Singapore Players (A)


Abdul Hamid (Perhimponan Stia)
T Abdul Latheef (Millenium United Cricket Club Royals)
A Abdul Razak Basheer Ahmed (Ceylon Sports Club C)
Abhinav (Singapore Under-16s)
Abhinav (Singapore Cricket Association President's XI)
Abhiraj Singh (Singapore, Singapore Under-15s, Singapore Under-16s, Singapore Under-17s, Singapore Under-19s)
Abhiraj Singh (Singapore Cricket Association)
Abhishek (Management Development Institute of Singapore)
A Abhraham (Spartans Cricket Club)
D Abraham (ANZ Bank)
D Abraham (ANZA)
R Abraham (umpire)
V Abrol (Singapore Cricket Club Cheetahs, Singapore Cricket Club Cougars, Singapore Cricket Club Panthers, Singapore Cricket Club Tigers )
N Acee (Singapore Under-19s Women)
A Achar (Singapore Cricket Association President's XI)
A Achar (Singapore)
NE Adnaan (Singapore Under-17s)
OC Aeria (Singapore Recreation Club)
WA Aeria (Singapore Recreation Club, Singapore Recreation Club Second XI)
P Agarwal (Horizon)
S Aggarwal (Falcons Cricket Club Mavericks Pros)
S Aggarwal (Singapore Cricket Club Cheetahs, Singapore Cricket Club Panthers)
V Aggarwal (Singapore Cricket Club Cheetahs)
G Ahin (Singapore Recreation Club Second XI)
B Ahmed Cheema (P and G Weekend Warriors)
S Ahuja (Singapore Under-16s)
A Aiyer (Singapore Under-19s)
A Ajit Kumar Ramasagaram (Ceylon Sports Club C)
Ajit Singh (Singapore, Singapore Indian Association)
MA Ajmal Rasheed (Golden C)
D Alabaster (Singapore Cricket Club)
A Alagappan (scorer)
G Alagappan (Island Vision)
S Alagappan (Singapore Under-15s)
F Albuquerque (Singapore Recreation Club)
Aldred (Singapore Municipality)
A Aleem (Ceylon Sports Club D)
Alexander (Singapore)
Alexander (umpire)
P Alexander (ANZA B)
L Ali Khan Sheik Abdullah (August International Cricket Club)
A Ali Siddiqui (Oracle Corporation)
Z Ali Syed (umpire)
S Alladi (Wanderers Cricket Club)
Allen (Singapore Cricket Club)
Allen (Singapore Taverners)
S Aloni (Indi)
MM Alsagoff (Perhimponan Stia)
R Altaff Hussein (Singapore)
R Altaff Hussein (Singapore Cricket Club Lions)
M Alves (ANZUK Forces)
S Alwis (Ceylon Sports Club B)
N Amaranayak (umpire)
JS Amarasingham (Lanka Union)
JT Amarasingham (Lanka Union)
N Amarasuriya (Singapore, Singapore Cricket Club)
M Amberkar (Mariners XI, Mariners XI C)
M Ameen Bhadelia (Singapore Recreation Club Lords)
H Amersey (Singapore Schools)
A Amin (Island Vision)
D Amin (Unilever)
Amjad Mahboob (Singapore)
Amrith (Singapore Schools)
M Amzad Hossain Alam (Warriors Cricket Club)
Anand (Singapore Taverners)
A Anand (umpire)
A Anand (Millenium United Cricket Club Kings)
C Anand (Andhra Cricket Club, Singapore)
R Anand (Autodeskers)
R Anand (Singapore Indian Association Falcons)
S Anand (Singapore Under-16s)
V Anandakumar (Deutsche Bank)
S Anand Dorwat (Singapore Recreation Club Lords)
Anand Kumar (umpire)
T Anand Kumar (Singtel Recreation Club)
T Anand Kumar (Challengers Cricket Club Unplugged)
V Anand Mohan (Himalayan Cricket Club Peaks)
V Anand Sundaravadanam (United Indians Cricket Club)
R Ananthasetty Bankapur (Autodeskers)
R Ananthasetty Bankapur (Marina)
B Anderson (ANZUK Forces)
C Anderson (Singapore Cricket Club)
V Anderson (Singapore Cricket Club)
A Aneja (Indian Institute of Technology Alumni Association)
Angullia (Singapore Cricket Association)
Anirudh (Singapore Under-17s)
Anoop (Singapore Pakistani Association)
K Anshuman (Unilever)
M Anthonisz (Singapore Recreation Club)
J Anto Jeba Stelwin (Champions)
K Anton (ANZA Champs)
P Antony (Spartans Cricket Club)
P Antony (Spartans Cricket Club)
V Antony (scorer)
V Antony (umpire)
S Anura (Singapore)
S Appusamy (Singapore)
S Appusamy (Singapore Cricket Association)
S Appusamy (Singtel Recreation Club)
S Appusamy (Singapore Indian Association)
S Apte (Mariners XI)
S Arafath Asath (Millenium United Cricket Club Kings)
P Arasu (Challengers Cricket Club Unplugged)
TE Aravind (Standard Chartered Bank)
TE Aravind (Wanderers Cricket Club B)
Aravindhan (umpire)
R Ari (Island Vision)
A Ariffin (Singapore Pakistani Association)
A Arindam Bhattacharjee (Ceylon Sports Club C)
Arjinder Singh (Falcons Cricket Club Mavericks Pros)
Armstrong (Singapore Recreation Club)
AG Armstrong (Singapore Recreation Club)
G Armstrong (Ceylon XI, Singapore Recreation Club)
G Arora (Hewlett Packard)
G Arora (Indian Institute of Technology Alumni Association)
K Arora (Cognizant)
M Arora (Bengal, Punjab)
M Arora (Singapore Recreation Club)
N Arora (Avadh Cricket Club Rangers)
N Arora (Avadh Cricket Club Royals )
Arshad (umpire)
D Arulraj (Thanjai)
N Arumugam (Warriors Cricket Club)
S Arumugam (Indi)
A Arun Baradwaj (Ceylon Sports Club B)
A Arun Harolikar (Paypal)
A Arun Joshi (Marina C)
ArunkumarShivaraman (Island Cricket Club)
R Arunprasath Ahvsis (Thanjai)
Arunraj (umpire)
Arunraj (scorer)
V Asaithambi (Himalayan Cricket Club Peaks, Himalayan Cricket Club Saints)
M Asari (IBM Big Blues)
M Asari (Andhra Cricket Club, Singapore)
V Asdhir (Kaybee)
M Asher (Singapore, Singapore Cricket Association)
N Ashok (umpire)
Ashok Kumar (KPMG)
A Ashok Kumar Ganesan (Ceylon Sports Club C)
A Ashraff (Singapore)
Ashwani Kumar (Deutsche Bank)
Ashwin (umpire)
Asif Mohammad (Autodeskers)
EV Askey (Lanka Union)
Asok Kumar (umpire)
A Asuriekar (Singapore Under-16s)
B Atthipattu (Singapore)
A Avinash Kher (Cracking Willows Cricket Club)
H Awan (Singapore Pakistani Association)
K Awan (Indian Institute of Technology Alumni Association)
G Ayadurai (Lanka Union)
O Ayaz (Millenium United Cricket Club Royals)
Ayling (Royal Air Force)
H Azad (Millenium United Cricket Club Kings)
S Azad (Kairali Cricket Club, Kairali Cricket Club B)
K Aziz Uddin (Island Vision)
Aziz-ul-Ariffin (Singapore Under-17s, Singapore Under-19s)





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