List of Namibia Youth ODI Matches

1997/98Bangladesh Under-19s v Namibia Under-19sLaudium Oval, Pretoriauo166
1997/98England Under-19s v Namibia Under-19sNF Oppenheimer Ground, Randjesfonteinuo174
1997/98Namibia Under-19s v New Zealand Under-19sLC de Villiers Oval, Pretoriauo185
1997/98Namibia Under-19s v Scotland Under-19sAvion Park Cricket Club, Kempton Parkuo192
1997/98Namibia Under-19s v West Indies Under-19sChristian Brothers School Ground, Boksburguo197
1997/98Denmark Under-19s v Namibia Under-19sNew Wanderers No 3 Oval, Johannesburguo200
1999/00Australia Under-19s v Namibia Under-19sP Saravanamuttu Stadium, Colombouo231
1999/00Sri Lanka Under-19s v Namibia Under-19sP Saravanamuttu Stadium, Colombouo241
1999/00Ireland Under-19s v Namibia Under-19sMoors Sports Club Ground, Colombouo245
1999/00Bangladesh Under-19s v Namibia Under-19sUyanwatte Stadium, Matarauo255
1999/00Namibia Under-19s v Zimbabwe Under-19sGalle International Stadium, Galleuo264
1999/00Kenya Under-19s v Namibia Under-19sAir Force Ground, Katunayakeuo273
2001/02Namibia Under-19s v Zimbabwe Under-19sBert Sutcliffe Oval, Lincolnuo304
2001/02Namibia Under-19s v Sri Lanka Under-19sBert Sutcliffe Oval, Lincolnuo312
2001/02New Zealand Under-19s v Namibia Under-19sHagley Oval, Christchurchuo317
2001/02Namibia Under-19s v Scotland Under-19sEden Park Outer Oval, Aucklanduo331
2001/02Namibia Under-19s v Nepal Under-19sNorth Harbour Stadium, Albany, Aucklanduo339
2001/02Canada Under-19s v Namibia Under-19sColin Maiden Park No 2, Aucklanduo345
2001/02Namibia Under-19s v Zimbabwe Under-19sLincoln No 3, Lincolnuo350
2005/06India Under-19s v Namibia Under-19sR Premadasa Stadium, Colombouo487
2005/06Sri Lanka Under-19s v Namibia Under-19sR Premadasa Stadium, Colombouo493
2005/06Namibia Under-19s v Scotland Under-19sColombo Cricket Club Ground, Colombouo501
2005/06Namibia Under-19s v United States of America Under-19sSinhalese Sports Club Ground, Colombouo511
2005/06Ireland Under-19s v Namibia Under-19sNondescripts Cricket Club Ground, Colombouo516
2007/08Australia Under-19s v Namibia Under-19sPenang Sports Club, Penanguo593
2007/08Namibia Under-19s v Sri Lanka Under-19sUniversity Sains Malaysia, Penanguo607
2007/08Namibia Under-19s v Nepal Under-19sUniversity Sains Malaysia, Penanguo611
2007/08Malaysia Under-19s v Namibia Under-19sJohor Cricket Academy Oval, Johoruo619
2007/08Namibia Under-19s v Nepal Under-19sJohor Cricket Academy Oval, Johoruo626
2012Namibia Under-19s v Sri Lanka Under-19sAllan Border Field, Brisbaneuo830
2012Namibia Under-19s v South Africa Under-19sPeter Burge Oval, Brisbaneuo836
2012Bangladesh Under-19s v Namibia Under-19sPeter Burge Oval, Brisbaneuo840
2012Ireland Under-19s v Namibia Under-19sWEP Harris Oval, Brisbaneuo850
2012Namibia Under-19s v Nepal Under-19sPeter Burge Oval, Brisbaneuo856
2012Namibia Under-19s v Zimbabwe Under-19sWEP Harris Oval, Brisbaneuo861
2013/14Australia Under-19s v Namibia Under-19sSheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabiuo938
2013/14Bangladesh Under-19s v Namibia Under-19sSheikh Zayed Stadium Nursery 1, Abu Dhabiuo946
2013/14Afghanistan Under-19s v Namibia Under-19sSheikh Zayed Stadium Nursery 2, Abu Dhabiuo953
2013/14Namibia Under-19s v Zimbabwe Under-19sSheikh Zayed Stadium Nursery 2, Abu Dhabiuo959
2013/14Canada Under-19s v Namibia Under-19sICC Cricket Academy Ground No 2, Dubaiuo965
2013/14Namibia Under-19s v Scotland Under-19sSheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabiuo974





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