Lowest Career Bowling Economy Rate for India Women in Women's World Cup matches

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(Qualification: 400 balls bowled)
  Balls Mdns Runs Wkts BB Econ 4wI 5wI
DF Edulji133364450314-122.021-
S Rangaswamy63822233113-252.19--
S Chakraborty61423247174-112.411-
S Dabir43211178104-222.471-
PS Bhatt62416265123-252.54--
L Bhattacharjee4801321483-182.67--
P Rau80727385304-262.861-
NL David94232453305-322.88-1
DM Marathe81125390184-12.881-
N Al Khader46211233113-393.02--
S Kulkarni55711284213-193.05--
JN Goswami132949721364-163.252-
A Sharma89127499253-123.36--
RA Dhar57212326133-73.41--
G Sultana59418367122-163.70--
P Yadav4445286112-193.86--
EK Bisht5226391105-184.49-1
DB Sharma4728370123-474.70--

The list shows the top 18 occurrences





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