West Indies Players (T)


O Tai (umpire)
R Tait (Mount Gay North Stars)
A Taitt (Trinidad)
CO Taitt (Barbados Women, West Indies Women)
K Taitt (umpire)
R Taitt (Barbados Defence Force)
T Taitt (Antigua and Barbuda)
M Talbert (Jamaica Under-19s)
M Tallitt (Guyana Under-19s)
V Talmakund (Guyana Under-15s)
V Talmakund (Guyana Cricket Board President's Under-15s XI)
Tamal Ali (North Trinidad)
RP Tang Choon (Trinidad)
A Tannis (St Vincent, St Vincent Youth)
RL Tappin (Guyana Under-19s)
R Tardine (Guyana Young Cricketers)
AF Tarilton (Jamaica)
PH Tarilton (Barbados)
WK Tarver (Jamaica)
Tattersall (Dunnington)
T Tavanier (Windward Islands Under-17s)
H Tavares (Combined Parishes)
C Tavernier (Dominica)
T Tavernier (Windward Islands Under-15s)
T Tavernier (Dominica Under-19s)
T Tavernier (West Indies Under-15s)
Taylor (Jamaica Defence Force)
Taylor (Wanderers and YMPC)
A Taylor (Montserrat)
A Taylor (West Indies XI)
A Taylor (Barbados Wanderers)
AM Taylor jun (Barbados)
AM Taylor sen (Barbados)
CM Taylor (umpire)
DB Taylor (British Universities, Durham University Centre of Cricketing Excellence, Jamaica)
G Taylor (Spartan and Banks)
H Taylor (GC Grant's XI)
J Taylor (Montserrat)
J Taylor (Demerara Under-19s)
J Taylor (Windward Islands Under-19s)
J Taylor (Grenada Under-19s)
JDC Taylor (Leeward Islands, St Kitts)
JE Taylor (Jamaica, Jamaica Tallawahs, Leicestershire, Pune Warriors, Ruhuna Royals, St Lucia Zouks, Sussex, West Indies)
JO Taylor (Trinidad, West Indies)
K Taylor (Spare Squads 2)
L Taylor (Guyana Masters)
L Taylor (Jamaica Under-19s)
LAR Taylor (Leeward Islands Under-19s, St Kitts, St Kitts and Nevis, St Kitts Under-19s)
LO Taylor (Grenada)
MA Taylor (Montserrat)
MI Taylor (Jamaica Women)
MI Taylor (Jamaica Women)
PE Taylor (Jamaica Colts)
RA Taylor (Jamaica)
RR Taylor (Grenada)
S Taylor (Barbados Under-15s)
S Taylor (Jamaica Women)
SR Taylor (Auckland Women, Jamaica Women, Sydney Thunder Women, West Indies Women, Western Storm)
W Taylor (Jamaica Colts)
S Techeira (umpire)
D Teelucksingh (Clarke Road United, Trinidad and Tobago Under-19s)
M Tekah (Trinidad and Tobago Women, West Indies Women)
DT Telemaque (Windward Islands)
CT Telesford (Grenada, Windward Islands)
B Tempro (Barbados Wanderers)
W Tempro (Barbados Wanderers)
AF Terrelonge (Lucas)
R Tesheria (referee)
MD Tetlow (umpire)
AD Texeira (United States of America, Windward Islands)
S Texeira
R Thadani (Guyana Masters)
G Thakurdeen (Essequibo Under-17s)
E Theodore (Windward Islands)
M Theodule (selected for St Maarten)
T Theophile (Windward Islands)
A Thom (St Kitts)
C Thom (Harvard)
Thomas (Wanderers)
A Thomas (Barbados Under-19s)
A Thomas (Queen's Park)
A Thomas (Barbados Defence Force)
A Thomas (St David's)
AEJ Thomas (Trinidad and Tobago Under-19s)
AL Thomas (Grenada Women, South Windward Islands Women)
AO Thomas (Barbados)
AO Thomas (Jamaica)
B Thomas (South Trinidad)
B Thomas (Windward Islands Under-19s)
B Thomas (St Kitts)
B Thomas (Windward Islands Under-15s)
CH Thomas (British Guiana)
D Thomas (Windward Islands)
D Thomas (Jamaica Under-19s)
D Thomas (Tobago Women)
D Thomas (Windward Islands Under-19s)
D Thomas (Gros Islet, St Lucia, Windward Islands Under-19s)
D Thomas (Grenada Women)
D Thomas (Antigua and Barbuda)
D Thomas (Winthrops)
DC Thomas (Antigua Hawksbills, Jamaica, Leeward Islands, St Kitts and Nevis Patriots, West Indies, West Indies Under-19s)
DT Thomas (Antigua and Barbuda, Leeward Islands Under-19s)
E Thomas (Jamaica Under-19s)
E Thomas (St Vincent)
E Thomas (Wanderers)
E Thomas (scorer)
E Thomas (Jamaica Southern Parishes)
F Thomas (Dominica, Northern Windward Islands, Windward Islands)
FB Thomas (British Guiana)
FG Thomas (Barbados)
G Thomas (umpire)
I Thomas (umpire)
J Thomas (Leeward Islands Under-19s)
J Thomas (North Trinidad Women)
J Thomas (Tobago)
J Thomas (Barbados)
J Thomas (Grenada, Windward Islands Under-19s)
J Thomas (St David's)
JL Thomas (British Guiana)
K Thomas (Leeward Islands)
K Thomas (Tobago)
K Thomas (Windward Islands Under-19s)
K Thomas (umpire)
L Thomas (umpire)
L Thomas (umpire)
LE Thomas (Leeward Islands)
M Thomas (Barbados Under-15s)
M Thomas (Ellerside)
MC Thomas (Windward Islands)
N Thomas (South Trinidad)
N Thomas (British Guiana)
N Thomas (umpire)
N Thomas (Demerara Under-19s)
O Thomas (Antigua Masters)
OK Thomas (St Vincent and the Grenadines)
OR Thomas (Jamaica, Jamaica Tallawahs)
P Thomas (Windward Islands)
P Thomas (Windward Islands)
P Thomas (West Indies Women)
P Thomas (Demerara Under-15s)
P Thomas (Guyana Cricket Board President's Under-15s XI)
R Thomas (umpire)
RR Thomas (Barbados)
RS Thomas (Guyana)
SE Thomas (Antigua Hawksbills, Combined Campuses and Colleges, Jamaica, West Indies Under-19s)
U Thomas (Windward Islands Under-15s, Windward Islands Under-17s)
U Thomas (St Vincent and the Grenadines Under-19s)
W Thomas (umpire)
W Thomas (Grenada Under-19s)
W Thomas (Jamaica Under-15s)
WL Thomas (Windward Islands)
P Thomas-Eudovique (St Lucia Women)
Thompson (St James)
AA Thompson (Jamaica Under-19s)
AP Thompson (Guyana Women)
B Thompson (St Kitts and Nevis)
B Thompson (Nevis)
C Thompson (Jamaica Under-19s)
CU Thompson (Jamaica)
D Thompson (Nevis)
D Thompson (St George's Cricket Club)
D Thompson (St Lucia)
D Thompson (Police, Royal Barbados Police)
D Thompson (Melbourne Cricket Club)
D Thompson (umpire)
DF Thompson (Barbados Under-19s)
E Thompson (Combined Virgin Islands)
ET Thompson (British Guiana)
G Thompson (Combined Leeward and Windward Islands)
G Thompson (Montserrat, Montserrat Under-19s)
H Thompson (Barbados Under-19s)
H Thompson (St Kitts and Nevis)
I Thompson (umpire)
I Thompson (Banks Breweries)
I Thompson (umpire)
JD Thompson (Leeward Islands)
K Thompson (Trinidad and Tobago)
K Thompson (Clarke Road United)
L Thompson (umpire)
L Thompson (Portland Combination XV)
M Thompson (referee)
M Thompson (Jamaica Under-15s)
MM Thompson (Jamaica Under-17s)
O Thompson (Police)
P Thompson (Leeward Islands Under-19s, St Kitts)
P Thompson (Pickwick)
PIC Thompson (Barbados, West Indies)
PL Thompson (Barbados)
R Thompson (Guyana Under-19s)
R Thompson (Wanderers)
S Thompson (Leeward Islands)
S Thompson (Leeward Islands Under-19s)
S Thompson (St Kitts)
SE Thompson (Guyana)
SR Thompson (Barbados Women)
W Thompson (Barbados Under-19s)
W Thompson (St Kitts)
WC Thompson (British Guiana)
DO Thorbourne (Jamaica)
FW Thorburn (Trinidad)
R Thorington (Barbados Wanderers)
D Thorne (Barbados Under-15s, Barbados Under-17s)
HS Thorne (Barbados)
M Thornhill (Barbados Under-15s)
C Thornton (Windward)
J Thornton (Windward)
Thorpe (St Lucia Police)
FA Thorpe (Combined Leeward and Windward Islands, Windward Islands)
K Thorpe (St Catherine)
S Thorpe (St Lucia Police)
SP Thorpe (St Lucia)
T Thorpe (Barbados Women)
C Thurton (Trinidad and Tobago Under-15s)
C Thurton (Trinidad and Tobago Under-17s)
T Thwaites (Grenada)
H Tiffin (AB St Hill's XI)
J Tilkuram (Berbice Under-17s)
C Timm (Jamaica Colts)
A Timothy (Windward Islands Under-19s)
AA Timothy (Trinidad and Tobago Under-19s)
Tingling (Demerara)
J Tinkler (Demerara)
K Tirbene (Guyana Masters)
K Tirbeni (Guyana Under-19s)
A Titre (Dominica Women)
D Titre (West Indies Development XI)
T Titre (Dominica Women)
V Titre (Dominica)
KI Tittle (Antigua and Barbuda, Leeward Islands)
Tiwari (East Coast)
Todd (Jamaica Garrison)
A Todd (West Indies XI)
R Todd (Combined Leeward and Windward Islands Under-19s, Windward Islands Under-19s)
Tomlinson (West Indies XI)
PC Tomlinson (Jamaica Under-19s, West Indies Under-19s)
PU Tomlinson (Jamaica)
K Tommy (Windward Islands Under-19s)
D Toney (St Vincent and the Grenadines)
L Toney (Guyana Women)
N Toney (Guyana Women)
TT Toney (Leeward Islands Under-19s)
C Tonge (Leeward Islands Under-19s)
GC Tonge (Antigua and Barbuda, Antigua Hawksbills, Leeward Islands, West Indies)
M Tonge (Antigua and Barbuda)
O Tonge (Leeward Islands Under-19s)
JW Toone (Jamaica)
A Toppin (Tobago)
A Toppin (Mount Gay North Stars)
DF Toppin (Border)
J Toppin (Windward)
J Toppin (Barbados Under-15s, Barbados Under-17s, Barbados Under-19s)
K Toppin (Tobago)
K Toppin (St Vincent)
M Toppin (Tobago)
RC Toppin (Barbados Under-19s)
Q Torrington (Guyana Under-15s)
Q Torrington (West Indies Under-15s)
LCA Toussaint (Guyana Women)
M Toussaint (Grenada Women)
N Toussaint (Grenada Women)
R Toussaint (North and East Trinidad)
RK Toussaint (Grenada)
T Toussaint (Dominica)
T Toussaint (Dominica Under-19s)
A Towler (Barbados Under-15s)
GA Townsend (Lucas)
H Townsend (umpire)
C Tracey (Harvard, Trinidad and Tobago Under-19s)
N Tracey (Jamaica Under-15s)
GC Tracy (St Lucia Garrison)
D Trail (Jamaica Under-19s)
JA Trenchfield (Jamaica)
AL Trestrail (Trinidad)
KB Trestrail (Trinidad)
Trib Singh (Guyana Masters)
Trim (Crompton)
G Trim (Guyana Second XI)
J Trim (British Guiana, West Indies)
L Trim (North Trinidad)
F Trimmingham (Windward Islands)
A Trist (West Indies XI)
R Trocard (St Maarten)
R Tronchin (South Trinidad)
E Trotman (Caribbean XI)
EN Trotman (Barbados, Border, Impalas)
F Trotman (umpire)
H Trotman (Barbados)
J Trotman (Wanderers)
JH Trotman (Barbados)
M Trotman (Barbados Under-19s, Spartan)
M Trotman (scorer)
R Trotman (Barbados XI)
E Trotter (Dominica)
Tucker (North Jamaica)
D Tucker (Demerara)
MA Tucker (Jamaica)
RC Tucker (Demerara)
S Tucker (Rest of Jamaica Women)
C Tuckett (Nevis)
CM Tuckett (Leeward Islands, West Indies)
E Tuckett (Combined Leeward and Windward Islands Under-19s, Leeward Islands Under-19s, St Kitts, St Kitts Youth)
Tudor (HMS Iron Duke)
TA Tudor (umpire)
C Tufton (Jamaica Under-15s)
DA Tuit (Leeward Islands, Montserrat)
S Tuitt (Leeward Islands Under-15s, Leeward Islands Under-17s, Leeward Islands Under-19s, Montserrat)
L Tull (Barbados External Telecommunications)
P Tull (YMPC)
TA Tull (Guyana)
HA Tulloch (Jamaica)
T Tulsiram (Essequibo Under-19s)
E Tummings (Jamaica Under-19s)
Turner (Jamaica Under-17s)
H Turner (Leeward Islands)
JJ Turner (Leeward Islands Under-15s, Leeward Islands Under-19s, Nevis, Nevis Under-19s)
R Turner (Kensington Park)
S Turner (HMS Iron Duke)
T Turner (Leeward Islands Under-15s, Leeward Islands Under-19s)
C Turpin (St Vincent)
EA Turpin (Trinidad)
ME Turpin (British Guiana)
RW Turpin (Georgetown Cricket Club and Ground)
EG Turtin (South Windward Islands Women, Windward Islands Women)
Turton (North Jamaica)
A Turton (Lime)
R Tussaint (West Indies XI)
LR Twose (Montserrat)
S Tyndall (Berbice Under-15s, Berbice Under-17s)
S Tyndall (Guyana Under-17s, Guyana Under-19s)
M Tyrell (Essequibo, Essequibo Under-19s, Guyana Under-15s, Guyana Under-19s)
VO Tyrell (British Guiana)
G Tyson (Dominica)
J Tyson (Leeward Islands Under-15s, Leeward Islands Under-17s)
J Tyson (Anguilla)
J Tyson (Nevis)
KK Tyson (West Indies Under-19s)
RR Tyson (Leeward Islands Under-15s)
S Tyson (St Kitts Under-19s)
T Tyson (Leeward Islands Under-19s)





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