Wales Players (A)


Aamer Sardar (Mochdre)
Aamir Jamil (Llanrwst)
M Abas (Cardiff)
ZHS Abashal (Colwyn Bay)
Abbot (Welsh Schools)
Abbott (South Wales)
Lord Aberdare (Gentlemen, Harlequins, Middlesex, Oxford University, Wales)
JA Aberdour (Bangor, Bangor Second XI)
Abraham (Portmadog)
G Abraham (Cardiff University)
J Abraham (Connah's Quay, Connah's Quay Second XI)
Abram (Conway College)
A Ace (Wales Under-14s, Wales Under-15s, Wales Under-17s, Ynysygerwn)
TH Achison (Vale of Clwyd)
AJ Ackroyd (Monmouth School)
E Acton (Llandovery)
D Adams (Gwent)
GJ Adams (Welsh Schools)
L Adams (Hawarden Park)
M Adams (Denbigh, Mochdre)
S Adams (Connah's Quay, Connah's Quay Second XI)
A Adamson (Baron Hill)
P Adkins (Clydach)
W Affleck (Denbigh)
Ahmed Ali (Marchwiel and Wrexham)
R Aignworth (Newport, Swansea)
C Airey (Gowerton)
L Airley (Connah's Quay)
W Aitken (Bangor)
H Aitkins (Penmaenmawr)
J Aitkins (Penmaenmawr)
Aiyar (Ruthin School)
A Aji (St Fagans)
T Akrill Jones (Christ College, Brecon)
W Alabaster (Llanelli)
M Aldsop (North Wales Under-16s)
Alexander (Pembroke Dock Garrison)
Alexander (Pwllheli)
Alexander (Llandrindod Wells)
CN Alexander (Glamorganshire)
D Alexander (Glamorgan Boys)
H Alexander (St Asaph, St Asaph Second XI)
I Alexander (Monmouth School)
F Ali (Welsh Colleges)
I Ali (St Fagans)
M Ali (Croesyceiliog)
T Alice (University of Wales Institute, Cardiff)
Ali Khalid (Brymbo, Brymbo Second XI)
F Allaker (Port Dinorwic)
L Allan (Conway)
N Allan (St Fagans)
S Allan (Conway)
TJ Allan (Durham University Centre of Cricketing Excellence Second XI, Monmouth School)
B Allanson (Caernarvon)
Allen (Cardiff University)
C Allen (Rhuddlan Single)
C Allen (Port Talbot Town)
CP Allen (Baron Hill)
D Allen (South Wales Cricket Association)
EB Allen (M Garnon Williams' XI)
HS Allen (Tenby)
JJ Allen (Pembrokeshire)
N Allen (St Fagans)
RB Allen (Overton-on-Dee)
RV Allen (Maesteg Town)
S Allen (Overton)
T Allen (Welsh Schools Under-15s)
WH Allen (JM Sutherland's XI)
WE Allin (DJ Reason's XI, Neath and District)
R Allison (Halkyn)
T Allison (Halkyn)
H Allman (Northop)
M Allman (Northop, Northop Second XI)
T Allman (Northop, Northop Second XI)
Allott (Pembroke Dock Garrison)
Almond (Welsh Wanderers)
Amar Singh (Penarth)
D Amato (Welsh Universities)
J Ambrose (North Wales, North Wales Cricket Association, Wales)
AW Amies (Pwllheli)
Amwyl (Conway Morfa)
Anderson (Pembroke Dock Garrison)
Anderson (Mr Anderson's XI)
AJ Anderson (Next XVIII of South Wales)
C Anderson (Gwersyllt Park)
F Anderson (Children's Special Service Mission Party)
R Anderson (Colwyn Bay)
S Anderton (Connah's Quay)
SG Andrew (Llandovery)
AW Andrews (Llandovery College)
D Andrews (Denbighshire)
HLC Andrews (Llandudno)
SG Andrews (Llandovery)
T Andrews (Pontypridd)
Anil (North Wales Cricket Association)
P Ankers (Marchwiel and Wrexham)
GA Ansell (Glamorgan Second XI, Wales Minor Counties, Wales Under-14s, Wales Under-15s, Wales Under-17s)
W Anstey (Miskin Manor)
DJ Anthony (Leicester Town, Leicestershire and Rutland Over-60s, Welsh Schools)
JM Anthony (Gentlemen of South Wales)
I Antley (Mold)
W Antoni (Cowbridge School, St Fagans)
R Antrobus (Marchwiel)
Z Anwar (Bangor, Bangor Second XI)
RO Anwyl (Bala)
TL Anwyl (Bala)
J Apicella (Menai Bridge, Penrith Third XI, Westfield School, Sydney)
Appleyard (Cardiff)
L Appuhamy (Pontblyddyn)
R Appuhamy (Pontblyddyn)
R Appuhamy (Pontblyddyn Second XI)
R Aram (St Asaph)
CE Arberry (Merthyr League)
P Arbourne (Welsh Schools)
R Arbourne (Welsh Schools)
M Archer (Swansea)
M Archer (Gwersyllt Park)
M Arif (St Fagans)
Armer (Port Dinorwic)
O Armer (Bethesda)
PJ Armitage (Brecon)
B Armstrong (Croesyceiliog)
WD Armstrong (Llandudno District)
Arney (North Wales Training College Principal's XI)
C Arnold (Montgomeryshire)
M Arnold (Neath Tertiary College)
M Arnold (Glamorganshire)
N Arnold (Monmouthshire Boys)
R Arnold (Monmouthshire Boys)
T Arnott (Gentlemen, Glamorgan, Marylebone Cricket Club, South, Wales)
WG Arridge (Bangor, Bangor Second XI)
G Arrowsmith (Glamorgan Colts, Glamorgan Second XI, Glamorgan Under-17s, Glamorgan Under-19s, Glamorgan Young Cricketers, Pontarddulais, Wales, Wales Minor Counties)
D Arthur (Cresselly)
J Arthur (Cresselly)
L Arthur (Players of South Wales)
W Arthur (Carmarthenshire, Swansea)
C Arthurs (Swansea)
A Arulampalam (Connah's Quay)
Ash (Pembroke Dock Garrison)
N Ashby (Miskin Manor)
N Ashby (Merionethshire)
A Ashcroft (Bala Grammar School)
C Ashcroft (Bala Grammar School)
Ashe (Pembrokeshire)
B Ashley (Welsh Independent Schools)
GR Ashley (Llanrwst)
C Ashton (Wrexham)
G Ashton (Pontblyddyn Second XI)
WH Ashton (Llandudno District)
B Ashworth (Mochdre, Mochdre Second XI)
N Ashworth (Denbighshire)
M Asim (Marchwiel and Wrexham)
KR Aspden (Rydal School)
FS Aspell (Knighton)
SF Aspell (Knighton, Leicester Ivanhoe)
WG Astbury (North Wales)
Aster (Dolgellau County School)
J Aston (Newport, University of Southampton)
J Aston (Welsh Universities)
A Aswani (Usk, Usk Cricket Club)
RL Atkin (Bryn-y-Neuadd)
Atkins (Chepstow)
Atkins (University College, Aberystwyth)
G Atkins (Ynysygerwn)
J Atkinson (G Morgan's XI)
JJ Atkinson (Breconshire, Radnorshire)
T Atkinson (Llanychan and District)
Attewell (Llandovery)
M Aubery (Pontarddulais)
M Aubrey (Wales Under-15s)
S Auckland (Cardiff Second XI)
S Austin (Glamorgan Colts A)
M Ayres (Miskin Manor)





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