Lowest Career Bowling Economy Rate for England Women in Women's Int Twenty20 matches

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(Qualification: 200 balls bowled)
  Balls Mdns Runs Wkts BB Econ 4wI 5wI
NE Farrant209117462-154.99--
KH Brunt1248131042513-65.00--
A Brindle4532384223-115.08--
HL Colvin11214971634-95.191-
LA Marsh134741169603-125.20--
D Hazell159661384734-125.201-
HC Knight2910259123-105.34--
RL Grundy2641238112-135.40--
A Shrubsole9575870685-115.4521
DN Wyatt7113671464-115.661-
NJ Shaw4561433193-175.69--
IT Guha4595451183-215.89--
JL Gunn121711240665-186.1111
NR Sciver5510585354-156.372-
CM Edwards303033093-216.53--

The list shows the top 15 occurrences





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