First-class Bowling in England for 1857 (Ordered by Average)

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HW Fellows (Eng,GEng)120311-33.00 00
RHB Marsham (MCC)76122053-154.00 00
T Lockyer (Sy,Eng,Play,Sth)7482855-245.60 10
GS Hooker (Sx)176065105-326.50 21
JB Parker (GEng)193067105-266.70 21
GL Lang (GEng)9683044-307.50 00
T Nixon (MCC,Nth)2683189116-278.09 11
G Griffith (Sy,Eng,Sth)1970228566698-368.20 61
WS Norton (Kent)15345874-448.28 00
J Jackson (AEE,Eng,Nth,Play)2386247791928-208.59 93
AJD Diver (Cam,AEE,Eng,Nth)3601821-79.00 00
W Caffyn (MCC,Sy,Eng,Play,Sth)333933511461269-299.09 102
J Watts21205564-339.16 00
W Goodhew (Kent,Sth)10884653-199.20 00
VE Walker (MCC,GEng,Gent)52739229245-309.54 20
J Makinson (Cam,CU,Man)30736106167-389.63 11
FR Reynolds (Cam,CTC)58277156195-4010.40 10
W Martingell (MCC,Sy,Eng,Nth,Sth)1396135475446-1310.79 20
J Wisden (Sx,Man,Play,Sth)28613161005938-4910.80 114
E Willsher (Kent,AEE,Play,Sth)2495293782716-2211.01 51
J Lillywhite (MCC,Sx,Man,Play,Sth)114794454386-2711.94 20
HH Stephenson (Sy,AEE,Eng,Play,Sth)928110359285-1612.82 10
RC Tinley (AEE,Eng,Nth)40333173135-7413.30 10
G Wells (Sx)3343012893-3114.22 00
A Payne (MCC,Gent)32323158115-6914.36 10
F Hollands (Kent)91987403286-1514.39 20
J Grundy (MCC,Eng,Nth,Play)92296340255-3714.78 10
CBTW Fiennes (MCC,GEng)20808964-2614.83 00
T Sewell (Kent)2923410474-2414.85 00
CW Carpenter14004533-3215.00 00
FW Bell (Cam,Eng,Nth,Play)98297475316-2515.32 21
CDB Marsham (MCC,OU,Eng,Gent)1634141541346-7515.91 20
HH Gillett (OU)2041411275-4616.00 10
G Parr (AEE,Eng,Nth,Play)7626542-4516.25 00
W Buttress (Cam,CTC)90833136-?16.50 21
G Bennett (Kent)25213166107-916.60 10
J Dean (MCC,Sx,Play,Sth)102495426288-4817.04 20
W Fellows (OU,Gent)12475233-1817.33 00
J McCormick (Gent)7283521-217.50 00
WH Fryer (Kent)10895332-1017.66 00
EL Horne (CU)2643071106-?17.75 10
WSTW Fiennes (OU)2491512574-2717.85 00
W Napper (Sx)177149254-8618.40 00
AB Rowley (Man)128153722-2318.50 00
H Stubberfield (Sx)40431205115-3818.63 10
AR Harenc148108344-8320.75 00
AP Law (OU,GEng)2632210454-1820.80 00
T Sherman (Sy)180206932-3423.00 00
E Hinkly (Kent,Eng)48334234103-2623.40 00
FP Miller (Sy,Gent,Sth)2952712853-5025.60 00
GR Johnson (Cam,CU)119162765-?27.00 10
HM Curteis (Sx)6892711-2727.00 00
JW Marshall (Cam,CTC,CU)176165942-?29.50 00
J Bickley (AEE,Nth)144166421-1132.00 00
GR Dupuis (CU)6053211-3232.00 00
GG Brown (Sx)8056722-4333.50 00
SCB Ponsonby (MCC,GEng,Gent)9203411-1134.00 00
C Arnold (Cam,CTC)6424332-?43.00 00
E Tredcroft (MCC,Sx)5605311-5353.00 00
H Royston (MCC,Eng)6035722-?? 00
R Gibson (Nth)8110    
R Hankey (Gent,Sth)44930    
AH Walker (MCC,GEng,Gent)8150    
FW Oliver (OU)12180    
HW Andrews (Kent)4090    
T Hunt (Man,Nth)20190    
LH Denne121100    
C Payne (Sx)120100    
TM Adams (Kent,AEE)162100    
RJ Streatfeild400110    
J Challen (Sx)365110    
RA Bayford (CU)200120    
Viscount Royston (CU)241120    
J Walker (MCC,Eng,GEng,Gent)240120    
O Hammond (Cam,CU)201140    
D Gilbert (Sx)332140    
A Hoppe242150    
ET Drake (MCC,Gent,Sth)160170    
C Brampton (Nth)202170    
E Stephenson (MCC,Eng,Nth)402210    
E Napper (Sx,Sth)483330    





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