Hafizabad v Mandi Bahauddin
Inter-District Senior Tournament 2008 (Sialkot Region)
VenueSheikhupura Stadium, Sheikhupura on 1st, 2nd, 3rd July 2008 (3-day match)
Balls per over6
TossHafizabad won the toss and decided to field
ResultMandi Bahauddin won by 45 runs
PointsHafizabad 0; Mandi Bahauddin 6
UmpiresBasit Siddiqi, Saleem Butt
Close of play day 1Hafizabad (1) 138/5 (Imran Abbas 73*, Mohammad Shabbir 0*; 43 overs)
Close of play day 2Mandi Bahauddin (2) 139/6 (Farooq Ahmed 47*, Yousuf Rasool 5*; 55 overs)

Mandi Bahauddin first inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
+Imran Shehzadlbw b Kashif Munawwar2      
Adnan Buttc Hafiz Mubashir b Prince Abbas9      
Nawazish Alic Rizwan Sultan b Prince Abbas38      
Faisal Rasoollbw b Prince Abbas2      
Farooq Ahmedc Prince Abbas b Ali Akbar26      
Nazim Ghulamc Kashif Munawwar b Prince Abbas10      
Adil Razac Mohammad Shabbir b Kashif Munawwar11      
*Rizwan Siddiqc Rizwan Sultan b Prince Abbas0      
Abid Bashirc Rizwan Sultan b Prince Abbas0      
Yousuf Rasoolnot out13      
Bilal Hussainc Mohammad Shabbir b Kashif Munawwar0      
Extras(2 b, 4 lb, 5 nb, 2 w)13
Total(all out, 46.5 overs)124
Fall of wickets:
1-7, 2-33, 3-40, 4-84, 5-93, 6-100, 7-102, 8-102, 9-124, 10-124 (46.5 ov)
Hafizabad bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Prince Abbas20   6486--
Kashif Munawwar7.53203--
Khurram Shehzad12.42360--
Mohammad Shabbir5   280--
Ali Akbar1   061--
Imran Abbas0.2000--

Hafizabad first inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
Waqas Khalidc Imran Shehzad b Adil Raza13      
Rizwan Sultanlbw b Bilal Hussain6      
Ali Akbarlbw b Yousuf Rasool30      
Sohail Chathac Abid Bashir b Adil Raza4      
Waqas Tararc Faisal Rasool b Adil Raza0      
*Imran Abbaslbw b Yousuf Rasool115      
Mohammad Shabbirlbw b Bilal Hussain0      
+Hafiz Mubashirrun out40      
Khurram Shehzadlbw b Rizwan Siddiq13      
Prince Abbasnot out13      
Kashif Munawwarc Nawazish Ali b Adil Raza1      
Extras(2 b, 5 lb, 10 nb)17
Total(all out, 75.1 overs)252
Fall of wickets:
1-14, 2-22, 3-32, 4-32, 5-133, 6-140, 7-205, 8-238, 9-239, 10-252 (75.1 ov)
Mandi Bahauddin bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Bilal Hussain14   4292--
Adil Raza13.11714--
Nazim Ghulam6   1180--
Yousuf Rasool17   2432--
Rizwan Siddiq16   3511--
Faisal Rasool4   080--
Abid Bashir4   0130--
Farooq Ahmed1   0120--

Mandi Bahauddin second inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
+Imran Shehzadb Sohail Chatha50      
Nawazish Alic Rizwan Sultan b Prince Abbas6      
Adnan Buttc Waqas Khalid b Prince Abbas8      
Faisal Rasoolc Khurram Shehzad b Mohammad Shabbir1      
Adil Razac Ali Akbar b Mohammad Shabbir3      
Farooq Ahmedlbw b Ali Akbar108      
Nazim Ghulamlbw b Sohail Chatha10      
Yousuf Rasoollbw b Prince Abbas49      
*Rizwan Siddiqb Mohammad Shabbir7      
Abid Bashirlbw b Ali Akbar0      
Bilal Hussainnot out6      
Extras(17 b, 2 nb, 7 w)26
Total(all out, 96.3 overs)274
Fall of wickets:
1-9, 2-27, 3-38, 4-47, 5-99, 6-117, 7-240, 8-253, 9-254, 10-274 (96.3 ov)
Hafizabad bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Prince Abbas19.32723--
Khurram Shehzad10   1310--
Kashif Munawwar7   1270--
Mohammad Shabbir30   10603--
Ali Akbar14   2382--
Sohail Chatha15   6222--
Imran Abbas1   070--

Hafizabad second inningsRunsBallsMins4s6s
Rizwan Sultanc Imran Shehzad b Bilal Hussain4      
Waqas Khalidlbw b Bilal Hussain16      
Sohail Chathac and b Bilal Hussain0      
Ali Akbarst Imran Shehzad b Yousuf Rasool43      
Khurram Shehzadc Bilal Hussain b Rizwan Siddiq7      
*Imran Abbaslbw b Abid Bashir2      
Waqas Tararnot out9      
Mohammad Shabbirlbw b Rizwan Siddiq1      
+Hafiz Mubashirlbw b Rizwan Siddiq0      
Prince Abbaslbw b Rizwan Siddiq6      
Kashif Munawwarb Rizwan Siddiq1      
Extras(5 b, 2 lb, 3 nb, 2 w)12
Total(all out, 40.3 overs)101
Fall of wickets:
1-7, 2-11, 3-35, 4-69, 5-72, 6-88, 7-91, 8-91, 9-99, 10-101 (40.3 ov)
Mandi Bahauddin bowlingOversMdnsRunsWktsWidesNo-Balls
Bilal Hussain10   1333--
Adil Raza4   0180--
Faisal Rasool1   010--
Rizwan Siddiq12.33255--
Abid Bashir8   3101--
Yousuf Rasool5   371--

--> Each first innings was limited to 83 overs





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