Singapore Players (K)


S Kadam (Barclays)
V Kadiresan (Singapore, Singapore Cricket Association)
A Kakar (ANZ Bank, Singapore Cricket Club Cougars, Singapore Cricket Club Lions, Singapore Cricket Club Tigers )
S Kakulapati (Oracle Corporation)
R Kalaiselvan (Challengers United Cricket Club)
A Kalaver (umpire, referee)
S Kaliappan (Singapore)
T Kaliyaperumal (August International Cricket Club)
S Kalra (Millenium United Cricket Club Warriors)
G Kalyanaraman (Golden B, P and G Weekend Warriors)
R Kalyanaraman (Wanderers Cricket Club)
Kamaldeen (Perhimponan Stia)
J Kanaganayagam (Singapore, Singapore Cricket Association)
SB Kanayalal (Phoenix Cricket Club)
BR Kancharla (United Indians Cricket Club)
S Kandaswamy (Avadh Cricket Club Royals )
S Kandhadayar (umpire)
S Kandhasamy (Eleven Rocks Cricket Club)
V Kanepalli (umpire)
Kannan (Golden D)
J Kannan (Millenium United Cricket Club Colts)
K Kannan (Paypal)
M Kannan (August International Cricket Club)
R Kannan (Falcons Cricket Club Mavericks Legends, Falcons Cricket Club Mavericks Pros)
S Kannan (Phoenix Cricket Club)
V Kannepalli (scorer)
K Kant (Singapore Indian Association, Singapore Indian Association Hawks)
M Kant (Indian Institute of Technology Alumni Association)
SS Kanthale (Singapore Recreation Club Spartans)
C Kantilal (Singapore)
S Kapila (Singapore Women)
G Kapoor (Avadh Cricket Club Royals , Hewlett Packard B)
P Kapoor (Oracle Corporation, Singapore Cricket Club Cheetahs)
R Kapoor (Singapore)
R Kapoor (Singapore Cricket Club Cougars, Singapore Cricket Club Tigers )
S Kappagantula (Citi)
TS Kapur (IBM Big Blues)
Karan (Millenium United Cricket Club Under-17s )
S Karan (Kaybee)
V Karkala (Singapore Bengal Cricket Club Masters, Singapore Bengal Cricket Club Stars)
AB Kartheek (Island Cricket Club)
G Karthick (Ceylon Sports Club B, Ceylon Sports Club C)
S Karthick (scorer)
P Karthik (Wanderers Cricket Club Under-17s)
S Karthik (Hewlett Packard)
S Karthikeyan (Nanyang Technological University)
S Karthikeyan (Singapore Pakistani Association)
V Karthikeyan (Mariners XI C, Mariners XI D, Mariners XI E)
H Karunaharan (ANZA C)
G Karunakaran (Kaybee)
L Karuppaiah (Falcons Cricket Club Mavericks Pros)
JS Karve (Falcons Cricket Club Mavericks Pros)
A Kasi (Falcons Cricket Club Mavericks Legends, Falcons Cricket Club Mavericks Pros)
SK Kasinathan (Singapore)
JS Kathait (Challengers Cricket Club Unplugged)
M Kathawala (Singapore Recreation Club)
MH Kathawala (Nanyang Technological University)
A Kathirarivan (Wanderers Cricket Club Under-17s)
V Kathiresan (Singapore Recreation Club)
R Kaul (Singapore, Singapore Cricket Association, Singapore Cricket Club)
A Kavalan (Kairali Cricket Club, Kairali Cricket Club B)
J Kavi (scorer)
J Kaviyarasan (Himalayan Cricket Club Peaks, Himalayan Cricket Club Saints)
P Kellaka (Challengers Cricket Club Unplugged)
P Kelly (ANZA B)
R Kennedy (Singapore Cricket Club)
Kennedy-Cooke (Singapore Cricket Club)
R Kenner (ANZA, P and G Weekend Warriors)
Kent (Singapore Municipality)
Kerry (Singapore Cricket Club Second XI)
A Kesar (Wanderers Cricket Club Under-17s)
R Kesavan (Marina C)
Keshav (Management Development Institute of Singapore)
K Keshav (Thirties Never Tire Cricket Club)
EM Keyt (Singapore Recreation Club Second XI)
WA Keyt (Johore, Singapore Recreation Club, Singapore Recreation Club Second XI, Survey Office)
MH Khamche (Mariners XI E)
GF Khan (Challengers Cricket Club Unplugged, Challengers United Cricket Club Reloaded)
HS Khan (Standard Chartered Bank)
R Khandelwal (Citi)
H Khanna (KPMG)
N Khanna (Hawks Cricket Club)
S Khanna (KPMG)
G Khapre (umpire)
R Khasnis (Falcons Cricket Club Mavericks Pros, IBM Big Blues)
K Khatri (Thirties Never Tire Cricket Club)
D Khedekar (Falcons Cricket Club Mavericks Legends)
AA Kher (Cracking Willows Cricket Club)
P Kher (Falcons Cricket Club Mavericks Legends, Falcons Cricket Club Mavericks Pros)
A Khullar (ANZA B, ANZA Champs)
S Khushrushahi (Singapore Cricket Club)
C Kilbee (I Zingari Australia, Singapore)
J Kilbee (Singapore Cricket Club Cougars, Singapore Cricket Club Lions)
B King (Singapore Cricket Club)
JE King (Singapore Cricket Club)
L King (Singapore)
SE King (Public Services and Law)
WR King (Europeans)
AS Kinjavdekar (Singapore Under-17s)
Kinloch (Singapore Cricket Club Second XI)
D Kiran (Singapore)
L Kiratee (Singapore Police Force)
PV Kirtane (Marina C)
K Kirubanithi (Challengers United Cricket Club Reloaded, Singtel Recreation Club)
K Kishore (ANZA, Hewlett Packard, Hewlett Packard B)
KV Kishore (Marina C)
MV Kishore (Andhra Cricket Club, Singapore, IBM Big Blues)
N Kishore (Singapore Under-15s, Singapore Under-17s)
Kishor Kumar (umpire)
P Kizhil (Oracle Corporation)
Klein (Singapore Cricket Club Second XI)
DE Knight (Public Services and Law)
A Kochhar (Golden, KPMG)
SC Kodihall (Island Cricket Club)
N Kodituwakky (Singapore)
R Kohli (Kairali Cricket Club B)
M Koltey (Singapore Cricket Club Jaguars)
EO Konki (Ceylon Sports Club B, Ceylon Sports Club D)
BN Kota (United Indians Cricket Club)
VMSVP Kota (Team Spirit Cricket Club)
A Kothai (scorer)
RR Kotwal (Mariners XI D)
A Kozhiyalam (Wanderers Cricket Club B)
G Kraal (Singapore Recreation Club)
A Krishna (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Cricket Association, Singapore Indian Association)
A Krishna (Singapore Cricket Club Under-17s)
MV Krishna Kumar (umpire)
P Krishnakumar (umpire)
R Krishnakumar (umpire)
SM Krishnakumar (Singapore)
AK Krishnamoorthy (Challengers United Cricket Club Reloaded)
M Krishnamoorthy (Kairali Cricket Club, Kairali Cricket Club B)
R Krishnamoorthy (Singapore)
S Krishnamoorthy (Golden, Golden C, Golden D)
V Krishnamoorthy (Wanderers Cricket Club B)
H Krishnamurthy (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Indian Association, Singapore Indian Association Falcons)
NP Krishnamurthy (Challengers Cricket Club Unplugged)
S Krishnamurthy (Team Spirit Cricket Club)
Krishnan (umpire)
KK Krishnan (Standard Chartered Bank)
R Krishnan (Singapore Under-19s)
S Krishnan (Singapore Under-15s, Singapore Under-17s, Singapore Under-19s)
SK Krishnan (Champions, Champions C)
Krishna Prasad (Oracle Corporation, Singapore Cricket Club Tigers )
S Krishnasamy (Thirties Never Tire Cricket Club, Unilever)
HK Kukreja (Singapore Cricket Club Cheetahs, Singapore Cricket Club Jaguars, Singapore Cricket Club Panthers, Singapore Cricket Club Tigers , Singapore Cricket Club Under-17s)
AI Kulandaisamy (Golden)
V Kuldeep (Singapore)
AA Kulkarni (Phoenix Cricket Club)
M Kulkarni (Singapore Under-15s, Singapore Under-16s, Singapore Under-17s)
SA Kulkarni (Singapore)
A Kumar (Singapore)
A Kumar (Indian Institute of Technology Alumni Association)
DK Kumar (Millenium United Cricket Club Braves, Millenium United Cricket Club Kings)
DL Kumar (Millenium United Cricket Club Kings)
GK Kumar (August International Cricket Club)
GM Kumar (Singapore)
GN Kumar (Thirties Never Tire Cricket Club)
K Kumar (Singapore)
K Kumar (IBM Big Blues)
KG Kumar (Thanjai)
KV Kumar (Strikers Cricket Club)
M Kumar (Singapore Cricket Association President's XI)
NMR Kumar (Champions C)
NS Kumar (Challengers United Cricket Club)
PNH Kumar (Andhra Cricket Club, Singapore)
R Kumar (Deutsche Bank)
S Kumar (Avadh Cricket Club Rangers)
S Kumar (Singapore Pakistani Association)
SK Kumar (Ceylon Sports Club, Ceylon Sports Club B, Ceylon Sports Club C, Paypal)
SV Kumar (Millenium United Cricket Club)
TA Kumar (Challengers Cricket Club Unplugged, Singtel Recreation Club)
TM Kumar (Cognizant)
V Kumar (Singapore, Singapore Cricket Club)
VKS Kumar (Golden D)
VSL Kumar (Thirties Never Tire Cricket Club)
CR Kumarage (Bloomfield Cricket and Athletic Club)
M Kumarasamy (Team Spirit Cricket Club)
S Kumar Nair (umpire)
S Kumar Sriram (scorer)
S Kumar Thiagarajan (scorer)
S Kumar Thiagarajan (umpire)
K Kunal Kant
V Kunzru (Mariners XI B)
V Kunzru (Mariners XI B)
K Kuranakaran (ANZA C)
AS Kushwah (Avadh Cricket Club Royals )
G Kutathaje (Champions)





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