First-class Bowling in New Zealand for 1970/71 (Ordered by Average)

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ADG Roberts (ND)81011-00.00 00
DL Underwood (Eng)67328205176-1212.05 31
RA Roy (Ot)240125843-1014.50 00
RE Sutton (Auck)16044632-2615.33 00
RO Collinge (NZ,Well,NIs)172647620366-4017.22 30
RS Cunis (NZ,Auck)171643562306-3718.73 30
GD Alabaster (Ot)138839471255-7018.84 10
JC Williams (Auck)11233821-719.00 00
RW Morgan (NZ,Auck,NIs)76918306165-4219.12 10
RA Baddeley (Auck)75618385206-7919.25 10
R McGill (ND)4244195106-5119.50 10
WA Greenstreet (Well,NIs)155763509265-7419.57 10
BD Smith (Well)2851110053-2620.00 00
K Shuttleworth (Eng)328510253-1420.40 00
BW Yuile (CD,NIs)124353416205-8620.80 10
JH Howell (CD)81720333164-5820.81 00
KO Campbell (Ot,SIs)80736254125-2721.16 10
B Andrews (Ot)132242521245-4521.70 20
BA Bolton (Well)309615374-2221.85 00
DG Trist (Cant,SIs)112833475215-3122.61 10
BDM Furlong (CD)79428254114-2723.09 00
BR Taylor (Well,NIs)104118389165-4524.31 10
BAG Murray (NZ,Well,NIs)15255421-527.00 00
CM Kirk (Cant)132748514197-7727.05 10
MJF Shrimpton (NZ,CD,NIs)449725393-1728.11 00
ML Ryan (Cant,SIs)3441114653-4429.20 00
JT Sparling (Auck)86714382133-2129.38 00
RC Merrin (Cant)20849133-3930.33 00
AB Jordan (CD)84822410133-3831.53 00
HJ Howarth (NZ,Auck)188357687214-4632.71 00
GE Vivian (Auck,NIs)424919864-4933.00 00
D Wilson (Eng)20086821-1234.00 00
RGD Willis (Eng)16036922-5434.50 00
MG Webb (NZ,Ot,SIs)148623728216-5634.66 10
BF Hastings (Cant,SIs)6413611-1136.00 00
BE Congdon (NZ,CD,SIs)520726473-3737.71 00
HA Morgan (Well)7843226672-738.00 00
AR Hounsell (Cant)8807622-7638.00 00
B Dunning (ND)4081119953-7239.80 00
JFM Morrison (Well)3841512532-2341.66 00
KD Kennedy (ND)627530174-6943.00 00
GT Dowling (NZ,Cant,SIs)10934311-1343.00 00
JM McIntyre (Auck)363219221-4046.00 00
KI Ferries (Cant)6952427962-3846.50 00
BC Irving (Cant)8552639682-6549.50 00
JD Smith (ND)8481441683-9952.00 00
JC McLeod (ND)144010421-2152.00 00
TG Beatson280415932-8753.00 00
BG Foulds (ND)556827152-4754.20 00
V Pollard (NZ,SIs)256714121-3470.50 00
LC Sparks (CD)19237811-3778.00 00
P Lever (Eng)328108011-3080.00 00
BG Hadlee (Cant)9618811-6688.00 00
MJ Horton (ND)6321428531-2795.00 00
GV Giles (ND)8100    
BW Sinclair (Well)16200    
RM Harris (Auck)8010    
TW Jarvis (Cant,SIs)8010    
GA Newdick (Well)8020    
BL D'Oliveira (Eng)24120    
GM Turner (NZ,Ot,SIs)16130    
JG Gibson (ND)5040    
RW Anderson16150    
BW Luckhurst (Eng)16060    
JW Burtt (Cant)16170    
CRW Dickel (Ot)160140    
RC Matthews (Auck)563220    
JV Coney400260    
MG Burgess (NZ,Auck,NIs)722300    
RW Hutchison (Ot)1652760    
R Illingworth (Eng)328121020    





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