Singapore Players (C)


RWB Cairns (Singapore Cricket Club)
AP Cameron (Singapore Cricket Club, Singapore Merchants)
T Cameron (ANZA Champs)
E Campbell (Singapore Cricket Club Under-17s)
KS Campbell (Singapore Cricket Club Panthers, Singapore Cricket Club Tigers, Singapore Cricket Club Under-17s)
LE Campbell (Singapore Recreation Club)
Canagasubay (Lanka Union)
Capel (Combined Services)
Carmen (Royal Air Force)
W Carnegy (Singapore Recreation Club)
Carpenter (Europeans, United Services)
Carswell (Singapore Cricket Association President's XI)
Cashin (Singapore Cricket Club)
Catt (Singapore Indian Association)
A Chabria (Cracking Willows Cricket Club)
J Chacko (Millenium United Cricket Club Braves, Millenium United Cricket Club Royals, Millenium United Cricket Club Warriors)
K Chaddha (Mariners XI D)
Chaitanya (umpire)
NK Chaitanya (Singapore Bengal Cricket Club Masters, Singapore Bengal Cricket Club Stars)
K Chaiwalla (Cracking Willows Cricket Club)
P Chakraborthy (Golden B, Golden C)
AH Chalapathy (Indi, Singapore Recreation Club Spartans, Singapore Recreation Club Under-17s)
WO Champika (Mariners XI)
N Chandersager (Singapore, Singapore Cricket Association)
S Chandhiok (Mariners XI D)
A Chandihok (Mariners XI E)
P Chandorkar (Challengers United Cricket Club)
S Chandramohan (Singapore, Singapore Cricket Association, Singapore Indian Association)
TR Chandran (Singapore)
K Chandrasakaran (Marina)
Chandrasekar (umpire)
A Chandrasekar (Tionale)
G Chandrasekar (Marina B, Tionale)
KP Chandrasekar (umpire)
R Chandrasekar (Paypal, Singapore Indian Association, Singapore Indian Association Hawks)
S Chandrasekar (scorer)
VD Chandrasekar (Golden)
K Chandrasekaran (Marina C)
R Chandrasekaran (Strikers Cricket Club)
VK Chandrasekaran (Ceylon Sports Club C, Ceylon Sports Club D)
VK Chandrasekaran (IBM Big Blues)
M Chandrasekharan (umpire)
Chandrashekar (Singapore)
Chandrashekar (umpire)
V Chandrashekar (Hewlett Packard, Hewlett Packard B)
PS Chandrashekhar (Barclays, Marina B)
Chandru (umpire)
K Chandru (Citi)
VK Chandrus (scorer)
A Channa (Hewlett Packard B)
S Chanthralingam (Civil Service, Singapore, Singapore Cricket Association)
AS Chaplot (Golden, Golden B)
R Chappell (Singapore Cricket Club)
PA Charan (Singapore Indian Association)
J Chataway (British High Commission Singapore)
M Chathuranga (Singapore Recreation Club Knights, Singapore Recreation Club Spartans)
B Chatterjee (Thirties Never Tire Cricket Club)
R Chatterjee (Kaybee)
T Chaturvedi (Singapore Recreation Club Knights)
P Chaudhari (Singapore Under-16s)
AKR Chaudhary (Mariners XI)
K Chaudhary (Hewlett Packard)
A Chauhan (Singapore Recreation Club Knights, Singapore Recreation Club Lords, Singapore Under-16s)
P Chawhan (KPMG)
DN Chawk (Wanderers Cricket Club B)
A Chawla (Mariners XI E)
D Chawla
D Chawla (Cracking Willows Cricket Club)
DN Chawla (Wanderers Cricket Club Under-17s)
N Chawla (Cracking Willows Cricket Club)
P Chawla (Avadh Cricket Club Royals)
S Chebrolu (United Indians Cricket Club)
BA Cheema (P and G Weekend Warriors)
R Chelvarajah (Singapore)
DJ Chelvathurai (Singapore)
M Chen (Singapore, Singapore Under-15s)
VC Chengappa (Barclays)
V Cherian (Golden)
CFL Chester (Singapore Cricket Club)
S Chhabra (Falcons Cricket Club Mavericks Pros)
S Chhabra (Falcons Cricket Club Mavericks Legends)
A Chhajer (Millenium United Cricket Club Warriors)
N Chhikara (Mariners XI D)
S Chhotray (Mariners XI C)
D Chiang (Singapore)
N Chikkara (ANZ Bank)
P Childs (Singapore)
Chill (Singapore Cricket Club Second XI)
M Chin (Singapore)
J Chinnappa (Paypal)
S Chinnasami (August International Cricket Club)
M Chinnathambi (Tuskers Cricket Club Eagles)
M Chinnathambi (Tionale)
D Chohan (Cambridge University)
A Chopra (Singapore Bengal Cricket Club Masters, Singapore Bengal Cricket Club Stars)
A Chopra (Singapore Cricket Club Under-17s)
T Chordia (Millenium United Cricket Club)
DR Choudhury (Singapore Bengal Cricket Club Stars)
S Choudhury (P and G Weekend Warriors)
S Choudhury (Mariners XI E)
A Chouhan (Singapore Under-16s)
S Chowdary (Falcons Cricket Club Mavericks Legends, Falcons Cricket Club Mavericks Pros, National University of Singapore)
A Chowdhary (Singapore Under-15s)
M Christensen (ANZA B)
M Christopher (Mariners XI D)
Chua Choon Leong (Singapore Chinese Recreation Club)
N Chugh (ANZ Bank, Ceylon Sports Club, Karnataka Under-16s)
S Chukkala (Cracking Willows Cricket Club)
A Ci Hui (Singapore Women)
P Clark (umpire)
GC Clarke (Singapore Cricket Club)
H Clarke (Singapore Recreation Club)
N Clarke (Singapore Cricket Club)
Claudin (umpire)
T Claudin (scorer)
L Clemens (umpire)
CG Clifford (United Engineers)
CH Cobbett (Singapore Cricket Club)
JC Cobbett (Singapore Cricket Club)
J Cochran (United Engineers)
JR Cockburn (Singapore Recreation Club, Singapore Recreation Club Second XI)
AE Coelho (Public Services and Law, Singapore Recreation Club, Singapore Recreation Club Second XI)
BR Coimbatore (Avadh Cricket Club Royals)
P Coleman (ANZUK Forces)
AB Collick (Singapore Recreation Club)
F Combi (Singapore Cricket Club)
LJ Comyn (Combined Services)
AG Cooke (Singapore Cricket Club)
JC Cooke (Singapore)
P Cooke (The Rest)
T Cooke (Singapore)
Coombes (Combined Services)
Cooper (Singapore Garrison)
M Cordeiro (Singapore Recreation Club)
T Cornell (British High Commission Singapore)
TAM Corrie (Singapore Cricket Club Cheetahs, Singapore Cricket Club Jaguars, Singapore Cricket Club Panthers)
A Coulcher (Singapore Merchants)
Cox (Singapore Cricket Club)
RG Cranford (Singapore Cricket Club)
R Crapper (Singapore)
A Cullen (Singapore Cricket Club)
P Cumar (ANZ Bank, ANZA)
Cumberlege (United Services)
F Curtis (United Engineers)
D Cutting (Singapore Cricket Club)





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