County Match 1878

27 May 1878  Yorkshire v Derbyshire Bramall Lane, Sheffield f2104
30 May 1878  Middlesex v Surrey Lord's Cricket Ground, St John's Wood f2105
30 May 1878  Nottinghamshire v Lancashire Trent Bridge, Nottingham f2106
03 Jun 1878  Kent v Nottinghamshire Old County Ground, Town Malling f2108
10 Jun 1878  Derbyshire v Hampshire County Ground, Derby f2114
13 Jun 1878  Hampshire v Kent Day's (Antelope) Ground, Southampton f2116
13 Jun 1878  Lancashire v Derbyshire Old Trafford, Manchester f2117
13 Jun 1878  Yorkshire v Sussex College Grove Ground, Wakefield f2119
17 Jun 1878  Derbyshire v Kent County Ground, Derby f2120
20 Jun 1878  Lancashire v Kent Old Trafford, Manchester f2124
20 Jun 1878  Nottinghamshire v Derbyshire Trent Bridge, Nottingham f2126
20 Jun 1878  Surrey v Gloucestershire Kennington Oval f2127
24 Jun 1878  Derbyshire v Lancashire County Ground, Derby f2128
24 Jun 1878  Sussex v Gloucestershire County Ground, Hove f2130
24 Jun 1878  Yorkshire v Nottinghamshire Bramall Lane, Sheffield f2131
01 Jul 1878  Sussex v Kent County Ground, Hove f2136
11 Jul 1878  Lancashire v Yorkshire Old Trafford, Manchester f2141
11 Jul 1878  Nottinghamshire v Surrey Trent Bridge, Nottingham f2142
15 Jul 1878  Kent v Sussex Higher Common Ground, Tunbridge Wells f2143
15 Jul 1878  Middlesex v Nottinghamshire Lord's Cricket Ground, St John's Wood f2144
15 Jul 1878  Yorkshire v Surrey Bramall Lane, Sheffield f2145
18 Jul 1878  Kent v Hampshire Higher Common Ground, Tunbridge Wells f2146
18 Jul 1878  Lancashire v Nottinghamshire Old Trafford, Manchester f2147
18 Jul 1878  Middlesex v Yorkshire Lord's Cricket Ground, St John's Wood f2148
22 Jul 1878  Kent v Derbyshire Mote Park, Maidstone f2150
22 Jul 1878  Nottinghamshire v Yorkshire Trent Bridge, Nottingham f2151
22 Jul 1878  Sussex v Surrey County Ground, Hove f2152
25 Jul 1878  Hampshire v Derbyshire Day's (Antelope) Ground, Southampton f2153
25 Jul 1878  Lancashire v Gloucestershire Old Trafford, Manchester f2154
25 Jul 1878  Surrey v Yorkshire Kennington Oval f2155
29 Jul 1878  Kent v Surrey Mote Park, Maidstone f2156
29 Jul 1878  Yorkshire v Gloucestershire Bramall Lane, Sheffield f2157
01 Aug 1878  Nottinghamshire v Gloucestershire Trent Bridge, Nottingham f2158
05 Aug 1878  Derbyshire v Yorkshire County Ground, Derby f2159
05 Aug 1878  Surrey v Sussex Kennington Oval f2161
08 Aug 1878  Surrey v Middlesex Kennington Oval f2163
08 Aug 1878  Yorkshire v Lancashire Fartown, Huddersfield f2164
12 Aug 1878  Gloucestershire v Nottinghamshire Clifton College Close Ground f2165
12 Aug 1878  Sussex v Yorkshire County Ground, Hove f2166
19 Aug 1878  Derbyshire v Nottinghamshire County Ground, Derby f2169
19 Aug 1878  Gloucestershire v Sussex College Ground, Cheltenham f2170
19 Aug 1878  Surrey v Kent Kennington Oval f2171
19 Aug 1878  Yorkshire v Middlesex Bramall Lane, Sheffield f2172
22 Aug 1878  Gloucestershire v Yorkshire College Ground, Cheltenham f2173
22 Aug 1878  Kent v Lancashire Old County Ground, Town Malling f2174
22 Aug 1878  Nottinghamshire v Middlesex Trent Bridge, Nottingham f2175
26 Aug 1878  Gloucestershire v Lancashire Clifton College Close Ground f2176
26 Aug 1878  Surrey v Nottinghamshire Kennington Oval f2177
29 Aug 1878  Gloucestershire v Surrey Clifton College Close Ground f2178
29 Aug 1878  Nottinghamshire v Kent Trent Bridge, Nottingham f2179





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