South Africa Players (E)


Eadie (Western Province Under-13s B)
D Eadie (Western Province Schools)
CR Eager (Border)
Eagle (Westerford High School)
Eagle (Natal Schools)
C Eagle (South African Universities)
C Eagle (Natal Schools)
Eaglestone (Natal Schools)
E Eaglestone (Natal)
E Eaglestone (Natal Country Districts)
G Eaglestone (Hilton College)
Eales (Orange Free State Schools)
Eales (North Eastern Transvaal Schools)
Earl (Western Province Schools)
Earle (Western Province Schools)
Earley (Cape Town Wombats)
M Eary (Eastern Province Under-19s)
M Eary (Old Grey)
East (Cape Tech-Green Point)
ES East (Orange Free State)
R East (Orange Free State Schools)
RJ East (Impalas, Orange Free State, Orange Free State B, South African Universities)
JW Easterbrook (Natal, Transvaal)
R Easthorpe (Natal Coloured Cricket Board)
T Easting (Potchefstroom University)
V Eastland (North Eastern Transvaal)
Easton (South Gauteng Under-17s)
T Easton (Northerns Under-15s, Northerns Under-17s, Northerns Under-19s)
Eaton (Western Province Schools)
C Eaton (Country Clubs)
D Eaton (Western Province Schools)
DP Eaton (Transvaal)
HJ Eaton (umpire)
J Eaton (Western Province Schools)
J Eaton (South African Schools)
J Eaton (Western Province)
P Eaton (Alma Women)
D Eayrs (Western Province)
Ebart (Garden Old Boys)
L Ebcox (Border Country Districts)
R Ebden (Victoria)
J Ebersohn (North West Rural)
W Ebersohn (West End)
W Eberson (West End)
A Ebrahim (South Africa Under-19s, Western Province Under-15s, Western Province Under-17s, Western Province Under-19s)
A Ebrahim (South African Colts XI)
A Ebrahim (Cape Cobras Cubs)
A Ebrahim (University of the Western Cape)
F Ebrahim (Western Province)
I Ebrahim (Natal, Natal, Natal B)
M Ebrahim (Natal)
M Ebrahim (Western Province)
M Ebrahim (South Africa Under-19s)
N Ebrahim (Eastern Province)
N Ebrahim (Eastern Province Under-21s)
S Ebrahim (KwaZulu-Natal Under-17s)
W Ebrahim (Boland East, Boland Under-19s, Cape Cobras Colts)
Y Ebrahim (Western Province)
Y Ebrahim (Northerns Under-13s)
T Ebrahims (scorer)
KW Eccles (Dolphins, KwaZulu-Natal)
LW Eccles (Michaelhouse)
GH Eckard (umpire)
LS Eckard (Western Province)
M Eckard (North West Under-19s)
C Eckron (Eastern Province Invitation XI)
Ecksteen (Rand Afrikaans University)
Q Ecksteen (South African Defence Force)
R Edelmann (Midlands)
V Edem (Free State Under-13s)
C Eden (Stellenbosch Scorpions)
J Eden (umpire)
KR Eden (Griqualand West)
M Eden (Vaal Reefs)
N Eden (Vaal Reefs)
S Eden (Vaal Reefs)
TA Eden (Griqualand West)
N Edgar (Brooklyn Telkonm)
T Edgar (Gauteng, South African Schools)
Edge (Eastern Province Schools)
R Edie (Middleburg)
TD Edington (Kimberley)
J Edkind (Transvaal Permlazer XI)
A Edkins (Grahamstown)
S Edkins (Kimberley)
R Edlman (Stellenbosch University)
R Edlmann (Stellenbosch University)
RE Edlmann (Leamington College, Leamington College Second XI, Midlands)
GA Edmeades (Boland, Western Province)
G Edmond (umpire)
DE Edmondson (King William's Town)
FDB Edmunds (Griqualand West)
Edney (Border)
Edwardes (Pietermaritzburg)
Edwards (Cape Mounted Rifles)
Edwards (Western Province Under-15s B)
Edwards (Northern Transvaal Schools)
Edwards (Border Country Districts)
Edwards (Natal Under-13s)
Edwards (Nedfin XI)
A Edwards (Green Point)
AC Edwards (Europeans, Orange Free State)
B Edwards (Western Province Under-13s)
B Edwards (University of the Western Cape)
D Edwards (Orange Free State Country Districts)
D Edwards (umpire)
D Edwards (Western Province Under-13s)
DN Edwards (Northern Transvaal, Northern Transvaal B, Transvaal B)
FH Edwards (South Africa Army)
J Edwards (Eastern Province)
J Edwards (Midlands)
J Edwards (Griqualand West Under-13s)
J Edwards (Easterns Under-13s)
J Edwards (Natal Schools)
JA Edwards (Natal Under-24s)
JM Edwards (Potchefstroom)
LJ Edwards (Border Schools)
M Edwards (Fish Hoek)
N Edwards (Transvaal)
N Edwards (Border Schools)
NH Edwards (Border)
P Edwards (Techs-Mutual)
P Edwards (Techs)
RA Edwards (North Eastern Transvaal)
S Edwards (South Africa Women, Swallows)
W Edwards (Midlands)
W Edwards (Border XI)
W Edwards (Cape Town, Western Province Under-19s)
WE Edwards (umpire)
WW Edwards (Johannesburg, Natal)
Edwee (Durbanville)
J Edy (Hilton College, KwaZulu-Natal Coastal Under-15s, KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-15s, KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-17s, KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-19s, KwaZulu-Natal Under-13s)
P Edye (North Eastern Transvaal Schools)
I Egan (Southern Transvaal Women)
W Egmond (Western Province Universities)
B Ehlers (Northwood Crusaders)
G Ehlers (Mpumalanga Under-13s)
K Ehlers
J Ehlert (Griqualand West)
M Ehlert (Northern Transvaal Under-13s)
K Ehrenreich (University of the Western Cape, Wynberg Boys High School)
BW Ehret (Transvaal, Transvaal B)
D Ehrke (Green Point)
JA Ehrke (Border, Border B)
C Eichstadt (Border Women)
EL Eichstadt (Eastern Province)
J Eichstadt (Border Schools)
TC Eichstadt (Orange Free State)
Eigin (Rhodesia Country Districts)
C Ekron (University of Cape Town)
C Ekron (Rondebosch)
CE Eksteen (Gauteng, Northern Transvaal B, South Africa, South African Defence Force, South African Universities, Transvaal, Transvaal B)
CE Eksteen (Easterns Women, South Africa Women)
L Eksteen (Boland Under-13s, Boland Under-17s)
M Eksteen (Western Province Under-13s, Western Province Under-15s)
S Eksteen (South Western Districts Under-13s, South Western Districts Under-15s, South Western Districts Under-17s, South Western Districts Under-19s)
T Eksteen (Black Batts)
T Eksteen (Eastern Province Schools)
WN Eksteen (umpire)
D Ekstraal (South Western Districts)
W Ekstraal (South Western Districts Under-15s, South Western Districts Under-17s, South Western Districts Under-19s, St Augustine's, Union Stars, Western Province Academy)
M Ekstrom (Cape Town)
M Ekstrom (Western Province Under-17s)
M Ekström (Cape Town, Western Province Under-13s, Western Province Under-15s, Wynberg Boys High School)
AP Eland (Griqualand West)
A Elembi (Border Under-13s, Border Under-15s, Border Under-17s, Border Under-19s)
A Elembi (Border Aloes)
A Elembie (Border Aloes)
M Elferink (Eastern Province Settlers Schools)
PL Elffers (umpire)
Elgar (Western Province XI)
A Elgar (Western Province Schools)
AG Elgar (Boland, Boland B, Impalas, Northern Transvaal B, Western Province, Western Province B)
D Elgar (Eagles, Free State, Knights, Northerns, Somerset, South Africa, Surrey, Titans)
D Elgar (KwaZulu-Natal Coastal Under-13s)
RC Elgar (Orange Free State)
MK Elgie (Natal, South Africa)
P Elgin (Rhodesia Country Districts)
T Eli (Primrose)
AEA Eliot (Griqualand West)
G Eliot (Griqualand West, Kimberley)
ZW Elkin (Cardiff Marylebone Cricket Club University)
Elkon (Orange Free State Schools)
D Elkon (Orange Free State Schools)
Ellacombe (AD Nourse's XI)
Ellery (scorer)
V Ellery (Natal)
Elliot (Rorke's Drift Garrison)
Elliot (Gauteng Under-18s)
Elliot (University of Port Elizabeth)
C Elliot (St Augustine's)
D Elliot (Border Under-13s)
D Elliot (Eastern Province Schools)
G Elliot (Transvaal Under-13s)
G Elliot (Alma Marist, Almar)
JD Elliot (Michaelhouse)
N Elliot (KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-15s, KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-17s, KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-19s, Michaelhouse, Mpumalanga Under-15s)
P Elliot (Wanderers)
R Elliot (Standard Cricket Club)
Elliott (Border)
Elliott (University of Port Elizabeth)
CG Elliott (Port Elizabeth)
D Elliott (Eastern Province, Eastern Province B)
DG Elliott (Rhodesia)
R Elliott (Transvaal Under-13s)
R Elliott (Orange Free State Schools)
RK Elliot-Wilson (Border)
Ellis (Western Province)
Ellis (Pietermaritzburg)
Ellis (Geoff Robertson's XI)
Ellis (South Western Districts)
AG Ellis (Transvaal B)
C Ellis (Border Under-17s, Border Under-19s)
C Ellis (Claremont)
C Ellis (Constantia)
D Ellis (Griqualand West, Orange Free State)
D Ellis (Transvaal)
D Ellis (umpire)
JB Ellis (Mother Country)
JD Ellis (King William's Town)
JR Ellis (Natal, Transvaal)
M Ellis (North West Under-19s)
PT Ellis (Orange Free State)
R Ellis (umpire)
R Ellis (Northern Transvaal Under-23s)
RA Ellis (Orange Free State Country Districts)
RH Ellis (Groot Drakenstein)
S Ellis (Transvaal Under-18s)
S Ellis (Kempton Park)
Z Ellis (Free State Under-13s)
A Ellis-Cole (Gauteng Under-13s, Gauteng Under-15s, Gauteng Under-17s)
Ellison (Griqualand West Schools)
E Ellison (Northern Natal)
GE Ellison (Northern Natal)
S Ellisse (Griqualand West Schools)
J Ellman (South Western Districts)
HL Eloff (Gauteng South Defence Force)
J Eloff (Free State Under-18s B)
E Elonja (KwaZulu-Natal Inland Women)
G Elphick (Techs, Western Province Academy)
G Elphick (Natal Under-19s)
T Elpinstone (Limpopo Under-17s)
Els (Rand Afrikaans University)
A Els (Eastern Province Women)
G Els (Limpopo, Limpopo Under-19s)
H Els (scorer)
J Els (North West Under-19s)
K Els (Gauteng Women)
L Els (Rand Afrikaans University)
S Els (Griqualand West Women)
S Els (Border Under-13s)
SJD Els (Border)
T Els (South African Country Districts)
W Els (Border, Eastern Province)
W Els (University of Port Elizabeth)
Z Els (Easterns Under-15s)
J Else (Mpumalanga, Mpumalanga Under-17s, Mpumalanga Under-19s)
M Elsie (Mpumalanga Women)
Elsworth (Middle Rhodesia)
S Elsworthy (Transvaal Under-23s)
CH Elton (umpire)
FW Elworthy (Transvaal)
S Elworthy (Lancashire, Northern Transvaal, Northern Transvaal B, Northerns, Nottinghamshire, South Africa, South African Defence Force, Transvaal B)
Emandien (South African Senior Schools Sports Association)
F Emandien (Primrose)
G Emanuel (Natal University)
E Emary (Stellenbosch University)
FE Emary (South African Universities, Western Province)
B Emberton (umpire)
Emelie (Rhodes University)
D Emelie (Rhodes University)
N Emelie (Rhodes University)
D Emelle (Rhodes University)
N Emelle (Rhodes University)
A Emerson (umpire)
A Emiljo (Eastern Province Under-15s, Eastern Province Under-17s)
A Emiljo (Warriors Academy)
B Emmanuel (umpire)
A Emmerson (umpire)
T Emmerson (umpire)
N Emmett (Old Grey)
D Emsley (Western Province Willows)
Emslie (Eastern Province Country Districts)
Emslie (Eastern Province Country Districts)
Emslie (Border Women)
Emslie (Border Under-23s)
Emslie (Border Under-23s)
A Emslie (Old Selbornians)
A Emslie (Border Under-23s)
B Emslie (Eastern Province Grahamstown)
C Emslie (South Gauteng Under-15s)
C Emslie (Southern Transvaal Women)
D Emslie (Pinelands)
D Emslie (Eastern Province Country Districts)
D Emslie (Rhodes University)
DG Emslie (Eastern Province, Eastern Province B)
EAN Emslie (Border, Eastern Province Country Districts)
HF Emslie (Orange Free State)
HG Emslie (Eastern Province)
N Emslie (Rhodes University)
OD Emslie (Orange Free State, Transvaal B)
P Emslie (Old Selbornians)
PAN Emslie (Border, Border B)
Endean (Government House)
WR Endean (Marylebone Cricket Club, South Africa, Transvaal)
Z Endinbury (Eastern Province Under-16s)
C Engel (Western Province Under-13s)
Engelbrecht (Griqualand West Under-15s)
Engelbrecht (Boland Under-13s)
Engelbrecht (Eastern Province Country Districts)
Engelbrecht (Orange Free State Country Districts)
Engelbrecht (Rand Afrikaans University)
Engelbrecht (Western Province Schools)
Engelbrecht (Western Transvaal)
B Engelbrecht (Griqualand West Under-13s, Griqualand West Under-15s, Griqualand West Under-17s)
B Engelbrecht (Northern Cape Under-15s)
B Engelbrecht (Paarl Gimnasium)
F Engelbrecht (Avion)
H Engelbrecht (Northern Transvaal B, Transvaal B, Western Transvaal)
H Engelbrecht (Menlo Park)
H Engelbrecht (Limpopo Under-13s)
H Engelbrecht (umpire)
J Engelbrecht (umpire)
J Engelbrecht (Gauteng Women)
J Engelbrecht (Boland Under-13s)
J Engelbrecht (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University)
J Engelbrecht (Stellenbosch University)
K Engelbrecht (Southern Cape)
LM Engelbrecht (umpire)
M Engelbrecht (Border Under-13s)
M Engelbrecht (scorer)
M Engelbrecht (Alma Marist, South African Country Districts Under-18s)
M Engelbrecht (Burma Lads, West End)
R Engelbrecht (Griqualand West)
R Engelbrecht (Easterns Under-13s)
R Engelbrecht (Northerns Women)
RD Engelbrecht (Griqualand West)
RJ Engelbrecht (Boland, Dolphins, KwaZulu-Natal)
S Engelbrecht (umpire)
S Engelbrecht (Cape Town)
SA Engelbrecht (Cape Cobras, Northerns, South Western Districts, Western Province)
W Engelbrecht (Southern Transvaal Country Districts)
W Engelbrecht (Western Province Under-17s)
W Engelbrecht (Krugersdorp High School Old Students)
W Engelbrecht (Bellville)
Engeldoe (Boland)
A Engelhof (Western Province Under-15s)
Engelke (Rand Afrikaans University)
Engelke (Rand Afrikaans University)
J Engelke (Rand Afrikaans University)
JM Engelke (Gauteng, Hertfordshire, Transvaal B)
Engels (South Western Districts)
J Engels (West Coast)
S Engels (Northern Transvaal Country Districts)
S Engels (umpire)
EC Engelsman (Griqualand West)
H Englebrecht (Transvaal Under-23s)
LM Englebrecht (umpire)
T Englebrecht (scorer)
C Engledow (South African Defence Force)
J Engleke (Gauteng)
English (Johannesburg)
A English (Colonial Born)
CR English (Griqualand West)
CV English (Boland, Griqualand West, Scotland, Western Province, Western Province B)
G English (Griqualand West Schools)
M English (Kimberley Boys High School)
W English (Colonial Born)
JV Ennor (Griqualand West)
M Enos (Montrose)
W Enos (Montrose, Old Mutual, Western Province Under-19s)
W Enos (Ottomans)
P Enright (Boland Women, Western Province Women)
Enslin (Potchefstroom University)
AP Enslin (Easterns Under-15s)
CT Enslin (North West, Western Transvaal)
D Enslin (Southern Cape)
D Enslin (Northern Province Under-15s)
E Enslin (Limpopo Women)
H Enslin (Griqualand West Under-17s)
J Enslin (Old Mutual)
M Enslin (Limpopo Under-15s, Tuks)
M Enslin (Easterns Under-19s)
T Enslin (Limpopo Under-13s)
T Enslin (Potchefstroom University)
W Enwee (Southern Cape)
C Ephraim (Glamorgan, Kuils River)
T Eprhaim (umpire)
Erasmus (Boland Under-13s)
Erasmus (Rand Afrikaans University)
Erasmus (Boland)
Erasmus (Rhodes University)
Erasmus (Transvaal Schools)
Erasmus (Orange Free State Schools)
Erasmus (Border Schools)
Erasmus (South Western Districts)
Erasmus (Potchefstroom University)
A Erasmus (Impala Mine, North West University)
A Erasmus (Fish Hoek)
AF Erasmus (North West)
AP Erasmus (Cape Town)
B Erasmus (Boland East)
B Erasmus (South Western Districts Under-13s)
B Erasmus (Northern Transvaal Under-13s, Northerns Under-19s, Pretoria University)
B Erasmus (Transvaal Permanent Bank XI)
B Erasmus (Eastern Transvaal Under-13s)
B Erasmus (Cape Cobras Colts)
C Erasmus (North West Under-15s)
C Erasmus (Boland Under-17s)
CN Erasmus (Northern Cape Under-13s)
D Erasmus (Gauteng Rural)
D Erasmus (North West University Vaal Triangle Campus)
D Erasmus (South Western Districts Coloured Cricket Union)
D Erasmus (Northern Transvaal Schools, Northern Transvaal Under-13s)
DN Erasmus (Griqualand West)
F Erasmus (Easterns, Transvaal B, Western Transvaal)
F Erasmus (KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-13s)
F Erasmus (Rand Afrikaans University)
G Erasmus (South African Schools)
G Erasmus (Stellenbosch University)
G Erasmus (Rand Afrikaans University)
G Erasmus (Transvaal Schools)
H Erasmus (scorer)
H Erasmus (North West Women)
H Erasmus (Impalas)
HA Erasmus (Impalas)
I Erasmus (Griqualand West Under-13s)
J Erasmus (Menlo Park)
J Erasmus (Easterns Under-19s)
J Erasmus (Boland West)
J Erasmus (scorer)
J Erasmus (Christian Brothers College, Boksburg Old Boys)
J Erasmus (South Africa Blind)
JF Erasmus (umpire)
JG Erasmus (Northerns Under-15s)
K Erasmus (Mpumalanga)
K Erasmus (scorer)
L Erasmus (Free State Women, North West Women)
M Erasmus (Boland, Boland B, Impalas)
M Erasmus (Boland Under-13s)
M Erasmus (Eastern Province Women)
M Erasmus (Gauteng Under-13s, Gauteng Under-15s)
M Erasmus (Northerns Under-13s)
M Erasmus (Griqualand West Rural)
M Erasmus (St Stithians College)
M Erasmus (South Africa Women's Invitation XI)
M Erasmus (Brackenfell)
N Erasmus (umpire)
N Erasmus (South Africa Blind)
OJ Erasmus (Boland)
P Erasmus (South African Country Districts)
P Erasmus (Impalas)
P Erasmus (Durbanville)
P Erasmus (North West Rural)
P Erasmus (Free State Rural)
P Erasmus (umpire)
R Erasmus (Impalas)
S Erasmus (Limpopo Under-13s)
W Erasmus (Northerns Under-13s)
W Erasmus (North West Under-13s, North West Under-15s, North West Under-19s)
W Erasmus (MV Boucher's XI)
J Erendsen (Glamorgan)
J Erentzen (St Augustine's)
B Ericksen (South Africa Coloureds)
A Erickson (Avendale)
D Erickson (Western Province Colts)
D Erickson (Avendale)
T Ericsen-Miller (Old Selbornians)
E Erlank (Griqualand West Under-21s)
G Erlank (Griqualand West Under-21s)
GK Erlank (Griqualand West)
H Erlank (Free State Under-15s)
MN Erlank (Free State, Knights)
S Ernst (Northerns Under-19s)
U Ernstzen (Boland Academy, Boland Under-18s, Paarl)
N Ersamus (South Africa Blind)
Ervine (Rhodesia Country Districts)
NB Ervine (Rhodesia B)
RM Ervine (Rhodesia B)
SJ Erwee (Dolphins, KwaZulu-Natal, KwaZulu-Natal Inland)
A Erxleben (Gauteng Women)
B Esau (South Western Districts Under-13s, South Western Districts Under-15s)
C Esau (Eastern Province Under-18s)
G Esau (South Western Districts Under-13s, South Western Districts Under-17s)
LO Esau (Eastern Province Women)
R Esau (Eastern Province Under-15s, Eastern Province Under-19s, Port Elizabeth, United)
J Esbach (Free State Under-13s B)
Escombe (Durban)
B Escott (Wanderers)
A Eshmade (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University George)
W Espey (Bergvliet High School)
JG Espinasse (Orange Free State)
TJ Espitalier (umpire)
B Ess (South African Country Districts)
S Ess (Boland Under-23s)
T Essack (Dolphins, KwaZulu-Natal)
K Essel-Mensah (Northerns Under-15s)
A Essers (Natal University)
L Essers (Natal University)
L Essery (Hilton College)
H Essop (KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-19s)
I Essop (Gauteng Under-13s)
Estcourt (Rhodes University)
N Estcourt (Rhodes University)
Esterhuizen (Boland Under-18s)
Esterhuizen (Potchefstroom University)
A Esterhuizen (scorer)
A Esterhuizen (Western Province Colts)
B Esterhuizen (Border B, Border Country Districts)
B Esterhuizen (umpire)
C Esterhuizen (Western Province Women)
C Esterhuizen (South Western Districts Under-15s, South Western Districts Under-17s)
C Esterhuizen (Camps Bay)
D Esterhuizen (Transvaal, Transvaal B)
E Esterhuizen (Bellville)
F Esterhuizen (Stellenbosch University)
G Esterhuizen (umpire)
J Esterhuizen (Northerns Under-13s, Northerns Under-15s)
L Esterhuizen (Natal)
L Esterhuizen (Boland Women, West Coast Women)
L Esterhuizen (Tygerberg)
N Esterhuizen (Potchefstroom University)
T Esterhuizen (Oakdale)
T Esterhuizen (Worcester)
T Esterhuizen (Potchefstroom University)
V Esterhuizen (Limpopo, Limpopo Under-17s, Limpopo Under-19s)
W Esterhuizen (Bellville)
B Esterhuren (umpire)
Esterhuyse (Boland Under-15s, Boland Under-18s)
L Esterhuyse (Boland Under-19s Women)
S Esterhuyse (South Western Districts Women)
W Esterhuyse (Boland Under-13s)
W Esterhuyse (Bellville)
BD Esterhuysen (North West, Western Transvaal)
E Esterhuysen (Bellville)
A Estrebeth (umpire)
Etienne (Garden Old Boys)
TE Etlinger (Natal, Western Province)
A Etsebeth (umpire)
V Etsebeth (umpire)
W Euley (Boland, Cape Cobras, Western Province, Western Province Boland)
W Euley (Western Province Cricket Association President's XI)
Eustace (Transvaal Under-15s B)
M Eustace (Transvaal Under-15s B)
J Eustice (KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-19s)
R Eustice (Transvaal)
R Eustice (Transvaal Schools)
A Evans (Griqualand West)
AR Evans (Orange Free State)
D Evans (Witwatersrand University)
DHL Evans (Rhodesia)
G Evans (South African Country Districts Second XI)
G Evans (Eastern Province Grahamstown)
HKS Evans (Rhodesia)
I Evans (Old Mutual, St Augustine's, Western Province Under-17s, Western Province Under-19s)
J Evans (umpire)
JR Evans (Michaelhouse)
L Evans (Western Province Schools)
LLM Evans (Western Province)
M Evans (umpire)
N Evans (South Africa Under-17s)
QMS Evans (umpire)
RA Evans (Griqualand West)
RJ Evans (Border)
RM Evans (Transvaal and Natal Schoolboys)
S Evans (KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-19s)
S Evans (Natal Schools)
EF Eveleigh (umpire)
D Evenden (Southern Transvaal Women)
D Evenden (Southern Transvaal Women)
G Everard (Eastern Province Under-15s)
S Everett (Combined Provinces Women)
LS Everington (umpire)
S Everitt (Natal Women)
S Everitt (Scottburgh Invitation XI)
G Evert (Free State Rural)
SJ Evert (Griqualand West)
D Everton (umpire)
Everts (South Western Districts)
E Everts (University of the Western Cape)
A Evlambiou (Pirates, Rand Afrikaans University, University of Johannesburg)
P Ewer (umpire)
B Ewerts (South Western Districts Under-19s)
ED Ewerts (South Western Districts)
I Ewing (Eastern Province Schools)
D Eygelaar (Limpopo Under-17s)
P Eyre (Western Province Schools)
R Eyre (Cape Mounted Rifles)
M Ezekowitz (South African Universities)





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