Sri Lanka Players (I)


MS Ibrahim (Southern Province)
NJ Ida (Colts Cricket Club Women, Southern Ladies Cricket Club, Sri Lanka Women, Wayamba Women)
DS Iddagoda (Matugama Cricket Club)
MT Iddamalgoda (Saracens Sports Club)
T Iddamalgoda (Nugegoda Sports and Welfare Club)
A Iddipily (Sri Lanka Schools)
U Idippily (Matara Sports Club, St Thomas' College, Mount Lavinia)
ML Idroos (Ceylon)
P Idunil (Leo's Cricket Club)
U Idunil (Matugama Cricket Club)
NM Ifham (Business Management School, Colombo)
SM Ifrash (Mullaitivu Combined Schools)
M Iftikhar (Sinhalese Sports Club)
LU Igalagamage (Nondescripts Cricket Club)
P Ihalage (Sri Lanka Army Sports Club Women Second XI)
V Iham (Trincomalee and Batticaloa Combined Schools)
A Ikham (Trincomalee and Batticaloa Combined Schools)
MFM Ikram (Saracens Sports Club Under-23s)
HDN Ilain (Kelaniya Cricket Club, Kelaniya Cricket Club Under-23s)
N Ilain (Kelaniya Cricket Club Under-23s)
A Ilakshana (North-East Combined Ladies)
S Ilanganage (Sebastianites Cricket and Athletic Club Under-23s, Seeduwa Raddoluwa Cricket Club Under-23s)
S Ilangaratnam (Sri Lanka)
TD Ilanko (St Thomas' College, Bandarawela)
A Illangaratne (Tamil Union Cricket and Athletic Club Under-23s)
HN Illangaratne (Tamil Union Cricket and Athletic Club)
IARL Illeperuma (Badureliya Sports Club, Burgher Recreation Club, Lankan Cricket Club, Nondescripts Cricket Club)
T Illeperuma (Central Province Cricket Association President's XI)
TN Illeperuma (International College of Business and Technology, Colombo)
SD Illesinghe (St Peter's College, Colombo)
S Illiyaz (Tri Youth Cricket Club)
K Illukubura (Nalanda College, Colombo)
MM Illyas (Moors Sports Club)
NK Ilukwatta (Sri Lanka Army Sports Club Under-23s)
MS Ilyas
P Imadura (Moratuwa Sports Club)
MA Imamudeen (Old Thomian Sports Club Matale)
U Imantha (Dharmasoka College, Ambalangoda)
BSM Imbulana (Colombo International Nautical and Engineering College)
SM Imbulana (Antonians Sports Club)
Imbuldeniya (Old Thomians Cricket Club)
SPK Imdika (Colts Cricket Club)
HMD Imesha (Colts Cricket Club)
Imran Khan (Bloomfield Cricket and Athletic Club, Ruhuna Royals, Saracens Sports Club)
MRM Imraz (Chilaw Marians Cricket Club, Moors Sports Club)
MIM Imtiyas
B Inbunil (Sebastianites Cricket and Athletic Club)
P Indhunil (Petersons Sports Club)
Indika (University of Sri Jayawardenapura)
APD Indika (Old Servation Sports Club)
D Indika (Old Servation Sports Club)
D Indika (Seylan Bank)
GDD Indika (Badureliya Sports Club, Nondescripts Cricket Club, Sinhalese Sports Club, Sri Lanka Army Sports Club, Sri Lanka Schools)
I Indika (Sri Lanka Army Sports Club)
KH Indika (Singha Sports Club)
KHT Indika (Police Sports Club, Saracens Sports Club)
KKJ Indika (Colts Cricket Club Women, Sri Lanka Women)
N Indika (Sri Lanka Blind)
PKN Indika (Chilaw Marians Cricket Club)
RI Indika (Kalutara Town Club Under-23s)
S Indika (Galle Cricket Club)
T Indika (Galle Cricket Club, Singha Sports Club)
T Indika (Saracens Sports Club)
T Indika (Police Sports Club)
TDU Indika
BHD Indimal (Saracens Sports Club Under-23s)
Y Indrabalan (Bloomfield Cricket Academy Under-15s)
A Indrajith (Kalutara Physical Culture Centre)
K Indrajith (Moors Sports Club)
K Indrajith (Antonians Sports Club Under-23s)
AAD Indralatha (Sri Lanka Women)
S Indramal (Sinhalese Sports Club Under-23s)
KM Indrani (Sri Lanka Women)
P Indrasiri (Leo's Cricket Club)
SADU Indrasiri (Bloomfield Cricket and Athletic Club, Chilaw Marians Cricket Club, Ragama Cricket Club, Saracens Sports Club, Sri Lanka Schools)
AD Indunil (Panadura Sports Club, Sebastianites Cricket and Athletic Club)
AD Indunil (Sebastianites Cricket and Athletic Club)
AKAS Indunil (Badulla and Monaragala Combined Schools)
D Indunil (Sebastianites Cricket and Athletic Club)
KI Indunil (Debarawewa Central College)
S Indunil (Uva Province Combined Schools)
SMP Indunil (Petersons Sports Club)
WGT Indushan (Debarawewa MV College)
P Induwara (Old Anandians Sports Club Under-23s)
Y Induwara (Imperial Institute of Higher Education, Colombo)
W Inge (Up-Country XI)
I Ingleton (St Peter's College, Colombo)
CG Inglis (Ceylon, Charterhouse School, Up-Country XI)
LR Ingram (Moors Sports Club)
R Ingram (St Peter's College, Colombo)
S Ingram (Royal Institute of Colombo)
A Inham (Negombo Cricket Club Under-23s)
AA Inham (Sri Lanka Under-19s)
AA Inham (DS Senanayake College, Colombo)
CC Inman (Ceylon, Ceylon Cricket Association, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Marylebone Cricket Club)
G Inman (St Thomas' College, Mount Lavinia)
HC Inman (Dr J Rockwood's Europeans XI)
R Inman (Ceylon Schools, Mercantile Cricket Association, St Peter's College, Colombo)
RC Inman (St Thomas' College, Mount Lavinia)
D Inoshan (Trincomalee and Batticaloa Combined Schools)
LSM Inshaf (Chilaw Marians Cricket Club Under-23s)
M Inzamam (Old Vidyalaya Sports Club Under-23s)
PLU Irandika (Galle Cricket Club, Kurunegala Youth Cricket Club, Nondescripts Cricket Club, Sebastianites Cricket and Athletic Club, Sri Lanka Air Force Sports Club, Tamil Union Cricket and Athletic Club)
A Iranga (Ananda College, Colombo)
SM Irfahan (Moors Sports Club)
M Irshad (Burgher Recreation Club)
M Irshad (Nondescripts Cricket Club Under-23s)
V Irugalbandara (St Joseph's College, Colombo)
VN Iruwiman (Colombo International Nautical and Engineering College)
Isanka (Leofield Cricket Club Women)
C Isanka (Galle Cricket Club)
DHA Isanka (Sri Lanka Air Force Sports Club)
SM Ishak (Hambantota Cricket Club)
U Ishak (St Thomas' College, Mount Lavinia)
MGM Isham (Moors Sports Club)
B Ishan (Crusaders Sports Club)
N Ishan (Kurunegala Youth Cricket Club Under-23s)
P Ishan (Central College, Piliyandala)
R Ishan (Badureliya Sports Club)
RK Ishan (Chilaw Marians Cricket Club Under-23s)
A Ishanka (Sri Lanka Air Force Sports Club Under-23s)
MC Ishanka (Galle Cricket Club, Singha Sports Club)
U Ishantha (Nomads Sports Club)
J Isharaka (Colombo Cricket Club Under-23s)
J Isharaka (Saracens Sports Club Under-23s)
P Isira (Colts Cricket Club Under-23s)
TP Isira (Sri Lanka Under-19s)
M Ismail (Royal College, Colombo)
M Ismail (International Schools Combined)
T Ismail (St Joseph's College, Colombo)
M Ismath (St Thomas' College, Matara)
OL Issadeen (Central Province)
DM Isurunath (Seeduwa Raddoluwa Cricket Club Under-23s)





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