ListA Bowling in Australia for 1972/73 (Ordered by Average)

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J Simmons (Tas)240220     5.50
KD Walters (NSW)640270     2.53
RJ Inverarity (WA)320280     5.25
B Dunning (NZ)270320     7.11
BE Congdon (NZ)821360     2.63
JB Gannon (WA)640430     4.03
GF Living (Vic)641450     4.21
SR Bernard (NSW)801570     4.27
KJ O'Keeffe (NSW)1222580     2.85
G Dymock (Qld)15434783-135.870019.251.83
KB Badcock (Tas)4821522-157.500024.001.87
DR O'Sullivan (NZ)11225574-267.851016.002.94
KJ McCarthy (SAus)6012733-279.000020.002.70
PA Nicholls (WA)4002833-289.330013.334.20
TJ Jenner (SAus)5603843-139.500014.004.07
AJ Sieler (Vic)5912933-299.660019.662.94
RS Cunis (NZ)11214953-159.800022.402.62
LJF Appleton (Tas)4402022-2010.000022.002.72
RP Collins (NSW)5604544-4511.251014.004.82
WD Albury (Qld)14325853-2111.600028.602.43
FM Francke (Qld)17647264-2312.001029.332.45
KE Dudgeon (Qld)3202622-2113.000016.004.87
RE Joyce (Qld)2401311-1313.000024.003.25
DK Lillee (WA)6412722-2713.500032.002.53
BC Patterson (Tas)6422722-2713.500032.002.53
GS Chappell (SAus)12834232-1814.000042.661.96
RAL Massie (WA)6412922-2914.500032.002.71
AJ Benneworth (Tas)5603222-3216.000028.003.42
EW Freeman (SAus)10405333-2917.660034.663.05
RJ Hadlee (NZ)7203721-1418.500036.003.08
GD Watson (WA)5623722-3718.500028.003.96
AG Hurst (Vic)6403922-3919.500032.003.65
KG Cunningham (SAus)7206333-2021.000024.005.25
K Hooper (Tas)4012111-2121.000040.003.15
PH Carlson (Qld)17637432-1924.660058.662.52
MHN Walker (Vic)6405322-5326.500032.004.96
GJ Gilmour (NSW)8005922-5229.500040.004.42
AA Mallett (SAus)12836222-3331.000064.002.90
AR Jones (Qld)8806821-1934.000044.004.63
JR Hammond (SAus)6413411-3434.000064.003.18
B Andrews (NZ)11244711-1347.0000112.002.51
JD Higgs (Vic)6405411-5454.000064.005.06
JR Thomson (NSW)12026311-2663.0000120.003.15





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