West Indies Players (C)


C Cabey (Montserrat)
J Cabey (Leeward Islands Under-19s)
J Cabey (Leeward Islands Under-15s)
K Cabey (Windward Islands Under-17s)
K Cadasse (St Lucia, St Lucia Police)
A Caddle (Barbados Under-15s)
I Cadette (Combined Leeward and Windward Islands, Windward Islands)
J Cadogan (Jamaica Women)
K Cadoo (Windward Islands Under-15s)
E Caesar (West Indies Women)
E Caesar (St Vincent, St Vincent and the Grenadines)
J Caesar (Demerara Under-19s)
S Caesar (North Trinidad, Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago)
W Caesar (umpire)
D Cagen (West Indies Women)
A Caines (St Kitts)
A Caines (St Kitts and Nevis)
D Caines (St Kitts)
G Caines (St Kitts)
L Caines (St Kitts)
M Caines
T Caines (St Kitts Youth)
S Calderon (Windward Islands Under-15s)
U Caleb (Antigua)
B Calixte (St Lucia)
K Calixte (St Lucia Under-19s Women)
K Callendar (Grenada)
Callender (Barbados Community College)
BK Callender (Barbados)
C Callender (umpire)
C Callender (Barbados Under-19s Women)
M Callender (South Trinidad)
E Calnick (Jamaica)
A Camacho (Antigua)
GA Camacho (British Guiana)
GS Camacho (British Guiana, Demerara, Guyana, West Indies)
L Camacho (Antigua)
MS Camacho (Combined Leeward and Windward Islands, Leeward Islands)
R Camacho (Antigua)
W Camacho (Antigua)
DR Cambridge (Windward Islands)
B Cameron (Trinidad and Tobago Under-19s)
FJ Cameron (Jamaica, West Indies)
JH Cameron (Cambridge University, Gentlemen, Jamaica, Somerset, West Indies)
JJ Cameron (Jamaica)
KO Cameron (Berbice, Guyana)
PHB Campain (United Services)
A Campbell (Windward)
AS Campbell (Grenada Women)
C Campbell (Jamaica)
C Campbell (Barbados Under-19s)
C Campbell (umpire)
C Campbell (Guyana Under-15s)
DM Campbell (Black River)
EA Campbell (Jamaica)
HD Campbell (Grenada, Windward Islands)
HS Campbell (Jamaica)
J Campbell (Nevis, Nevis Under-19s)
J Campbell (Jamaica Women)
JA Campbell (Leeward Islands)
JD Campbell (Jamaica)
JRC Campbell (Jamaica)
K Campbell (Grenada, Windward Islands Under-19s)
M Campbell (St Elizabeth)
MJ Campbell (West Indies XI)
OA Campbell (Jamaica Under-19s)
P Campbell (St Vincent Youth)
SL Campbell (Barbados, Durham, West Indies)
TDA Campbell (Barbados)
SA Campbelle (Guyana Women, West Indies Women)
J Campney (Top Level Academy)
CD Cannonier (Leeward Islands, St Kitts)
C Cape (Grenada)
D Cape (Grenada)
S Cappell (Guyana Under-19s)
J Carbon (Dominica Women)
H Cardean (Dominica)
Carden (United Services)
D Carew (Trinidad and Tobago Under-19s)
GM Carew (Barbados, West Indies)
MC Carew (North Trinidad, Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies)
MP Carew (Trinidad and Tobago)
Carey (St Lucia Garrison)
C Carey (St Kitts)
EM Carey (Middlesex County)
Y Cariah (Trinidad and Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago Red Steel, West Indies Under-19s)
C Carimbocas (Trinidad and Tobago Under-15s, Trinidad and Tobago Under-17s, Trinidad and Tobago Under-19s)
KC Carmichael (Demerara, Guyana Under-19s, Hadleigh and Thundersley)
TL Carmichael (Windward Islands)
D Carmino (International XI Women)
J Carmino (scorer)
L Carr (Melbourne Cricket Club)
P Carr (North Trinidad)
A Carrington (Empire)
H Carrington (Demerara)
J Carrington (Empire)
JW Carrington (Barbados)
Carrol (North Jamaica)
C Carroll (Guyana Under-19s)
Carter (South Trinidad)
Carter (Texaco)
A Carter (Tobago)
A Carter (Coleridge and Parry)
CD Carter (Jamaica)
D Carter (Barbados, Eastern Province)
E Carter (Leeward Islands)
J Carter (British Empire XI)
JL Carter (Barbados, Barbados Tridents, West Indies)
R Carter (Banks Breweries, Limestone Cavaliers)
V Carter (Barbados Under-19s)
VC Carter (referee)
I Carty (Portland Combination XV)
KM Carty
KU Carty (West Indies Under-19s)
L Carty (Anguilla, Leeward Islands Under-19s)
R Carty (Anguilla)
R Carty (Antigua)
A Caruth (North and East Trinidad)
D Casey (Trinidad)
KN Casimir (Dominica, Northern Windward Islands, Windward Islands)
R Casimir (Dominica, Windward Islands)
V Casimir (Dominica)
R Cassie (Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force)
A Cassimir (Tobago)
L Cassimy (North Trinidad)
F Castillo (Trinidad)
HDB Castle (Jamaica)
T Castro (Trinidad and Tobago)
K Catlin (Combined Campuses and Colleges)
DX Cato (St Vincent and the Grenadines)
RO Cato (West Indies Under-19s)
V Cato (St Vincent)
S Cave (Barbados Under-15s)
CLO Cawley (Jamaica)
L Celestine (South Trinidad)
L Celestine (Grenada)
M Celestine (East Trinidad)
E Cenac (Windward Islands)
R Cenac (Antigua, Combined Leeward and Windward Islands Under-19s, Leeward Islands Under-19s)
HV Cezair (Trinidad)
JE Chabrol (British Guiana)
VAOM Chabrol (British Guiana)
D Chaddee (Guyana Under-20s)
J Chadee (Trinidad and Tobago Women)
MA Challenger (Antigua and Barbuda, Antigua and Barbuda Under-19s, Liberta)
N Challenger (Leeward Islands Under-15s)
R Challenger (Antigua and Barbuda, Leeward Islands Under-19s)
S Challenger (Leeward Islands Under-19s)
Challenor (United Services)
EL Challenor (Army, Barbados, Leicestershire, Marylebone Cricket Club, Natal, Western Province)
G Challenor (Barbados, Gentlemen, Marylebone Cricket Club, West Indies)
R Challenor (Barbados)
RL Challenor (Demerara Wanderers)
VC Challenor (Barbados)
G Chambers (North Trinidad)
G Chambers (St Vincent)
G Chambers (Jamaica)
L Chambers (Jamaica)
O Chambers (Cornwall County)
P Chambers (Montserrat)
R Chambers (Jamaica Under-19s, Jamaica Young Cricketers)
RM Chamroo (South Trinidad)
A Chan (Guyana Under-15s, Guyana Under-17s)
NI Chan (Trinidad and Tobago)
HM Chance (Guyana Under-19s)
R Chandan (referee)
S Chanderpaul (Derbyshire, Durham, Guyana, Khulna Royal Bengals, Lancashire, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Sylhet Royals, Uva Next, Warwickshire, West Indies, West Indies Under-23s)
T Chanderpaul (Guyana, West Indies Under-19s)
D Chandji (umpire)
CRW Chandler (Jamaica)
HA Chandler (Barbados Under-19s)
T Chandler (Barbados Under-19s)
K Chandrapaul (British Guiana Colts)
R Chandrika (Guyana, West Indies Under-19s)
C Chang (North Trinidad)
HS Chang (Jamaica, West Indies)
W Chapman (umpire)
Charde (Barbados Community College)
C Charlemagne (Windward Islands)
P Charlemagne (Windward Islands Under-19s)
CH Charleroy (St Lucia)
C Charlery (Windward Islands Under-17s)
H Charlery (St Lucia, Windward Islands Under-19s)
K Charlery (St Lucia)
K Charlery (St Lucia)
M Charlery (Windward Islands Under-19s)
Charles (Jamaica)
Charles (St Lucia Police)
AA Charles (Heathcoat, Heathcoat, St Maarten)
AB Charles (South Trinidad)
B Charles (Windward Islands)
BNL Charles (Trinidad and Tobago)
C Charles (St Lucia)
C Charles (Windward Islands Under-17s)
CR Charles (Northern Windward Islands)
D Charles (Dominica, Harrow Town)
D Charles (Trinidad and Tobago Under-19s)
D Charles (Trinidad and Tobago Under-17s)
DA Charles (Grenada)
E Charles (Windward Islands)
FV Charles (Windward Islands)
G Charles (Windward Islands Under-19s)
GE Charles (Demerara, Guyana)
H Charles (St Lucia)
H Charles (West Indies XI)
H Charles (Grenada Under-19s Women)
HM Charles (Grenada Women)
J Charles (Antigua and Barbuda, Leeward Islands Under-19s)
J Charles (Antigua Hawksbills, St Lucia, St Lucia Zouks, West Indies, Windward Islands)
J Charles (St Vincent and the Grenadines Women)
JD Charles (Windward Islands)
JJ Charles (Trinidad and Tobago Under-19s)
K Charles (St Lucia)
L Charles (Windward Islands Under-15s)
M Charles (St Lucia)
M Charles (St Lucia Under-19s Women)
NGR Charles (Barbados)
PL Charles (St Vincent and the Grenadines Women, West Indies Women)
R Charles (Guyana Under-19s)
S Charles (North Trinidad, Trinidad)
S Charles (Grenada Under-19s Women)
SM Charles (St Lucia)
ST Charles (Grenada Under-19s Women, Grenada Women)
G Charlton (Combined Parishes)
Charman (Barbados Garrison)
D Charran (Guyana Under-19s, Guyana Under-20s)
A Charvis (Combined Parishes)
A Chase (Combermere School)
D Chase (University of West Indies)
E Chase (British Guiana)
J Chase (scorer)
N Chase (Barbados Under-19s)
RL Chase (Barbados)
S Chase (South Trinidad)
T Chase (Barbados Under-15s)
G Chatman (Antigua Masters)
H Chattergoon (Canada)
H Chattergoon (Guyana Under-19s)
R Chattergoon (Combined Campuses and Colleges)
S Chattergoon (Guyana, West Indies)
R Chatura (Guyana Under-17s)
V Chaunce (St Vincent and the Grenadines, Windward Islands Under-19s)
P Chenery (Cornwall County)
Chennery (Cornwall County)
F Cherman (Combined Leeward and Windward Islands)
EL Cherubin (British Guiana and Trinidad, CA Wiles' XII, The Rest)
D Chesham (Barbados Under-15s)
M Chevalier (Tobago)
L Chichester (Windward Islands Under-19s)
D Chikd (umpire)
D Child (umpire)
F Child (St Vincent, Windward Islands)
M Chin (Berbice)
A Chinsammy (Guyana Under-19s, West Indies Under-19s)
M Chinsammy (Guyana)
N Chinsammy (Guyana Under-19s)
S Chinsammy (Berbice)
A Chipps (Dunnington)
R Chipps (Dunnington)
SC Chisholm (Jamaica)
K Chitolee (St Lucia)
D Chiverton (scorer)
AG Choppin (Demerara)
C Choy (Windward Islands Under-19s)
A Christian (Leeward Islands Under-15s, Leeward Islands Under-19s)
C Christian (Antigua)
D Christian (Antigua)
DO Christian (Guyana, West Indies)
G Christian (LN Constantine's XI, West Indies XI)
T Christian (Guyana Under-15s)
CM Christiani (British Guiana, West Indies)
ES Christiani (British Guiana)
G Christiani (West Indies XI)
H Christiani (British Guiana)
LM Christiani (Trinidad)
RJ Christiani (British Guiana, West Indies)
B Christmas (Trinidad and Tobago Under-15s, Trinidad and Tobago Under-17s, Trinidad and Tobago Under-19s, West Indies Under-19s)
K Christmas (Trinidad and Tobago Academy)
M Christophe (Guyana Under-19s)
A Christopher
A Christopher (St Kitts and Nevis)
AA Christopher (umpire)
D Christopher (St Kitts Combined Clubs)
FW Christopher (St Kitts)
J Christopher (Leeward Islands Under-19s)
RJ Christopher (Antigua and Barbuda, Leeward Islands)
MA Chung (umpire, referee)
A Cipriani (Trinidad)
A Cipriani (Trinidad)
M Cipriani (Trinidad)
R Cipriani (Trinidad)
F Civilien (St Lucia, Windward Islands Under-19s)
A Civiliene (St Lucia)
FAC Clairmonte (Barbados)
Clare (Jamaica Under-19s)
A Clare (Cornwall County)
Clark (Police)
M Clark (umpire)
N Clark (Spartan and Banks)
Clarke (Jamaica Garrison)
Clarke (Barbados)
Clarke (Barclays)
A Clarke (WC Shepherd's XI)
A Clarke (Jamaica Under-15s)
A Clarke (Barbados Under-15s)
AA Clarke (North Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago)
AB Clarke (British Guiana, Demerara)
AC Clarke (umpire)
B Clarke (Jamaica Under-19s)
C Clarke (referee, umpire)
C Clarke (University of West Indies Vice-Chancellor's XI)
CB Clarke (Barbados, Essex, Marylebone Cricket Club, Northamptonshire, West Indies)
CH Clarke (Barbados)
D Clarke (Jamaica Under-19s)
D Clarke (St Mary's School)
G Clarke (Police, Police)
G Clarke (Police)
J Clarke (umpire)
J Clarke (St Elizabeth)
J Clarke (WE Reid's XI)
JA Clarke (West Indies Under-19s)
K Clarke (Riversdale)
K Clarke (Wanderers)
M Clarke (referee)
M Clarke (Barbados Under-15s, Barbados Under-19s)
M Clarke (Barbados Under-19s, Barbados Wanderers, Combined Campuses and Colleges)
MC Clarke (Jamaica, University of West Indies)
MH Clarke (Barbados Under-19s)
MIC Clarke (Barbados)
MW Clarke (Barbados)
P Clarke (Barbados Under-15s)
R Clarke (Leeward Islands)
R Clarke (Tobago)
R Clarke (Tobago Women)
R Clarke (Wanderers)
R Clarke (scorer)
R Clarke (Wanderers)
S Clarke (Jamaica)
SK Clarke (St Vincent and the Grenadines Women)
SM Clarke (Barbados, Combined Campuses and Colleges)
ST Clarke (Barbados, Northern Transvaal, Orange Free State, Surrey, Transvaal, West Indies)
T Clarke (Barbados)
T Clarke (Queen Elizabeth Hospital)
T Clarke (Barbados Under-17s, St Lucy)
T Clarke (Wanderers)
TG Clarke (Barbados)
W Clarke (YMPC)
W Clarke (Barbados Wanderers)
W Clarke (Windward)
WC Clarke (Barbados)
C Clark-Reifer (Barbados Wanderers)
G Claxton (Combined Leeward and Windward Islands)
I Claxton (St Kitts)
L Claxton (Nevis)
S Claxton (St Kitts)
L Clement (BWIA Select XI)
L Clement (Harvard)
D Clements (Berbice, Berbice Under-19s, Guyana Under-19s)
P Clerk (Old Collegians)
A Clinkett (Spare Squads 2)
O Clovey (Windward Islands)
W Clovis (St Lucia)
FM Coard (Grenada)
E Coates (Jamaica Under-19s)
Cobham (St Lucia, St Lucia Garrison)
H Cobham (St Lucia)
D Cockburn (Trinidad and Tobago Under-19s)
GR Codrington (Canada)
KA Cohen (Jamaica Women)
RA Cohen (Jamaica)
Cole (Barbados Navy)
FE Cole (Black River)
HAF Cole (Barbados)
J Cole (Jamaica Under-19s)
J Cole (Barbados Under-15s)
M Cole (Jamaica Under-19s)
R Cole (umpire)
TD Coleman (Jamaica Under-15s, Jamaica Under-17s, Jamaica Under-19s, West Indies Under-19s)
AN Coley (Jamaica, University of West Indies)
Colley (Jamaica Garrison)
J Collings (Montserrat)
A Collins (Berbice Under-19s)
Alice A Collins (Trinidad and Tobago Development Women, Trinidad and Tobago Under-17s Women, Trinidad and Tobago Under-19s Women)
Allison A Collins (Trinidad and Tobago Development Women, Trinidad and Tobago Under-17s Women, Trinidad and Tobago Under-19s Women, Trinidad and Tobago Women)
B Collins (Trinidad)
CG Collins (Combined Jamaica and United Services XI)
F Collins (Trinidad)
H Collins (Queen's Park)
J Collins (St Kitts and Nevis)
PT Collins (Barbados, Middlesex, Surrey, West Indies, West Indies Under-23s)
R Collins (Trinidad and Tobago Under-19s)
C Collymore (umpire)
CD Collymore (Barbados, Middlesex, Sussex, Warwickshire, West Indies)
DJ Collymore (Windward Islands)
E Collymore (umpire)
EA Collymore (Barbados)
H Collymore (Windward Islands Under-15s)
RC Collymore (British Guiana, Demerara, Guyana)
WO Collymore (Barbados)
Connell (Barbados)
SS Connell (Barbados Women, West Indies Women)
T Connell (Barbados Under-19s)
V Connell (Pickwick)
VR Connell (Barbados)
Connelly (Ellerside)
VS Connor (Leeward Islands Under-19s)
H Constantin (Dennery)
E Constantine (Trinidad)
LN Constantine (Barbados, Freelooters, Trinidad, West Indies)
LS Constantine (Trinidad)
O Constantine (South Trinidad)
Conyers (umpire)
J Cooke (Antigua)
SR Cooke (Barbados Under-19s)
M Coombs (Jamaica Women)
S Coonai (North Trinidad)
A Cooper (Trinidad A, Trinidad and Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago Academy, Trinidad and Tobago Under-19s)
A Cooper (Trinidad and Tobago Under-15s)
A Cooper (Windward Islands Under-19s)
B Cooper (Trinidad and Tobago Women, West Indies Women)
C Cooper (Trinidad and Tobago Under-15s)
D Cooper (North and East Trinidad)
D Cooper (Jamaica Under-19s)
KK Cooper (Chittagong Kings, Rajasthan Royals, Trinidad and Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago Red Steel, Uthura Rudras)
L Cooper (Leeward Islands)
N Cooper (St Lucia Women)
RN Cooper (St Lucia Women)
A Copeland (Trinidad and Tobago Under-19s)
R Copeland (Antigua and Barbuda Under-19s, Liberta)
R Coppin (YMPC)
K Corbette (Montserrat)
KF Corbie (Trinidad)
O Corbie (North Trinidad, Trinidad)
ANH Corbin (umpire)
E Corbin (Barbados Under-19s)
J Corbin (Barbados Under-19s)
J Corbin (Barbados Under-15s)
KAM Corbin (Barbados, Combined Campuses and Colleges)
P Corbin (Barbados Under-19s)
T Corbin (Limestone Cavaliers)
TA Corke (Jamaica)
AA Corneal (East Trinidad, North Trinidad, South Trinidad, Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago)
CD Corneille (North and East Trinidad, North Trinidad)
C Cornelius (Antigua, Leeward Islands Under-19s)
K Cornelius (United States Virgin Islands)
LM Cornelius (Guyana)
M Cornelius (Leeward Islands Under-19s)
O Cornelius (Nevis)
TC Cornelius (Guyana)
H Cornwall (Leeward Islands Under-19s)
M Cornwall (Antigua)
RRS Cornwall (Antigua Hawksbills, Leeward Islands)
S Cornwall (Barbados Women)
WW Cornwall (Antigua and Barbuda, Leeward Islands)
A Corrie (South Trinidad)
A Corriette (Combined Leeward and Windward Islands, Leeward Islands)
CB Cort (Guyana)
TS Cort (Berbice Women, Guyana Women)
KA Cotien (Jamaica Women)
A Cotter (St Vincent)
KJ Cottoy (Combined Campuses and Colleges, Windward Islands)
SS Cottrell (Antigua Hawksbills, Jamaica, West Indies)
C County (St Vincent and the Grenadines)
L Coury (Leeward Islands)
MG Cousley (Jamaica Under-19s)
Cowan (United Services)
Coward (Trinidad Women)
L Coward (Jamaica Under-19s)
R Coward (Barbados Under-17s, Barbados Under-19s, Ellerside)
Cox (umpire)
Cox (Crompton)
AP Cox (Barbados)
CW Cox (Cornwall County)
E Cox (Jamaica, Jamaica Colts)
G Cox (Police)
G Cox (Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force)
GBY Cox (Barbados)
GS Cox (Jamaica)
HS Cox (Barbados Wanderers)
HT Cox (Barbados)
J Cox (North Trinidad)
J Cox (Barbados Under-19s)
LA Cox (Demerara)
N Cox (British Guiana, Demerara)
PI Cox (Barbados, Trinidad)
R Cox (Windward)
S Cox (Jamaica Under-19s Women)
C Cozier (Wanderers)
Z Cozier (Barbados Defence Force)
AL Crafton (Northern Windward Islands, St Lucia, Windward Islands)
NK Crafton (St Lucia Women)
G Craig (Barbados Under-19s)
R Craig (Barbados Under-19s)
EA Crandon (Guyana)
RT Crandon (Guyana, West Indies)
V Crandon (Gros Islet, Windward Islands Under-15s)
JN Crawford (Trinidad)
LL Crawford (Jamaica)
S Crawford (umpire)
Crawley (United Services)
AS Creary (West Indies Under-19s)
T Creary (Jamaica Under-15s, Jamaica Under-19s)
A Creed (umpire)
L Creighton (Jamaica Under-19s, Jamaica Young Cricketers, Melbourne Cricket Club)
M Creighton (Windward Islands Under-19s)
PEF Cressall (British Guiana)
M Crest (St Vincent and the Grenadines)
M Crew (Lucas Cricket Club)
D Crichlow (Barbados Cavaliers)
K Crichlow (South Trinidad)
M Crichlow (Limestone Cavaliers)
E Crichton (Grenada, St Lucia)
JT Crichton (umpire)
CO Crick (Barbados)
HA Croal (British Guiana)
CEH Croft (Demerara, Guyana, Lancashire, West Indies)
JJ Cromwell (British Guiana)
R Croney (Grenada, Grenada Under-19s, Windward Islands Under-19s)
A Crookingdale (Barbados Wanderers)
S Crooks (Jamaica Under-17s, Jamaica Under-19s)
V Crooks (Jamaica Under-19s)
K Crosse (Demerara Under-19s, Guyana Under-19s, West Indies Under-19s)
H Crosskill (Perthshire)
C Crossley (Leeward Islands)
TA Crowford (St Lucia Women)
DA Cruickshank (Trinidad and Tobago)
OW Cruikshank (Jamaica)
LJ Crutchley (Jamaica Born)
TS Cudjoe (Trinidad and Tobago Development Women, Trinidad and Tobago Under-17s Women)
WI Cudjoe (Trinidad and Tobago Development Women, Trinidad and Tobago Under-17s Women, Trinidad and Tobago Under-19s Women, Trinidad and Tobago Women)
WE Cuff (Jamaica)
S Cuffie (South Trinidad)
CE Cuffy (St Vincent and the Grenadines, Surrey, West Indies, West Indies Under-23s, Windward Islands)
R Cuffy (Dominica)
T Cuffy (Central Trinidad, South and Central Trinidad, South Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago)
G Culbard (referee, umpire)
A Cumberbatch (Barbados Colts)
A Cumberbatch (Police)
AB Cumberbatch (Trinidad)
B Cumberbatch (South Trinidad)
C Cumberbatch (East Trinidad)
CE Cumberbatch (umpire, referee)
CP Cumberbatch (Trinidad)
CS Cumberbatch (Barbados)
DA Cumberbatch (Barbados, University of West Indies)
JP Cumberbatch (Windward)
JR Cumberbatch (South Trinidad)
JS Cumberbatch (Barbados)
S Cumberbatch (Spare Squads 1, Spare Squads 2)
D Cummings (Trinidad and Tobago Under-19s)
F Cummings (West Indies Women)
J Cummings (Combined Leeward and Windward Islands Under-19s, Grenada)
R Cummings (South Trinidad)
A Cummins (West Indies Blind)
AC Cummins (Barbados, Canada, Durham, Surrey, West Indies)
D Cummins (Barbados Under-19s)
ML Cummins (Antigua Hawksbills, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago Red Steel, West Indies)
Cunningham (North Jamaica)
E Cunningham (West Indies Women)
EL Cunningham (Jamaica North Side)
FA Cunningham (Jamaica)
LO Cunningham (Cayman Islands, Jamaica)
OJ Cunningham (Jamaica)
RO Cunningham (Jamaica, University of West Indies, West Indies Under-23s)
S Cunningham (Jamaica Under-19s)
G Cupid (Windward Islands)
J Cupid (North Trinidad)
KAM Cupid (Windward Islands Under-19s)
V Cupid (Windward Islands Under-17s)
D Currency (Ormskirk, Rochdale)
D Currency (SC Selman's XI)
DC Currency (Barbados Under-17s)
K Currency (Spare Squads 1)
RK Currency (Combined Campuses and Colleges, Southern Windward Islands, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Windward Islands)
LJ Cush (Guyana, United States of America)
VC Cuthbert (Jamaica Schools)
DQD Cyrus (Windward Islands Under-15s, Windward Islands Under-17s)
M Cyrus (Barbados Under-15s)
R Cyrus (Windward Islands Under-19s)
RS Cyrus (Grenada Women)





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