United States of America Players (E)


R Eadie (Plainfield)
J Eagleson (Rhode Island Cricket League)
Eakin (St George's Club of Philadelphia)
HW Earl (Kings County, Kings County Second XI)
SR Earl (Merion)
T Earl (Cherokees, Germantown, Germantown Second XI, Philadelphia Colts)
S Earle (Merion, Merion Juniors, Merion Second XI)
Earnshaw (America Cricket Clubs)
Earnshaw (Bridgeport)
JWS Earnshaw (St George's Club of New York, United States of America)
E Easdale (West New Brighton)
JA Eastbrooke (Longwood, Longwood Second XI)
T Eastham (Rhode Island Cricket League)
Eastwood (Manhattan)
D Eastwood (America Cricket Clubs, Boston)
E Eastwood (Players of United States of America)
JF Eastwood (Staten Island Cricket Club)
WD Eath (Paterson)
J Eaton (Newark)
R Eaton (Newark, Paterson)
H Eayres (Yonkers)
WJ Ebbels (Montclair Athletic Club)
Ebrahim (Bay Area I)
AE Ebsworth (Missouri)
AW Ebsworth (umpire)
EA Ebsworth (Missouri)
Eck (Toledo)
Eckel (Sanderson Steel Works)
BE Eckhart (Baltimore, Staten Island Cricket Club Second XI)
H Eckhart (Staten Island Cricket Club)
EH Eckstein (Bensonhurst Field Club)
Edgar (Peninsular Cricket Club)
Edgar (St Paul's School Alumni)
G Edgar (Maumee Valley)
G Edgar (Peninsular Cricket Club)
B Edgehill (Bensonhurst)
H Edgehill (Panama Cricket Club)
J Edgehill (Bensonhurst Rovers)
W Edgely (Newark)
W Edgley (Bison City)
FW Edmead (Roanoke)
KO Edmondson (United States of America Under-15s, United States of America Under-19s, USA Falcons Under-15s)
Edmunds (Manhattan)
N Ednie (Milwaukee)
Edson (Milwaukee)
Edwards (New York Cricket Club)
Edwards (New Haven)
A Edwards (Prospect Park)
AD Edwards (Brooklyn Second XI)
AE Edwards (All New York, Brooklyn, Manhattan, New York and District, New York and Metropolitan District Cricket League, New York Veterans)
C Edwards (Brooklyn)
CS Edwards (Merion, Merion Second XI)
D Edwards (American I Zingari)
D Edwards (British Americans)
D Edwards (New York Cricket Club)
DA Edwards (Brooklyn, Staten Island Cricket Club)
EA Edwards (British Officers)
EA Edwards (All New York)
EA Edwards (Haverford Alumni)
EB Edwards (Manhattan)
EN Edwards (Chestnut Hill)
ER Edwards (Milwaukee)
F Edwards (Belmont, Belmont Second XI)
G Edwards (Staten Island Cricket Club Second XI)
GC Edwards (St George's Athletic Club)
H Edwards (United States of America)
H Edwards (Brooklyn)
H Edwards (Manhattan Second XI)
H Edwards (Columbia Oval)
J Edwards (Staten Island Cricket Club Juniors)
JH Edwards (Columbia Oval)
NE Edwards (Brooklyn)
RA Edwards (Chicago, Phoenix Club)
RA Edwards (Union County)
S Edwards (Kings County St George, Kings County St George Second XI)
S Edwards (E Smith's XI)
T Edwards (Manhattan)
TA Edwards (Chicago Wanderers)
D Ehrenfeldt (New York Rugby Football Club)
Ehsan-ul-Haq (Marin II)
C Eicke (Manhattan)
J Eisenach (Port Carbon)
F Ejmore (Brooklyn)
SH Elani (Americas Under-19s)
W Elbert (Nondescripts)
K Elder (United States of America)
T Eldred (Kings County)
A Eldridge (West Indian)
S Elford (Cosmopolitan Club of New York, St George's Athletic Club)
J Ell (Pelham Bay Cricket League)
Ellen (Sheffield)
J Ellen (Newark)
M Ellen (Newark)
Ellershaw (Philadelphia Cricket Club Second XI)
Ellinor (Central New York)
Elliott (Central New York)
M Elliott (Perseverance)
W Elliott (St George's Athletic Club)
WT Elliott (Merion Veterans, Orpheus Club, Sirens)
Ellis (Wanskuck)
CH Ellis (All New York, Bergen Point, Manhattan, New Jersey Athletic Club)
E Ellis (Oswego)
EH Ellis (All New York)
GH Ellis (Harlem)
M Ellis (Central New York)
M Ellis (Oswego)
R Ellis (Van Cortlandt Cricket League)
WB Ellis (Bensonhurst Field Club, Bensonhurst Rovers)
WR Ellis (Peninsular Cricket Club)
Ellison (Fall River)
JS Ellison (Haverford College, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Cricket Club)
Elliston (Arlington)
JA Elmsley (Chicago)
Else (Thornton)
SG Else (umpire)
WW Elsenburg (St Louis)
Elton (Old Hundred Second XI)
W Elton (Thespian)
Elverson (Newark)
JJ Elwin (Kings County Second XI)
N Emanuel (Stanford A I, Stanford A II)
JR Embery (Oakland, Oakland Second XI, Oxford Second XI)
W Embery (Frankford, Oakland, Oxford)
Embury (scorer)
Emery (St Paul's School Next XV)
CR Emery (Peninsular Cricket Club)
WS Emery (Isthmian)
Emmanuel (Stanford III)
B Emmanuel (New York Antigua)
R Emmanuel (West Indies Women)
Emmett (St George's Club of New York)
Emmett (North End Club of Fall River)
D Emmett (Columbia College)
HW Emmett (United States of America)
J Emsley (Newburgh)
L Emsley (Chicago, Detroit, Michigan, South West Ontario, Windsor and District, Winnetka)
R Emsley (Newburgh)
W Emsley (Newburgh)
CL Enderby (California)
HB Endicott (All Philadelphia)
W Endicott (Boston Metropolitan)
Engel (American I Zingari)
JB England (Americans of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Cricket Club Second XI)
English (West Warren)
A Ennis (Victoria)
FN Ennis (Staten Island Cricket Club)
J Ennis (Staten Island Cricket Club)
P Ennis (Staten Island Cricket Club)
T Entistelle (Clark's Thread Works)
T Entwhistle (ONT Athletic Club of Newark)
AC Ernest (Ceylon Board President's Under-27s XI)
E Ernshaw (Bridgeport)
O Erskine (United States of America)
S Ervin (Merion, Merion Second XI, Merion Veterans, Orpheus Club, Sirens)
TR Esbiender (Tioga)
JN Escobal (All New York, Columbia Oval, Manor Field, New York Veterans, Richmond County)
Eseyball (Columbia Oval)
G Eshelby (Kings County)
Estabrooke (Longwood)
A Esterbrook (Longwood)
J Etheridge (New York Rugby Football Club, Staten Island Cricket Club)
L Etherington (Incognitis, Knickerbocker Athletic Club B, New Jersey Athletic Club, New Jersey Athletic Club A, New Jersey Athletic Club B, New Jersey Athletic Club Second XI, New Jersey Athletic Club Summer XI)
I Ettarwalla (Bay Area I)
N Etting (Gentlemen of Philadelphia)
PS Eustis (Burlington and Missouri Railroad)
Evans (Pittsburgh Field Club)
Evans (scorer)
Evans (Bristol)
Evans (Manhattan)
Evans (Merion)
Evans (Kings County)
A Evans (Merion Veterans)
A Evans (Massachusetts State Cricket League)
A Evans (Staten Island Cricket Club)
AJ Evans (Nelson Lodge)
AL Evans (Merion, Merion Veterans)
B Evans (St George's Club of Brooklyn)
C Evans (Trenton)
C Evans (St George's Club of Brooklyn)
D Evans (United States of America)
DJ Evans (Berkeley Athletic Club)
E Evans (Washington DC)
E Evans (Merion Veterans)
EL Evans (Belmont, Belmont Second XI, Belmont Third XI, United States of America)
ES Evans (Belmont Second XI)
F Evans (Brooklyn)
FA Evans (Philadelphia Cricket Club)
GH Evans (Haverford College, Haverford College Second XI)
I Evans (Bristol)
IL Evans (New York Cricket Club Second XI)
J Evans (New York Cricket Club)
J Evans (Quaker City Second XI)
JH Evans (Chicago)
JL Evans (Gentlemen of Philadelphia)
L Evans (Germantown)
L Evans (Belmont Juniors, Belmont Second XI)
L Evans (Bristol)
ME Evans (Frankford, University of Pennsylvania)
R Evans (Merion, Merion A, Merion B)
R Evans (Merion Survivors, Merion Third XI, Merion Veterans)
R Evans (Nelson Lodge)
SI Evans (Columbia Oval)
SL Evans (Belfield, Germantown A, Merion, Tioga, Tioga Second XI)
SL Evans (Kings County, Kings County Second XI)
T Evans (Washington Park)
T Evans (Nelson Lodge)
V Evans (St George's Club of Brooklyn)
W Evans (ONT Athletic Club of Newark)
W Evans (Civic Park)
W Evans (Tioga Athletic Association)
WS Evans (All Philadelphia, Frankford, Gentlemen of Philadelphia, Newark, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Colts, United States of America, University of Pennsylvania)
WS Evans (Staten Island Cricket Club Second XI)
EC Eve (Kings County)
AA Evelyn (Bensonhurst, Bensonhurst Rovers, Bensonhurst Second XI, Staten Island Cricket Club)
CV Evelyn (Bensonhurst)
GG Evelyn (Bensonhurst, Bensonhurst Field Club)
H Evelyn (Bensonhurst Field Club)
J Evelyn (Bensonhurst Field Club, Bensonhurst Rovers)
N Evelyn (Bensonhurst Field Club, Bensonhurst Rovers)
W Everall (Paterson, Paterson Second XI)
Everett (Whittington XI)
W Everett (Toledo)
C Evers (New Jersey Athletic Club)
PB Eversden (umpire)
G Ewen (Barbarians)
Ewing (Merion)
JMS Ewing (Merion, Merion B)
JN Ewing (University of Pennsylvania)
M Ewing (Merion, Merion Second XI, Merion Survivors, Merion Veterans)
WB Ewing (Merion B)
WN Ewing (Lord Harris' XI)
B Excell (South California Cricket Association, Southern California Cricket Association)
Eyles (Newark)
Eyre (Staten Island Cricket Club)
B Eyre
B Eyre (Staten Island Cricket Club)
EC Eyre (Kings County)
FB Eyre (Staten Island Cricket Club Second XI)
G Eyre (Thespian)
HM Eyre (Staten Island Cricket Club, Staten Island Cricket Club Second XI)
JJ Eyre (New York and District, Staten Island Cricket Club, Staten Island Cricket Club Second XI, Thespian)
MC Eyre (St George's Club of New York, St George's Club of New York Second XI, Staten Island Cricket Club, Staten Island Cricket Club Second XI)
W Eyre (Staten Island Cricket Club, Staten Island Cricket Club Second XI, Thespian)





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