First-class Batting and Fielding in Australia for 1892/93 (Ordered by Average)

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NameMatchesInnsNot OutRunsHSAve10050CtSt
PG McShane (Vic)1219288  92.00010 
CJ Eady (Tas)1219188*91.00012 
GH Bailey (Tas)1218257*82.00010 
JM Blackham (Vic)1216464*64.000113
J Harry (Vic)351249114  62.251221
H Moses (NSW)24024299  60.50031 
AC Edwards (SAus)1106060  60.00012 
G Giffen (SAus)480468181  58.50127 
H Graham (Vic)47226286*52.40022 
WC Reid (SAus)1105050  50.00010 
W Bruce (Vic)360283128  47.16113 
JE Barrett (Vic)36123268*46.40031 
HC Maplestone (Vic)1214625  46.00000 
CA Richardson (NSW)2319175*45.50010 
FJ Laver (Vic)351174104  43.50102 
GHS Trott (Vic)48130470*43.420313 
CC Martin (Qld)1214342*43.00001 
JJ Lyons (SAus)480342124  42.75124 
AP Haddrick (Vic)2318343  41.50001 
FA Iredale (NSW)470282101  40.28111 
PM Lewis (Vic)46022685  37.660222
S Morris (Vic)23011258  37.33020 
JH Stuckey (Vic)34013556  33.75010 
RS Houston (Vic)2206647  33.00005 
R Evans (SAus)1103232  32.00000 
H Donnan (NSW)470213120  30.42113 
GH Gatehouse (Tas)1205932  29.50003 
EAC Windsor (Tas)1205940  29.50001 
R Mitchell (Vic)3418852  29.33011 
SJ Donahoo (Vic)1205857  29.00010 
EJK Burn (Tas)1205734  28.50000 
JC Reedman (SAus)48021973  27.37025 
FD North (WA)24010977  27.25011 
AC Bannerman (NSW)47018552  26.42014 
A Hill (SAus)24010160  25.25010 
RW McLeod (Vic)460149101  24.83103 
J Worrall (Vic)35012139  24.20002 
CTB Turner (NSW)2307262  24.00010 
AH Jarvis (SAus)48116266*23.140151
H Blinman (SAus)36012841  21.33001 
A Jarvis (SAus)59214669*20.85016 
HR Orr (WA)2407744  19.25000 
ST Callaway (NSW)59115361*19.12012 
MF Ramsay (Qld)1203721  18.50000 
H Wilson (Tas)1203721  18.50000 
JH Savigny (Tas)1203625  18.00000 
GJ Youill (NSW)59114039  17.50004 
JE Bingham (Tas)1203423  17.00000 
SE Gregory (NSW)47011441  16.28004 
JH Tardif (SAus)3609641  16.00002 
WV Duffy (WA)2406242  15.50000 
WH Savigny (Tas)1202824  14.00000 
A Coningham (NSW)2405530  13.75002 
SP Jones (NSW)2405445  13.50003 
SR Walford (NSW)1202726  13.50000 
H Trumble (Vic)3616634*13.20004 
WL Sidebottom (Tas)1202614  13.00000 
H Wilson (WA)1211310*13.000022
M Pierce (NSW)5937332  12.16002 
EE Bean (Vic)2202419  12.00002 
J Phillips (Vic)3413417*11.33002 
EJ Hiscock (SAus)2404539  11.25001 
R O'Brien (Qld)1202212  11.00001 
WT Fisher (Qld)1202211  11.00001 
CW Rock (Tas)1202218  11.00000 
WF Giffen (SAus)1202121  10.50001 
CH Ross (Vic)1101010  10.00000 
WA Tarrant (Vic)2201912  9.50001 
W Delaney (SAus)3623418  8.50002 
LD Moore (NSW)2302514  8.33001 
A Wilkinson (SAus)2302412  8.00000 
DH McLeod (Vic)11088  8.00001 
WA Bateman (WA)2302120  7.00003 
HJW Robinson (NSW)12177*7.00000 
PL Hussey (WA)2402714  6.75000 
SW Austin (NSW)1201313  6.50001 
WF Bradley (Qld)1201313  6.500011
E Jones (SAus)5924516  6.42001 
J Carlton (Vic)5613015  6.00009 
EA Randell (WA)2402415  6.00000 
AEA Goldman (Qld)1201110  5.50000 
AL Newell (NSW)241145  4.66002 
T Cullinan (WA)12098  4.50000 
I Wales (NSW)5913511  4.370083
W Hoare (Qld)12086  4.00002 
W Munro (Qld)12144*4.00001 
AE Trott (Vic)11044  4.00000 
JE Gooden (SAus)11044  4.00001 
EG Bishop (WA)241106  3.33001 
GT Parkin (SAus)362136*3.25001 
HF Bennett (WA)2401310  3.25001 
W Back (WA)240127  3.00000 
WW McGlinchey (NSW)12065  3.00001 
J Noel (SAus)24173*2.33000 
ER Crouch (Qld)12044  2.00000 
WJ Camphin (NSW)12043  2.00000 
P Hill (SAus)11022  2.00000 
AA Moffatt (WA)24232  1.50000 
ES Grew (Qld)12033  1.50001 
W Amos (SAus)12033  1.50000 
DM Ballans (SAus)11011  1.00000 
R Spry (Qld)12000  0.00000 
C Hill (SAus)12100*0.00000 
AR Carlton (Vic)11122* 001 





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