Pakistan Players (D)


Dabeer Ali (Faisalabad Wolves)
Dabeer-ul-Mulk (Quetta)
Dad Gul (Loralai Under-19s)
Dad Khan (Loralai Under-19s)
Dad Mohammad (Quetta Schools, Quetta Under-19s)
Dad Shah (Pishin, Pishin Under-19s)
Dadullah (selected for Killa Abdullah Under-19s)
Dadu Sattar (East Pakistan B, East Pakistan Whites)
Danash Kammar (selected for Quetta Under-16s)
Danial Abbas (Chakwal Under-19s)
Danial Ashraf (Sialkot Under-16s)
Danial Noor (Bahawalnagar Under-19s)
Danial Saleem (Multan Under-19s)
Daniel Idrees (Sibi Under-19s)
Danish (Sukkur Under-19s)
Danish Abdullah (Mirpur Khas, Mirpur Khas Under-19s)
Danish Afridi (Jacobabad, Jacobabad Under-19s)
Danish Afzal (Mansehra Under-19s)
Danish Afzal (Multan Under-19s)
Danish Ahmed (Nawabshah Under-19s)
Danish Ahmed (Karachi Zone VII, Karachi Zone VII Under-19s)
Danish Ahmed (selected for Karachi Zone II)
Danish Ahmed (Badin Under-19s)
Danish Ali (Badin, Badin Under-19s)
Danish Ali (Karachi Zone III Under-19s)
Danish Ali (Gujrat, Gujrat Under-19s)
Danish Ali (Rahim Yar Khan Under-19s)
Danish Alvi (Karachi Zone VI Under-19s)
Danish Ashraf (Sanghar Under-19s)
Danish Atiq (Multan Under-19s)
Danish Awais (Bahawalnagar Under-19s)
Danish Aziz (Karachi Dolphins)
Danish Faisal (Hyderabad Under-19s, Mirpur Khas Under-19s)
Danish Farooq (selected for Attock Under-19s, Attock)
Danish Hanif (Islamabad, Islamabad Under-19s, National Highway Authority, Pakistan Army, Pakistan Television, Rawalpindi Under-19s)
Danish Iqbal (Sukkur Under-19s)
Danish Kaneria (Baluchistan Bears, Essex, Habib Bank Limited, Karachi, Karachi Blues, Karachi Harbour, Karachi Whites, Karachi Zebras, Pakistan, Pakistan National Shipping Corporation, Pakistan Reserves, Sind, Sind Dolphins)
Danish Khan (Rahim Yar Khan Under-19s)
Danish Khan (Mansehra)
Danish Khan (Karachi Zone V Under-19s)
Danish Malik (Islamabad Under-19s)
Danish Malik (Lower Dir)
Danish Masih (Rahim Yar Khan Under-19s)
Danish Mushtaq (Khan Research Laboratories Under-19s)
Danish Nawab (Multan Under-19s)
Danish Nazir (Naseerabad Under-19s)
Danish Omer (selected for Islamabad)
Danish Pervez (scorer)
Danish Qamar (Kalat Under-19s)
Danish Qamir (Chakwal Under-19s)
Danish Rashid (Nawabshah Under-19s)
Danish Raza (Karachi Zone III Under-19s)
Danish Raza (Bahawalpur Under-16s)
Danish Shamim (Rawalpindi Schools)
Danish Tariq (Kasur Under-19s)
Danishuddin (Karachi Zone III Under-19s)
Danish Wasim (selected for Gujrat Under-19s)
Daniyal (selected for Multan Under-19s)
Daniyal Ahsan (Karachi Blues, Karachi Dolphins, Karachi Whites, Karachi Zebras, Port Qasim Authority)
Daniyal Akhtar (Attock Under-19s)
Daniyal Allah (selected for Azad Jammu and Kashmir Under-19s)
Daniyal Azhar (selected for Lahore East Zone Whites Under-19s)
Daniyal Hussain (Hyderabad Under-19s, Pakistan Under-19s, State Bank of Pakistan Under-19s)
Daniyal Khan (Haripur, Haripur Under-19s)
Daniyal Khan (Bannu Under-19s)
Daniyal Khawar (Jhelum Under-19s)
Daniyal Malik (Lahore City)
Daniyal Mansoor (Karachi Dolphins, Karachi Whites, United Bank Limited)
Daniyal Memon (Sanghar Under-19s)
Daniyal Mujtaba (Lahore West Zone Blues Under-19s, Lahore West Zone Whites Under-19s)
Daniyal Rajput (Hyderabad Under-16s)
Daniyal Rajput (Hyderabad Under-16s)
Daniyal Rana (Lahore East Zone Blues Under-19s, Lahore East Zone Whites Under-19s, Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited Under-19s)
Daniyal Saeed (Multan Under-19s)
Daniyal Sehro (Badin Under-19s)
Daniyal Shah (Karachi Blues Under-19s, Karachi Zone III Under-19s, Karachi Zone VII Under-19s)
Daniyal Zahid (Lahore Shalimar Under-19s, Lahore West Zone Whites Under-19s)
Danyal Ahmed (Lahore West Zone Whites Under-19s)
Danyal Ahmed (selected for Nowshehra Under-19s)
Danyar Haider (Sanghar Under-19s)
Dara Bashir (Karachi Blues, Pakistan Automobiles Corporation, Pakistan International Airlines, Pakistan International Airlines B)
Daro Khan (Killa Abdullah Under-19s)
MH Dars (umpire)
Darya Khan (Hyderabad, Hyderabad Hawks)
G Dass (East Pakistan B)
P Dass (East Pakistan)
Dastagir Butt (Bahawalpur, Lahore City Whites, Water and Power Development Authority)
Daud Ijaz (Sialkot Under-19s)
Daud Khan (Sind, Sind)
Daud Khan (selected for Loralai Under-19s, Loralai)
Daud Khan (Quetta Under-19s)
Daud Rabbani (Rawalpindi, Rawalpindi and Peshawar, Rawalpindi Greens)
Daud Shah (Service Industries)
Daud Shah (Naushki)
Daud Shah (Upper Dir Under-19s)
Daulat Khan (Killa Abdullah Under-19s)
Daulat Khan (selected for Pakistan Army)
Daulat Khan (Charsadda)
Daulat Zaman (Dacca, Dacca University and Education Board, East Pakistan, East Pakistan Railways, East Pakistan Whites, East Zone, Public Works Department)
David Michel (Karachi Zone VII Under-19s)
Dawar Iqbal (Lahore West Zone Blues Under-19s)
Dawlat Khan (Karachi Zone VI Under-19s)
Dawood Ahmed (Faisalabad Under-19s)
Dawood Ahmed Khan (Chakwal Under-19s)
Dawood Akbar (selected for Lahore North Zone Blues)
Dawood Jan (Charsadda Under-19s)
Dawood Khan (Tank)
Dawood Khan (Naushki Under-19s)
Dawood Khan (Quetta Under-16s)
Dawood Khan (Buner Under-19s)
Dawood Khan (Loralai Under-19s)
Dawood Masih (Sialkot Under-16s)
Dawood Shafqat (Sialkot Under-16s)
Dawood Shah (Kalat)
Dawood Shah (Quetta)
Dawood Shah (Lower Dir Under-19s, Peshawar Under-19s, Peshawar Under-23s)
Dawood Shah (Pishin Under-19s)
Dawood Sulaiman (selected for Swat Under-19s)
Dawood Tanvir (Lahore Eagles)
Dawran (Swat)
Dedar Bukhsh (Naseerabad Under-19s)
Deebah Sherazi (Pakistan Women)
Deedag Shah (Turbat, Turbat Under-19s)
Deedar Karim (Northern Areas)
Deedar Murtaza (Khairpur, Sukkur)
Deenar Azeem (Karachi Zone I Under-19s, Pakistan International Airlines Under-19s)
Denzil Ryan (Hyderabad Under-19s)
Derya Khan (Khairpur)
Dewan Anas (Mandi Bahauddin Under-19s)
Dharam Dass (umpire)
SK Dharsi (Karachi Blues, Karachi Greens, Public Works Department, Railways, Scotland, Sind)
Diana Baig (Federal Capital Women, Islamabad Under-19s Women, Islamabad Under-21s Women, Islamabad Women, Lasers Women, Saif Sports Saga Women)
Dilawar (selected for Swabi)
Dilawar Hussain (Northern Areas Under-19s)
Dilawar Ishaq (Lodhran Under-19s)
Dilawar Khan (Abbottabad, Abbottabad Rhinos, Habib Bank Limited, Peshawar, Peshawar Panthers, Sui Southern Gas Corporation)
Dilawar Khan (Lahore Whites Under-19s)
Dilawar Khan (Chagi)
Dilawar Khan (Quetta, Quetta Under-19s)
Dilawar Khan (Jhang Under-19s)
Dilawar Khan (Federally Administered Tribal Areas)
Dilawar Nawaz (Sargodha Under-19s)
Dilawar Raza (Gujranwala Under-19s)
Dilawar Shah (Islamabad Central Zone Under-19s, Islamabad Under-16s, Islamabad Under-19s)
Dilawer (Jacobabad Under-19s)
Dilber Jan (Loralai Under-19s)
Dildar Ali (selected for Badin)
Dildar Ali (Dadu Under-19s)
Dildar Awan (Combined Services, Pakistan Air Force, Rawalpindi, Sargodha)
Dildar Hussain (selected for Sukkur Under-19s)
Dildar Malik (Faisalabad, Multan)
Dil Murad (Turbat Under-19s)
Dilnawaz (Azad Jammu and Kashmir Under-19s, Islamabad Schools)
Dil Shad (selected for Rahim Yar Khan Under-19s)
Dilshad Ahmed (Gujranwala Under-19s, Sialkot Under-16s)
Dilshad Bhatti (Khairpur Under-19s)
Dilshad Butt (Lahore B, Lahore City, Lahore City A, Pakistan Customs)
Dil Sher (Sanghar)
Dinar Gichki (Quetta)
Din Mohammad (Kalat Under-19s)
Din Mohammad (Killa Abdullah, Killa Abdullah Under-19s)
RN Dinshaw (Sind)
Dost Jan (Turbat Under-19s)
Dost Mohammad (Mianwali, Mianwali Under-19s)
Dost Mohammad (Dera Ismail Khan, Tank)
Douglas (Quetta Under-19s)
A D'Souza (Karachi, Karachi A, Karachi Blues, Karachi C, Pakistan, Pakistan International Airlines, Peshawar)
F D'Souza (Baluchistan, Quetta)
M D'Souza (Karachi B, Karachi Blues)
S D'Souza (Karachi)
VP D'Souza (Karachi Schools)
Duaa Majid (selected for Faisalabad Under-19s Women)
Dua Majid (Faisalabad Under-19s Women)
RB Dufty (East Pakistan)
Dulu Affendi (East Pakistan Whites)
Dur Mohammad (Karachi Zone V Under-19s)
Dur Mohammad (Sukkur Under-19s)
Dur Mohammad (Nawabshah Under-19s)
HU Durrani (umpire)
SK Durrani (North West Frontier Province, Peshawar)





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