Most Runs Without a Century for International XI Women in Women's ODI matches

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Runs HS
38370*DL Thomas
27168SJ Rattray
14930RJ Kendall
10654PF McKelvey
10044AD Disbury
9521*J Owens
8821C Miller
8651*EA Badham
8527*MW Harris
8329*L Hamilton
7329L Smith
5322PA Crain
5252*V Farrell
4615JL Hall
4510GE McConway
2911S Braganza
2816*I van der Elst
2718W Williams
2411R Majumder
2222C Garlick
2217MB Jude
2210*B McDonald
1616B van Teunenbroek
98*G Farrell
74*K Jobling
11*P Lynch
00D Carmino


The list shows the top 27 occurrences





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