Hafizabad v Narowal
Inter-District Senior Tournament 2008 (Sialkot Region)
VenueJinnah Stadium, Gujranwala on 9th, 10th July 2008 (3-day match)
Balls per over6
TossHafizabad won the toss and decided to field
ResultNarowal won by an innings and 40 runs
PointsHafizabad 0; Narowal 9
UmpiresBasit Siddiqi, Saleem Butt
Close of play day 1Narowal (1) 240/7 (69 overs)

Narowal first inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
Farhan Malikc Mohammad Ashraf b Mohammad Shabbir40     
Javed Akhtarb Prince Abbas5     
*Mohammad Saeedc Imran Abbas b Tasleem Akhtar23     
Shahid Latifc Rizwan Sultan b Sohail Chatha40     
Sunny Pervezc Rizwan Sultan b Khurram Shehzad77     
Imran Munirc Rizwan Sultan b Prince Abbas16     
Umar Waqasc Prince Abbas b Mohammad Ashraf11     
Shakir Nawazb Tasleem Akhtar0     
Mohammad Babarc Sohail Chatha b Khurram Shehzad5     
+Farhan Manzoorlbw b Prince Abbas0     
Humayun Masihnot out0     
Extras(25 b, 7 lb, 1 nb, 1 w)34
Total(all out, 73.1 overs)251
Fall of wickets:
1-37, 2-53, 3-91, 4-134, 5-176, 6-221, 7-230, 8-242, 9-251, 10-251 (73.1 ov)
Hafizabad bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Prince Abbas16   3593--
Khurram Shehzad17.13522--
Mohammad Shabbir11   1381--
Tasleem Akhtar8   1292--
Nadeem Shehzad6   1160--
Mohammad Ashraf9   4161--
Sohail Chatha3   141--
Ali Akbar3   050--

Hafizabad first inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
Ali Akbarc Farhan Manzoor b Humayun Masih0     
Mohammad Shabbirlbw b Shakir Nawaz0     
Khurram Shehzadb Shakir Nawaz9     
Sohail Chathac Imran Munir b Farhan Malik10     
+Rizwan Sultanlbw b Humayun Masih9     
Mohammad Ashrafb Humayun Masih4     
*Imran Abbaslbw b Farhan Malik0     
Tahmoor Ahmedc Farhan Malik b Shakir Nawaz7     
Tasleem Akhtarc Farhan Manzoor b Farhan Malik5     
Prince Abbasc Umar Waqas b Humayun Masih9     
Nadeem Shehzadnot out3     
Extras(1 b, 2 lb, 3 nb, 1 w)7
Total(all out, 22.3 overs)63
Fall of wickets:
1-1, 2-1, 3-13, 4-32, 5-36, 6-36, 7-36, 8-41, 9-50, 10-63 (22.3 ov)
Narowal bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Shakir Nawaz4.31123--
Humayun Masih10   2234--
Farhan Malik6   1253--
Mohammad Babar2   200--

Hafizabad second innings (following on)RunsBallsMins4s6s
Ali Akbarb Shakir Nawaz7     
+Rizwan Sultanc Farhan Manzoor b Humayun Masih19     
Sohail Chathac Farhan Manzoor b Farhan Malik7     
Mohammad Ashraflbw b Humayun Masih0     
Tahmoor Ahmedb Mohammad Babar6     
Khurram Shehzadc sub b Humayun Masih4     
*Imran Abbasc Sunny Pervez b Humayun Masih35     
Prince Abbasb Javed Akhtar1     
Mohammad Shabbirst Farhan Manzoor b Javed Akhtar37     
Tasleem Akhtarlbw b Javed Akhtar8     
Nadeem Shehzadnot out6     
Extras(4 b, 2 lb, 11 nb, 1 w)18
Total(all out, 32.3 overs)148
Fall of wickets:
1-22, 2-38, 3-39, 4-51, 5-71, 6-89, 7-93, 8-102, 9-114, 10-148 (32.3 ov)
Narowal bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Shakir Nawaz6   1181--
Humayun Masih11   1524--
Farhan Malik4   1101--
Mohammad Babar5   1391--
Javed Akhtar6.32233--

--> The match was scheduled for three days but completed in two.
--> Each first innings was limited to 83 overs





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