New Zealand Players (W)


B Whittington (Central Districts Under-19s)
GL Whittington (Central Districts Women)
NMH Whittington (Cambridge University)
E Whittle (North Taranaki, Taranaki)
H Whittle (Marlborough)
T Whittle (Rangitikei)
HB Whitton (Canterbury)
TR Whitty (Heaton Intermediate School Boys)
RI Whitworth (umpire)
Whyte (umpire)
Whyte (Franklin)
DSD Whyte (umpire)
GL Whyte (Wellington)
J Whyte (Otago Under-20s)
JK Whyte (Napier Technical Old Boys)
R Whyte (North Otago)
R Whyte (John McGlashan College)
RA Whyte (Wellington)
RC Whyte (Canterbury Under-20s)
EA Wickes (West Coast (South Island), Westland)
K Wickes (Southern Districts Women)
UK Wickham (Auckland Women, New Zealand Women)
JK Wickman (North Shore Women)
Wicks (Marlborough)
M Wicks (Landmark Golden Oldies)
ST Wicksteed (South Canterbury)
AH Widdas (Southland)
F Widdes (Northern North-West New South Wales Country Colts)
JSL Widerstrom (Wellington Collegians, Wellington Under-17s)
J Wiggans (Waikato Valley)
BL Wiggins (Central Districts A, Central Districts Under-17s, Central Districts Under-19s)
JS Wiggins (Eastern Suburbs, Wellington A, Wellington Under-19s)
NI Wiggins (Wellington Under-17s)
PR Wiggins (Central Districts Development Women)
LJ Wight (Otago Women)
DJ Wightman (Central Districts)
PG Wightman (Auckland Under-20s)
R Wightman (Waikato Country)
WCH Wigley (Canterbury)
J Wigzell (Nelson)
HTS Wijesooriya (Johnsonville)
BN Wilcock (Hamilton, Northern Districts Under-17s, Northern Districts Under-19s)
S Wilcock (Hamilton, Northern Districts Under-17s, Northern Districts Under-19s)
G Wilcox (Hamilton)
M Wilcox (Hamilton)
Wild (Manawatu)
Wild (College B)
D Wildash (Wellington Under-19s)
Wilde (Wellington Secondary Schools B)
BJ Wilde (Hamilton Boys High School)
RG Wilde (Central Districts)
RG Wilde (Wellington Under-20s, Wellington Under-23s)
S Wilde (Canterbury Secondary Schools, Nelson)
A Wilder (Buller)
AS Wilder (Southern Hawke's Bay, Wanganui)
JW Wilder (Wanganui)
NW Wilder (Canterbury Under-20s, Canterbury Under-23s, Central Districts Under-23s, Hawke's Bay)
M Wildermoth (Thames Valley)
AF Wilding (Canterbury)
F Wilding (Canterbury)
G Wildman (M Sadler's Technical Old Girls XI)
AV Wiles (Auckland)
JM Wilkens (Nelson Women)
CD Wilkes (St Kentigern College, Auckland)
P Wilkey (Central Districts Under-22s)
JL Wilkie (Otago)
RA Wilkie (Otago)
SW Wilkie (Counties Manukau)
AJ Wilkins (Canterbury Women, Northern Districts Women, Otago Women, Surrey Women)
CM Wilkins (Wellington Women)
J Wilkins (Wellington Women)
S Wilkins (New Zealand)
A Wilkinson (Auckland)
A Wilkinson (North East Valley)
AM Wilkinson (Otago)
FE Wilkinson (Auckland Schoolgirls, Auckland Under-21s Women, St Kentigern College, Auckland Girls)
G Wilkinson (umpire)
GJ Wilkinson (Wellington)
I Wilkinson (Cashmere High School Women)
J Wilkinson (Counties Manukau, Northern Districts Under-17s)
JA Wilkinson (Pukekohe Metro)
JG Wilkinson (Raroa Normal Intermediate School)
KL Wilkinson (Canterbury Women)
MG Wilkinson (Wairarapa)
Will (Oamaru)
BA Willacy (Wanganui)
GR Willacy (Central Districts Under-23s, Wanganui)
BG Willemsen (Market Deeping, Northamptonshire Second XI, Otago Under-18s, Otago Under-19s)
D Willemsen (Otago Under-19s)
Willer (umpire)
J Willetts (North Otago)
Williams (umpire)
Williams (Hawke's Bay)
Williams (Christ's College, Christchurch)
Williams (Otago Boys High School)
Williams (West Coast (South Island))
Williams (West Coast (South Island))
A Williams (Midlands)
A Williams (Naenae, Naenae Old Boys)
AB Williams (Otago, Wellington)
AG Williams (Auckland)
AM Williams (Hawke's Bay)
AR Williams (Ashburton County)
B Williams (Waikato)
B Williams (Nelson Women)
B Williams (Otago Under-17s)
BR Williams (Wellington)
BR Williams (Central Districts)
BR Williams (Bay of Plenty, Northland)
C Williams (Ashburton County)
C Williams (West Coast (South Island))
C Williams (Tahuna Intermediate School)
CD Williams (Nelson)
CH Williams (umpire)
CT Williams (Greerton)
D Williams (Southern Hawke's Bay)
D Williams (New Zealand Universities)
D Williams (Canterbury Under-20s)
D Williams (Otago Under-20s)
D Williams (Otago Under-19s)
D Williams (Northland)
DK Williams (Southland)
DOC Williams (Wellington Under-20s)
EH Williams (Hawke's Bay)
ER Williams (Auckland Under-20s)
F Williams (Otago)
G Williams (Onslow)
G Williams (Buller)
GC Williams (Hawke's Bay)
GJ Williams (Otago)
H Williams (Nelson)
H Williams (Wanganui)
H Williams (Waikato)
HB Williams (Hawke's Bay)
J Williams (Poverty Bay)
J Williams (Otago Under-20s)
J Williams (South Canterbury)
JA Williams (Wanganui)
JA Williams (Hamilton Boys High School)
JC Williams (Auckland)
JD Williams (Burnside)
JD Williams (Canterbury Under-17s, Canterbury Under-19s)
JG Williams (Auckland Under-20s, Franklin, Northland)
JH Williams (Wanganui)
JHS Williams (Canterbury Country, Christchurch Boys High School)
JJ Williams (scorer)
JL Williams (Canterbury)
K Williams (Midlands)
K Williams (West Coast (South Island))
K Williams (Poverty Bay)
KD Williams (Ashburton County)
KP Williams (Otago Under-20s)
KS Williams (Canterbury)
L Williams (Southland)
LG Williams (Wellington)
LJ Williams (Auckland Women, Canterbury B Women, North Harbour Women)
LS Williams (South Canterbury)
M Williams (Marlborough)
M Williams (Hawke's Bay)
M Williams (Midlands)
M Williams (Auckland Under-17s)
M Williams (Auckland Women)
M Williams (Napier Technical Old Boys)
M Williams (Raroa Normal Intermediate School Girls)
MD Williams (Otago Boys High School, Otago Under-19s)
MG Williams (North Taranaki)
N Williams (Berkley Normal Middle School)
NM Williams (Canterbury Women, New Zealand Under-25s Women, New Zealand Women, Wellington Women)
NT Williams (Auckland)
O Williams (Rangitikei)
OE Williams (Canterbury Women)
PA Williams (Tawa College, Wellington Under-18s Women, Wellington Under-21s Women)
PR Williams (Canterbury Under-23s, North Canterbury)
R Williams (Rangitikei)
R Williams (Wellington Second XI, Wellington Under-20s)
S Williams (Wairarapa)
SJ Williams (Naenae Old Boys)
TM Williams (Thames Valley)
TR Williams (Wellington Under-20s)
TR Williams (Central Districts Under-17s, Central Districts Under-19s, Taranaki, Taranaki Wanderers)
UG Williams (Wanganui)
W Williams (West Coast (South Island))
WB Williams (Bay of Plenty, Thames Valley)
WL Williams (Auckland Under-20s)
WSA Williams (Canterbury)
B Williams-Davies (Balmacewen Intermediate School)
TM Williams-Elliot (Berkley Normal Middle School)
B Williamson (Otago Under-17s)
BR Williamson (umpire)
E Williamson (St Kentigern College, Auckland Girls)
G Williamson (New Zealand Blind)
GC Williamson (New Zealand Blind)
K Williamson (scorer)
KS Williamson (Barbados Tridents, Gloucestershire, New Zealand, New Zealand A, Northern Districts, Sunrisers, Yorkshire)
LC Williamson (Counties Manukau, King's College, Auckland, New Zealand Under-19s, Northern Districts Under-18s, Northern Districts Under-19s)
M Williamson (Midlands)
M Williamson (Otago Women Second XI)
NR Williamson (Auckland Under-18s, Counties Manukau)
OJ Williamson (King's College, Auckland)
P Williamson (Wanganui)
P Williamson (umpire)
S Williamson (Waikato, Wairarapa)
M Williment (Wellington Under-20s)
A Willis (Wellington)
EM Willis (Otago Under-20s)
G Willis (Ashburton County)
G Willis (Poverty Bay)
J Willis (King's School, Auckland)
J Willis (King's School, Auckland)
KE Willis (Canterbury Under-21s Women, Rangi Ruru Girls School)
LH Willis (St Andrew's College, Christchurch)
LW Willis (Hawke's Bay)
MR Willis (umpire)
P Willis (umpire)
PB Willis (Hutt Valley)
RE Willis (scorer)
S Willis (Ashburton County)
T Willis (Rangitikei)
WR Willis (Hawke's Bay, New Zealand Universities)
A Willocks (Otago Women, Southern Districts Women)
Willoughby (South Canterbury)
R Willoughby (Central Districts Under-20s, Wairarapa)
AJ Wills (Otago Second XI, Otago Under-20s)
AR Wills (Southland)
B Wills (Counties)
C Wills (Midlands)
J Wills (Southland Women)
JW Wills (Otago)
M Wills (Ashburton County)
MH Wills (Hutt Districts, Marlborough Boys College, Wanderers, Wellington Wanderers)
PMI Wills (Bay of Plenty)
S Wills (Poverty Bay)
Wilson (Taranaki)
Wilson (Wanganui)
Wilson (Auckland)
Wilson (scorer)
Wilson (Southern Hawke's Bay)
A Wilson (umpire)
A Wilson (West Coast (South Island))
A Wilson (Marlborough)
A Wilson (umpire)
A Wilson (Poverty Bay)
A Wilson (Poverty Bay)
A Wilson (Waikato Diocesan School for Girls)
A Wilson (Wairarapa)
AC Wilson (Canterbury)
AJ Wilson (Bay of Plenty)
AJ Wilson (Thames Valley)
AJ Wilson (umpire)
AM Wilson (Wellington)
AM Wilson (Taranaki)
B Wilson (Rangitikei, Southern Hawke's Bay)
B Wilson (scorer)
B Wilson (New Zealand Blind)
B Wilson (Victoria University, Wellington Second XI)
B Wilson (Franklin)
BD Wilson (New Zealand Blind)
BG Wilson (Palmerston North Boys High School)
BH Wilson (Manawatu)
BM Wilson (Wellington)
BS Wilson (Northern Districts, Otago)
C Wilson (Marlborough Boys College)
C Wilson (umpire)
C Wilson (umpire)
C Wilson (Mount Albert Grammar School)
CDM Wilson (Hutt International Boys School)
CG Wilson (Auckland Under-20s, Auckland Under-23s)
CH Wilson (umpire)
CJA Wilson (Bay of Plenty)
CR Wilson (Havelock North Intermediate School)
D Wilson (Hamilton)
D Wilson (Hutt Valley)
D Wilson (Central Districts Under-20s)
DC Wilson (umpire)
DD Wilson (Canterbury Under-20s)
DJ Wilson (Manawatu, New Zealand Academy Development Squad)
DJ Wilson (New Zealand Under-19s)
DS Wilson (Wellington)
EM Wilson (Northern Districts Women)
ES Wilson (Otago)
ES Wilson (Royal New Zealand Navy)
FA Wilson (Otago Country)
FE Wilson (Hawke's Bay)
FE Wilson (Rangitikei)
G Wilson (Central Districts Under-19s)
G Wilson (Cystic Fibrosis Invitation XI)
G Wilson (Cobham)
GA Wilson (Southland)
GCL Wilson (Canterbury)
H Wilson (Auckland)
H Wilson (umpire)
H Wilson (North Auckland)
H Wilson (Taranaki)
H Wilson (Poverty Bay)
H Wilson (North Otago)
H Wilson (Balmacewen Intermediate School Girls)
HC Wilson (Hawke's Bay)
HEJ Wilson (Canterbury Under-19s, Christchurch Boys High School)
ID Wilson (Canterbury)
J Wilson (South Canterbury)
J Wilson (Southland)
J Wilson (Southern Hawke's Bay)
J Wilson (Southland)
J Wilson (West Coast (South Island))
J Wilson (King's School, Auckland)
J Wilson (King's School, Auckland)
JA Wilson (Canterbury Women)
JA Wilson (Canterbury Women Second XI)
JB Wilson (Canterbury)
JG Wilson (North Otago, Otago Under-23s)
JH Wilson (Wellington)
JPE Wilson (Canterbury Second XI, Marlborough, New Zealand Young Cricketers)
JS Wilson (Central Districts Second XI, Central Districts Under-19s, Central Districts Under-20s)
JW Wilson (New Zealand, Otago)
K Wilson (Otago)
KA Wilson (Northland)
L Wilson (Taranaki)
LM Wilson (Canterbury Women)
LR Wilson (Wanganui)
M Wilson (Central Districts)
M Wilson (North Otago)
M Wilson (Counties Manukau)
M Wilson (scorer)
M Wilson (scorer)
M Wilson (Otago Under-20s)
M Wilson (Northern Districts Under-17s, Northern Districts Under-19s)
M Wilson (Berkley Normal Middle School)
MD Wilson (New Zealanders)
MT Wilson (Raroa Normal Intermediate School Girls)
ND Wilson (South Auckland)
NR Wilson (Northern Districts)
OC Wilson (Canterbury Under-17s, Canterbury Under-19s)
OJ Wilson (Southland)
PD Wilson (Wellington)
PH Wilson (umpire)
PJ Wilson (Wellington Under-20s, Wellington Under-23s)
R Wilson (umpire)
R Wilson (Manawatu)
R Wilson (Auckland Under-19s)
R Wilson (Northern Districts Under-17s)
RD Wilson (Nelson)
RD Wilson (Otago)
RG Wilson (North Otago)
RG Wilson (South Canterbury)
RG Wilson (Canterbury Under-20s)
RH Wilson (Canterbury Under-20s, New Zealand Schools)
RJ Wilson (Otago Second XI, Southland)
RS Wilson (Otago)
S Wilson (Southland)
S Wilson (Northern Districts Under-22s)
S Wilson (St Albans Women)
S Wilson (Wanderers)
S Wilson (Central Districts Under-18s Women)
SD Wilson (Northland)
SM Wilson (Auckland Women)
SS Wilson (Wairarapa, Wellington Under-20s, Wellington Under-23s)
SS Wilson (Palmerston North Boys High School)
SWJ Wilson (Canterbury, Central Districts, New Zealand XI)
T Wilson (Central Otago)
TH Wilson (Auckland)
TJ Wilson (Otago)
TP Wilson (Cornwall)
TW Wilson (John McGlashan College, Otago Boys High School, Otago Under-17s)
VIM Wilson (Otago Under-21s Women, St Hilda's Collegiate Secondary School)
W Wilson (Manawatu)
WC Wilson (Canterbury)
WF Wilson (Southland)
WJ Wilson (Otago Under-20s)
WR Wilson (North Canterbury)
Wilton (Nelson)
IM Wilton (Northern Districts Under-17s)
KA Wilton (Morrinsville Intermediate School Girls)
Wiltshire (Hawke's Bay)
JR Wiltshire (Auckland, Central Districts)
L Wiltshire (Auckland Under-23s, New Zealand Universities)
DA Win (Marlborough)
JS Winchester (Canterbury Country, Canterbury Under-17s, Canterbury Under-19s)
TJ Wind (Wellington Technical College Old Girls)
H Winder (umpire)
S Windle (Otago Country)
S Windle (Horowhenua and Kapiti)
SG Wineti (Greerton, Poverty Bay)
SG Wineti (Bay of Plenty)
PR Winfield (Central Districts Under-23s, Nelson)
KA Wing (Manawatu, Otago Under-20s)
DR Winger (Auckland Under-17s, Auckland Under-19s, Cornwall)
NA Winger (South Auckland)
NG Winger (South Auckland, Waikato)
NS Winger (Waikato)
R Winger (South Auckland)
BW Wingfield (Wellington Under-20s)
KM Winkley (Central Districts Women)
DG Winn (Auckland A, Auckland Under-18s, Howick Pakuranga)
LH Winn (Auckland Development XI, Auckland Under-17s, Auckland Under-19s)
LH Winn (Burnside)
BJ Winslade (Hamilton, Northern Districts)
CB Winsloe (Otago Women)
WH Winsor (Sydenham)
Winter (Poverty Bay)
Winter (Hawke's Bay)
AL Winter (umpire)
B Winter (Tauranga Intermediate School)
CJ Winter (Canterbury)
D Winter (Rosmini College)
J Winter (Otago)
MJC Winter (Mid-Canterbury)
MW Winter (South Auckland)
PA Winter (Canterbury Second XI)
PM Winter (North Canterbury)
S Winter (Bay of Plenty, Northern Districts Under-20s)
WM Winter (New Zealand Army)
MJ Winterbourn (Auckland Under-20s)
AF Wiren (Wellington)
AG Wiren (Wellington)
EE Wise (Canterbury Women)
MMW Wise (Auckland Women, Canterbury Women)
W Wise (Nelson)
W Wise (South Canterbury)
M Wiseman (Southern Hawke's Bay)
PJ Wiseman (Auckland, Canterbury, Durham, New Zealand, New Zealand A, New Zealand Academy, Otago)
R Wishart (North Otago)
A Wisneski (Taranaki)
WA Wisneski (Canterbury, Central Districts, New Zealand, New Zealand A, New Zealand XI)
A Wisnewski (New Plymouth Girls High School)
A Wisnewski (Central Districts Under-18s Women)
BJ Wisnewski (Taranaki Wanderers)
J Witchall (New Zealand Deaf)
T Witchell (umpire)
CH Withers (scorer)
EJ Withers (Heaton Intermediate School)
KM Withers (Canterbury B Women, Canterbury Women, New Zealand Women)
C Withers-Spedding (Berkley Normal Middle School)
SM Withy (Otago Under-17s)
J Witte (Canterbury Women)
Witton (umpire)
E Wium (Heaton Intermediate School)
RP Wixon (Central Districts, Otago)
v Woerkom
B Wolfe (Counties)
V Wolland (Renwick)
J Wolstenholme (Hawke's Bay)
JRK Wolt (Otago Second XI)
LA Wong (Auckland Grammar School)
M Wong (South Auckland Women)
V Wong (St Kentigern College, Auckland Girls)
G Wontner (Canterbury)
Wood (Hawke's Bay)
Wood (scorer)
Wood (South Canterbury)
AW Wood (Otago Boys High School, Otago Under-19s)
B Wood (Auckland Under-20s)
BB Wood (Canterbury)
C Wood (Central Districts Under-20s)
C Wood (Wairau)
C Wood (Hamilton Eastern Suburbs)
CE Wood (Taranaki)
CJ Wood (Hamilton)
G Wood (Marlborough)
G Wood (Hawke's Bay)
GA Wood (Auckland A, Auckland Under-17s, Auckland Under-19s)
GR Wood (Buller)
H Wood (Canterbury Under-19s, South Canterbury)
J Wood (Canterbury, Wellington)
J Wood (Auckland)
J Wood (Waikato)
J Wood (Wellington Second XI)
J Wood (Otago Under-17s)
JA Wood (Wanganui)
JM Wood (umpire)
JWH Wood (Hawke's Bay, Nelson, Wellington)
LA Wood (Wanganui, Wanganui Cricket Club)
M Wood (Canterbury Under-20s)
N Wood (Wellington, Wellington Second XI)
R Wood (Wellington Women)
RA Wood (umpire)
S Wood (Auckland Under-17s)
SW Wood (Counties Manukau)
W Wood (umpire)
A Woodard (Horowhenua and Kapiti)
TL Woodbury (Auckland Women, Canterbury Women, New Zealand Women)
LJ Woodcock (New Zealand, New Zealand A, Wellington)
T Woodfield (Canterbury Under-20s)
L Woodger (Central Military District)
OM Woodger (Wellington Technical College Old Girls)
CM Woodham (umpire)
J Woodham (Mid-Canterbury)
V Woodhams (Waikato Valley)
CRD Woodhead (Rangitikei)
D Woodhead (Central Districts Under-19s)
M Woodhead (Palmerston North Girls High School)
R Woodhead (New Zealand Army)
L Woodroff (New Zealand Army)
DE Woods (Canterbury Under-20s)
EF Woods (Canterbury Women, New Zealand Women)
ER Woods (Auckland)
F Woods (Canterbury)
F Woods (Canterbury B)
L Woods (North Shore Women)
MC Woods (South Canterbury)
NT Woods (Otago)
V Woods (Canterbury Women Second XI)
WE Woods (umpire)
Woodward (Rotorua)
BM Woodward (Nelson)
C Woodward (Central Districts Development Women)
SJ Woodward (umpire)
AR Woolford (Taranaki, Wellington Under-23s)
B Woolford (North Canterbury)
A Woolgar (Karori)
C Woolhouse (Westland)
R Woolhouse (Northland)
C Woollard (Otago Women Second XI)
KW Woolley (Counties, Franklin, Northern Districts Under-23s)
M Woolley (Waikato)
RC Woolley (Wellington XI)
RC Woollons (umpire)
R Woolmer (umpire)
D Woolston (Midlands)
ID Woon (Central Districts Under-23s, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand Universities, Waikato, Wellington Under-23s)
GH Worker (Canterbury, Central Districts, New Zealand, New Zealand A, Scotland)
RVD Worker (Auckland, Canterbury, Otago, Wellington)
HJL Workman (Christchurch Boys High School)
JCL Workman (Heaton Intermediate School)
J Worley (Southern Hawke's Bay)
P Worley (Central Districts Under-23s, Southern Hawke's Bay)
SP Worley (Hawke's Bay)
EJ Wormald (Canterbury Women)
S Wornes (Rochdale, Willetton)
JH Worrall (Auckland)
RJ Worrall (Belmont Intermediate School Girls)
L Worsfold (Wanganui Women)
Worsley (South Taranaki)
C Worthington (Otago)
J Worthington (Poverty Bay)
T Worthington (Wellington Under-17s, Wellington Under-19s)
Wotton (umpire)
S Wraight (Central Districts Under-17s, Central Districts Under-19s)
T Wrathall (Auckland Suburban)
Wratt (umpire)
CJ Wratt (St Paul's Collegiate School, Hamilton)
MJ Wratt (Naenae Old Boys, Wellington Under-19s)
WJ Wratt (Nelson)
Wright (Nelson)
AF Wright (Canterbury, North Canterbury)
AW Wright (South Canterbury)
C Wright (Horowhenua)
C Wright (Manawatu)
E Wright (Karori)
EL Wright (Auckland, Canterbury, Wellington)
ER Wright (umpire)
F Wright (scorer)
GT Wright (Canterbury)
H Wright (Auckland)
HC Wright (Manawatu)
HG Wright (North Canterbury)
HJ Wright (Karori, Wellington Under-17s, Wellington Under-19s, Wellington Under-23s)
J Wright (Taranaki)
JF Wright (North Otago)
JG Wright (Auckland, Canterbury, Derbyshire, New Zealand, New Zealand Under-23s, Northern Districts)
JL Wright (Northern Districts)
K Wright (umpire)
M Wright (Wairarapa)
M Wright (Whangarei Girls High School)
MJE Wright (Northern Districts)
NH Wright (North Canterbury)
NQ Wright (North Canterbury)
PJ Wright (Hutt Valley)
RJ Wright (Franklin)
SJ Wright (Morrinsville Intermediate School Girls)
W Wright (South Canterbury)
OL Wrigley (Royal New Zealand Air Force, Wellington)
Wyatt (Wellington)
IE Wyatt (Auckland)
J Wyatt (Horowhenua and Kapiti)
JL Wyatt (Northern Districts)
K Wyatt (Otago Under-21s Women)
SJ Wyber (Otago Under-21s Women, St Hilda's Collegiate Secondary School)
GA Wycherley (umpire)
B Wyeth (umpire)
R Wyeth (umpire)
R Wyeth (St Albans)
RSE Wyeth (umpire)
W Wyinks (Otago)
CA Wylds (Wellington Women)
A Wylie (Manawatu)
J Wylie (Wanganui Collegiate School)
R Wylie (Taranaki)
R Wylie (Central Districts Under-19s)
RN Wylie (Central Districts)
S Wylie (Balmacewen Intermediate School Girls)
T Wylie (umpire)
R Wyllie (Bay of Plenty)
CC Wymer (Counties)
AD Wynen (Morrinsville Intermediate School Girls)
WT Wynyard (Auckland, Wellington)
M Wysocki (Rangitikei)





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