First-class Bowling in Australia for 1909/10 (Ordered by Average)

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EL Waddy (NSW)30411-44.00 00
HF Parsons (Vic)25469886-6312.25 10
RA Selk (WA)56333234198-2812.31 31
JD Scott (NSW)61216314256-4812.56 31
MJ Hartigan (Qld)14886353-2712.60 00
RBC Rees (SAus)2656129105-4112.90 21
CT Docker (NSW)194413295-6714.66 10
H Goddard (NSW)189012484-4915.50 00
AJY Hopkins (NSW)9014732-1515.66 00
SH Emery (NSW)75512430257-2817.20 31
JV Saunders (Vic)176774849496-3517.32 50
TH Hogue (WA)4512016993-2218.77 00
JN Crawford (SAus)64313378207-9218.90 20
LR Hill (SAus)22889653-1419.20 00
A Kenny (Vic)72923405216-5919.28 20
JH Kyle (Vic)69227380194-2920.00 00
WW Armstrong (Vic)110850457225-6720.77 10
CTB Turner (NSW)4822111-2121.00 00
N Claxton (SAus)11444322-2421.50 00
LA Minnett (NSW)48213273125-9022.75 10
JS Redgrave (Qld)3481116274-3023.14 00
RG Johnstone (Vic)11427233-3124.00 00
JF Horan (Vic)2412411-2424.00 00
FE Chancellor (Tas)3657291125-16724.25 10
VS Ransford (Vic)186117332-4124.33 00
HC Howard (WA)228713153-5226.20 00
AW Wright (SAus)269718472-1326.28 00
WJ Whitty (SAus)90026484185-4326.88 10
JDA O'Connor (SAus)71825408154-9527.20 00
AH Christian (WA)66417307114-4927.90 00
WJ Stack (NSW)83514571204-5328.55 00
RB Minnett (NSW)210811643-6929.00 00
C Kelleway (NSW)4981126594-8829.44 00
FJ Laver (Vic)78028340114-7530.90 00
JR Meech (Tas)120012842-3832.00 00
JW Lewis (Qld)312919762-3432.83 00
JW McLaren (Qld)70011411124-10734.25 00
HW Hart (Vic)5952127984-8834.87 00
HL Collins (NSW)7233511-3535.00 00
KH Quist (SAus)4813511-2435.00 00
AC Facy (Tas)4981425474-18136.28 00
AH Woolcock (SAus)3613711-2037.00 00
WFJ Scott (Vic)320818755-9137.40 10
TFE Rockliffe (Tas)174115043-10837.50 00
C Kiernan (Vic)17467822-4639.00 00
WB Hayes (Qld)420527672-3539.42 00
H Ironmonger (Qld)252812432-7241.33 00
HHL Kortlang (Vic)12648421-3242.00 00
JH Smith (NSW)333425662-3642.66 00
C McKenzie (Vic)284621452-1742.80 00
GD Paton (Tas)156112933-4243.00 00
FS Middleton (NSW)15068821-1944.00 00
CE Simpson (NSW)6634411-1744.00 00
WA Hewer (SAus)7814411-3944.00 00
JA Randell (NSW)210219043-5547.50 00
TD Carroll (Tas)4205611-4656.00 00
TJ Matthews (Vic)360823042-5057.50 00
TS Warne (Vic)8005811-1258.00 00
LE Howard (SAus)12667011-6470.00 00
MA Noble (NSW)13837411-6774.00 00
F Fett (Qld)10217411-5874.00 00
AW Lampard (Vic)13847711-4277.00 00
A Cotter (NSW)13829111-1391.00 00
J Thomson (Qld)264319121-1395.50 00
EA McDonald (Tas)133010711-107107.00 00
GR Hazlitt (Vic)4021423911-57239.00 00
PC Desmazeures (SAus)6040    
JH Stuckey (Vic)363100    
WK Eltham (Tas)180100    
J Ainslie (Vic)60100    
EF Parker (WA)241110    
EV Carroll (Vic)302120    
RC Carter (WA)242140    
BW Cook (Qld)241190    
SHD Rowe (WA)240200    
RJ Hawson (Tas)180220    
JT Anderson (WA)846260    
RM Evans (WA)785270    
MS McKenzie (Tas)361280    
C Munro (WA)842480    
JS Everett (WA)780480    
JR Fletcher (Qld)960490    
TF Scannell (Vic)481490    
KR Westbrook (Tas)961510    
WH Hennah (WA)840520    
NL Speirs (Vic)1083530    
SJ Fennelly (Qld)601560    
JC Barnes (NSW)540600    
WW Hogue (WA)1022630    
EJ Binney (Vic)1808720    
EP Barbour (NSW)961750    
CWB Martin (Tas)900790    





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