Women's World Cup Highest Percentage of Team's Runs over Career

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Qualification: 20 matches
    M Runs Team Runs Avge % of Team Runs
DL ThomasEngland Women20755247450.3330.51
BJ ClarkAustralia Women291151436060.5726.39
SW BatesNew Zealand Women20924395461.6023.36
CM EdwardsEngland Women301231553053.5222.26
MD RajIndia Women311139539654.2321.10
DA HockleyNew Zealand Women451503715242.9421.01
JA BrittinEngland Women361299623343.3020.84
KL RoltonAustralia Women28974481174.9220.24
SR TaylorWest Indies Women21688348332.7619.75
EC DrummNew Zealand Women22582334836.3717.38
CA HodgesEngland Women24672397639.5216.90
A JainIndia Women24570338628.5016.83
ME GrealeyIreland Women24505300925.2516.78
A ChopraIndia Women26619371429.4716.66
SJ TaylorEngland Women22763479936.3315.89
BA DanielsEngland Women20545362334.0615.04
DJS DottinWest Indies Women21519348325.9514.90
HM TiffenNew Zealand Women21555388637.0014.28
HASD SiriwardeneSri Lanka Women23496360121.5613.77
WHD FernandoSri Lanka Women20290213915.2613.55
CJ WatmoughEngland Women21390322726.0012.08
MAM LewisNew Zealand Women21365306024.3311.92
PF McKelveyInternational XI Women21320273021.3311.72
N PayneNetherlands Women22269242613.4511.08
LC SthalekarAustralia Women21363357125.9210.16
SA TredreaAustralia Women28460459727.0510.00
AJ BlackwellAustralia Women29544551834.009.85
SJ McGlashanNew Zealand Women20361382022.569.45
RJ RollsNew Zealand Women22346368021.629.40
LE KaushalyaSri Lanka Women22272332012.958.19

The list shows the top 30





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