Singapore Players (C)


RWB Cairns (Singapore Cricket Club)
AP Cameron (Singapore Cricket Club, Singapore Merchants)
K Campbell (Singapore Cricket Club Panthers, Singapore Cricket Club Tigers )
LE Campbell (Singapore Recreation Club)
Canagasubay (Lanka Union)
Capel (Combined Services)
Carmen (Royal Air Force)
W Carnegy (Singapore Recreation Club)
Carpenter (Europeans, United Services)
Carswell (Singapore Cricket Association President's XI)
Cashin (Singapore Cricket Club)
Catt (Singapore Indian Association)
C Cecil Jacob Abraham (Island Vision)
J Chacko (Millenium United Cricket Club Braves, Millenium United Cricket Club Warriors)
K Chaddha (Mariners XI D)
Chaitanya (umpire)
S Chaitanya Mithra (Island Vision)
C Chaitanya Motalla (Marina)
P Chakraborthy (Golden C)
C Chamal De Silva (Management Development Institute of Singapore)
C Chamal De Silva Siriwardena (Falcons Cricket Club Mavericks Legends, Falcons Cricket Club Mavericks Pros)
C Chaminda Ruwan (Singapore Indian Association)
N Chandersager (Singapore)
Chandershager (Singapore Cricket Association)
P Chander Vattas (Mariners XI D)
S Chandhiok (Mariners XI D)
S Chandra Kodihall (Island Cricket Club)
Chandralingam (Singapore Cricket Association)
S Chandramohan (Singapore Cricket Association)
S Chandramohan (Singapore Indian Association)
C Chandramouli Sundar (Challengers United Cricket Club Reloaded)
TR Chandran (Singapore)
K Chandrasakaran (Marina)
Chandrasekar (umpire)
A Chandrasekar (Tionale)
G Chandrasekar (Tionale)
G Chandrasekar (Marina B)
KP Chandrasekar (umpire)
R Chandrasekar (Paypal)
R Chandrasekar (Singapore Indian Association, Singapore Indian Association Hawks)
S Chandrasekar (scorer)
K Chandrasekaran (Marina C)
R Chandrasekaran (Strikers Cricket Club)
VK Chandrasekaran (Ceylon Sports Club C, Ceylon Sports Club D)
M Chandrasekharan (umpire)
S Chandrasekharan Nair (Spartans Cricket Club)
C Chandrasekhara Rao Thota (United Indians Cricket Club)
Chandrashekar (Singapore)
Chandrashekar (umpire)
D Chandrashekhar Mallya (Thirties Never Tire Cricket Club)
C Chandra Somani (Falcons Cricket Club Mavericks Legends)
Chandru (umpire)
K Chandru (Citi)
VK Chandrus (scorer)
C Chandru Surender (Ceylon Sports Club B)
S Channakeshavapura Surendra (Singapore Women)
S Chanthralingam (Civil Service, Singapore, Singapore Cricket Association)
A Chaplot (Golden, Golden B)
R Chappell (Singapore Cricket Club)
R Chatterjee (Kaybee)
P Chaudhari (Singapore Under-16s)
A Chauhan (Singapore Under-16s)
A Chauhan (Singapore Recreation Club Lords)
D Chawla
N Chawla (Cracking Willows Cricket Club)
P Chawla (Avadh Cricket Club Royals )
S Chebrolu (United Indians Cricket Club)
Y Chee Peng (Singapore Cricket Association President's XI)
Chelvaraja (Singapore Cricket Association President's XI)
R Chelvarajah (Singapore)
DJ Chelvathurai (Singapore)
M Chen (Singapore, Singapore Under-15s)
C Cheria Mohammed Shafeeq (Phoenix Cricket Club)
V Cherian (Golden)
CFL Chester (Singapore Cricket Club)
C Chetan Suryawanshi (Singapore Indian Association)
A Chhajer (Millenium United Cricket Club Warriors)
S Chhotray (Mariners XI C)
D Chiang (Singapore)
N Chikkara (ANZ Bank)
P Childs (Singapore)
Chill (Singapore Cricket Club Second XI)
M Chin (Singapore)
C Chinnakkal Shabeer (Champions C)
J Chinnappa (Paypal)
S Chinnasami (August International Cricket Club)
M Chinnathambi (Tuskers Cricket Club Eagles)
C Chiradeep Gupta (ANZA Champs)
C Chiradeep Gupta (Unilever)
C Chirag Lulla (Management Development Institute of Singapore)
D Chohan (Cambridge University)
A Chopra (Singapore Bengal Cricket Club Masters, Singapore Bengal Cricket Club Stars)
T Chordia (Millenium United Cricket Club)
V Chotteyandamada Chengappa (Barclays)
S Choudhury (P and G Weekend Warriors)
A Chouhan (Singapore Under-16s)
S Chowdary (National University of Singapore)
A Chowdhary (Singapore Under-15s)
M Christensen (ANZA B)
M Christopher (Mariners XI D)
C Christopher Neil Walsh (Singapore Cricket Club Jaguars)
C Christopher Thomson (Singapore Cricket Club Jaguars)
TS Chua (Singapore Under-17s)
Chua Choon Leong (Singapore Chinese Recreation Club)
N Chugh (ANZ Bank)
N Chugh (Ceylon Sports Club)
S Chukkala (Cracking Willows Cricket Club)
S Chyau Pattnaik (Mariners XI E)
P Clark (umpire)
GC Clarke (Singapore Cricket Club)
H Clarke (Singapore Recreation Club)
N Clarke (Singapore Cricket Club)
Claudin (umpire)
T Claudin (scorer)
L Clemens (umpire)
C Clement Manoj Kumar James (Himalayan Cricket Club Saints)
CG Clifford (United Engineers)
C Clive Tilbrook (ANZA B)
CH Cobbett (Singapore Cricket Club)
JC Cobbett (Singapore Cricket Club)
J Cochran (United Engineers)
JR Cockburn (Singapore Recreation Club, Singapore Recreation Club Second XI)
AE Coelho (Public Services and Law, Singapore Recreation Club, Singapore Recreation Club Second XI)
P Coleman (ANZUK Forces)
AB Collick (Singapore Recreation Club)
C Colombathantrige Subodhana Nayanajith Perera (Management Development Institute of Singapore)
C Colombathantrige Subodhana Nayanajith Perera (Ceylon Sports Club B)
F Combi (Singapore Cricket Club)
LJ Comyn (Combined Services)
AG Cooke (Singapore Cricket Club)
JC Cooke (Singapore)
P Cooke (The Rest)
T Cooke (Singapore)
Coombes (Combined Services)
Cooper (Singapore Garrison)
M Cordeiro (Singapore Recreation Club)
C Correia Gladwin Joseph (Champions B)
TAM Corrie (Singapore Cricket Club Cheetahs, Singapore Cricket Club Jaguars, Singapore Cricket Club Panthers)
A Coulcher (Singapore Merchants)
Cox (Singapore Cricket Club)
C Craig Stuart Watson (Challengers United Cricket Club)
RG Cranford (Singapore Cricket Club)
R Crapper (Singapore)
N Cristy Kumara Liyanage (Millenium United Cricket Club)
I Crossley (Singapore)
J Crossley (Singapore)
C Cuddalore Narayanswamy Sawmikarthick (Himalayan Cricket Club Peaks)
A Cullen (Singapore Cricket Club)
P Cumar (ANZ Bank)
Cumberlege (United Services)
F Curtis (United Engineers)
D Cutting (Singapore Cricket Club)





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