Wales Players (P)


P Packham (Cardiff Women)
R Packham (Welsh Universities)
A Paddon (Wrexham)
Padgett (Rock Ferry)
B Page (Northop)
M Page (Cardiff)
M Page (Llandovery College)
GL Paget (Rifle Brigade)
DP Page-Thomas (Rydal School)
HJ Paine (Cardiff)
B Painter (Christ College, Brecon)
D Painter (Pontypridd, St Fagans, Wales)
D Painter (Pontypridd)
J Painter (Pontypridd Colts)
M Painter (Christ College, Brecon)
Palanet (Glamorganshire)
M Paletia (Llay Welfare)
J Paletta (Llay Welfare)
FJ Paley (Ceredigion)
WD Palin (Cestrian Club, Gentlemen of Denbighshire)
Palmer (Pembroke Dock Garrison)
Palmer (Cadoxton)
Palmer (North Pembrokeshire Under-17s)
A Palmer (Ebbw Vale Colts)
C Palmer (Clydach, Clydach Second XI)
Ceri Palmer (Ynystawe)
Craig Palmer (Ynystawe)
G Palmer (Pontypridd)
GV Palmer (Monmouth School)
GV Palmer (Llanelli)
L Palmer (Ebbw Vale Colts)
R Palmer (Ynystawe)
R Palmer (Carmarthen Wanderers)
R Palmer (Carmarthen Wanderers Under-19s)
R Palmer (Carmarthen Wanderers Colts)
RH Palmer (MJL Turnbull's XI)
I Palterman (Dolgellau)
Panda (University of Wales Institute, Cardiff)
S Pandey (Marchwiel and Wrexham)
R Panting (Malpas, Malpas)
R Pantling (Llandudno Pier Orchestra Wind)
F Pape (Elba Steelworks)
S Pape (Elba Steelworks)
T Pape (Elba Steelworks)
Papillon (Pembroke Dock Garrison)
D Papillon (Pembroke Dock Garrison)
S Parboo (St Asaph)
E Pardington (Wales Under-15s Women, Wales Under-17s Women, Wales Women)
D Pardon (Colwyn Bay, North Wales)
S Parfitt (Glynneath)
S Parfitt (Pontneathvaughan)
WC Parfitt (Newbridge)
C Park (Grappenhall, Marchwiel and Wrexham, Widnes)
M Park (Gresford)
Parker (Welsh Universities)
AT Parker (Denbighshire)
B Parker (Bethesda)
CF Parker (Welsh Schools)
D Parker (South Wales Cricket Association)
D Parker (Neath Invitation XI)
D Parker (Knighton)
G Parker (Christ College, Brecon)
G Parker (Monmouthshire Veterans)
GP Parker (Cowbridge)
J Parker (Swansea)
J Parker (St Fagans)
J Parker (Newport Vintage XI)
JN Parker (Monmouth School)
M Parker (Ebbw Vale Colts)
PD Parker (Monmouth School)
RS Parker (Monmouth School)
S Parker (Llandudno)
S Parker (Neath)
T Parker (Swansea)
A Parkes (Rydal School)
J Parkhouse (Neath)
J Parkhouse (Conwy Second XI)
J Parkhouse (Gowerton School)
M Parkin (Welsh Universities)
T Parkin (Gorseinon)
J Parkinson (Penarth)
J Parkinson (Vale of Glamorgan Colts)
R Parkinson (Ebbw Vale Colts)
T Parkinson (Penarth)
T Parkinson (Vale of Glamorgan Colts)
S Parmenter (Felinfoel)
Parmeter (Bala)
Parnell (Swansea)
EA Parnell (Pembroke Dock Garrison, Swansea)
S Parrish (Welsh Schools)
E Parrott (St Fagans Women)
Parry (Caernarvon)
Parry (Hawarden Park)
A Parry (Ystalyfera)
A Parry (Menai Bridge, Menai Bridge Second XI)
AE Parry (Llandaff Clergy)
B Parry (Tondu)
C Parry (M Garnon Williams' XI)
C Parry (South Pembrokeshire Under-19s)
C Parry (Maesteg)
C Parry (Gwersyllt Park)
C Parry (Ceredigion)
C Parry (La Poupee Company)
C Parry (Llangollen)
CF Parry (Pembroke Dock Garrison)
CI Parry (Pwllheli)
D Parry (Llay Welfare, Mochdre)
D Parry (Llangollen)
D Parry (Ystrad Rhondda)
DE Parry (Brymbo, Colwyn Bay)
DR Parry (scorer)
E Parry (Welsh Schools)
E Parry (Welsh Universities)
E Parry (Welsh Secondary Schools)
E Parry (Caernarvonshire)
EJ Parry (Ystrad Rhondda)
F Parry (Players of South Wales)
G Parry (Connah's Quay, Connah's Quay Second XI)
G Parry (Llangollen)
H Parry (Bangor Second XI)
I Parry (Portmadog Second XI, Pwllheli)
J Parry (Bethesda)
J Parry (Mochdre, Mochdre Second XI)
J Parry (Portmadog)
J Parry (Bethesda Second XI)
J Parry (Bodedern)
J Parry (Wales Under-14s)
Jack Parry (Llay Welfare, Llay Welfare Second XI)
John Parry (Llay Welfare, Llay Welfare Second XI)
JF Parry (Ceredigion)
JM Parry (Ceredigion)
JP Parry (Llangefni)
JW Parry (Pwllheli)
K Parry (Cae Glas Women)
K Parry (Pwllheli)
L Parry (Pontypridd)
L Parry (Conway)
L Parry (Buckley)
L Parry (Buckley Second XI)
L Parry (Llay Welfare)
L Parry (Glynllifon Park)
M Parry (Malpas)
M Parry (Bridgend Schools)
M Parry (Ystalyfera)
M Parry (Llay Welfare)
ML Parry (Gentlemen of Radnorshire)
N Parry (Bethesda)
OG Parry (Builth Wells)
P Parry (Tata Steel Shotton)
R Parry (Bangor, Bangor Second XI)
R Parry (Hawarden Park)
R Parry (Maesteg)
R Parry (Menai Bridge)
RH Parry (Llanrwst)
RH Parry (Portmadog)
RT Parry (Carmarthenshire)
S Parry (South Wales Cricket Association, Swansea)
S Parry (Swansea)
T Parry (Monmouth School)
T Parry (Llay Welfare)
T Parry (Llay Welfare Second XI)
TH Parry (Llangollen)
TR Parry (Welsh Secondary Schools West)
V Parry (Llay Welfare)
VT Parry (Llwynypia)
W Parry (Newtown)
WH Parry (Ceredigion)
H Parry-Evans (Porthcawl)
M Parry-Jones (Llandovery College)
S Parry-Jones (Llandovery College)
T Parry-Jones (scorer)
H Parsonage (Mold)
J Parsonage (Halkyn)
G Parsons (Swansea)
I Parsons (Porthcawl)
I Parsons (Neath Sunday Schools League)
J Parsons (Breconshire)
K Parsons (Llanelli)
R Parsons (Porthcawl)
Partington (St Asaph)
R Partington (St Asaph)
S Partington (Llay Welfare)
M Parton (Hawarden Park, Hawarden Park Second XI)
P Parton (Dolgellau)
AJ Partridge (Ruthin School)
DJ Partridge (Knighton)
G Partridge (Chirk)
LA Partridge (Ruthin School)
RH Partridge (Herefordshire, Llanelly)
S Partridge (Knighton, Knighton)
T Partridge (Chirk)
L Partyn (Gwersyllt Park)
L Partyn (Gwersyllt Park Second XI)
S Pary (Llandovery College)
C Pascoe (Welsh Schools Under-15s)
T Pascoe (Penarth)
D Pask (Pontypridd)
D Pask (South Wales and Monmouthshire Cricket Association)
J Paskin (Ogwr Select Schools XI)
R Pasquantonio (Landore)
R Pasquontino (Landore)
A Pass (Briton Ferry Steelworks)
A Pass (Gorseinon)
A Pass (South Wales Cricket Association)
AS Pass (Glamorgan and Wales Academy, Glamorgan Under-17s, Swansea, Wales Under-15s)
D Pass (Halkyn Second XI)
R Pass (Margam)
T Pass (Chepstow)
W Passey (Tondu)
A Passingham (Bala)
J Passkin (Ogwr Select Schools XI)
A Patel (Penarth)
A Patel (Overton)
A Patel (Margam)
A Patel (Wales Under-14s, Wales Under-15s, Wales Under-17s)
Anaesh Patel (Cardiff, Walsall)
Anush Patel (Cardiff)
B Patel (Pontardawe)
D Patel (Ruthin School)
H Patel (Welsh Schools)
J Patel (Christ College, Brecon)
J Patel (Bronwydd)
M Patel (Llandovery College)
N Patel (Overton)
NH Patel (Ruthin School)
PS Patel (Colwyn Bay)
R Patel (Welsh Schools)
R Patel (Pontardawe)
V Patel (Vale of Glamorgan Colts)
A Paterson (Brymbo)
AB Paterson (Rock Ferry)
AE Paterson (Rock Ferry)
AM Paterson (Rock Ferry)
AW Paterson (Rock Ferry)
F Paterson (Rock Ferry)
LR Paterson (Rock Ferry)
RD Paterson (Rock Ferry)
RR Paterson (Rock Ferry Second XI)
TS Paterson (Rock Ferry)
W Paterson (Dolgellau)
K Pathirana (Bridgend Schools)
P Pati (Baglan)
A Patil (Northop Hall Third XI)
A Paton (Hawarden Park, Hawarden Park Second XI)
CG Paton (Rock Ferry)
A Patterson (St Fagans)
A Patterson (Cowbridge School)
AS Patterson (Barry Athletic)
B Patterson (Brymbo, Brymbo Second XI)
HS Patterson (Rock Ferry)
K Patterson (Tata Steel Maeshafn)
K Patterson (Tata Steel Shotton)
S Patterson (Cowbridge School)
WE Patterson (St Fagans)
A Pattison (Cowbridge School)
S Pattison (Cowbridge School)
S Pattison (Pwllheli)
AW Patton (Rifle Brigade)
T Patton (Bangor Second XI)
Paul (Cardiff University)
PC Paul (Montgomeryshire)
S Paul (Welsh Universities)
R Pavey (Baglan)
J Pawlett (North Pembrokeshire Under-17s)
R Pawson (Malpas)
A Payne (Dyffryn)
A Payne (Bangor Second XI)
D Payne (Llandarcy)
GM Payne (Llandaff Clergy)
JM Payne (Llandaff Clergy)
M Payne (Swansea)
M Payne (Gowerton School)
M Payne (Gowerton)
R Payne (Kidwelly)
RL Payne (Bangor)
T Payne (Gowerton Second XI)
WH Payne (Newport)
WJ Peace (Cardiff Second XI)
AL Peach (Knighton)
GN Peach (Knighton)
CH Peacock (Brecon)
G Peacock (Usk)
G Peacock (Llanddyfnan, Plas Llanddyfnan)
G Peacock (Llangefni)
GH Peacock (Brecon)
J Peacock (Conwy Second XI)
A Peake (Vaynol Park)
J Peake (Neath)
S Peake (Ceredigion)
S Peake (Military Forces Aberystwyth)
Pearce (Ruthin School)
C Pearce (Pontneathvaughan)
CH Pearce (Ceredigion Visitors)
D Pearce (Ruthin School)
G Pearce (Dyffryn)
HK Pearce (Knighton)
J Pearce (Llandeilo)
J Pearce (Kidwelly)
J Pearce (Ruthin School)
K Pearce (Morgannwg Cricket League)
M Pearce (Wales Under-14s, Wales Under-15s)
M Pearce (Neath)
M Pearce (Llanelli)
M Pearce (Cowbridge School)
M Pearce (Cowbridge School)
R Pearce (Kidwelly)
S Pearce (Welsh Colleges)
SJ Pearce (Bridgend Town, Glamorgan, Glamorgan Second XI, Glamorgan Under-19s, Wales Minor Counties, Wales Under-13s, Wales Under-14s, Wales Under-15s, Wales Under-17s)
T Pearce (Baron Hill)
T Pearce (Bridgend Town)
W Pearce (Vaynol Park)
TC Pearman (Gentlemen of Swansea)
E Pearn (Neath Third XI)
J Pearn (Neath Third XI)
J Pearn (Neath Third XI)
J Pearn (Christ College, Brecon)
D Pearse (Baron Hill)
D Pearse (Gentlemen of Breconshire)
Pearson (Vaynol Park)
BF Pearson (Cardiff)
CE Pearson (Penmaenmawr)
E Pearson (Bryn-y-Neuadd)
G Pearson (Welsh Universities)
H Pearson (Llanelly)
I Pearson (Gwersyllt Park)
JR Pearson (Monmouthshire)
N Pearson (Hawarden Park)
N Pearson (Gwersyllt Park)
N Pearson (Marchwiel and Wrexham)
R Pearson (Gwersyllt Park)
S Pearson (Gwersyllt Park)
W Pearson (Port Dinorwic)
AE Peatfield (Rhuddlan)
EA Peatfield (Rhuddlan)
A Peebles (Kidwelly)
S Peeka (Bangor, Bangor Second XI)
F Peel (Denbighshire)
FB Peel (Rock Ferry)
LG Peel (Rock Ferry)
M Peel (Welsh Schools Under-15s)
C Peers (Llay Welfare)
K Peers (Shotton)
D Peirce (Gentlemen of Breconshire)
PJ Pelham (Llandovery)
Pell (North Wales)
Pell (Rock Ferry)
I Pell (North Wales)
T Pellat (Penmaenmawr)
JJ Pelloy (Gentlemen of South Wales)
Pellum (Llandovery)
S Pember (Pontypridd)
C Pemberton (Briton Ferry Steelworks)
E Pemberton (Royal Navy)
K Pemberton (Briton Ferry Town)
K Pemberton (Briton Ferry Steelworks)
I Pembrey (Ebbw Vale Colts)
E Pendlebury (North Wales Training College Vice-Principal's XI)
C Penfold (Neath Third XI)
WH Penfold (South Wales)
M Pengelly (Pwllheli)
W Pengelly (Kidwelly)
W Pengelly (Pwllheli)
M Penhale (Ystalyfera)
M Penhale (Ystradgynlais)
Penn (Bryn-y-Neuadd)
LM Penn (Conway)
R Penn (Pontyclun Institute)
HD Pennant (Penrhyn Castle)
LW Pennant (Penrhyn Castle)
S Penney (Halkyn)
T Pennick (Swansea)
A Pennington (Merionethshire)
A Pennock (Landore)
J Pennock (Swansea)
T Pennock (Landore)
D Penrhyn Jones (Glamorgan)
A Penrose (Hawarden Park)
R Penrose (Swansea Central Cricket League)
FG Pentreath (Llanelli)
D Peover (Buckley)
J Pepper (Denbighshire)
M Percy (Kidwelly)
M Percy (Vale of Glamorgan Colts)
R Percy (Bala)
C Peregrine (Bronwydd)
S Perera (Brymbo, Brymbo Second XI)
SL Perera (Gwersyllt Park)
A Perkins (Breconshire)
E Perkins (Bangor)
FE Perkins (Swansea)
J Perkins (Llandovery College)
JE Perkins (Bangor)
K Perkins (Cimla)
M Perkins (Builth Wells)
T Perkins (Llandeilo)
W Perkins (Cardiff)
N Perks (Ynysygerwn)
S Perks (Welsh Universities)
J Perrett (Malpas, Malpas)
WS Perrin (Cardiff)
PJR Perrott (St David's College, Lampeter)
TK Perrott (Llanymynech)
J Perry (Hawarden Park)
S Perry (Gresford)
W Perry (Spillers Athletic)
WC Perry (Ceredigion)
J Persey (Cowbridge)
I Pervez (Cimla)
I Pervez (Briton Ferry Town)
Pesett (University College, Aberystwyth)
Peters (Morewoods)
A Peters (Connah's Quay, Connah's Quay Second XI)
C Peters (Knighton, Maesllwch Park)
C Peters (Hawarden Park)
C Peters (Colwyn Bay)
CP Peters (Gentlemen of Radnorshire, Radnorshire)
D Peters (Cowbridge School)
D Peters (Tata Steel Shotton)
H Peters (Mold Alun School)
J Peters (Kidwelly)
J Peters (Flintshire)
M Peters (Bersham Second XI)
Petheridge (Cardiff University)
H Pethick (Ceredigion)
R Pethick (Ceredigion)
A Pett (Overton)
S Pettet (Gresford)
R Pettifor (Brecon County School)
W Pettifor (Brecon County School)
S Pettigrew (Welsh Universities)
I Petty (Felinfoel)
I Petty (Llangennech, Llangennech Second XI)
Peyton (Bridgnorth School)
C Peyton (Bryn-y-Neuadd)
D Phelan (Pontypridd)
A Phelps (Port Talbot Town)
A Phelps (Cimla)
J Phelps (Pembrokeshire)
J Phelps (Cimla)
D Phennah (Llay Welfare)
M Phennah (Llay Welfare)
J Philipott (Swansea Civil Service)
S Philipps (Newport and District Cricket League)
N Philips (Llandovery College)
S Philips (Llanelli)
WF Philips (Bala)
Philipson (Radnorshire)
K Philiskirk (Menai Bridge Second XI)
Phillips (Builth Wells)
Phillips (Breconshire)
Phillips (Swansea)
Phillips (Bangor)
Phillips (Welsh Schools Cricket Association)
Phillips (North Pembrokeshire Under-17s)
A Phillips (Pembrokeshire, Pembrokeshire Colts)
A Phillips (South Wales Cricket Club Next XVIII)
A Phillips (Cardiff YMCA)
A Phillips (Gorseinon)
A Phillips (Great Western Railway)
A Phillips (Gowerton Under-19s)
A Phillips (Wales Under-11s Women, Wales Under-13s Women)
AE Phillips (Panteg)
AG Phillips (Llandeilo)
AOH Phillips (Gentlemen of South Wales)
AR Phillips (Llandeilo)
B Phillips (scorer)
C Phillips (Monmouth School)
C Phillips (Next XVIII of South Wales)
C Phillips (Gwent Under-14s)
C Phillips (Carew)
C Phillips (Llandarcy)
C Phillips (Wales Under-13s Women)
C Phillips (Newport)
C Phillips (Llanelli)
C Phillips (Chirk)
CB Phillips (Tenby)
D Phillips (Dafen)
D Phillips (Welsh Schools Under-15s)
D Phillips (Mumbles Colts)
D Phillips (Briton Ferry Town)
D Phillips (Briton Ferry Steelworks)
D Phillips (Mochdre, Mochdre Second XI)
DJ Phillips (Maesteg)
DJ Phillips (E Rees' XI)
DR Phillips (Llandovery College)
E Phillips (Breconshire)
E Phillips (Llandovery College)
EH Phillips (Cowbridge)
ES Phillips (Newport)
F Phillips (Next XVIII of South Wales)
F Phillips (Llandovery)
F Phillips (Breconshire)
FG Phillips (Minor Counties, Monmouthshire, Newport, South Wales, Wales)
FG Phillips (Welsh Cygnets)
G Phillips (Gorseinon)
G Phillips (Olchfa Comprehensive School)
G Phillips (Grovesend Works)
GH Phillips (Radnorshire)
H Phillips (Newport)
H Phillips (Breconshire)
H Phillips (Llandarcy)
HA Phillips (Llandovery College Second XI)
HV Phillips (Brecon)
I Phillips (Llanelly)
I Phillips (Wales Under-14s)
IR Phillips (Llandovery College Second XI)
J Phillips (Llandovery)
J Phillips (Chirk)
J Phillips (Llandovery College)
J Phillips (Wales Under-15s)
J Phillips (Neath Third XI)
J Phillips (Dyffryn)
J Phillips (Carmarthen Wanderers)
J Phillips (Welsh Colleges)
James Phillips (Pembrokeshire)
John Phillips (Pembrokeshire)
JD Phillips (Clydach)
JE Phillips (Wales Under-15s, Wales Under-16s)
JH Phillips (Radnorshire)
JH Phillips (Neath)
JO Phillips (Cardiff)
K Phillips (North Wales Cricket Association)
K Phillips (Welsh Schools)
K Phillips (Cimla)
K Phillips (Baglan)
K Phillips (scorer)
K Phillips (Margam)
K Phillips (Chirk)
L Phillips (Barry Athletic)
M Phillips (Cardiff)
M Phillips (Welsh Schools)
M Phillips (WJG Cartwright's XI)
M Phillips (Carew)
M Phillips (Overton)
M Phillips (Ystradgynlais)
M Phillips (Kidwelly)
M Phillips (Shotton)
MT Phillips (Glamorgan)
N Phillips (Green's Motors Invitation XI)
N Phillips (Llandovery College)
NC Phillips (Free Foresters, Marylebone Cricket Club, South Wales)
O Phillips (Llangennech, Llangennech Second XI)
O Phillips (Ystradgynlais)
P Phillips (Llandeilo)
P Phillips (Porthcawl)
P Phillips (Pembrokeshire Young Cricketers)
R Phillips (Usk)
R Phillips (Swansea Civil Service)
R Phillips (Swansea Civil Service Second XI)
R Phillips (Maesteg Celtic)
R Phillips (Gowerton, Gowerton Second XI)
RM Phillips (Wales)
RN Phillips (TB Williams' Glamorgan and Monmouthshire XI)
RS Phillips (Welsh Wanderers)
S Phillips (Pembrokeshire Young Cricketers)
S Phillips (Welsh Schools Under-15s)
S Phillips (Green's Motors Invitation XI)
S Phillips (South Wales and Monmouthshire Cricket Association)
S Phillips (Bronwydd)
S Phillips (Swansea)
S Phillips (Llanelli)
S Phillips (Bronwydd Second XI)
S Phillips (Dafen)
S Phillips (Wales Under-11s Women, Wales Under-13s Women, Wales Under-17s Women)
Scott Phillips (Dafen Welfare, Dafen Welfare Second XI)
Steffan Phillips (Dafen Welfare Second XI)
SR Phillips (Brecon)
SR Phillips (Breconshire)
T Phillips (Builth Wells)
T Phillips (Ynysygerwn)
T Phillips (Gorseinon)
T Phillips (Cardiff)
TA Phillips (Llandovery)
TAL Phillips (St David's College, Lampeter)
TD Phillips (Wales Under-14s, Wales Under-15s)
TE Phillips (Bangor)
TH Phillips (Bangor)
W Phillips (Glynneath Welfare)
WA Phillips (Llandeilo)
WC Phillips (Next XVIII of South Wales)
WD Phillips (Carmarthenshire, Gentlemen of Carmarthenshire, Glamorganshire)
WP Phillips (Llandeilo)
WT Phillips (Bala Grammar School)
WT Phillips (DF Lloyd's XI)
AC Phipps (Swansea and District Cricket League)
G Phipps (Pontypridd)
G Phipps (Ynysybwl)
K Pick (Hoovers)
M Pick (Hoovers)
R Pick (DVLA Mond)
R Pick (Pontardawe)
D Pickard (Swansea)
R Pickell (Llandarcy)
R Pickerell (Llandarcy)
E Pickering (Bryn-y-Neuadd)
E Pickering (Dyffryn)
G Pickering (Ynysybwl)
H Pickering (Knighton)
H Pickering (Radnorshire)
R Pickering (Llandovery College)
T Pickering (Bryn-y-Neuadd)
WC Pickering (Llanrwst)
C Pickford (Llandarcy)
E Pickford (Llantwit Major Cavaliers)
S Pickford (Llantwit Major Cavaliers)
T Pickford (Llandarcy)
T Pickford (Llanarth)
D Pickrell (South Wales and Monmouthshire Cricket Association)
R Pickrell (Llandarcy)
Pickthall (TB Williams' Glamorgan and Monmouthshire XI)
E Pickthall (South Wales and Monmouthshire Cricket Association)
L Picton (Gowerton Second XI)
W Picton-Evans (Pembrokeshire)
T Piddington (University of Wales Institute, Cardiff)
N Piddock (Penarth)
Pierce (Brecon)
Pierce (Wrexham)
A Pierce (St Asaph, St Asaph Second XI)
DD Pierce (Cardiganshire)
T Pierce (Baron Hill)
T Pierce (Hoovers)
TJ Pierce (Beaumaris County School)
W Pierce (Merionethshire)
H Piercy (Flintshire)
L Piertzak (Menai Bridge, Menai Bridge Second XI)
B Pike (Abergavenny, Monmouth School, Old Monmothians)
B Pike (Usk)
GH Pike (Llandudno)
K Pike (Merthyr Borough)
L Pike (Llandudno Second XI)
M Pike (Merthyr Borough)
O Pike (Penarth)
OL Pike (Cardiff Marylebone Cricket Club University)
R Pike (Llandudno Second XI)
W Pike (Pwllheli)
W Pike (Portmadog)
Pilling (Bryn-y-Neuadd)
FB Pinch (Glamorgan, Wales)
A Pinchbeck (Cowbridge School)
Pinkerton (Dolgellau)
P Piper (Welsh Universities)
S Pitcher (Monmouth School)
Pitman (Rydal School)
AC Pitman (Colwyn Bay)
AJ Pitman (Colwyn Bay)
M Pitman (Welsh Schools)
OT Pitman (Colwyn Bay)
D Pitt (Overton)
G Pitt (Llanymynech and District)
J Pittendreigh (St Asaph)
J Pittendreigh (Abergele Second XI)
D Plain (Cardiff)
T Plank (Carmarthen Wanderers)
M Plant (Gresford)
S Plant (Malpas)
G Plater (Cardiff YMCA)
D Platt (Marchwiel and Wrexham)
R Platt (Gentlemen of Denbighshire)
R Platt (Mold)
S Platt (Bryn-y-Neuadd, Caernarvonshire, North Wales)
S Platt (Plas Newydd)
T Platt (Pontblyddyn)
A Plattan (Pembrokeshire Young Cricketers)
A Player (scorer)
A Pleass (Cardiff)
C Pliess (Gentlemen of Breconshire)
IJ Plumley (Monmouth School)
JPR Poch (Bangor, Bangor Second XI)
R Poch (Bangor Second XI)
J Pockett (Hawarden Park)
Podmore (Brecon)
R Pogram (JM Sutherland's XI)
S Pogram (JM Sutherland's XI)
C Poignand (Monmouth School)
R Poignand (Monmouth School)
B Pointer (Christ College, Brecon)
DB Poley (Briton Ferry Steelworks, Glamorgan Club and Ground)
DJ Poley (Briton Ferry)
G Pollard (Rydal School)
EC Pomeroy (Ceredigion)
A Ponnala (Bethesda)
Pontch (Ceredigion Visitors)
D Pontewan (Rhewl)
WC Ponton (Monmouth Clergy)
Poole (Cardiff)
A Poole (Pembrokeshire)
FW Poole (Vaynol Park)
N Poole (Maesteg Celtic)
P Poole (Maesteg Celtic)
T Poole (Wales Under-13s)
T Poole (Cardiff and District Cricket League)
T Poole (Olchfa Comprehensive School)
TW Poole (Vaynol Park)
W Poole-Hughes (Llandovery, Radnorshire)
H Pooler (Ruthin)
H Poore (Welsh Schools)
A Pope (Merionethshire)
S Pope (Tondu)
S Pope (Welsh Universities)
Popham (Brecon)
C Popham (Llanrwst)
M Popham (Llanrwst)
C Popplewell (Connah's Quay)
C Popplwell (Connah's Quay)
Porritt (Merton House, Penmaenmawr)
Portal (Rock Ferry)
Portch (Military Forces Aberystwyth)
Porter (Colwyn Bay)
A Porter (Newport)
C Porter (Gwersyllt Park)
D Porter (Gwent)
J Porter (Bryn-y-Neuadd)
J Porter (Gwersyllt Park)
S Porter (Swansea Civil Service)
S Porter (Olchfa Comprehensive School)
S Porter (Swansea)
W Porter (Cardiff)
C Portz (Usk)
JW Post (Conway)
A Pothen (Cardiff)
D Potter (Pembrokeshire League XI)
D Potter (North Pembrokeshire Under-17s)
GW Potter (Rock Ferry)
S Potter (Swansea)
Potts (Denbighshire)
CC Potts (Llandovery)
J Potts (Gentlemen of Radnorshire, Radnorshire)
JA Potts (Vale of Clwyd)
Poulson (Pontypool)
Poulter (Bryn-y-Neuadd)
CD Poulter (Bryn-y-Neuadd)
OD Poulter (Bryn-y-Neuadd)
P Pound (Welsh Universities)
D Powel (Morriston)
M Powel (Morriston)
Powell (Llanelli)
Powell (Radnorshire)
Powell (Grovesend Works)
A Powell (Ynysygerwn)
A Powell (Llangennech Colts)
A Powell (Pontarddulais)
AC Powell (Dolgellau)
AC Powell (Ceredigion)
B Powell (Abergavenny)
C Powell (Llandarcy)
CJ Powell (Brecon County School)
D Powell (Welsh Universities)
D Powell (Connah's Quay, North Wales Cricket League, Northop Hall)
D Powell (Newport Women)
E Powell (Wales Under-13s Women)
E Powell (Wales Under-13s Women)
E Powell (Pembrokeshire)
E Powell (Tregaron and District)
G Powell (Dolgellau)
G Powell (Ebbw Vale)
G Powell (Llanarth)
G Powell (Christ College, Brecon)
GT Powell (Monmouth School)
H Powell (Bersham Second XI)
I Powell (Bersham)
J Powell (Builth Wells)
J Powell (Llanarth)
J Powell (Abergavenny)
J Powell (Gwent Cricket League)
JD Powell (Builth Wells)
K Powell (Llangennech Women, Wales Under-15s Women, Wales Under-17s Women)
L Powell (Wales Under-13s Women, Wales Under-15s Women)
M Powell (St Fagans)
M Powell (Abergavenny)
M Powell (Wales Under-15s)
M Powell (Christ College, Brecon)
M Powell (Gwent)
M Powell (Pembrokeshire)
M Powell (Pontarddulais)
M Powell (South Wales Cricket Association)
N Powell (Christ College, Brecon)
O Powell (Bridgend Tuesday Cricket League)
O Powell (Bridgend Time-Limit League)
R Powell (Cardiff)
R Powell (Cardiff)
R Powell (Llandarcy)
R Powell (Breconshire)
R Powell (Skewen, Skewen Second XI)
RH Powell (Builth Wells)
RW Powell (Dafen Welfare Second XI)
S Powell (Swansea)
S Powell (South Wales Cricket Association)
S Powell (Wales Over-50s)
S Powell (Llandarcy)
S Powell (Gowerton)
S Powell (Cowbridge School)
SR Powell (Monmouth School, Wales, Wales Minor Counties)
T Powell (Breconshire)
T Powell (Welsh Secondary Schools West)
T Powell (Grovesend Works)
W Powell (Rhuddlan)
W Powell (Ceredigion)
W Powell (Dafen Welfare Second XI)
A Power (Newport)
M Powney (Baglan)
JS Poynder (Welsh Cygnets)
G Poyner (Malpas)
A Poynton (Northop, Northop Second XI)
A Poynton (Northop Hall)
M Poynton (Northop, Northop Second XI)
M Poynton (Northop Hall)
RL Pragnell (Abergavenny)
R Prasser (Briton Ferry Steelworks)
JG Prathene-Beynon (Welsh Cygnets)
WEP Prathene-Beynon (Welsh Cygnets)
A Pratt (Llanrwst)
N Pratt (Welsh Universities)
Preece (Neath and District)
B Preece (Glamorgan Colts A)
DJA Preece (Cardiff, Glamorgan Under-17s, Marylebone Cricket Club, Wales Under-14s, Wales Under-15s, Wales Under-16s)
M Preece (Cardiff)
P Preece (Pembrokeshire)
RJ Preece (Cardiff Next XXII)
J Prescott (Swansea Third XI)
M Prescott (Cricket Board of Wales XI)
D Prestidge (Hawarden Park)
CW Preston (Ruthin School)
FR Preston (Cheshire, Vale of Clwyd)
N Preston (Menai Bridge, Menai Bridge Second XI)
NJ Preston (Towyn Visitors)
NJ Preston (Towyn)
I Prevez (Cimla)
Price (Llandovery)
Price (Cardiff University)
Price (Dolgellau Grammar School)
Price (Wrexham County School)
A Price (Breconshire Colts)
A Price (The Forty Club)
A Price (Llandarcy)
A Price (Buckley)
AR Price (Llandeilo)
AT Price (Builth Wells)
B Price (Wales Over-50s)
C Price (Welsh Schools)
C Price (Merionethshire)
C Price (Welsh Universities)
C Price (Welsh Secondary Schools)
C Price (Resolven)
CE Price (Denbighshire, North Wales)
CE Price (Knighton)
CE Price (Builth Wells)
CFR Price (Abergavenny)
CL Price (Llandovery)
D Price (Swansea and District Cricket League)
D Price (Llandovery, Llandovery Second XI)
D Price (Chepstow)
D Price (Welsh Independent Schools, Welsh Schools Cricket Association Under-15s)
D Price (Maesteg)
DE Price (Glamorgan Colts B)
DJR Price (Monmouth School)
E Price (Bethesda)
G Price (Welsh Schools)
G Price (Builth Wells)
G Price (St Jude's)
G Price (Bronwydd)
G Price (Ebbw Vale Colts)
G Price (Bridgend Schools)
G Price (Machynlleth)
G Price (Christ College, Brecon)
GN Price (Llandovery)
H Price (Cwmavon)
H Price (Builth Wells)
H Price (Llanymynech and District)
HOV Price (Bryn-y-Neuadd)
HS Price (Builth Wells)
HT Price (Builth Wells)
HW Price (Builth Wells)
I Price (Mold)
J Price (Brecon)
J Price (Welsh Schools)
J Price (The Forty Club West Wales)
J Price (Bronwydd)
J Price (St Fagans)
J Price (Welsh Schools Under-15s)
JB Price (Gentlemen of Shropshire, Radnorshire, Shropshire)
JB Price (Ceredigion English)
JG Price (Bridgend)
L Price (Builth Wells)
L Price (Ystradgynlais)
L Price (Briton Ferry Town)
LH Price (Llandovery)
M Price (Montgomeryshire)
M Price (Llangefni)
M Price (Buckley)
M Price (Northop, Northop Second XI)
M Price (Cimla)
M Price (Wales Over-50s)
M Price (Northop Hall)
N Price (Welsh Schools)
N Price (Ammanford)
N Price (Welsh Universities)
N Price (Gwent Young Cricketers)
PR Price (Jesus College, Oxford)
R Price (umpire)
R Price (Glamorganshire)
R Price (Brecon)
R Price (Glamorgan Boys)
R Price (Pontypridd)
R Price (Wales Under-15s)
R Price (Ebbw Vale Colts)
RE Price (Montgomeryshire)
RN Price (Llandovery)
RW Price (Llandeilo, Llandovery)
SH Price (Builth Wells, Llandovery)
T Price (South Wales Cricket Association)
T Price (Welsh Schools)
TG Price (Abergavenny)
TL Price (Christ College, Brecon Second XI)
V Price (South Wales Cricket Association)
W Price (Builth Wells)
W Price (Welsh Secondary Schools)
W Price (Carmarthen Wanderers Under-19s)
WB Price (Llandovery College)
WB Price (Builth Wells)
WE Price (Knighton, Knighton, Leicester)
WF Price (Builth Wells)
WM Price (Llandovery College)
WS Price (Knighton)
Prichard (Bridgnorth School)
C Prichard (Chirk)
D Prichard (Glamorgan Boys)
D Prichard (Malpas, Malpas)
H Prichard (Bethesda)
N Prichard (Llanelli)
TC Prickard (Radnorshire)
A Prickett (Llangennech)
L Priday (Ynysybwl)
E Pride (Rhondda Cricket League)
F Priestley (Llanddyfnan, Plas Llanddyfnan)
FL Priestley (Bangor)
HS Priestley (Llangefni)
J Prince (Croesyceiliog)
L Pringle (Mold)
L Pringle (Mold Second XI)
M Pringle (Pontblyddyn Second XI)
T Pringle (Mold)
Pritchard (Merionethshire)
Pritchard (Bangor Second XI)
Pritchard (Llandudno)
Pritchard (EU David's XI)
A Pritchard (Monmouth School)
AJ Pritchard (Swansea Wednesday)
B Pritchard (Kidwelly)
B Pritchard (Cardiff)
C Pritchard (Marchwiel and Wrexham)
C Pritchard (Hendy)
C Pritchard (Bridgend)
C Pritchard (Miskin Manor)
C Pritchard (Marchwiel and Wrexham Second XI)
C Pritchard (Llay Welfare, Llay Welfare Second XI)
D Pritchard (Kidwelly)
D Pritchard (Bangor Second XI)
D Pritchard (Vale of Glamorgan Colts)
E Pritchard (Llantwit Major Cavaliers)
EG Pritchard (Llandovery College)
H Pritchard (Bethesda, Bethesda Second XI)
H Pritchard (Amlwch)
I Pritchard (Conwy)
I Pritchard (Conwy Second XI)
J Pritchard (Port Dinorwic)
J Pritchard (Newport)
JH Pritchard (Bridgend)
M Pritchard (Llay Welfare)
M Pritchard (Llandovery College)
M Pritchard (Northop Hall, Northop Hall Third XI)
N Pritchard (Llantwit Major Cavaliers)
N Pritchard (Usk)
R Pritchard (Beaumaris County School)
R Pritchard (Bethesda)
R Pritchard (Bethesda Second XI)
R Pritchard (Gwent)
RW Pritchard (Amlwch)
S Pritchard (Bangor, Bangor Second XI)
T Pritchard (Llantwit Major Cavaliers)
T Pritchard (Cowbridge)
TE Pritchard (Bangor Second XI)
TJ Pritchard (Llangefni)
W Pritchard (Llandeilo)
W Pritchard (Carmel and District Second XI)
WJ Pritchard (Pwllheli)
D Pritzhard (Vale of Glamorgan Colts)
B Probert (Briton Ferry Town)
H Probert (Mold Alun School)
J Probert (Briton Ferry Town)
J Probert (Ystradgynlais)
L Probert (Briton Ferry Town)
M Probert (Shotton)
O Probert (Tata Steel)
R Probert (Shotton)
T Probert (Cricket Board of Wales XI)
H Probin (Marchwiel and Wrexham)
H Probin (Marchwiel and Wrexham Second XI)
T Probin (Marchwiel and Wrexham)
T Probin (Marchwiel and Wrexham Second XI)
M Probus (St Fagans Colts)
B Proctor (Wales Under-13s Women, Wales Under-15s Women)
G Proctor (Criccieth Visitors)
A Prosser (Merthyr Tydfil)
EJ Prosser (Glamorgan Colts A)
G Prosser (Briton Ferry)
P Prosser (Welsh Secondary Schools)
T Prosser (Maesteg Celtic)
T Prosser (Maesteg Town and Maesteg Celtic)
C Protheroe (Mumbles Colts)
C Protheroe (Wales Under-16s)
H Protheroe (Carmarthen Wanderers Under-19s)
L Protheroe (Cross Keys)
JG Protheroe-Beynon (Glamorgan)
WEP Protheroe-Beynon (Glamorgan, Monmouthshire, Shrewsbury School)
C Prothoroe (Clydach)
C Prout (Welsh Schools Old Boys, Welsh Schools Under-15s)
Prove (Ystrad Rhondda)
S Proverbs (Great Western Railway)
M Provis (St Fagans)
M Provis (Penarth)
S Provis (Glamorgan Under-17s, St Fagans, Wales Under-15s)
S Provis (Penarth)
CJ Prowt (Ynysygerwn)
AL Prugnell (Abergavenny)
Pryce (Wrexham County School)
FM Pryce (Christ College, Brecon Second XI)
H Pryce (Llanymynech)
J Pryce (Cimla)
J Pryce (Llandarcy)
M Pryce (Glamorgan Under-17s, Ynysygerwn)
M Pryce (Ynysygerwn)
PM Pryce (Montgomeryshire)
AW Pryce-Jones (Montgomeryshire, Royal Welsh Warehouse)
HMT Pryce-Jones (Household Brigade, Montgomeryshire)
WE Pryce-Jones (Builth Wells, Gentlemen of North Wales, Jesus College, Cambridge, Marylebone Cricket Club, Montgomeryshire, Royal Welsh Warehouse, Shrewsbury School, Shropshire)
WE Pryce-Jones (Montgomeryshire)
Prycherch (Llandovery, Llandovery Second XI)
Prycherch (Builth Wells)
D Pryddach (Llandovery)
Pryddech (Wrexham County School)
G Prydderch (Ynystawe)
G Prydderch (Swansea Civil Service)
D Pryde (Prestatyn Second XI)
C Prygodzicz (Pontypridd Colts)
R Pryse-Evans (Dolgellau)
A Prytherch (Llandeilo)
AC Puddle (Wales Minor Counties)
AC Puddle (Denbighshire)
AC Puddle (Wales)
A Pudelle (North Wales Cricket Association)
L Pudge (Cowbridge School)
Pugh (Ceredigion)
Pugh (Pontypridd)
A Pugh (Cae Glas Women)
AG Pugh (Llandudno)
C Pugh (Ceredigion)
D Pugh (Monmouth School)
E Pugh (Margam)
E Pugh (Wales Over-50s)
G Pugh (Brymbo, Brymbo Second XI)
G Pugh (Briton Ferry Steelworks)
G Pugh (Cimla)
GH Pugh (Gentlemen of North Wales, Llandudno)
J Pugh (Margam)
J Pugh (Brymbo, Brymbo Second XI)
J Pugh (Montgomeryshire)
J Pugh (Ebbw Vale)
J Pugh (Llanymynech)
L Pugh (Towyn)
L Pugh (Towyn Visitors)
LP Pugh (Cardiganshire)
M Pugh (Swansea)
M Pugh (Swansea)
M Pugh (Swansea)
P Pugh (Brymbo)
R Pugh (Bangor Second XI)
R Pugh (Welsh Schools, Welsh Schools Cricket Association)
R Pugh (Vale of Glamorgan Colts)
R Pugh (Gogerddan)
R Pugh (Cowbridge School)
R Pugh (Glamorgan Colts B)
S Pugh (Tata Steel Maeshafn)
S Pugh (Tata Steel Shotton)
T Pugh (Dolgellau)
W Pugh (Conway Morfa)
WF Pugh (Bangor)
F Pughe (Bangor)
F Pughe (Llandudno Second XI)
RJ Pughe (Bangor, Bangor Second XI, Portmadog)
TR Pughe (Bangor Second XI)
W Pughe (Bangor, Bangor Bankers)
WD Pughe (Dolgellau)
T Pugh-Jones (Denbighshire)
HB Pullar (Flintshire)
Pullen (Llanrwst)
EM Pullen (Llanelli, Llanelly)
W Pullen (Cardiff)
P Pullen-Thomas (Monmouth School)
KC Puller (Newport)
C Pullin (Newport)
G Pullin (Conwy)
G Pullin (Conwy Second XI)
M Pullin-Thomas (Monmouth School)
P Pullin-Thomas (Monmouth School)
J Purchase (Margam)
R Purchase (Margam)
D Purdie (Brymbo, Brymbo Second XI)
T Purdon (Newport)
J Purdue (Monmouth School)
JB Purdue (Radnorshire)
J Purnell (Ogwr Select Schools XI)
J Pursey (Cowbridge)
J Pursey (Cowbridge School)
JL Purton (Ceredigion)
H Pusey (Bangor Second XI)
S Putson (Newtown)
O Pyke (Bridgend Town)
A Pym (Dolgellau)
S Pyman (Conwy, Conwy Second XI)





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