United States of America Players (N)


P Na (Cougars II)
Nadeem Khan (Tracy United I)
Nadeem Sheikh (umpire)
Nadeem Yusuf (World XI)
S Nadendla (Indus II)
R Nadimpalli Kasi (Valley I, Valley II)
SS Nadkarni (Maharashtra, United States of America)
K Naeem (Marin II)
A Nagaraja (United States of America Under-15s, USA Falcons Under-15s)
Nagesh (Sunnyvale II)
S Nagesh (Southern California Cricket Association, United States of America)
J Nagle (California)
E Nahapiet (Barbarians)
R Nahapiet (Northern California All-Stars)
Naik (United States of America Under-15s)
G Naik (Davis)
V Naik (Bay Area II)
B Nair (Bay Area I)
P Nair (United States of America Under-19s)
S Nair (Sunnyvale II)
VA Nairn (Brooklyn Wanderers, Thistle)
Najam Naqvi (United I)
Nally (Mound City)
I Nana (North California Cricket Association Mustangs Under-15s)
O Nana (Marin I, Marin II)
Z Nana (Marin I, Marin II, Northern California Cricket Association Youth)
Nancrede (WS Blight's XI)
R Nanda (Stanford Supernovas)
K Nandalal (United States of America)
AA Nanjee (United States of America)
W Nankervis (Civic Park)
C Napier (Crescent Athletic Club)
D Napier (Arbroath Wanderers, New York Cricket Club)
J Napier (Arbroath Wanderers, New York Cricket Club)
TS Napier (Crescent Athletic Club)
A Narasimhan (Stanford A I, Stanford A II)
Narayan (United States of America Cricket Association President's XI)
R Narayan (Torpedos)
R Narayanan (Stanford I)
S Narayanan (Santa Clara I, Santa Clara II, Santa Clara III)
M Narbar (Indus I)
Naren (Valley I, Valley II)
Narendar Singh (Bay Area I)
D Naresh (Stanford Cricket Academy)
D Naresh (California Cricket Academy Purple Under-13s)
R Narine (United States of America)
M Narsimhan (UC Warriors)
Naseer Islam (United States of America)
Naseer Jamali (United States of America, United States of America Under-19s, Western Conference)
Nash (Longwood)
Nash (Brooklyn)
Nash (Dedham)
H Nash (Corvallis)
R Nash (Evanston)
W Nash (Corvallis)
Nasir Javed (Lahore City, Lahore City Whites, Servis Industries, United States of America)
Nasir Khan (Cougars II)
Nathan (HM Consul-General's XI)
DO Nathaniel (United States of America, United States of America Under-19s)
S Natrajan (Stanford II)
AN Natron (Thistle)
Nauman Mustafa (United States of America)
Naumann (Dedham)
K Navaneethan (Stanford II)
Naveen (Stanford A I, Stanford A II)
Navjit Singh (Fresno)
H Nayak (Santa Clara I)
R Nayar (United States of America Cricket Association)
Naylor (umpire)
Nazim Khan (umpire)
I Nazir (Fresno)
O Nazir (Caribbean, North California Cricket Association Mustangs Under-15s, Stanford III, United States of America Under-15s)
S Nazir (Western Conference)
A Neal (Union County)
F Neal (Toledo)
G Neal (Maumee Valley)
G Neal (Toledo)
W Neal (Maumee Valley)
AJ Neale (Brooklyn Third XI)
AT Neale (Union County)
W Nearon (Bermuda Cricket Club)
V Neate (Illinois, River Forest, Washington Park, Winnetka)
J Neaves (Brooklyn, Brooklyn B, Brooklyn C, Brooklyn Second XI)
NJ Neaves (Brooklyn Second XI)
Neavill (Sherwood)
Needham (Philadelphia, Philadelphia Cricket Club)
CA Needham (Chicago)
Neeraj Singh (Torpedos)
JC Neff (Quaker City)
J Neill (West New Brighton)
B Neilson (Harlem)
JH Neilson (South Brooklyn)
R Nelakanti (Stanford Cricket Academy, Stanford III)
Nelson (Brooklyn)
Nelson (Amicus)
B Nelson (Omaha High School)
C Nelson (Brooklyn, Manhattan Second XI)
C Nelson (Evanston, Missouri)
C Nelson (Kings County)
CW Nelson (Kings County St George, Kings County St George Second XI)
D Nelson (Missouri)
H Nelson (Manhattan)
HF Nelson (Staten Island Cricket Club)
J Nelson (Baltimore, Baltimore Second XI)
J Nelson (Kings County St George)
H Nemade (Tri-Valley)
S Nepal (Caribbean)
W Nesbitt (Washington DC)
V Nesfield (umpire, referee)
CE Nesham (Brighton College, Richmond)
WC Neuman (Montclair Athletic Club)
W Nevard (Bergen County Athletic Club)
J Neville (Peninsular Cricket Club)
W Neville (Wakefield)
J Nevin (Americus Athletic Club)
J Nevin (New York Cricket Club)
H Newberg (Columbia Oval)
Newberry (Cameron)
J Newberry (New York Cricket Club)
H Newbery (Cameron)
AE Newbold (Cherokees, Philadelphia Cricket Club, Philadelphia Cricket Club Second XI, University Barge Club, Young America, Young America Second XI)
CB Newbold (Nondescripts)
JP Newbold (Oxford, Young America)
TM Newbold (Belmont, Belmont Second XI, Belmont Third XI, Belmont Veterans)
H Newburg (Harlem Second XI, New York Cricket Club, New York Cricket Club Second XI)
J Newburgh (New York Cricket Club)
W Newburgh (St George's Athletic Club Second XI)
C Newhall (Germantown, Germantown A)
CA Newhall (Gentlemen of Philadelphia, Philadelphia)
CS Newhall (Germantown, Germantown A, Germantown B, Germantown D, Germantown Zingari)
D Newhall (Germantown, Germantown B)
DA Newhall (Merion A)
DS Newhall (Gentlemen of Philadelphia, Philadelphia)
FC Newhall (Young America)
G Newhall (Merion A)
GM Newhall (Philadelphia)
GT Newhall (Philadelphia Cricket Club Juniors)
HL Newhall (Philadelphia, Young America)
HS Newhall (Philadelphia Cricket Club)
ML Newhall (Germantown A, Germantown B, Germantown D, Philadelphia Cricket Club)
RS Newhall (Gentlemen of Philadelphia, Philadelphia)
S Newhall (Germantown, Germantown Juniors, Germantown Second XI, Germantown Zingari)
WP Newhall (Gentlemen of Philadelphia)
WS Newhall (Americans of Philadelphia, Germantown, Philadelphia, United States of America, Young America)
WS Newhall (American I Zingari, Detroit Athletic Club, Incapables, Modocs, Young America, Young America Second XI)
JA Newhern (Pennsylvania Railroad)
R Newick (Central New York)
T Newick (Onondaga)
H Newith (Belmont Second XI)
PN Newitt (Illinois, Winnetka)
PN Newitt (umpire)
JB Newkirk (Massachusetts)
JH Newkirk (Dorian)
Newlin (Keystone)
HP Newlin (Belmont, Belmont Second XI, Belmont Veterans, St Paul's School Alumni)
T Newlin (Haverford College)
Newman (Musical and Social)
WC Newman (Montclair Athletic Club)
News (Chester City)
Newsome (Onondaga)
A Newsum (Manhattan Second XI)
H Niazi (United States of America)
C Nibblick (Detroit Athletic Club)
D Nichaus (Missouri)
Nichol (Portland)
P Nicholas (Staten Island Cricket Club)
J Nicholl (Paterson, Paterson Second XI)
Nichols (Union Star)
H Nichols (United Cricket Club of New York)
J Nichols (Manhattan)
J Nichols (Chester City)
J Nichols (Gleaners Cricket Club)
S Nichols (Americans of Newark, Newark, St George's Club of New York, Union Club)
Nicholson (Corvallis)
A Nicholson (Moorestown)
A Nicholson (New York Cricket Club)
J Nicholson (Occident Club)
J Nicholson (Fort Hamilton)
J Nicholson (New York Cricket Club)
JW Nicholson (Moorestown)
R Nicholson (Winnetka)
RC Nicholson (Brooklyn, New York and Metropolitan District Cricket League, Paterson)
RN Nicholson (Brooklyn)
RV Nicholson (Manor Field)
RW Nicholson (Richmond County)
S Nicholson (Staten Island Athletic Club)
T Nicholson (Fort Hamilton)
TR Nicholson (Staten Island Athletic Club, Staten Island Cricket Club)
A Nicol (Massachusetts State Cricket League)
HR Nicoll (New York Veterans, Staten Island Cricket Club)
Nicolson (Harvard College)
F Niehaus (Missouri)
Nightingale (Fall River)
J Nightingale (Brooklyn, Brooklyn Second XI)
Niles (Interstate Cricket League)
VC Niles (Staten Island Cricket Club)
S Nilesh (East Bay I)
Nimley (Alma Club of Newark)
J Nimmo (Newark)
M Nirmal (East Bay I, East Bay II)
R Nirmale (Cruisers)
N Nishant (umpire)
Nishanth (Indus II)
HA Nobbs (Bloomingdale, Morris Heights, St George's Athletic Club)
Noble (Altoona)
Noble (Arlington)
WH Noble (Germantown, Germantown Second XI, Germantown Third XI, Germantown Zingari, Young America, Young America Juniors, Young America Second XI)
WW Noble (Gentlemen of Philadelphia)
G Nolan (United States of America)
Noman Sheikh (Cougars II)
SA Noon (Clifton College, Fort Hamilton, Manhattan, New Jersey Athletic Club, Staten Island Athletic Club)
G Noonan (Chicago, Chicago Cricket Club, Oak Park)
G Noonan (umpire)
JM Noonan (Chicago, Illinois Cricket Association Juniors)
J Norberry (Clark's Thread Works)
A Norbury (Chester City)
N Norbury (Mile End)
Norcross (Gibbsboro)
RB Nordheimer (umpire)
RB Nordheimer (Illinois, Nondescripts, Winnetka)
Norley (Outdoor Club of Syracuse, Syracuse)
Norley (Buffalo)
Norley (Central New York)
F Norley (umpire)
Norman (Harvard College)
C Norman (Massachusetts State Cricket League)
F Norman (Massachusetts State Cricket League)
M Norman (Staten Island Cricket Club)
Norris (Merion)
Norris (Philadelphia Cricket Club Second XI)
A Norris (Fordham)
AE Norris (Newark)
C Norris (Philadelphia Cricket Club)
E Norris (Gentlemen of Philadelphia)
F Norris (Junior Sons)
FC Norris (Philadelphia Cricket Club, Philadelphia Cricket Club Second XI)
HL Norris (Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia Cricket Club, Philadelphia Cricket Club Second XI)
J Norris (Sussex Cricket Club)
JP Norris (Philadelphia Cricket Club Juniors)
NL Norris (Philadelphia Cricket Club Veterans)
R Norris (Philadelphia Cricket Club Second XI)
RH Norris (Merion Veterans)
T Norris (Mile End)
T Norris (Merion Veterans)
W Norris (Philadelphia Cricket Club)
North (umpire)
North (Oswego)
North (umpire)
North (Thornton)
CR North (Belmont, Belmont Second XI, Belmont Veterans, Belmont Zingari, Philadelphia Cricket Club Juniors, Philadelphia Cricket Club Second XI)
R North (Junior Sons)
R North (Philadelphia Cricket Club Juniors)
TA North (Staten Island Athletic Club)
E Norton (Yale)
H Norton (Barbarians)
T Norton (Newark)
W Norton (Staten Island Cricket Club Juniors)
HA Nott (St George's Athletic Club)
W Nourse (Harlem Second XI)
A Nugent (Kings County, Kings County Second XI, Kings County St George, Kings County St George Second XI)
JH Nunn (New York Cricket Club)
H Nurse (Harlem)
W Nurse (Harlem Second XI)
R Nutt (Elm Flax Mills)
Nuttall (Ashton)





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