South Africa Players (B)


R Baaitjies (Eastern Province Under-15s)
Z Baaitjies (Transvaal)
SJ Baard (Namibia)
C Baartman (Eastern Province Midlands, Eastern Province Under-15s, Eastern Province Under-19s)
DDG Baartman (South Western Districts)
L Baartman (West End)
OEG Baartman (South Western Districts)
R Baatjies (umpire)
R Baatjies (Eastern Province Under-13s)
S Babcock (umpire)
Babela (United School Sports Association of South African Country Districts Under-18s)
Babha (Transvaal)
Z Baboo (Western Province Under-13s)
A Bacher (South Africa, The Rest, Transvaal, Transvaal B)
AM Bacher (Cape Cobras, Gauteng, Lions, South Africa, South Africa Under-24s, The Rest, Transvaal, Transvaal B)
AM Bacher (Gauteng Invitation XI)
M Bacher (Northern Transvaal B, Transvaal B)
A Backley (North West Under-15s)
J Backmann (Griqualand West)
J Bacon (scorer)
JN Bacon (umpire)
T Bacon (Griqualand West Under-19s)
P Bacons (Free State Rural)
E Badana (Easterns Under-13s, Easterns Under-15s, Easterns Under-19s)
H Badat (Barton, Unsworth)
M Badat (KwaZulu-Natal, KwaZulu-Natal B, Natal, Natal B)
Badenhorst (North West Under-18s)
Badenhorst (Border Under-13s)
A Badenhorst (Border, Border B, Eastern Province, Eastern Province B, Marylebone Cricket Club)
B Badenhorst (Bellville)
E Badenhorst (Limpopo Women)
E Badenhorst (TL Goddard's XI)
H Badenhorst (Boland Under-24s)
H Badenhorst (Western Province Under-13s)
M Badenhorst (Mpumalanga Women)
N Badenhorst (Orange Free State Country Districts)
N Badenhorst (Griqualand West Under-13s, Griqualand West Under-17s)
R Badenhorst (umpire)
V Badenhorst (Mpumalanga Women)
Baderoon (Malays)
N Badi (Kei)
S Badi (Border Country, Impalas)
S Badsha (Transvaal Cricket Federation XI)
BC Baguley (Boland, Boland B, Western Province, Western Province B)
G Baguley (Bellville Invitation XI)
N Baguley (Western Province)
F Bagus (umpire)
M Bagus (umpire)
Z Bahadur (Mpumalanga Under-17s)
J Baikoff (Bishops Diocesan College)
R Baikoff (Bishops Diocesan College, Western Province Under-13s)
Bailey (Middle Rhodesia)
Bailey (North West Under-18s)
Bailey (United School Sports Association of South African Country Districts Under-17s)
A Bailey (Transvaal)
A Bailey (Civilians, Port Elizabeth)
CE Bailey (Transvaal)
D Bailey (Rhodesia Country Districts)
F Bailey (Combined Services)
H Bailey (Military)
HP Bailey (Port Elizabeth)
J Bailey (Free State Under-13s)
M Bailey (St Augustine's)
M Bailey (Vaal Reefs)
N Bailey (Northern Transvaal Under-18s B)
N Bailey (Eastern Province Grahamstown)
P Bailey (Boland Under-15s)
R Bailey (Boland, Easterns, Northerns)
R Bailey (Potchefstroom Boys High School Old Boys Collegians)
R Bailey (Boland Under-13s)
R Bailey (umpire)
RT Bailey (Border, Eagles, Free State, Khulna Division, Knights, North West, Warriors)
S Bailey (Northern Transvaal Under-15s, Northern Transvaal Under-19s)
W Bailey (umpire)
EH Baillie (umpire)
JH Baillie (Transvaal, Transvaal B)
T Baillie (Border)
TN Baillie (Orange Free State, Transvaal B)
CA Bain (Western Province)
H Bain (Orange Free State)
I Bain (South Western Districts)
JJ Bain (Rhodesia)
N Bain (Rhodes University)
C Baines (umpire)
CJR Baines (Border)
CS Baines (Border)
D Baines (Maritzburg Varsity)
S Baines (scorer)
T Baines (Easterns Women)
TWT Baines (Cambridge University, Eastern Province, Transvaal)
F Baird (North West, Western Transvaal)
R Bajinath (KwaZulu-Natal Country Districts Under-15s)
X Baka (Border Aloes)
S Bakaqana (scorer)
J Bakdqand (scorer)
C Baker (Rand Afrikaans University, Transvaal Under-24s)
EC Baker (Border, Western Province)
GD Baker (umpire)
HC Baker (Midlands)
L Baker (Griqualand West)
LG Baker (Pretoria)
M Baker (Grahamstown)
S Bakke (Transvaal Women's Invitation XI)
A Bakker (Graaff-Reinet County District)
J Bakker (umpire)
M Bakker (South African Country Districts Schools)
Mrt Bakker (West End)
HC Bakkes (Free State, Orange Free State, Orange Free State B, Western Transvaal)
T Bakkum (Cape Technical College)
A Bala (Kei Under-19s)
K Bala (Easterns Under-13s, Easterns Under-15s, Easterns Under-17s)
N Bala (Kei Under-15s)
XC Balaskas (Border, Cape Province, Griqualand West, North Eastern Transvaal, South Africa, The Rest, Transvaal, Western Province)
C Bald (Western Province Combined XI Women)
C Bald (Western Province Women)
Baldwin (Hilton College)
CL Baldwin (Hilton College)
ID Baldwin (Hilton College)
JMS Baldwin (Rhodesia)
M Baldwin (George)
R Baldwin (Northern Natal)
WF Baldwin (South Africa to Australia Touring Team)
K Balepile (umpire)
Balham (Cape Technikon Invitation XI)
I Balie (umpire)
AE Ball (umpire)
K Ball (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University George)
L Ball (Orange Free State)
M Ball (Eastern Province Under-15s)
TB Ball (umpire)
TR Ball (Border)
Ballack (Alma Marists)
D Ballance (Eastern Province Grahamstown)
D Ballance (Rhodes University)
M Ballantine (Eastern Province Schools)
CR Ballantyne (Border B)
IR Ballantyne (Western Province)
MR Ballantyne (Border)
K Ballim (Primrose)
A Baloyi (Limpopo Under-15s, Limpopo Under-19s)
K Baloyi (Limpopo, Limpopo Under-15s, Limpopo Under-17s, Limpopo Under-19s)
N Baloyi (Limpopo Under-17s, Limpopo Under-19s, Northerns Under-19s)
N Baloyi (Limpopo Under-15s)
N Baloyi (Easterns Under-17s)
T Baloyi (Northerns Under-13s)
B Balthus (Groot Drakenstein)
A Bam (umpire)
I Bam (Transvaal, Western Province)
L Bam (umpire)
V Bam (Khayelitsha)
W Bambelo (Western Province Under-15s)
W Bambeni (Border Under-17s)
J Bamber (KwaZulu-Natal Coastal Under-13s)
C Bamberger (Transvaal Country Districts)
A Bambiso (Eastern Province Under-13s)
C Bamburger (Transvaal Country Districts)
VN Bamuza (Limpopo Under-15s, Limpopo Under-19s, Northerns Under-19s, University of Johannesburg)
K Bana (Border Village)
M Bana (Border Village)
N Bancroft (Western Province Chairman's XI)
T Banda (Northerns Under-13s)
D Banelli (University of Cape Town)
N Baneti (Border Under-19s Women)
HF Bank (umpire)
C Banks (Western Province Cricket Club)
W Banks (Western Province Cricket Club)
J Bannantyne (Midlands)
R Bannatyne (Pinelands)
C Bannister (Orange Free State)
F Bantom (South Western Districts Women)
M Bantom (Eastern Province Midlands)
IW Banyard (North Eastern Transvaal)
Z Bapoo (Western Province Under-15s)
H Barath (umpire)
GMH Barber (Rhodesia)
SH Barber (Grahamstown)
Y Barbhajan (KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-17s)
BD Barbour (Rhodesia, Rhodesia B, Zimbabwe-Rhodesia)
PI Barclay (Eastern Province, Eastern Province B, South African Defence Force)
S Bardien (South Africa Malays)
B Barends (Free State Rural)
BL Barends (Dolphins, KwaZulu-Natal Inland, North West)
J Barends (Griqualand West Under-13s, Griqualand West Under-15s)
L Barends (Boland Under-19s)
A Barham (Cape Town)
MJ Barham (Cape Town, Claremont, Western Province Academy)
CM Barker (Transvaal)
G Barker (umpire)
J Barkhuizen (Easterns Women)
JC Barkhuizen (Limpopo)
J Barkuizen (Eastern Province Under-15s)
E Barlow (French Bank XI)
EJ Barlow (Boland, Derbyshire, Eastern Province, South Africa, South African Universities, Transvaal, Transvaal B, Western Province)
G Barlow (Border Under-19s Women)
HRB Barlow (Orange Free State)
KA Barlow (Orange Free State, South African Universities, Transvaal, Transvaal B)
R Barlow (umpire)
RB Barlow (Orange Free State)
X Barnabas (Border Under-13s)
Barnard (South Western Districts Under-19s Women)
Barnard (Easterns Under-18s)
Barnard (United School Sports Association of South African Country Districts Under-17s)
Barnard (Hilton College)
A Barnard (Boland Academy, Boland Under-18s)
A Barnard (Easterns Under-18s)
A Barnard (Griqualand West Under-19s)
A Barnard (Eastern Transvaal Under-13s)
A Barnard (Stellenbosch University)
A Barnard (Easterns Under-15s)
BW Barnard (Gauteng)
D Barnard (scorer)
D Barnard (North West Under-15s)
D Barnard (Mpumalanga Under-15s)
D Barnard (Griqualand West Under-18s)
D Barnard (Bellville)
D Barnard (umpire)
E Barnard (Griqualand West Under-13s)
F Barnard (South Western Districts Under-13s, South Western Districts Under-15s)
G Barnard (South Western Districts)
H Barnard (Boland, Impalas)
H Barnard (Southern Cape)
H Barnard (Afrikaanse Hoer Seunskool)
H Barnard (South Western Districts Under-13s, South Western Districts Under-15s, South Western Districts Under-17s)
J Barnard (Boland)
J Barnard (Boland Women, South Africa Women)
J Barnard (South Western Districts Under-13s, South Western Districts Under-15s, South Western Districts Under-19s)
J Barnard (scorer)
J Barnard (North West University)
K Barnard (umpire)
L Barnard (Natal)
L Barnard (Krugersdorp High School Old Students)
L Barnard (St Charles College, Pietermaritzburg)
LF Barnard (Orange Free State)
LJ Barnard (Northern Transvaal, South African Universities, Transvaal, Transvaal B)
M Barnard (Mpumalanga Under-15s, Mpumalanga Under-17s, Mpumalanga Under-19s)
N Barnard (Northerns Women)
P Barnard (Boland Under-17s)
PH Barnard (Boland, Griqualand West, Northern Transvaal, Northern Transvaal B, South Africa Under-24s, South African Students)
R Barnard (scorer)
S Barnard (Northerns Women)
SS Barnard (Boland)
V Barnard (South Africa Blind)
Z Barnard (Paul Roos)
Barnes (Kimberley Boys High School)
A Barnes (The Rest, Transvaal, Transvaal B)
A Barnes (Griqualand West Under-13s)
AL Barnes (SA Haque's XI)
B Barnes (Rondebosch)
B Barnes (Western Province Under-19s)
B Barnes (Rondebosch)
BG Barnes (Dolphins, KwaZulu-Natal, Western Province)
C Barnes (Eastern Province)
CC Barnes (Griqualand West)
D Barnes (Edgemead, Heathcoat, Rondebosch, Rygersdal, Western Province Cricket Club, Western Province Under-15s)
D Barnes (umpire)
F Barnes (Gauteng Under-19s)
G Barnes (Queenstown)
GH Barnes (Border)
IS Barnes (Western Province, Western Province B)
J Barnes
J Barnes (South Africa Malays)
J Barnes (Griqualand West Under-13s, Griqualand West Under-15s)
J Barnes (Northerns Invitation XI)
M Barnes (South Africa Malays)
Q Barnes (Griqualand West Under-13s, Griqualand West Under-15s, Griqualand West Under-18s)
R Barnes (Border)
RG Barnes (Queenstown)
S Barnes (Griqualand West Schools, Griqualand West Under-24s)
SH Barnes (umpire)
T Barnes (umpire)
VA Barnes (The Rest, Transvaal, Western Province, Western Province, Western Province B)
R Barness (Western Transvaal Under-13s)
Barnett (Gauteng Under-18s B)
M Barnett (Transvaal Permanent Bank XI)
L Barnies (Mpumalanga Under-19s)
J Barodien (Western Province Under-15s)
D Baron (umpire)
E Baron (umpire)
Baroochi (Transvaal Under-18s B)
A Baroochi (Transvaal Under-15s B)
AI Barr (Orange Free State)
J Barr (umpire)
J Barr (KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-19s)
R Barr (Stenbok)
PR Barrable (North Eastern Transvaal, Northern Transvaal)
AD Barraclough (Transvaal)
W Barraclough (South Africa Army)
M Barratt (Western Province Cricket Club)
WS Barratt (Stray Klips)
W Barresi (Easterns, Netherlands)
A Barrett (scorer)
L Barrett (Southern Transvaal Country Districts)
L Barries (Mpumalanga)
A Barrington (Border)
M Barrkman (South African Universities)
CAH Barron (KwaZulu-Natal Inland)
D Barron (umpire)
R Barron (KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-19s)
RJ Barron (Transvaal B)
B Barros (Glamorgan, Montrose)
A Barrow (Natal, Natal B, Northern Transvaal, Transvaal B)
H Barrow (The Garrison, Western Province Cricket Club)
Barry (umpire)
Barry (Grahamstown and Colleges)
A Barry (Mpumalanga Under-13s)
C Barry (umpire)
C Barry (Hermanus)
G Barry (Eastern Province)
KA Barry (Eastern Province)
RK Barry (umpire)
SJ Barry (Orange Free State)
NM Bartelson (umpire)
L Barter (Zululand)
K Bartie (umpire)
R Bartie (umpire)
X Bartie (umpire)
E Barties (Eastern Province Under-13s)
L Barties (Boland Under-13s)
A Barton (Mother Country)
M Barton (Eastern Province Midlands)
G Bartosch (Border)
GW Bashford (Natal, Natal B)
DJ Bassage (Cape Cobras, Western Province, Western Province Boland)
Bassier (Southern Suburbs Under-18s)
B Basson (Wellington)
B Basson (KwaZulu-Natal Coastal Rural)
BC Basson (umpire, referee)
C Basson (South African Country Districts)
CE Basson (Eastern Province)
D Basson (Easterns Under-15s)
D Basson (Oakdale)
E Basson (South Western Districts Women)
F Basson (Boland Academy)
G Basson (umpire)
HN Basson (Boland)
J Basson (Rondebosch Boys' High School Under-16s)
MP Basson (Eastern Province B)
R Basson (United)
S Basson (Boland Under-13s)
S Basson (Wellington)
S Bassoon (KwaZulu-Natal Under-19s)
C Bastard (Hilton College)
CC Bastard (Europeans, South African Schools)
W Bastard (Hilton College)
JE Bastow (KwaZulu-Natal, KwaZulu-Natal B, Natal, Natal B)
E Bata (BL D'Oliveira's XI)
D Batchelor (Edgemead)
W Bate (umpire)
NA Bateman (Orange Free State)
J Bates (umpire)
BF Bath (Transvaal, Transvaal B)
RH Bath (Boland)
Bathurst (Western Province)
B Battercea (Limpopo Under-13s, Northerns Under-15s)
G Battison (Western Province)
Z Batyi (Kei Under-17s)
Bauer (Border Under-15s)
A Bauer (Easterns Women)
A Bauer (Border Women)
A Bauer (scorer)
AJ Bauer (Border)
KG Bauermeister (Border, Border B, Eastern Province, Eastern Province B, Impalas, Orange Free State)
Baugh (umpire)
E Baumann (umpire)
R Baumgarten (Boland Under-13s)
HV Baumgartner (Orange Free State, South Africa, The Rest, Transvaal)
EH Bauser (North Eastern Transvaal)
R Bauser (umpire)
D Bavuma (Langa Juniors)
T Bavuma (Gauteng, Lions, South Africa)
A Bawa (Natal)
F Bawana (umpire)
A Bawatu (Free State Under-13s)
DBE Bawden (Rhodesia, Rhodesia B, Zimbabwe-Rhodesia, Zimbabwe-Rhodesia B)
Baxter (KwaZulu-Natal Under-18s)
Baxter (Gauteng Under-18s B)
BM Baxter (Rhodesia)
C Baxter (Boland, Eastern Province)
H Baxter (Northern Orange Free State)
J Baxter (University of Johannesburg)
K Baxter (Northern Transvaal Country Districts)
K Baxter (Eastern Province Under-13s)
LM Baxter (umpire)
R Baxter (Worcester)
T Baxter (Stellenbosch Scorpions)
Baxtor (Gauteng Under-18s B)
Bayes (Grahamstown and Colleges)
FT Bayes (Eastern Province)
J Baykom (Green Point)
Bayley (South African XI Women)
J Bayley (Western Province Colts)
E Baylis (Michaelhouse)
AW Bayly (Orange Free State)
J Bayly (Western Province Cricket Club)
SJH Bayly (Border)
Z Bayly (Border)
L Bayne (Port Elizabeth)
SW Bayne (Transvaal B)
HA Beadle (Albany)
K Beadon (umpire)
MG Beamish (Eastern Province, Eastern Province B)
Bean (Northern Province Under-15s)
G Bean (Middle Rhodesia)
C Beard (East London Police)
GS Beard (Western Transvaal)
T Beard (Pretoria High School Old Boys)
B Beaton (South African Country Districts)
CE Beattie (umpire)
C Beauchamp (Gauteng Under-13s)
WOS Beauchamp (Border)
L Beaufort (Eastern Province Under-13s)
J Beaukes (St Augustine's)
B Beaumont (KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-13s)
HD Beaumont (Orange Free State)
K Beaumont (umpire)
R Beaumont (South Africa, Transvaal, Wanderers)
G Beavan (KwaZulu-Natal Coastal Under-13s)
F Beaven (Griqualand West)
M Bechus (Pinelands)
CP Beck (Orange Free State)
E Beck (Eastern Province Women)
EH Beck (Eastern Province)
EH Beck (Bulawayo)
R Beck (Eastern Province Women)
DF Becker (North Eastern Transvaal, Transvaal, Transvaal B)
A Beckett (Glamorgan, Western Province Academy)
EE Beckett (Transvaal)
A Beckley (North West Under-13s, North West Under-15s)
D Beckley (Michaelhouse)
C Beckwith (Western Province Cricket Club)
E Beckwith (Natal)
D Beddingham (Western Province Under-15s)
F Bedford (Montrose, Primrose, Western Province Under-15s, Western Province Under-19s)
J Bedford (umpire)
Jannie Bedford (umpire)
N Bedford (Primrose, Rygersdal, Western Province Under-15s, Western Province Under-17s, Western Province Under-19s)
J Bedford-Owen (Gauteng Women)
DG Bedingham (Western Province)
DG Bedingham (Boland)
D Bedington (South African Schools Colts)
A Bedser (Border)
G Bedser (Border Invitation XI)
E Beech (Griqualand West, Kimberley)
M Beech (Northern Transvaal Country Districts)
S Beech (Southern Transvaal B Women)
R Beelders (Victoria)
J Been (Border Under-15s)
T Beeselaar (Somerset West)
D Beesley (scorer)
R Beesly (Border)
A Beetar (St Charles College, Pietermaritzburg)
M Beetge (Limpopo Women)
DJ Beets (Rhodesia)
DW Begbie (South Africa, Transvaal)
Begg (Transvaal)
R Begg (Transvaal)
Y Begg (The Rest, Transvaal, Transvaal, Transvaal B)
GK Beghin (Cuckfield, Edinburgh South, Forfarshire, Glenrothes, KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-17s, University of Cape Town, Western Province Cricket Club)
R Begogo (Gauteng Rural)
F Behardien (Northerns, South Africa, Titans, Western Province)
F Behardien (Western Province Cricket Association President's XI)
I Behardien (Western Province)
I Behardien (United)
M Behardien (Western Province)
T Behardien (Ottomans)
Behr (Easterns Under-15s)
D Behrens (Impala Mine)
E Behrens (KwaZulu-Natal Inland Women)
J Behrens (Border Under-13s)
C Bekker (Gauteng Under-19s)
H Bekker (umpire)
J Bekker (Northern Province Under-13s)
M Bekker (Dolphins, KwaZulu-Natal)
N Bekker (South Western Districts Under-13s, South Western Districts Under-19s)
R Bekker (Eastern Province Midlands)
R Bekker (Cape Town, Fish Hoek)
RZ Bekker (South Western Districts Under-13s, South Western Districts Under-15s, South Western Districts Under-17s, South Western Districts Under-19s)
T Bekker (umpire)
Bekues (Orange Free State Under-15s)
Bell (United School Sports Association of South African Country Districts Under-17s)
Bell (Salisbury)
AJ Bell (Rhodesia, South Africa, Western Province)
AJ Bell (South Africa Coloureds, South African Non-Europeans)
C Bell (Mpumalanga Women)
G Bell (Graaff-Reinet County District)
GQ Bell (Orange Free State)
H Bell (Salisbury)
ID Bell (Western Province Country Districts)
MA Bell (Eastern Province, Western Province)
NA Bell (Gauteng)
RL Bell (South Western Districts Under-13s, South Western Districts Under-15s, South Western Districts Under-17s, South Western Districts Under-19s)
S Bell (Cape Town)
TW Bell (Transvaal)
W Bell (University of Cape Town)
WE Bell (Eastern Province, Griqualand West, Northern Cape, Warriors)
K Bella (Mpumalanga Women)
M Bellingan (umpire)
JA Bell-Smyth (Natal)
NV Bellville (Natal)
B Benade (umpire)
B Benade (scorer)
SM Benade (Central Women, Free State Women, Griqualand West Women, Northern Cape Women, South Africa Women)
CJ Benadie (South African Schools)
Bence (Eastern Province Under-18s B)
J Bence (Eastern Province Under-13s, Port Elizabeth)
K Bence (scorer)
K Bence (South Western Districts Under-19s)
D Bench (North West Under-17s)
A Bendel (Eastern Province)
Bendell (Western Province Chairman's XI)
KS Bender (KwaZulu-Natal, KwaZulu-Natal B)
S Bender (KwaZulu-Natal Inland Women)
D Beneke (Eastern Province Under-15s, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University)
MR Benfield (Eastern Province, Gauteng, Transvaal, Transvaal B)
E Benimadho (KwaZulu-Natal Inland Women)
J Beningfield (Zululand)
JE Beningfield (Natal)
WR Beningfield (Natal)
T Benito (Border Under-13s)
Benjafield (Westerford High School)
G Benjafield (Westerford High School)
A Benjamin (Avendale)
F Benjamin (Western Province, Western Province, Western Province B)
J Benjamin (KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-15s, KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-17s, KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-19s)
K Benjamin (Griqualand West Under-17s)
L Benjamin (Southern Cape Invitation XI)
S Benjamin (Boland Under-23s)
T Benjamin (Avendale)
Y Benjamin (United)
B Benji (Stellenbosch University)
B Benkenstein (Eastern Province Under-23s, Eastern Province Under-24s)
B Benkenstein (Constantia)
BN Benkenstein (Griqualand West, Natal B)
BR Benkenstein (Natal B)
D Benkenstein (Michaelhouse)
D Benkenstein (Howzats)
DM Benkenstein (Dolphins, Durham, KwaZulu-Natal, Marylebone Cricket Club, Natal, Natal B, South Africa, South Africa Under-24s)
MM Benkenstein (Natal B, Rhodesia, Zimbabwe-Rhodesia B)
A Bennet (Border Schools)
B Bennet (Border Under-13s)
R Bennet (Border Schools)
Bennett (Grahamstown)
B Bennett (University of the Western Cape)
BL Bennett (Border, Warriors, Western Province)
BM Bennett (Rhodesia)
CN Bennett (Griqualand West)
D Bennett (Eastern Province)
DA Bennett (Border, Eastern Province)
G Bennett (Transvaal Permlazer XI)
G Bennett (Durban High School)
H Bennett (Eastern Province)
HJG Bennett (Transvaal)
HW Bennett (Western Province)
K Bennett (Eastern Province Grahamstown, Eastern Province Under-13s, Eastern Province Under-15s, Eastern Province Under-17s, Eastern Province Under-19s)
K Bennett (University of the Western Cape)
KD Bennett (Border)
M Bennett (Western Province Under-19s Women)
M Bennett (Durban High School)
OJ Bennett (Albany)
RT Bennett (Border Under-24s)
Benneyworth (Cape Town Wombats)
D Benneyworth (Cape Town Wombats)
C Bennie (scorer)
D Bennie (Easterns)
L Bennie (scorer)
S Bennie (scorer)
I Benning (Western Province Willows)
ID Benning (Orange Free State Country Districts, Transvaal B)
T Bennito (Border Under-15s)
A Bennitte (Griqualand West, Kimberley)
D Bensch (North West Under-19s)
BD Bense (Transvaal, Transvaal B)
DC Bense (Natal)
AS Bensimon (Western Province)
AS Bensimon (Western Province)
R Benson (umpire)
J Bent (Cape Town, Claremont)
D Bentley (Rhodesia Country Districts)
ET Bentley (Durban)
L Bentley (East Rand)
RM Bentley (Natal, Natal B, Rhodesia, Rhodesia B, Zimbabwe Country Districts, Zimbabwe-Rhodesia)
B Benton (South African Country Districts)
E Benton (King William's Town)
G Benton (Gauteng Under-15s, Gauteng Under-19s)
G Benton (Bellville)
M Benton (Gauteng Under-19s)
Benzeen (Easterns Under-18s)
M Beran (North West Under-15s)
AH Berend (Natal Colleges)
R Beresford (South African Schools)
A Berg (Western Province)
GK Berg (Hampshire, Italy, Middlesex)
J Berg (Western Province Academy)
IC Bergh (Gauteng)
N Bergh (Gauteng)
P Bergh (Boland Under-13s, Boland Under-15s)
D Bergins (Eastern Province B)
HWH Bergins (Boland, Western Province)
S Bergman (Northerns Under-15s, Northerns Under-17s, Northerns Under-19s)
M Bergmann (Limpopo Women, North West Women)
B Bergs (Michaelhouse)
N Berichon (KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-17s)
C Berkenshaw (Almar, Bergvliet High School, Claremont, South African College School Old Boys, University of the Western Cape)
M Berman (Pinelands High School)
G Bermin (Western Province Cricket Club)
E Bermosky (Eastern Province Under-13s)
P Bernadus Erasmus (Durbanville)
T Bernard (Gauteng Academy)
A Bernhardt (South-West Districts)
W Bernhardt (Christian Brothers College, Boksburg Old Boys)
A Bernstein (Western Province Schools)
C Bernstein (Eastern Province)
J Berrange (Mowbray and Leeuwenhof)
AL Berry (Border)
AV Berry (Natal, Transvaal)
C Berry (Hermanus Invitation XI)
D Berry (South African Schools)
K Berry (KwaZulu-Natal Under-13s)
R Berry (umpire)
RE Berry (umpire)
RS Berry (Northern Natal)
RW Berry (Transvaal B)
S Berry (Western Province Under-18s B)
S Berry (Maritzburg College Invitation XI)
T Berry (Northern Natal)
M Bertram (South African Schools)
WF Bertram (Border)
EL Best (Middleburg)
C Bestall (Queenstown)
D Bestall (Eastern Province, Natal, Natal B, Northern Transvaal)
DA Bestall (Natal)
FC Bestall (Natal)
C Bestell (KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-17s)
A Bester (umpire)
C Bester (Free State Women)
C Bester (Gauteng Women, Northerns Women)
D Bester (Northerns Under-15s)
E Bester (Western Province Under-15s)
H Bester (umpire)
L Bester (Western Province Women)
M Bester (Wanderers)
M Bester (Paul Roos)
N Bester (Durbanville)
P Bester (Limpopo Under-15s, Limpopo Under-17s)
PG Bester (Eastern Province, Eastern Province B)
R Bester (Orange Free State Country Districts)
S Bester (Boland Women)
S Bester (Free State Rural)
W Bester (Griqualand West Under-13s, Griqualand West Under-15s, Griqualand West Under-17s, Griqualand West Under-19s, Warrenton)
W Bester (South African Country Districts Under-15s)
H Bestwetherick (North Eastern Districts)
T Bestwethernick (Queenstown)
A Beswick (Border)
Betz (Eastern Province Under-18s B)
G Betz (Old Grey)
Beukes (Orange Free State Under-15s)
A Beukes (Boland Under-15s)
A Beukes (North West Rural)
AP Beukes (Griqualand West, Impalas, Orange Free State)
G Beukes (Kingsmead Mynahs)
G Beukes (Northern Cape Rural)
HP Beukes (umpire)
J Beukes (Ermelo School)
J Beukes (Griqualand West Under-13s)
J Beukes (Stellenbosch University)
JA Beukes (Eagles, Free State, Mountaineers, Scotland, South Western Districts)
JS Beukes (Griqualand West Rural, Griqualand West Under-17s, Griqualand West Under-19s)
N Beukes (Griqualand West Under-17s)
R Beukes (Pinelands)
W Beukes (Victoria)
AR Beukman (Northerns)
B Beukman (Northerns Under-13s, Northerns Under-15s, Northerns Under-17s)
J Beukman (Northern Transvaal League)
JAM Beveridge (Border)
G Beves (Nottinghamshire, Transvaal)
H Bevis (KwaZulu-Natal Women)
S Bey (Montrose, Primrose)
Beyer (Groot Drakenstein)
U Beyers (Mpumalanga Under-15s)
E Beyleveld (Mpumalanga Under-15s, Mpumalanga Under-17s, Mpumalanga Under-19s, North West University)
J Beyleveld (Eastern Province Under-13s)
D Bezhuidenhout (Boland)
J Bezuidenhoud (Griqualand West Schools)
Bezuidenhout (Eastern Province Under-18s B)
AL Bezuidenhout (South Africa Women)
B Bezuidenhout (Limpopo Under-13s, Limpopo Under-17s)
B Bezuidenhout (Alma Marists, Almar, Claremont, Constantia)
BM Bezuidenhout (Boland Women, Eastern Province Women, Griqualand West Women, South Africa Women, South Western Districts Women, Western Province Women)
D Bezuidenhout (Nuffield Invitation XI)
D Bezuidenhout (Boland and South Western Districts)
D Bezuidenhout (North West Under-13s)
DH Bezuidenhout (umpire)
DH Bezuidenhout (Griqualand West Under-13s, Griqualand West Under-17s, Griqualand West Under-19s)
ER Bezuidenhout (Free State)
F Bezuidenhout (umpire)
FJ Bezuidenhout (Border)
H Bezuidenhout (Limpopo Under-17s, Northern Province Under-13s, Northern Province Under-15s)
IS Bezuidenhout (Orange Free State)
J Bezuidenhout (North West Under-13s, North West Under-17s)
JP Bezuidenhout (Orange Free State)
M Bezuidenhout (scorer)
N Bezuidenhout (Orange Free State Country Districts, South African Country Districts, Stenbok)
RJ Bezuidenhout (Free State Under-13s, Free State Under-15s, Free State Under-19s)
S Bezuidenhout
S Bezuidenhout (Old Grey)
SJ Bezuidenhout (Eastern Province)
T Bezuidenhout (South Western Districts Under-17s)
W Bezuidenhout (Gauteng Under-15s)
W Bezuidenhout (Border Under-15s)
A Bhabha (Transvaal)
AE Bhabha (Transvaal)
I Bhagalia (Transvaal)
S Bhagalia (South Africa Indians)
F Bhaja (Limpopo)
F Bhajah (Limpopo)
A Bhamjee (Transvaal)
A Bhamjee (SA Haque's XI)
A Bhamjee (Transvaal Cricket Federation XI)
E Bhamjee (The Rest, Transvaal)
I Bhamjee
D Bhana (Eastern Province Women)
RV Bhana (South Africa Indians)
J Bharat (Lenasia)
GH Bhayat (Lions, North West)
M Bhayat (Griqualand West Under-17s)
N Bhayat (North West Under-19s)
R Bhayat (North West)
Bhayatt (United School Sports Association of South African Country Districts Under-17s)
N Bhayla (KwaZulu-Natal Inland)
M Bhigjee (Natal)
A Bhikoo (umpire)
G Bhoola (KwaZulu-Natal Women)
EI Bhorat (South Africa Indians)
M Biagi (umpire)
S Biagi (Glenvista)
KS Biassoni (Stellenbosch University)
C Bibb (Transvaal Under-13s)
J Bica (Mpumalanga Under-15s)
Biddlecomb (Easterns Under-15s)
J Biddulph (KwaZulu-Natal Under-15s, KwaZulu-Natal Under-17s)
J Biddulph (Crusaders)
K Biddulph (Eastern Province Under-13s)
B Bidla (South Africa Blind)
S Bidla (South Africa Blind)
M Bidli (Gauteng Under-19s)
HW Bielby (umpire)
H Bienenga (Limpopo Women)
LB Bigg (Orange Free State)
AL Biggs (Eastern Province, South African Universities)
C Biggs (Eastern Province B)
GH Biggs (Eastern Province Country Districts, South African Country Districts, South African Schools)
M Biggs (South Africa Under-15s, South Africa Under-17s)
M Biggs (Western Province Schools)
M Biggs (Bellville)
S Biggs (Eastern Province Under-15s, Eastern Province Under-17s)
S Biggs (Westerford High School)
J Bijl (Western Province Under-13s, Western Province Under-17s)
M Bilal (Kei)
JGP Bilbrough (Eastern Province)
B Billett (Kimberley Boys High School)
ME Billing (Natal)
MB Billson (Eastern Province, Eastern Province B, South African Defence Force)
B Billy (Griqualand West Under-19s)
M Billy (Griqualand West Under-24s)
M Billy (Yorkshire)
L Binase (Western Province Under-17s)
P Bindon (Easterns Under-13s, Easterns Under-17s, Easterns Under-19s)
B Bing (Claremont, Constantia)
F Bing (Western Province)
F Bing (Claremont)
G Bing (Claremont Gentlemen)
GJ Bing (Western Province B)
F Bing b (Claremont)
D Bingham (Natal Schools)
M Bingham (Amanzimtoti)
B Binneman (Mpumalanga Women)
Binns (Durban)
Birbeck (The Garrison)
VM Birbeck (Western Province Cricket Club)
ACR Birch (Eastern Province, Warriors)
CWS Birch (Western Province)
D Birch (Border Under-13s, Border Under-19s)
EM Birch (Border)
AC Bircher (Natal)
D Bird (umpire)
G Bird (South African Defence Force)
J Bird (Cape Town, Green Point, Western Province Universities)
JA Bird (Western Province Under-13s)
W Bird (Pinelands)
WA Bird (Boland)
S Birk (Northern Transvaal Country Districts)
K Birkenstock (umpire)
RN Birkenstock (umpire)
UKJ Birkenstock (Boland)
A Birkett (umpire)
R Birkett (Northern Natal)
R Birkett (Northern Rhodesia)
G Birley (Avion)
AV Birrell (Eastern Province, Eastern Province B, Eastern Province Country Districts)
HB Birrell (Eastern Province, Oxford University, Rhodesia, South African Universities)
B Bischoff (Northerns-Goodwood)
H Bischoff (Northerns Under-13s)
L Bischoff (Northern Province Under-19s)
P Biscombe (umpire)
H Bishko (Orange Free State)
G Bishop (umpire)
G Bishop (KwaZulu-Natal Coastal Rural)
J Bishop (Claremont)
M Bishop (KwaZulu-Natal Coastal Rural)
R Bishop (Griqualand West)
R Bishop (Gauteng, Mashonaland Eagles)
R Bishop (South Western Districts Under-15s)
A Bismillah (Transvaal)
AH Bismillah (umpire)
N Bismillah (Transvaal)
AVC Bisset (Western Province)
EH Bisset (Cape Town Clubs)
JJ Bisset (Natal)
M Bisset (Cape Colony, South Africa, Western Province)
GF Bissett (Griqualand West, South Africa, Transvaal, Western Province)
J Bissett (Griqualand West)
S Bissoon (KwaZulu-Natal)
S Bissoon (University of KwaZulu-Natal)
T Bissoon (KwaZulu-Natal Under-13s)
J Bithrey (Free State University)
RWR Bithrey (umpire)
K Bizaare (KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-15s, KwaZulu-Natal Under-13s)
L Biziaco (South Western Districts Under-13s)
CB Black (South Western Districts)
I Black (Western Province)
J Black (Western Province Colleges)
JP Black (Easterns)
R Black (umpire)
S Black (umpire)
W Black (South-West Districts)
CAM Blackett (South Africa to Australia Touring Team)
T Blackie-Roden (Gauteng Under-13s)
GH Blackmore (Orange Free State, Pretoria)
J Blackmore (Green Point)





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