Singapore Players (D)


S Dabas (Kaybee)
D Dadlani (Singapore Under-15s, Singapore Under-16s, Singapore Under-17s)
PV Dadlani (Singapore Under-15s, Singapore Under-19s)
P Dahiwal (Hewlett Packard, Hewlett Packard B)
P Dahiwal (Ceylon Sports Club)
M Dahiya (National University of Singapore)
M Dalakoti (Singapore Under-17s, Singapore Under-19s)
P Dallaway (Singapore Cricket Club)
L d'Almeida (Singapore Recreation Club)
PM d'Almeida (Singapore Recreation Club)
N Dalvi (umpire)
N Damien Power (Singapore Cricket Club Panthers)
G Damodharan (Barclays)
A Daniel (Indi)
P Daniel (Singapore Under-15s)
P Daniel Param (Nanyang Technological University)
P Daniel Param (Singapore Recreation Club)
S Daniel Samson (Millenium United Cricket Club Royals)
D Danish Shadab (Mariners XI)
N Dantas (Singapore Under-16s)
Darshan (Singapore Indian Association)
D Darshan Krishna Mankad (Marina C)
H Dasharath Paralkar (Citi)
H Dasharath Paralkar (Ceylon Sports Club B, Ceylon Sports Club C)
R da Silva (Singapore Cricket Association President's XI)
RA da Silva (Civil Service, Malaya, Malayan Cricket Association President's XI, Malaysia, Singapore, Singapore Cricket Association)
RCK Da Silva (Singapore, Singapore Cricket Club)
A Dass (Singapore)
A Dass (Singapore Recreation Club)
A Datta (ANZA B, ANZA C)
R Davey (Singapore)
R David (Singapore)
D David Bennett (Wanderers Cricket Club B)
D David Davies (ANZA C)
D David Leaver (KPMG)
S David Periyanayagasamy (Champions)
D Davidraj Jaganathan (August International Cricket Club)
D David Vu (ANZA C)
D Davies (ANZA C)
Day (Singapore Garrison)
K Dayal (umpire)
S Dayalan (Singapore Under-17s, Singapore Under-19s)
Dayunanda (Singapore Schools)
D d'Cotta (Singapore Recreation Club)
HA Deakin (Combined Services)
GA Dean (Singapore Recreation Club Second XI)
WW Dean (Singapore Cricket Club)
WA Deans (Singapore Recreation Club)
Deards (Royal Air Force)
Dearing (Singapore Cricket Association)
CD Dearing (Singapore)
JE Dearing (North Melbourne, Port Melbourne, Singapore)
R Dearing (Singapore)
F Deason (Singapore Cricket Club, Singapore Cricket Club Second XI)
D Debarun Roy Choudhury (Singapore Bengal Cricket Club Stars)
D Debasish Bohidar (Mariners XI E)
D Debasish Pradhan (Mariners XI B)
A Deepak (ANZ Bank)
D Deepak Bansal (Unilever)
D Deepak Radhakrishnan Nair (Tuskers Cricket Club Eagles)
D Deepak Sarika (Singapore Recreation Club Lords)
S Deepan Sakaravathy (Island Vision)
D Deepanshu Kumar Roy (Horizon)
D Deepraj Khedekar (Falcons Cricket Club Mavericks Legends)
Deep Singh (Cracking Willows Cricket Club)
L de Farrier (Singapore Recreation Club)
M de Kretser (Singapore, Singapore Cricket Club)
P de Kretser (Singapore)
AD de Lange (Boland, Free State)
A Delilkan (Singapore Cricket Association President's XI)
D Dendapani Ravishankar (Millenium United Cricket Club Royals)
D Dene Border (Singapore Cricket Club Cougars)
S Desai (Oracle Corporation)
S Desai (Mariners XI E)
K Deshpadne (Singapore Cricket Association President's XI)
KM Deshpande (Singapore)
S Desikan (P and G Weekend Warriors)
A de Silva (Singapore, Singapore Cricket Association, Singapore Cricket Club)
C De Silva (Management Development Institute of Singapore)
L de Silva (Singapore)
T de Silva (Singapore Recreation Club, Singapore Recreation Club Second XI)
C de Souza (Singapore Municipality, Singapore Recreation Club)
K Devabhaktuni (Challengers United Cricket Club Reloaded)
N Devan (Singapore)
Devavrathan (umpire)
D Devavrathan Balakrishnan Nair (Golden D)
de Vaz (Singapore Cricket Association)
M de Vaz (Singapore Cricket Association President's XI)
D Dev Chawla (Cracking Willows Cricket Club)
D Devendra Ram Mistry (Citi)
G Devlekar (Millenium United Cricket Club Warriors)
V Devraj Chandrasekar (Golden)
CA de Vries (Singapore Recreation Club)
S Dev Rupesh (Himalayan Cricket Club Peaks)
PSM Dew (Singapore Cricket Club)
M de Witt (Singapore, Singapore Cricket Association)
M de Witt (Singapore Cricket Association President's XI)
D Dhananjay Madhavan (Pera Knight Riders B)
D Dhanaraj Vipin Raj (Champions C)
D Dhandapani Gnanasambandan (Singapore Indian Association)
D Dhanesh Nair (Kairali Cricket Club)
R Dhanraj (Hewlett Packard B)
R Dhanraj (Challengers Cricket Club Unplugged)
R Dhanraj (Hewlett Packard)
S Dharmalingam (umpire)
D Dharmalingam Suresh (Millenium United Cricket Club Kings)
D Dharmaraj Aravind (Thanjai Vaengai)
D Dharmavir Sharma (Warriors Cricket Club)
R Dharmesh (Singapore Under-16s)
M Dharmichand (Karnataka)
M Dharmichand (Singapore Cricket Association)
A Dharni (Unilever)
M Dharshana (Millenium United Cricket Club)
M Dhingra (Oracle Corporation)
D Dhiraj Kumar Singh (Singapore Pakistani Association)
D Dhiren Amin (Unilever)
D Dhuraisamy Navaneethakrishnan (Champions)
J Dick (ANZA Champs)
WA Dickens (Combined Services)
Dickinson (umpire)
W Diepeveen (Singapore Cricket Club Cougars, Singapore Cricket Club Lions)
D Dileepa Prasad Pathirana (Pera Knight Riders)
Dilip Kumar (Singapore Indian Association Falcons)
D Dilip Kumar (Singapore Indian Association Falcons, Singapore Indian Association Hawks)
S Dilshan Siebel (Singapore Indian Association Falcons)
G Dinesh (Island Cricket Club)
D Dinesh Krishna Kumar (Millenium United Cricket Club Kings)
D Dinesh Moorthi Subburaman (Visa)
P Dinesh Parikm (Oracle Corporation)
D Dinesh Vasant Shanbhag (Indian Institute of Technology Alumni Association)
D Dinesh Velusamy (Challengers Cricket Club Unplugged)
RD Dinesh Vimal (Ceylon Sports Club D)
RD Dinesh Vimal (Singtel Recreation Club)
GK Diviya (Boland Women)
A Dixit (Singapore Recreation Club Lords)
S Dixit (Hewlett Packard B)
VM Dixit (ANZ Bank)
D Dixon Opie (Singapore Cricket Club Jaguars)
D Dnyanesh Chandrashekhar Mallya (Thirties Never Tire Cricket Club)
H Dongree (Singapore)
V Dontimalla (Golden B)
N Dorney (Singapore Cricket Club)
G DSouza (Mariners XI D)
M D'Souza (Singapore Cricket Club, Singapore Under-19s)
N Dsouza (Deutsche Bank)
N Dsouza (Thirties Never Tire Cricket Club)
NN Dubal (Unilever)
NN Dubal (Singapore Bengal Cricket Club Masters)
A Dubey (Cognizant)
Dudley (Singapore Cricket Club)
B Dudley (Lanka Union)
F Dudley (Lanka Union)
P Duffy (Singapore Cricket Club Cougars)
A Dugar (Mariners XI D, Mariners XI E)
D Duncan Robinson (Singapore Cricket Club Jaguars)
Dundon (Combined Services)
Dunlea (Singapore Schools)
L Dunman (Singapore Cricket Club Second XI)
RL Dunman (Singapore)
D Durai Pradeep (Champions, Champions B)
B Durjoy (Warriors Cricket Club)
D Dushyant Vikram Singh (Mariners XI C)
D Dustin Yates (Singapore Cricket Club Cheetahs, Singapore Cricket Club Jaguars)
V Dutt (Management Development Institute of Singapore)
A Dutta (Singapore Cricket Club, Singapore Cricket Club Lions)
A Dutta (Mariners XI E)
N Dutta (Kairali Cricket Club B)
N Dutta (ANZ Bank)
S Dutta (Autodeskers)
S Dutta (Avadh Cricket Club Rangers)
S Dutta (Mariners XI D)
S Dutta (Avadh Cricket Club Royals )
Dykes (Royal Air Force)





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