Jammu and Kashmir Under-22s v Haryana Under-22s
CK Nayudu Trophy 2011/12 (Plate Group B)
VenueGandhi Memorial Science College Ground, Jammu on 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th October 2011 (4-day match)
Balls per over6
TossHaryana Under-22s won the toss and decided to field
ResultHaryana Under-22s won by 10 wickets
PointsJammu and Kashmir Under-22s 0; Haryana Under-22s 6 (Batting 1)
UmpiresP Jayapal, MS Pathak
RefereeA Sharma
ScorersRK Sanghi, V Saxena
Close of play day 1
Close of play day 2
Close of play day 3

Jammu and Kashmir Under-22s first inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
A Bandaylbw b Choudhury01521-- 
S Magotrac Pandey b Tomar39771275- 
S Khajurialbw b Choudhury021-- 
Owais Shahc Pandey b Choudhury1824283- 
Bandeep Singhc Vinit b Choudhury5160100101 
*M Guptac Dalal b Choudhury1935343- 
+G Baruc Trehan b Vinit2245625- 
Vishvajeet Singhc Dalal b Choudhury011-- 
Aamir Mehrajb Rathi413181- 
S Sharmalbw b Tomar11161311 
Mehjoor Alinot out01217-- 
Extras(6 b, 1 lb, 1 nb, 3 w)11
Total(all out, 49.5 overs)175
Fall of wickets:
1-6 (4.3 ov), 2-6 (4.5 ov), 3-26 (10.6 ov), 4-93 (26.3 ov), 5-132 (34.4 ov), 6-133 (36.2 ov), 7-133 (36.3 ov), 8-147 (41.1 ov), 9-161 (44.6 ov), 10-175 (49.5 ov)
Haryana Under-22s bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Choudhury13   43261-
Parmesh Kumar7   1280--
Trehan3   11001-
Tomar11   24321-
Rathi10   2341-1

Haryana Under-22s first inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
*A Khodlbw b Aamir Mehraj19430839332- 
S Bhattacharjeec Sharma b Owais Shah6810315012- 
Parmesh Kumarc Baru b Mehjoor Ali01112-- 
S Nandalc Gupta b Aamir Mehraj4543589- 
S Rathic Bandeep Singh b Gupta54567852 
YA Tomarc Baru b Aamir Mehraj2951545- 
+R Dalalnot out55821187- 
D Pandeyc Banday b Gupta5250688- 
M Vinitlbw b Gupta032-- 
G Trehannot out1010112- 
A Choudhurydid not bat      
Extras(8 b, 5 lb, 9 nb, 2 w)24
Total(8 wickets, declared, 118 overs)531
Fall of wickets:
1-185 (35.6 ov), 2-188 (39.2 ov), 3-254 (52.1 ov), 4-342 (71.3 ov), 5-396 (89.3 ov), 6-419 (97.6 ov), 7-516 (114.3 ov), 8-516 (114.6 ov)
Jammu and Kashmir Under-22s bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Vishvajeet Singh17   075011
Mehjoor Ali16   076114
Sharma14   1750-1
Aamir Mehraj28.651173--
Gupta22   11023-2
Owais Shah2   0261-1
Bandeep Singh18   3470--

Jammu and Kashmir Under-22s second inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
A Bandayb Parmesh Kumar411181- 
S Magotrab Tomar54538710- 
S Khajuriac Vinit b Tomar56669711- 
Owais Shahc Parmesh Kumar b Tomar108315414144 
Bandeep Singhc Dalal b Rathi1337352- 
*M Guptac Khod b Rathi41837731 
+G Barulbw b Rathi3385994- 
Vishvajeet Singhc and b Rathi16232721 
Mehjoor Alib Choudhury23435-- 
Aamir Mehrajc Dalal b Choudhury949772- 
S Sharmanot out411221- 
Extras(10 b, 2 lb, 7 nb, 1 w)20
Total(all out, 126.4 overs)360
Fall of wickets:
1-13 (3.1 ov), 2-101 (16.5 ov), 3-134 (24.5 ov), 4-150 (35.1 ov), 5-210 (58.2 ov), 6-269 (84.5 ov), 7-295 (92.1 ov), 8-300 (103.1 ov), 9-344 (121.1 ov), 10-360 (126.4 ov)
Haryana Under-22s bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Choudhury20   6732-6
Parmesh Kumar13   3531-1
Vinit18   7360--
Trehan15   45401-
Rathi31   15474--

Haryana Under-22s second inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
*A Khodnot out112-- 
S Bhattacharjeenot out4221- 
Parmesh Kumardid not bat      
S Nandaldid not bat      
S Rathidid not bat      
YA Tomardid not bat      
+R Dalaldid not bat      
D Pandeydid not bat      
M Vinitdid not bat      
G Trehandid not bat      
A Choudhurydid not bat      
Total(no wicket, 2 minutes, 0.3 overs)5
Jammu and Kashmir Under-22s bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Mehjoor Ali0.3050--





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