South Africa Players (E)


D Eadie (Western Province Schools)
CR Eager (Border)
Eagle (Westerford High School)
C Eagle (South African Universities)
E Eaglestone (Natal)
E Eaglestone (Natal Country Districts)
G Eaglestone (Hilton College)
Eales (Orange Free State Schools)
Earley (Cape Town Wombats)
M Eary (Eastern Province Under-19s)
M Eary (Old Grey)
East (Cape Tech-Green Point)
ES East (Orange Free State)
R East (Orange Free State Schools)
RJ East (Impalas, Orange Free State, Orange Free State B, South African Universities)
JW Easterbrook (Natal, Transvaal)
R Easthorpe (Natal Coloured Cricket Board)
T Easting (Potchefstroom University)
V Eastland (North Eastern Transvaal)
Easton (South Gauteng Under-17s)
T Easton (Northerns Under-15s, Northerns Under-17s, Northerns Under-19s)
C Eaton (Country Clubs)
DP Eaton (Transvaal)
HJ Eaton (umpire)
J Eaton (Western Province Schools)
P Eaton (Alma Women)
D Eayrs (Western Province)
Ebart (Garden Old Boys)
L Ebcox (Border Country Districts)
R Ebden (Victoria)
J Ebersohn (North West Rural)
A Ebrahim (South Africa Under-19s, Western Province Under-15s, Western Province Under-17s, Western Province Under-19s)
A Ebrahim (South African Colts XI)
A Ebrahim (Cape Cobras Cubs)
A Ebrahim (University of the Western Cape)
F Ebrahim (Western Province)
I Ebrahim (Natal, Natal, Natal B)
M Ebrahim (Natal)
M Ebrahim (Western Province)
M Ebrahim (South Africa Under-19s)
N Ebrahim (Eastern Province)
N Ebrahim (Eastern Province Under-21s)
S Ebrahim (KwaZulu-Natal Under-17s)
W Ebrahim (Boland East, Boland Under-19s, Cape Cobras Colts)
Y Ebrahim (Western Province)
Y Ebrahim (Northerns Under-13s)
T Ebrahims (scorer)
KW Eccles (Dolphins, KwaZulu-Natal)
LW Eccles (Michaelhouse)
GH Eckard (umpire)
LS Eckard (Western Province)
M Eckard (North West Under-19s)
C Eckron (Eastern Province Invitation XI)
Q Ecksteen (South African Defence Force)
R Edelmann (Midlands)
V Edem (Free State Under-13s)
C Eden (Stellenbosch Scorpions)
J Eden (umpire)
KR Eden (Griqualand West)
M Eden (Vaal Reefs)
N Eden (Vaal Reefs)
S Eden (Vaal Reefs)
TA Eden (Griqualand West)
N Edgar (Brooklyn Telkonm)
T Edgar (Gauteng, South African Schools)
Edge (Eastern Province Schools)
R Edie (Middleburg)
TD Edington (Kimberley)
J Edkind (Transvaal Permlazer XI)
A Edkins (Grahamstown)
S Edkins (Kimberley)
RE Edlmann (Leamington College, Leamington College Second XI, Midlands)
GA Edmeades (Boland, Western Province)
G Edmond (umpire)
DE Edmondson (King William's Town)
FDB Edmunds (Griqualand West)
Edney (Border)
Edwardes (Pietermaritzburg)
Edwards (Cape Mounted Rifles)
Edwards (Western Province Under-15s B)
Edwards (Northern Transvaal Schools)
Edwards (Border Country Districts)
A Edwards (Green Point)
AC Edwards (Europeans, Orange Free State)
B Edwards (Western Province Under-13s)
B Edwards (University of the Western Cape)
D Edwards (Orange Free State Country Districts)
D Edwards (umpire)
D Edwards (Western Province Under-13s)
DN Edwards (Northern Transvaal, Northern Transvaal B, Transvaal B)
FH Edwards (South Africa Army)
J Edwards (Eastern Province)
J Edwards (Midlands)
J Edwards (Griqualand West Under-13s)
J Edwards (Easterns Under-13s)
JA Edwards (Natal Under-24s)
JM Edwards (Potchefstroom)
M Edwards (Fish Hoek)
N Edwards (Transvaal)
N Edwards (Border Schools)
NH Edwards (Border)
P Edwards (Techs-Mutual)
P Edwards (Techs)
RA Edwards (North Eastern Transvaal)
S Edwards (South Africa Women)
S Edwards (Swallows)
S Edwards (EWA Hurly's XI)
W Edwards (Midlands)
W Edwards (Border XI)
W Edwards (Cape Town, Western Province Under-19s)
WE Edwards (umpire)
WW Edwards (Johannesburg, Natal)
Edwee (Durbanville)
J Edy (Hilton College, KwaZulu-Natal Coastal Under-15s, KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-15s, KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-17s, KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-19s, KwaZulu-Natal Under-13s)
P Edye (North Eastern Transvaal Schools)
Egan (Southern Transvaal Women)
I Egan (Southern Transvaal Women)
W Egmond (Western Province Universities)
B Ehlers (Northwood Crusaders)
G Ehlers (Mpumalanga Under-13s)
K Ehlers
J Ehlert (Griqualand West)
M Ehlert (Northern Transvaal Under-13s)
K Ehrenreich (University of the Western Cape, Wynberg Boys High School)
BW Ehret (Transvaal, Transvaal B)
D Ehrke (Green Point)
JA Ehrke (Border, Border B)
C Eichstadt (Border Women)
EL Eichstadt (Eastern Province)
J Eichstadt (Border Schools)
TC Eichstadt (Orange Free State)
Eigin (Rhodesia Country Districts)
C Ekron (University of Cape Town)
C Ekron (Rondebosch)
CE Eksteen (Gauteng, Northern Transvaal B, South Africa, South African Defence Force, South African Universities, Transvaal, Transvaal B)
CE Eksteen (Easterns Women, South Africa Women)
L Eksteen (Boland Under-13s, Boland Under-17s)
M Eksteen (Western Province Under-13s, Western Province Under-15s)
S Eksteen (South Western Districts Under-13s, South Western Districts Under-15s, South Western Districts Under-17s, South Western Districts Under-19s)
T Eksteen (Black Batts)
WN Eksteen (umpire)
D Ekstraal (South Western Districts)
W Ekstraal (South Western Districts Under-15s, South Western Districts Under-17s, South Western Districts Under-19s, St Augustine's, Union Stars, Western Province Academy)
M Ekstrom (Cape Town)
M Ekstrom (Western Province Under-17s)
M Ekström (Cape Town, Western Province Under-13s, Western Province Under-15s, Wynberg Boys High School)
AP Eland (Griqualand West)
A Elembi (Border Under-13s, Border Under-15s, Border Under-17s, Border Under-19s)
A Elembi (Border Aloes)
A Elembie (Border Aloes)
M Elferink (Eastern Province Settlers Schools)
PL Elffers (umpire)
Elgar (Western Province XI)
A Elgar (Western Province Schools)
AG Elgar (Boland, Boland B, Impalas, Northern Transvaal B, Western Province, Western Province B)
D Elgar (Eagles, Free State, Knights, Northerns, Somerset, South Africa, Surrey, Titans)
D Elgar (KwaZulu-Natal Coastal Under-13s)
RC Elgar (Orange Free State)
MK Elgie (Natal, South Africa)
P Elgin (Rhodesia Country Districts)
T Eli (Primrose)
AEA Eliot (Griqualand West)
G Eliot (Griqualand West, Kimberley)
ZW Elkin (Cardiff Marylebone Cricket Club University)
Elkon (Orange Free State Schools)
D Elkon (Orange Free State Schools)
Ellery (scorer)
V Ellery (Natal)
Elliot (Rorke's Drift Garrison)
Elliot (Gauteng Under-18s)
C Elliot (St Augustine's)
D Elliot (Border Under-13s)
D Elliot (Eastern Province Schools)
G Elliot (Transvaal Under-13s)
G Elliot (Alma Marist, Almar)
JD Elliot (Michaelhouse)
N Elliot (KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-15s, KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-17s, KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-19s, Michaelhouse, Mpumalanga Under-15s)
P Elliot (Wanderers)
R Elliot (Standard Cricket Club)
Elliott (Border)
CG Elliott (Port Elizabeth)
D Elliott (Eastern Province, Eastern Province B)
DG Elliott (Rhodesia)
R Elliott (Transvaal Under-13s)
R Elliott (Orange Free State Schools)
RK Elliot-Wilson (Border)
Ellis (Western Province)
Ellis (Pietermaritzburg)
AG Ellis (Transvaal B)
C Ellis (Border Under-17s, Border Under-19s)
C Ellis (Claremont)
C Ellis (Constantia)
D Ellis (Griqualand West, Orange Free State)
D Ellis (Transvaal)
D Ellis (umpire)
JB Ellis (Mother Country)
JD Ellis (King William's Town)
JR Ellis (Natal, Transvaal)
M Ellis (North West Under-19s)
PT Ellis (Orange Free State)
R Ellis (umpire)
R Ellis (Northern Transvaal Under-23s)
RA Ellis (Orange Free State Country Districts)
RH Ellis (Groot Drakenstein)
S Ellis (Transvaal Under-18s)
S Ellis (Kempton Park)
Z Ellis (Free State Under-13s)
A Ellis-Cole (Gauteng Under-13s, Gauteng Under-15s, Gauteng Under-17s)
E Ellison (Northern Natal)
GE Ellison (Northern Natal)
S Ellisse (Griqualand West Schools)
J Ellman (South Western Districts)
HL Eloff (Gauteng South Defence Force)
J Eloff (Free State Under-18s B)
E Elonja (KwaZulu-Natal Inland Women)
G Elphick (Techs, Western Province Academy)
G Elphick (Natal Under-19s)
T Elpinstone (Limpopo Under-17s)
Els (Rand Afrikaans University)
A Els (Eastern Province Women)
G Els (Limpopo, Limpopo Under-19s)
H Els (scorer)
J Els (North West Under-19s)
K Els (Gauteng Women)
L Els (Rand Afrikaans University)
S Els (Griqualand West Women)
S Els (Border Under-13s)
SJD Els (Border)
T Els (South African Country Districts)
W Els (Border, Eastern Province)
W Els (University of Port Elizabeth)
Z Els (Easterns Under-15s)
J Else (Mpumalanga, Mpumalanga Under-17s, Mpumalanga Under-19s)
M Elsie (Mpumalanga Women)
Elsworth (Middle Rhodesia)
CH Elton (umpire)
FW Elworthy (Transvaal)
S Elworthy (Lancashire, Northern Transvaal, Northern Transvaal B, Northerns, Nottinghamshire, South Africa, South African Defence Force, Transvaal B)
F Emandien (Primrose)
FE Emary (South African Universities, Western Province)
B Emberton (umpire)
A Emerson (umpire)
A Emiljo (Eastern Province Under-15s, Eastern Province Under-17s)
B Emmanuel (umpire)
A Emmerson (umpire)
T Emmerson (umpire)
N Emmett (Old Grey)
D Emsley (Western Province Willows)
Emslie (Eastern Province Country Districts)
Emslie (Eastern Province Country Districts)
Emslie (Border Women)
A Emslie (Old Selbornians)
B Emslie (Eastern Province Grahamstown)
C Emslie (South Gauteng Under-15s)
C Emslie (Southern Transvaal Women)
D Emslie (Pinelands)
D Emslie (Eastern Province Country Districts)
DG Emslie (Eastern Province, Eastern Province B)
EAN Emslie (Border, Eastern Province Country Districts)
HF Emslie (Orange Free State)
HG Emslie (Eastern Province)
OD Emslie (Orange Free State, Transvaal B)
P Emslie (Old Selbornians)
PAN Emslie (Border, Border B)
WR Endean (Marylebone Cricket Club, South Africa, Transvaal)
C Engel (Western Province Under-13s)
Engelbrecht (Griqualand West Under-15s)
Engelbrecht (Eastern Province Country Districts)
Engelbrecht (Orange Free State Country Districts)
B Engelbrecht (Griqualand West Under-13s, Griqualand West Under-15s, Griqualand West Under-17s)
B Engelbrecht (Northern Cape Under-15s)
B Engelbrecht (Paarl Gimnasium)
F Engelbrecht (Avion)
H Engelbrecht (Northern Transvaal B, Transvaal B, Western Transvaal)
H Engelbrecht (Menlo Park)
H Engelbrecht (Limpopo Under-13s)
H Engelbrecht (umpire)
J Engelbrecht (umpire)
J Engelbrecht (Gauteng Women)
J Engelbrecht (Boland Under-13s)
J Engelbrecht (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University)
J Engelbrecht (Stellenbosch University)
K Engelbrecht (Southern Cape)
LM Engelbrecht (umpire)
M Engelbrecht (Border Under-13s)
M Engelbrecht (scorer)
M Engelbrecht (Alma Marist, South African Country Districts Under-18s)
M Engelbrecht (Burma Lads, West End)
R Engelbrecht (Griqualand West)
R Engelbrecht (Easterns Under-13s)
R Engelbrecht (Northerns Women)
RD Engelbrecht (Griqualand West)
RJ Engelbrecht (Boland, Dolphins, KwaZulu-Natal)
S Engelbrecht (umpire)
S Engelbrecht (Cape Town)
SA Engelbrecht (Cape Cobras, Northerns, South Western Districts, Western Province)
W Engelbrecht (Southern Transvaal Country Districts)
W Engelbrecht (Western Province Under-17s)
W Engelbrecht (Krugersdorp High School Old Students)
W Engelbrecht (Bellville)
A Engelhof (Western Province Under-15s)
Engelke (Rand Afrikaans University)
J Engelke (Rand Afrikaans University)
JM Engelke (Gauteng, Hertfordshire, Transvaal B)
Engels (South Western Districts)
J Engels (West Coast)
S Engels (Northern Transvaal Country Districts)
S Engels (umpire)
EC Engelsman (Griqualand West)
LM Englebrecht (umpire)
T Englebrecht (scorer)
C Engledow (South African Defence Force)
J Engleke (Gauteng)
English (Johannesburg)
A English (Colonial Born)
CR English (Griqualand West)
CV English (Boland, Griqualand West, Scotland, Western Province, Western Province B)
M English (Kimberley Boys High School)
W English (Colonial Born)
JV Ennor (Griqualand West)
M Enos (Montrose)
W Enos (Montrose, Old Mutual, Western Province Under-19s)
W Enos (Ottomans)
P Enright (Boland Women, Western Province Women)
Enslin (Potchefstroom University)
AP Enslin (Easterns Under-15s)
CT Enslin (North West, Western Transvaal)
D Enslin (Southern Cape)
D Enslin (Northern Province Under-15s)
E Enslin (Limpopo Women)
H Enslin (Griqualand West Under-17s)
J Enslin (Old Mutual)
M Enslin (Limpopo Under-15s, Tuks)
M Enslin (Easterns Under-19s)
T Enslin (Limpopo Under-13s)
T Enslin (Potchefstroom University)
W Enwee (Southern Cape)
C Ephraim (Glamorgan, Kuils River)
T Eprhaim (umpire)
Erasmus (Rand Afrikaans University)
Erasmus (Transvaal Schools)
A Erasmus (Impala Mine, North West University)
A Erasmus (Fish Hoek)
AF Erasmus (North West)
AP Erasmus (Cape Town)
B Erasmus (Boland East)
B Erasmus (South Western Districts Under-13s)
B Erasmus (Northern Transvaal Under-13s, Northerns Under-19s, Pretoria University)
B Erasmus (Transvaal Permanent Bank XI)
B Erasmus (Eastern Transvaal Under-13s)
B Erasmus (Cape Cobras Colts)
C Erasmus (North West Under-15s)
C Erasmus (Boland Under-17s)
CN Erasmus (Northern Cape Under-13s)
D Erasmus (Gauteng Rural)
D Erasmus (North West University Vaal Triangle Campus)
D Erasmus (South Western Districts Coloured Cricket Union)
DN Erasmus (Griqualand West)
F Erasmus (Easterns, Transvaal B, Western Transvaal)
F Erasmus (KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-13s)
F Erasmus (Rand Afrikaans University)
G Erasmus (South African Schools)
G Erasmus (Stellenbosch University)
G Erasmus (Rand Afrikaans University)
G Erasmus (Transvaal Schools)
H Erasmus (scorer)
H Erasmus (North West Women)
H Erasmus (Impalas)
HA Erasmus (Impalas)
I Erasmus (Griqualand West Under-13s)
J Erasmus (Menlo Park)
J Erasmus (Easterns Under-19s)
J Erasmus (Boland West)
J Erasmus (scorer)
J Erasmus (Christian Brothers College, Boksburg Old Boys)
J Erasmus (South Africa Blind)
JF Erasmus (umpire)
JG Erasmus (Northerns Under-15s)
K Erasmus (Mpumalanga)
K Erasmus (scorer)
L Erasmus (Free State Women, North West Women)
M Erasmus (Boland, Boland B, Impalas)
M Erasmus (Boland Under-13s)
M Erasmus (Eastern Province Women)
M Erasmus (Gauteng Under-13s, Gauteng Under-15s)
M Erasmus (Northerns Under-13s)
M Erasmus (Griqualand West Rural)
M Erasmus (St Stithians College)
M Erasmus (South Africa Women's Invitation XI)
N Erasmus (umpire)
N Erasmus (South Africa Blind)
OJ Erasmus (Boland)
P Erasmus (South African Country Districts)
P Erasmus (Impalas)
P Erasmus (Durbanville)
P Erasmus (North West Rural)
P Erasmus (Free State Rural)
P Erasmus (umpire)
R Erasmus (Impalas)
S Erasmus (Limpopo Under-13s)
W Erasmus (Northerns Under-13s)
W Erasmus (North West Under-13s, North West Under-15s, North West Under-19s)
W Erasmus (MV Boucher's XI)
J Erendsen (Glamorgan)
J Erentzen (St Augustine's)
A Erickson (Avendale)
D Erickson (Western Province Colts)
D Erickson (Avendale)
T Ericsen-Miller (Old Selbornians)
E Erlank (Griqualand West Under-21s)
G Erlank (Griqualand West Under-21s)
GK Erlank (Griqualand West)
H Erlank (Free State Under-15s)
MN Erlank (Free State, Knights)
S Ernst (Northerns Under-19s)
U Ernstzen (Boland Academy, Boland Under-18s, Paarl)
N Ersamus (South Africa Blind)
Ervine (Rhodesia Country Districts)
NB Ervine (Rhodesia B)
RM Ervine (Rhodesia B)
SJ Erwee (Dolphins, KwaZulu-Natal, KwaZulu-Natal Inland)
A Erxleben (Gauteng Women)
B Esau (South Western Districts Under-13s, South Western Districts Under-15s)
C Esau (Eastern Province Under-18s)
G Esau (South Western Districts Under-13s, South Western Districts Under-17s)
LO Esau (Eastern Province Women)
R Esau (Eastern Province Under-15s, Eastern Province Under-19s, Port Elizabeth, United)
J Esbach (Free State Under-13s B)
Escombe (Durban)
B Escott (Wanderers)
A Eshmade (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University George)
W Espey (Bergvliet High School)
JG Espinasse (Orange Free State)
TJ Espitalier (umpire)
B Ess (South African Country Districts)
S Ess (Boland Under-23s)
T Essack (Dolphins, KwaZulu-Natal)
K Essel-Mensah (Northerns Under-15s)
L Essery (Hilton College)
H Essop (KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-19s)
I Essop (Gauteng Under-13s)
Esterhuizen (Boland Under-18s)
A Esterhuizen (scorer)
A Esterhuizen (Western Province Colts)
B Esterhuizen (Border B, Border Country Districts)
B Esterhuizen (umpire)
C Esterhuizen (Western Province Women)
C Esterhuizen (South Western Districts Under-15s, South Western Districts Under-17s)
C Esterhuizen (Camps Bay)
D Esterhuizen (Transvaal, Transvaal B)
E Esterhuizen (Bellville)
F Esterhuizen (Stellenbosch University)
G Esterhuizen (umpire)
J Esterhuizen (Northerns Under-13s, Northerns Under-15s)
L Esterhuizen (Natal)
L Esterhuizen (Boland Women, West Coast Women)
L Esterhuizen (Tygerberg)
T Esterhuizen (Oakdale)
T Esterhuizen (Worcester)
V Esterhuizen (Limpopo, Limpopo Under-17s, Limpopo Under-19s)
W Esterhuizen (Bellville)
B Esterhuren (umpire)
Esterhuyse (Boland Under-15s, Boland Under-18s)
L Esterhuyse (Boland Under-19s Women)
S Esterhuyse (South Western Districts Women)
W Esterhuyse (Boland Under-13s)
W Esterhuyse (Bellville)
BD Esterhuysen (North West, Western Transvaal)
E Esterhuysen (Bellville)
A Estrebeth (umpire)
Etienne (Garden Old Boys)
TE Etlinger (Natal, Western Province)
A Etsebeth (umpire)
V Etsebeth (umpire)
W Euley (Boland, Cape Cobras, Western Province, Western Province Boland)
W Euley (Western Province Cricket Association President's XI)
Eustace (Transvaal Under-15s B)
M Eustace (Transvaal Under-15s B)
J Eustice (KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-19s)
R Eustice (Transvaal)
A Evans (Griqualand West)
AR Evans (Orange Free State)
DHL Evans (Rhodesia)
G Evans (South African Country Districts Second XI)
G Evans (Eastern Province Grahamstown)
HKS Evans (Rhodesia)
I Evans (Old Mutual, St Augustine's, Western Province Under-17s, Western Province Under-19s)
J Evans (umpire)
JR Evans (Michaelhouse)
L Evans (Western Province Schools)
LLM Evans (Western Province)
M Evans (umpire)
N Evans (South Africa Under-17s)
QMS Evans (umpire)
RA Evans (Griqualand West)
RJ Evans (Border)
RM Evans (Transvaal and Natal Schoolboys)
S Evans (KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-19s)
S Evans (Natal Schools)
EF Eveleigh (umpire)
D Evenden (Southern Transvaal Women)
D Evenden (Southern Transvaal Women)
G Everard (Eastern Province Under-15s)
S Everett (Combined Provinces Women)
LS Everington (umpire)
S Everitt (Natal Women)
G Evert (Free State Rural)
SJ Evert (Griqualand West)
D Everton (umpire)
E Everts (University of the Western Cape)
A Evlambiou (Pirates, Rand Afrikaans University, University of Johannesburg)
P Ewer (umpire)
B Ewerts (South Western Districts Under-19s)
ED Ewerts (South Western Districts)
I Ewing (Eastern Province Schools)
D Eygelaar (Limpopo Under-17s)
R Eyre (Cape Mounted Rifles)
M Ezekowitz (South African Universities)





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