ,Auck)184111294-3312.441020.443.65
AB Jordan (CD)17127563-2012.500028.502.63
BE Congdon (NZ,Ot)226511493-5012.660025.113.02
RM Harris (Auck)6412622-2613.000032.002.43
BL Cairns (CD)192111174-4215.851027.423.46
ADG Roberts (ND)2403222-3216.000012.008.00
MJ Coles (Well)6403322-3316.500032.003.09
Intikhab Alam (Pak)8815032-3816.660029.333.40
LW Stott (Auck)4003722-3718.500020.005.55
Majid Khan (Pak)12823921-1619.500064.001.82
RS Cunis (Auck)10444121-1020.500052.002.36
JAJ Cushen (Ot)192211452-3422.800038.403.56
JM McIntyre (Auck)2402311-2323.000024.005.75
GA Powell (Ot)183111653-4223.200036.603.80
EK Gillott (ND)5604922-4924.500028.005.25
B Andrews (Ot)16838032-1826.660056.002.85
BA Stewart (CD)192211643-4429.000048.003.62
WA Greenstreet (Well)4803111-3131.000048.003.87
JH Howell (CD)16849432-2131.330056.003.35
RE Sutton (Auck)12826321-2831.500064.002.95
A Puna (ND)4813411-3434.000048.004.25
J Freeman (ND)6403411-3434.000064.003.18
DJ Gatenby (Cant)6403611-3636.000064.003.37
RW Fulton (Cant)6403711-3737.000064.003.46
JSS White (ND)6413811-3838.000064.003.56
DR O'Sullivan (CD)17737722-2738.500088.502.61
KA Nicholson (Ot)12809822-5149.000064.004.59
Asif Iqbal (Pak)7605811-3258.000076.004.57
RJ Hadlee (NZ,Cant)10407311-3673.0000104.004.21





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