Singapore Players (D)


S Dabas (Kaybee)
UTB Dadi (Citi, Horizon)
D Dadlani (Singapore Under-15s, Singapore Under-16s, Singapore Under-17s)
PV Dadlani (Singapore Under-15s, Singapore Under-19s)
P Dahiwal (Ceylon Sports Club, Hewlett Packard, Hewlett Packard B)
M Dahiya (National University of Singapore)
S Dakey (Singapore Recreation Club Knights, Singapore Recreation Club Lords, Singapore Recreation Club Spartans)
M Dalakoti (Singapore Under-17s, Singapore Under-19s)
P Dallaway (Singapore Cricket Club)
L d'Almeida (Singapore Recreation Club)
PM d'Almeida (Singapore Recreation Club)
N Dalvi (umpire)
F Damith (P and G Weekend Warriors)
G Damodharan (Barclays)
A Daniel (Indi)
P Daniel (Singapore Under-15s)
N Dantas (Singapore Under-16s)
A Dar (Falcons Cricket Club Mavericks Legends)
Darshan (Singapore Indian Association)
AK Das (Mariners XI E)
NB Dasan (Eleven Rocks Cricket Club)
II Dasanayaka (Barclays)
RK Dasari (Deutsche Bank)
B Dash (Falcons Cricket Club Mavericks Legends, Falcons Cricket Club Mavericks Pros)
RA da Silva (Civil Service, Malaya, Malayan Cricket Association President's XI, Malaysia, Singapore, Singapore Cricket Association)
RCK Da Silva (Singapore, Singapore Cricket Club)
A Dass (Singapore, Singapore Recreation Club)
SR Datla (Visa)
R Davey (Singapore)
R David (Singapore)
D Davies (ANZA C)
Day (Singapore Garrison)
K Dayal (umpire)
S Dayalan (Singapore Under-17s, Singapore Under-19s)
Dayunanda (Singapore Combined Schools)
D d'Cotta (Singapore Recreation Club)
HA Deakin (Combined Services)
GA Dean (Singapore Recreation Club Second XI)
WW Dean (Singapore Cricket Club)
WA Deans (Singapore Recreation Club)
Deards (Royal Air Force)
CD Dearing (Singapore)
JE Dearing (North Melbourne, Port Melbourne, Singapore)
R Dearing (Singapore, Singapore Cricket Association)
F Deason (Singapore Cricket Club, Singapore Cricket Club Second XI)
B Deep (Eleven Rocks Cricket Club)
A Deepak (ANZ Bank)
Deep Singh (Cracking Willows Cricket Club)
L de Farrier (Singapore Recreation Club)
M de Kretser (Singapore, Singapore Cricket Club)
P de Kretser (Singapore)
AD de Lange (Boland, Free State)
A Delilkan (Singapore Cricket Association President's XI)
A Desai (Singapore Recreation Club Under-17s)
D Desai (ANZA, ANZA C, ANZA Champs)
S Desai (Oracle Corporation, Singapore Pakistani Association)
S Desai (Mariners XI E)
VS Desai (Cracking Willows Cricket Club)
KM Deshpande (Singapore)
S Desikan (P and G Weekend Warriors)
A de Silva (Singapore, Singapore Cricket Association, Singapore Cricket Club)
C de Silva (Management Development Institute of Singapore)
DN De Silva (Falcons Cricket Club Mavericks Legends)
L de Silva (Singapore)
T de Silva (Singapore Recreation Club, Singapore Recreation Club Second XI)
C de Souza (Singapore Municipality, Singapore Recreation Club)
K Devabhaktuni (Challengers United Cricket Club Reloaded)
N Devan (Singapore)
Devavrathan (umpire)
M de Vaz (Singapore Cricket Association)
G Devlekar (Millenium United Cricket Club Braves, Millenium United Cricket Club Colts, Millenium United Cricket Club Warriors)
CA de Vries (Singapore Recreation Club)
PSM Dew (Singapore Cricket Club)
M de Witt (Singapore, Singapore Cricket Association)
M Dhairyawan (Singapore Bengal Cricket Club Masters)
R Dhanraj (Challengers Cricket Club Unplugged, Hewlett Packard, Hewlett Packard B)
S Dharmalingam (umpire)
R Dharmesh (Singapore Under-16s)
M Dharmichand (Karnataka)
A Dharni (Unilever)
M Dharshana (Millenium United Cricket Club)
M Dhingra (Oracle Corporation)
J Dick (ANZA Champs)
WA Dickens (Combined Services)
Dickinson (umpire)
MW Dilawar (Singapore Recreation Club Knights, Singapore Recreation Club Lords)
Dilip Kumar (Singapore Indian Association Falcons, Singapore Indian Association Hawks)
G Dinesh (Island Cricket Club)
Dinish (Singapore Pakistani Association)
PS Dipu (Singapore Bengal Cricket Club Masters)
GK Diviya (Boland Women)
Y Diwan (ANZA, ANZA C, ANZA Champs)
A Dixit (Singapore Recreation Club, Singapore Recreation Club Lords, Singapore Recreation Club Spartans, Singapore Recreation Club Under-17s)
A Dixit (Singapore Cricket Association President's XI)
S Dixit (Hewlett Packard B)
VM Dixit (ANZ Bank, Singapore Cricket Club Cougars, Singapore Cricket Club Tigers )
VM Dixit (Singapore Cricket Club Tigers )
SK Dommety (Cognizant)
H Dongre (Millenium United Cricket Club Warriors)
H Dongree (Singapore)
V Dontimalla (Golden B)
NW Dorney (Singapore Cricket Club, Singapore Cricket Club Cougars, Singapore Cricket Club Lions)
SA Dorwat (Singapore Recreation Club Lords, Singapore Recreation Club Spartans)
YP Doshi (Eleven Rocks Cricket Club)
G DSouza (Mariners XI D)
G D'Souza (Mariners XI D)
M D'Souza (Singapore Cricket Club, Singapore Under-19s)
N Dsouza (Thirties Never Tire Cricket Club)
N D'Souza (Deutsche Bank, Thirties Never Tire Cricket Club)
NN Dubal (Singapore Bengal Cricket Club Masters, Unilever)
A Dubey (Cognizant)
A Dubey (Singapore Pakistani Association)
Dudley (Singapore Cricket Club)
B Dudley (Lanka Union)
F Dudley (Lanka Union)
P Duffy (Singapore Cricket Club Cougars, Singapore Cricket Club Panthers)
A Dugar (Mariners XI D, Mariners XI E)
S Duggal (Eleven Rocks Cricket Club)
Dundon (Combined Services)
Dunlea (Singapore Combined Schools)
L Dunman (Singapore Cricket Club Second XI)
RL Dunman (Singapore)
U Durairaj (Eleven Rocks Cricket Club)
B Durjoy (Warriors Cricket Club)
V Dutt (Management Development Institute of Singapore)
A Dutta (Singapore Cricket Club, Singapore Cricket Club Lions)
A Dutta (Mariners XI, Mariners XI E)
A Dutta (Wanderers Cricket Club Under-17s)
N Dutta (ANZ Bank, Kairali Cricket Club B)
S Dutta (Autodeskers, Avadh Cricket Club Rangers, Avadh Cricket Club Royals )
S Dutta (Mariners XI D)
Dykes (Royal Air Force)





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