New Zealand Cricket Almanack Players of the Year

1948TB Burtt, B Sutcliffe
1949AE Cresswell, DD Taylor
1950GF Cresswell, VJ Scott
1951AM Moir, JR Reid
1952RWG Emery, JC Laker
1953FE Fisher, LSM Miller
1954JG Leggat, AR MacGibbon
1955RW Blair, RT Dowker
1956DD Beard, SC Guillen
1957HB Cave, JK Everest
1958NS Harford, JA Hayes
1959KW Hough, BH Pairaudeau
1960JC Alabaster, ME Chapple
1961PGZ Harris, RC Motz
1962FJ Cameron, GT Dowling
1963IA Colquhoun, EC Petrie
1964SG Gedye, BW Sinclair
1965RW Morgan, BW Yuile
1966BE Congdon, N Puna
1967V Pollard, BR Taylor
1968SN McGregor, JT Ward
1969RS Cunis, BF Hastings
1970HJ Howarth, BAG Murray
1971MG Burgess, RO Collinge
1972GD Alabaster, GM Turner
1973RE Redmond, KJ Wadsworth
1974GP Bilby, MG Webb
1975DR Hadlee, GP Howarth
1976BL Cairns, PJ Petherick
1977EJ Chatfield, GE Vivian
1978RW Anderson, SL Boock
1979BA Edgar, RJ Hadlee
1980CW Dickeson, ADG Roberts
1981JM McIntyre, JF Reid
1982MC Snedden, JG Wright
1983BL Cairns, RJ Hadlee
1984JV Coney, RJ Hadlee
1985JV Coney, JF Reid
1986JV Coney, RJ Hadlee
1987MD Crowe, RJ Hadlee
1988MD Crowe, AH Jones
1989AH Jones, IDS Smith
1990DK Morrison, JG Wright
1991MD Crowe, AH Jones
1992MD Crowe, DN Patel
1993DK Morrison, KR Rutherford
1994AH Jones, SA Thomson
1995NJ Astle, AC Parore
1996NJ Astle, JTC Vaughan
1997SB Doull, CZ Harris
1998CL Cairns, SP Fleming
1999CL Cairns, DJ Nash
2000CL Cairns, DL Vettori
2001CD McMillan, MH Richardson
2002NJ Astle, SE Bond
2003SP Fleming, JDP Oram
2004SP Fleming, CS Martin
2005HJH Marshall, DL Vettori
2006SE Bond, JEC Franklin
2007SE Bond, MHW Papps
2008BB McCullum, TG Southee
2009JD Ryder, LRPL Taylor
2010BB McCullum, DL Vettori
2011CS Martin, N Wagner
2012MJ Guptill, KS Williamson
2016MJ Guptill, KS Williamson
The Editorial policy before 1983 was to restrict a player to a single appearance.





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