First-class Bowling in New Zealand for 1965/66 (Ordered by Average)

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RM Gearry (Cant)12200    
MJF Shrimpton (NZ,CD)30320    
DO Neely (Well)12130    
TW Jarvis (NZ,Auck)6030    
JH Edrich (Eng,MCC)6060    
K Thomson (Cant)6080    
RG Jefferson (Ot)12080    
BF Hastings (Cant)18190    
JFM Morrison (CD)12090    
BW Sinclair (NZ,Well)423100    
JR Moss180140    
B Dunning (ND)483160    
GM Turner (Ot)240180    
TP O'Neil (Well)9610200    
MJ Coles240280    
PB Truscott (Well)603310    
BE Congdon (NZ,CD)420420    
DL Gallop (Cant)661420    
JD Behrent (Auck)901440    
GP Bilby (NZ,Well)121211-22.0000
WE Russell (Eng,MCC)2412033-206.6600
RE Redmond34817110106-5611.0011
K Higgs (Eng,MCC)104472234204-511.7000
BAG Murray (Well)48521164124-4313.6600
FJ Cameron (Ot)87954247164-3515.4300
LC Butler (Well)2317176511318-5016.4811
JM McIntyre (Cant)99178283175-4916.6410
AR Taylor (Well)125373386236-4716.7810
JM Parks (Eng,MCC)4841711-917.0000
IJ Jones (Eng)73640242144-7117.2800
WP Bradburn (ND)15075232-1317.3300
JA Beuth (ND)63030246145-3517.5710
JW Burtt (Cant)3782612874-4918.2800
N Puna (NZ,ND)2028126706386-5318.5720
GD Alabaster (Ot)77739308166-4519.2520
HA Morgan (Well)125783374193-1919.6800
BW Yuile (CD)1853130560289-10020.0021
RC Motz (NZ,Cant)184494621315-3120.0310
DJ Brown (Eng)3611412663-8021.0000
GT McConnell (Well)4623113065-7421.6610
RS Cunis (NZ,Auck)190492632295-4821.7910
GA Bartlett (NZ,Cant)142253570264-3921.9200
Khalid Ibadulla (Ot)5944317883-2222.2500
RS Dunne19959043-5322.5000
DJ Millener (Auck)4083011552-1923.0000
RE Sutton (Auck)90852329145-4223.5010
V Pollard (NZ,CD)112272359154-1323.9300
HJ Howarth (Auck)74638291124-3424.2500
JR Syme219810044-6425.0000
JT Sparling (Auck)93048402166-5625.1210
BR Taylor (NZ,Cant)96836441174-2825.9400
PH Parfitt (Eng,MCC)2761510842-527.0000
RO Collinge (CD)99451391146-6927.9210
B Sutcliffe (ND)8162811-828.0000
ME Chapple (NZ,CD)88952286102-2628.6000
DA Allen (Eng,MCC)154899517185-9628.7220
DA Kinsella (CD)6903923083-2228.7500
BR Knight (Eng,MCC)5133814652-4129.2000
NA Huxford (Well)124084322113-2429.2700
KD Kennedy (ND)126682445154-4529.6600
CJ Coney6023211-3232.0000
JP Flaherty (Ot)300159931-733.0000
JC Alabaster (Ot)102348409124-6734.0800
ML Ryan (Cant)204147721-438.5000
PT Barton (Well)13284511-345.0000
RW Morgan (NZ,Auck)4661622653-3245.2000
RM Harris (Auck)3604911-4949.0000
MG Pocock (ND)4741324852-4949.6000
BL Hampton (CD)7864824951-2049.8000
PA Sharp (Cant)222175811-2658.0000
JF Bailey (ND)5103320932-4669.6600
G Boycott (Eng,MCC)234197111-2771.0000
NT Woods (Ot)20489311-3493.0000





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