46b11lbYadav to Lakmal
fullish on leg stump, glances it and misses, the ball brushes his pad and rolls to fine elg
46b20Yadav to Chandimal
shorter and outside off, defends it off the back foot
46b30back of length and defends it to midwicket for no run
46b40fuller on off, plays it to leg side for a blob
46b50slightly fuller on leg stump, Chandimal leans and flicks it uppishly to long leg, where Ashwin takes a comfortable catch
Chandimal c Ashwin b Yadav (61 runs, 82 balls, 10x4, 0x6)
PLS Gamage comes in to bat
46b60Yadav to Gamage
too full and on off stump, digs it out to off side for a blob
End of over 47:(1 run scored) Sri Lanka 165-9 (Lakmal 30*, 35 balls, Gamage 0*, 1 balls)
47b11Ashwin to Lakmal
fuller on off, push-drives it to long off
47b20Ashwin to Gamage
on middle stump, defends it well to leg side
47b30tossed up and outside off stump, plays and misses it
47b40flatter and on leg stump, works it to short fine leg
47b50fuller on off stump, defends it to short leg for a blob
47b60comes on the front foot and blocks it well down the wicket
End of over 48:(1 run scored) Sri Lanka 166-9 (Lakmal 31*, 36 balls, Gamage 0*, 6 balls)
48b10Yadav to Lakmal
seaming down the leg side, flicks it and misses, onto his pad
48b20short ball outside off stump, pulls it but does not connect with the bat
48b30down the leg side, tries to work at it but misses it
48b40in the zone outside off stump, tries to cut it but misses it
48b50tad short on off, gets up tall and blocks it down the wicket
48b60short ball outside off, cuts it but misses it completely
End of over 49:(0 runs scored) Sri Lanka 166-9 (Lakmal 31*, 42 balls, Gamage 0*, 6 balls)
49b10Ashwin to Gamage
floated up on leg stump, blocks it down the wicket
49b20fullish on off stump, blocks it down the wicket
49b30Out!! tossed up delivery and turning away to off, comes on the front foot and looks to defend it but misses, the ball just clips the off stump and the bails falls
Gamage b Ashwin (0 runs, 9 balls, 0x4, 0x6)
CricketArchive Oracles say that Ravi Ashwin has taken 300 wickets in Test matches
Last over 50:(0 runs scored) Sri Lanka 166 all out (Lakmal 31*, 42 balls)
07:29 GMT: End of innings
End of the match: India won by an innings and 239 runs
Man of the match: V Kohli
08:24 GMT: So, India have won the match with biggest margin. Sri Lanka thought, they might set a huge lead for India to chase that is what they opted to bat first, but all their thoughts and plans washed out when India showed their class. Sri Lankan team got all-out just for 205. India, throughout their innings looked very dominant, they batted exceptionally well, their three batsmen completed their centuries while the skipper (Virat Kohli) made a double ton, all the Indian team proved too hot for Sri Lanka to handle. India chased the lead of 205 quite easily and gave them a tough target of 405 which Sri Lanka couldn't chase. Virat Kohli was declared the Man of the Match for his exceptional batting performace. This is all we have for you today, please join us on Saturday for the last Test between these two teams at 04:00GMT. Till then, goodbye
08:24 GMT: End of the session's play
08:24 GMT: Close of play for the day