New Zealand Players (W)


B Whittington (Central Districts Under-19s)
GL Whittington (Central Districts Women)
NMH Whittington (Cambridge University)
E Whittle (North Taranaki, Taranaki)
H Whittle (Marlborough)
T Whittle (Rangitikei)
HB Whitton (Canterbury)
TR Whitty (Heaton Intermediate School Boys)
RI Whitworth (umpire)
Whyte (umpire)
Whyte (Franklin)
DSD Whyte (umpire)
GL Whyte (Wellington)
J Whyte (Otago Under-20s)
JK Whyte (Napier Technical Old Boys)
R Whyte (North Otago)
R Whyte (John McGlashan College)
RA Whyte (Wellington)
RC Whyte (Canterbury Under-20s)
EA Wickes (West Coast (South Island), Westland)
K Wickes (Southern Districts Women)
UK Wickham (Auckland Women, New Zealand Women)
JK Wickman (North Shore Women)
Wicks (Marlborough)
M Wicks (Landmark Golden Oldies)
ST Wicksteed (South Canterbury)
AH Widdas (Southland)
F Widdes (Northern North-West New South Wales Country Colts)
JSL Widerstrom (Wellington Collegians, Wellington Under-17s)
J Wiggans (Waikato Valley)
BL Wiggins (Central Districts A, Central Districts Under-17s, Central Districts Under-19s)
JS Wiggins (Eastern Suburbs, Wellington A, Wellington Under-19s)
NI Wiggins (Wellington Under-17s)
PR Wiggins (Central Districts Development Women)
LJ Wight (Otago Women)
DJ Wightman (Central Districts)
PG Wightman (Auckland Under-20s)
WCH Wigley (Canterbury)
J Wigzell (Nelson)
HTS Wijesooriya (Johnsonville)
BN Wilcock (Hamilton, Northern Districts Under-17s, Northern Districts Under-19s)
S Wilcock (Hamilton, Northern Districts Under-17s, Northern Districts Under-19s)
G Wilcox (Hamilton)
M Wilcox (Hamilton)
Wild (Manawatu)
Wild (College B)
D Wildash (Wellington Under-19s)
BJ Wilde (Hamilton Boys High School)
RG Wilde (Central Districts)
RG Wilde (Wellington Under-20s, Wellington Under-23s)
S Wilde (Canterbury Secondary Schools, Nelson)
AS Wilder (Southern Hawke's Bay, Wanganui)
JW Wilder (Wanganui)
NW Wilder (Canterbury Under-20s, Canterbury Under-23s, Central Districts Under-23s, Hawke's Bay)
M Wildermoth (Thames Valley)
AF Wilding (Canterbury)
F Wilding (Canterbury)
G Wildman (M Sadler's Technical Old Girls XI)
AV Wiles (Auckland)
JM Wilkens (Nelson Women)
P Wilkey (Central Districts Under-22s)
JL Wilkie (Otago)
RA Wilkie (Otago)
S Wilkie (Counties Manukau)
AJ Wilkins (Canterbury Women, Northern Districts Women, Otago Women, Surrey Women)
CM Wilkins (Wellington Women)
J Wilkins (Wellington Women)
S Wilkins (New Zealand)
A Wilkinson (Auckland)
A Wilkinson (North East Valley)
AM Wilkinson (Otago)
B Wilkinson (Cashmere High School Women)
FE Wilkinson (Auckland Schoolgirls, Auckland Under-21s Women, St Kentigern College, Auckland Girls)
G Wilkinson (umpire)
GJ Wilkinson (Wellington)
I Wilkinson (Cashmere High School Women)
J Wilkinson (Counties Manukau, Northern Districts Under-17s)
JA Wilkinson (Pukekohe Metro)
JG Wilkinson (Raroa Normal Intermediate School)
KL Wilkinson (Canterbury Women)
MG Wilkinson (Wairarapa)
Will (Oamaru)
BA Willacy (Wanganui)
GR Willacy (Central Districts Under-23s, Wanganui)
BG Willemsen (Market Deeping, Northamptonshire Second XI, Otago Under-18s, Otago Under-19s)
D Willemsen (Otago Under-19s)
Willer (umpire)
J Willetts (North Otago)
Williams (umpire)
Williams (Hawke's Bay)
Williams (Waikato)
Williams (Christ's College, Christchurch)
Williams (Otago Boys High School)
A Williams (Midlands)
A Williams (Naenae, Naenae Old Boys)
AB Williams (Otago, Wellington)
AG Williams (Auckland)
AM Williams (Hawke's Bay)
AR Williams (Ashburton County)
B Williams (Waikato)
B Williams (Nelson Women)
B Williams (Otago Under-17s)
BR Williams (Wellington)
BR Williams (Central Districts)
BR Williams (Bay of Plenty, Northland)
C Williams (Ashburton County)
C Williams (West Coast (South Island))
C Williams (Tahuna Intermediate School)
CD Williams (Nelson)
CH Williams (umpire)
CT Williams (Greerton)
D Williams (Southern Hawke's Bay)
D Williams (New Zealand Universities)
D Williams (Canterbury Under-20s)
D Williams (Otago Under-20s)
D Williams (Otago Under-19s)
D Williams (Northland)
DK Williams (Southland)
DOC Williams (Wellington Under-20s)
EH Williams (Hawke's Bay)
ER Williams (Auckland Under-20s)
F Williams (Otago)
G Williams (Onslow)
GC Williams (Hawke's Bay)
GJ Williams (Otago)
H Williams (Nelson)
H Williams (Wanganui)
HB Williams (Hawke's Bay)
J Williams (Poverty Bay)
J Williams (Otago Under-20s)
JA Williams (Wanganui)
JA Williams (Hamilton Boys High School)
JC Williams (Auckland)
JD Williams (Canterbury Under-17s, Canterbury Under-19s)
JG Williams (Auckland Under-20s, Franklin, Northland)
JH Williams (Wanganui)
JHS Williams (Canterbury Country, Christchurch Boys High School)
JJ Williams (scorer)
JL Williams (Canterbury)
K Williams (Midlands)
K Williams (West Coast (South Island))
K Williams (Poverty Bay)
KD Williams (Ashburton County)
KP Williams (Otago Under-20s)
KS Williams (Canterbury)
L Williams (Southland)
LG Williams (Wellington)
LJ Williams (Auckland Women, Canterbury B Women, North Harbour Women)
LS Williams (South Canterbury)
M Williams (Marlborough)
M Williams (Hawke's Bay)
M Williams (Midlands)
M Williams (Auckland Under-17s)
M Williams (Auckland Women)
M Williams (Napier Technical Old Boys)
M Williams (Raroa Normal Intermediate School Girls)
MD Williams (Otago Boys High School, Otago Under-19s)
MG Williams (North Taranaki)
N Williams (Berkley Normal Middle School)
NM Williams (Canterbury Women, New Zealand Under-25s Women, New Zealand Women, Wellington Women)
NT Williams (Auckland)
O Williams (Rangitikei)
OE Williams (Canterbury Women)
PA Williams (Tawa College, Wellington Under-18s Women, Wellington Under-21s Women)
PR Williams (Canterbury Under-23s, North Canterbury)
R Williams (Rangitikei)
R Williams (Wellington Second XI, Wellington Under-20s)
S Williams (Wairarapa)
SJ Williams (Naenae Old Boys)
TM Williams (Thames Valley)
TR Williams (Wellington Under-20s)
TR Williams (Central Districts Under-17s, Central Districts Under-19s, Taranaki, Taranaki Wanderers)
UG Williams (Wanganui)
W Williams (West Coast (South Island))
WB Williams (Bay of Plenty, Thames Valley)
WL Williams (Auckland Under-20s)
WSA Williams (Canterbury)
B Williams-Davies (Balmacewen Intermediate School)
T Williams-Elliot (Berkley Normal Middle School)
B Williamson (Otago Under-17s)
BR Williamson (umpire)
E Williamson (St Kentigern College, Auckland Girls)
G Williamson (New Zealand Blind)
GC Williamson (New Zealand Blind)
KS Williamson (Barbados Tridents, Gloucestershire, New Zealand, New Zealand A, Northern Districts, Sunrisers, Yorkshire)
LC Williamson (Counties Manukau, King's College, Auckland, New Zealand Under-19s, Northern Districts Under-18s, Northern Districts Under-19s)
M Williamson (Midlands)
M Williamson (Otago Women Second XI)
NR Williamson (Auckland Under-18s, Counties Manukau)
OJ Williamson (King's College, Auckland)
P Williamson (Wanganui)
P Williamson (umpire)
S Williamson (Waikato, Wairarapa)
M Williment (Wellington Under-20s)
A Willis (Wellington)
EM Willis (Otago Under-20s)
G Willis (Ashburton County)
J Willis (King's School, Auckland)
J Willis (King's School, Auckland)
KE Willis (Canterbury Under-21s Women, Rangi Ruru Girls School)
LH Willis (St Andrew's College, Christchurch)
LW Willis (Hawke's Bay)
MR Willis (umpire)
P Willis (umpire)
PB Willis (Hutt Valley)
RE Willis (scorer)
S Willis (Ashburton County)
T Willis (Rangitikei)
WR Willis (Hawke's Bay, New Zealand Universities)
A Willocks (Otago Women, Southern Districts Women)
Willoughby (South Canterbury)
R Willoughby (Central Districts Under-20s, Wairarapa)
AJ Wills (Otago Second XI, Otago Under-20s)
AR Wills (Southland)
B Wills (Counties)
C Wills (Midlands)
J Wills (Southland Women)
JW Wills (Otago)
M Wills (Ashburton County)
MH Wills (Hutt Districts, Marlborough Boys College, Wanderers, Wellington Wanderers)
PMI Wills (Bay of Plenty)
S Wills (Poverty Bay)
Wilson (Taranaki)
Wilson (Wanganui)
Wilson (Auckland)
Wilson (scorer)
Wilson (Southern Hawke's Bay)
A Wilson (umpire)
A Wilson (West Coast (South Island))
A Wilson (Marlborough)
A Wilson (umpire)
A Wilson (Poverty Bay)
A Wilson (Poverty Bay)
A Wilson (Waikato Diocesan School for Girls)
A Wilson (Wairarapa)
AC Wilson (Canterbury)
AJ Wilson (Bay of Plenty)
AJ Wilson (Thames Valley)
AJ Wilson (umpire)
AM Wilson (Wellington)
AM Wilson (Taranaki)
B Wilson (Rangitikei, Southern Hawke's Bay)
B Wilson (scorer)
B Wilson (New Zealand Blind)
B Wilson (Victoria University, Wellington Second XI)
BD Wilson (New Zealand Blind)
BG Wilson (Palmerston North Boys High School)
BH Wilson (Manawatu)
BM Wilson (Wellington)
BS Wilson (Northern Districts, Otago)
C Wilson (Marlborough Boys College)
C Wilson (umpire)
C Wilson (umpire)
C Wilson (Mount Albert Grammar School)
CDM Wilson (Hutt International Boys School)
CG Wilson (Auckland Under-20s, Auckland Under-23s)
CH Wilson (umpire)
CJA Wilson (Bay of Plenty)
CR Wilson (Havelock North Intermediate School)
D Wilson (Hamilton)
D Wilson (Hutt Valley)
D Wilson (Central Districts Under-20s)
DC Wilson (umpire)
DD Wilson (Canterbury Under-20s)
DJ Wilson (Manawatu, New Zealand Academy Development Squad)
DJ Wilson (New Zealand Under-19s)
DS Wilson (Wellington)
EM Wilson (Northern Districts Women)
ES Wilson (Otago)
ES Wilson (Royal New Zealand Navy)
FA Wilson (Otago Country)
FE Wilson (Hawke's Bay)
FE Wilson (Rangitikei)
G Wilson (Central Districts Under-19s)
G Wilson (Cystic Fibrosis Invitation XI)
G Wilson (Cobham)
GA Wilson (Southland)
GCL Wilson (Canterbury)
H Wilson (Auckland)
H Wilson (umpire)
H Wilson (North Auckland)
H Wilson (Taranaki)
H Wilson (Poverty Bay)
H Wilson (North Otago)
H Wilson (Balmacewen Intermediate School Girls)
HC Wilson (Hawke's Bay)
HEJ Wilson (Canterbury Under-19s, Christchurch Boys High School)
ID Wilson (Canterbury)
J Wilson (South Canterbury)
J Wilson (Southland)
J Wilson (Marlborough)
J Wilson (Southern Hawke's Bay)
J Wilson (Southland)
J Wilson (King's School, Auckland)
J Wilson (King's School, Auckland)
JA Wilson (Canterbury Women)
JA Wilson (Canterbury Women Second XI)
JB Wilson (Canterbury)
JG Wilson (North Otago, Otago Under-23s)
JH Wilson (Wellington)
JPE Wilson (Canterbury Second XI, New Zealand Young Cricketers)
JS Wilson (Central Districts Second XI, Central Districts Under-19s, Central Districts Under-20s)
JW Wilson (New Zealand, Otago)
K Wilson (Otago)
KA Wilson (Northland)
L Wilson (Taranaki)
LM Wilson (Canterbury Women)
LR Wilson (Wanganui)
M Wilson (Central Districts)
M Wilson (North Otago)
M Wilson (Counties Manukau)
M Wilson (scorer)
M Wilson (scorer)
M Wilson (Otago Under-20s)
M Wilson (Northern Districts Under-17s, Northern Districts Under-19s)
M Wilson (Berkley Normal Middle School)
MD Wilson (New Zealanders)
MT Wilson (Raroa Normal Intermediate School Girls)
ND Wilson (South Auckland)
NR Wilson (Northern Districts)
OC Wilson (Canterbury Under-17s, Canterbury Under-19s)
OJ Wilson (Southland)
PD Wilson (Wellington)
PH Wilson (umpire)
PJ Wilson (Wellington Under-20s, Wellington Under-23s)
R Wilson (umpire)
R Wilson (Manawatu)
R Wilson (Auckland Under-19s)
R Wilson (Northern Districts Under-17s)
RD Wilson (Nelson)
RD Wilson (Otago)
RG Wilson (North Otago)
RG Wilson (South Canterbury)
RG Wilson (Canterbury Under-20s)
RH Wilson (Canterbury Under-20s, New Zealand Schools)
RJ Wilson (Otago Second XI, Southland)
RS Wilson (Otago)
S Wilson (Southland)
S Wilson (Northern Districts Under-22s)
S Wilson (St Albans Women)
S Wilson (Wanderers)
SD Wilson (Northland)
SM Wilson (Auckland Women)
SS Wilson (Wairarapa, Wellington Under-20s, Wellington Under-23s)
SS Wilson (Palmerston North Boys High School)
SWJ Wilson (Canterbury, Central Districts, New Zealand XI)
T Wilson (Central Otago)
T Wilson (John McGlashan College)
TD Wilson (Otago Boys High School)
TH Wilson (Auckland)
TJ Wilson (Otago)
TP Wilson (Cornwall)
TW Wilson (Otago Under-17s)
VIM Wilson (Otago Under-21s Women, St Hilda's Collegiate Secondary School)
W Wilson (Manawatu)
WC Wilson (Canterbury)
WF Wilson (Southland)
WJ Wilson (Otago Under-20s)
WR Wilson (North Canterbury)
Wilton (Nelson)
IM Wilton (Northern Districts Under-17s)
KA Wilton (Morrinsville Intermediate School Girls)
Wiltshire (Hawke's Bay)
JR Wiltshire (Auckland, Central Districts)
L Wiltshire (Auckland Under-23s, New Zealand Universities)
DA Win (Marlborough)
JS Winchester (Canterbury Country, Canterbury Under-17s, Canterbury Under-19s)
TJ Wind (Wellington Technical College Old Girls)
H Winder (umpire)
S Windle (Otago Country)
S Windle (Horowhenua and Kapiti)
SG Wineti (Greerton, Poverty Bay)
PR Winfield (Central Districts Under-23s, Nelson)
KA Wing (Manawatu, Otago Under-20s)
DR Winger (Auckland Under-17s, Auckland Under-19s, Cornwall)
NA Winger (South Auckland)
NG Winger (South Auckland, Waikato)
NS Winger (Waikato)
R Winger (South Auckland)
BW Wingfield (Wellington Under-20s)
KM Winkley (Central Districts Women)
DG Winn (Auckland A, Auckland Under-18s, Howick Pakuranga)
LH Winn (Auckland Development XI, Auckland Under-17s, Auckland Under-19s)
BJ Winslade (Hamilton, Northern Districts)
CB Winsloe (Otago Women)
WH Winsor (Sydenham)
Winter (Poverty Bay)
Winter (Hawke's Bay)
AL Winter (umpire)
B Winter (Tauranga Intermediate School)
CJ Winter (Canterbury)
D Winter (Rosmini College)
J Winter (Otago)
MJC Winter (Mid-Canterbury)
MW Winter (South Auckland)
PA Winter (Canterbury Second XI)
PM Winter (North Canterbury)
S Winter (Bay of Plenty, Northern Districts Under-20s)
WM Winter (New Zealand Army)
MJ Winterbourn (Auckland Under-20s)
AF Wiren (Wellington)
AG Wiren (Wellington)
EE Wise (Canterbury Women)
MMW Wise (Auckland Women, Canterbury Women)
W Wise (Nelson)
W Wise (South Canterbury)
M Wiseman (Southern Hawke's Bay)
PJ Wiseman (Auckland, Canterbury, Durham, New Zealand, New Zealand A, New Zealand Academy, Otago)
R Wishart (North Otago)
A Wisneski (Taranaki)
WA Wisneski (Canterbury, Central Districts, New Zealand, New Zealand A, New Zealand XI)
A Wisnewski (New Plymouth Girls High School)
BJ Wisnewski (Taranaki Wanderers)
J Witchall (New Zealand Deaf)
T Witchell (umpire)
CH Withers (scorer)
EJ Withers (Heaton Intermediate School)
KM Withers (Canterbury B Women, Canterbury Women, New Zealand Women)
C Withers-Spedding (Berkley Normal Middle School)
SM Withy (Otago Under-17s)
J Witte (Canterbury Women)
Witton (umpire)
E Wium (Heaton Intermediate School)
RP Wixon (Central Districts, Otago)
v Woerkom
B Wolfe (Counties)
V Wolland (Renwick)
J Wolstenholme (Hawke's Bay)
JRK Wolt (Otago Second XI)
LA Wong (Auckland Grammar School)
M Wong (South Auckland Women)
V Wong (St Kentigern College, Auckland Girls)
G Wontner (Canterbury)
Wood (Hawke's Bay)
Wood (scorer)
Wood (South Canterbury)
AW Wood (Otago Boys High School, Otago Under-19s)
B Wood (Auckland Under-20s)
BB Wood (Canterbury)
C Wood (Central Districts Under-20s)
C Wood (Wairau)
C Wood (Hamilton Eastern Suburbs)
CE Wood (Taranaki)
CJ Wood (Hamilton)
G Wood (Marlborough)
G Wood (Hawke's Bay)
GA Wood (Auckland A, Auckland Under-17s, Auckland Under-19s)
GR Wood (Buller)
H Wood (Canterbury Under-19s, South Canterbury)
J Wood (Canterbury, Wellington)
J Wood (Auckland)
J Wood (Waikato)
J Wood (Wellington Second XI)
J Wood (Otago Under-17s)
JA Wood (Wanganui)
JM Wood (umpire)
JWH Wood (Hawke's Bay, Nelson, Wellington)
LA Wood (Wanganui, Wanganui Cricket Club)
M Wood (Canterbury Under-20s)
N Wood (Wellington, Wellington Second XI)
R Wood (Wellington Women)
RA Wood (umpire)
S Wood (Auckland Under-17s)
SW Wood (Counties Manukau)
W Wood (umpire)
A Woodard (Horowhenua and Kapiti)
TL Woodbury (Auckland Women, Canterbury Women, New Zealand Women)
LJ Woodcock (New Zealand, New Zealand A, Wellington)
T Woodfield (Canterbury Under-20s)
L Woodger (Central Military District)
OM Woodger (Wellington Technical College Old Girls)
CM Woodham (umpire)
J Woodham (Mid-Canterbury)
V Woodhams (Waikato Valley)
CRD Woodhead (Rangitikei)
D Woodhead (Central Districts Under-19s)
M Woodhead (Palmerston North Girls High School)
R Woodhead (New Zealand Army)
L Woodroff (New Zealand Army)
DE Woods (Canterbury Under-20s)
EF Woods (Canterbury Women, New Zealand Women)
ER Woods (Auckland)
F Woods (Canterbury)
L Woods (North Shore Women)
MC Woods (South Canterbury)
NT Woods (Otago)
V Woods (Canterbury Women Second XI)
WE Woods (umpire)
Woodward (Rotorua)
BM Woodward (Nelson)
C Woodward (Central Districts Development Women)
SJ Woodward (umpire)
AR Woolford (Taranaki, Wellington Under-23s)
B Woolford (North Canterbury)
A Woolgar (Karori)
C Woolhouse (Westland)
R Woolhouse (Northland)
C Woollard (Otago Women Second XI)
KW Woolley (Counties, Franklin, Northern Districts Under-23s)
M Woolley (Waikato)
RC Woolley (Wellington XI)
RC Woollons (umpire)
R Woolmer (umpire)
D Woolston (Midlands)
ID Woon (Central Districts Under-23s, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand Universities, Waikato, Wellington Under-23s)
GH Worker (Canterbury, Central Districts, New Zealand, New Zealand A, Scotland)
RVD Worker (Auckland, Canterbury, Otago, Wellington)
HJ Workman (Christchurch Boys High School)
JCL Workman (Heaton Intermediate School)
J Worley (Southern Hawke's Bay)
P Worley (Central Districts Under-23s, Southern Hawke's Bay)
SP Worley (Hawke's Bay)
EJ Wormald (Canterbury Women)
S Wornes (Rochdale, Willetton)
JH Worrall (Auckland)
RJ Worrall (Belmont Intermediate School Girls)
L Worsfold (Wanganui Women)
Worsley (South Taranaki)
C Worthington (Otago)
J Worthington (Poverty Bay)
T Worthington (Wellington Under-17s, Wellington Under-19s)
Wotton (umpire)
S Wraight (Central Districts Under-17s, Central Districts Under-19s)
T Wrathall (Auckland Suburban)
Wratt (umpire)
CJ Wratt (St Paul's Collegiate School, Hamilton)
MJ Wratt (Naenae Old Boys, Wellington Under-19s)
WJ Wratt (Nelson)
Wright (Nelson)
AF Wright (Canterbury, North Canterbury)
AW Wright (South Canterbury)
C Wright (Horowhenua)
C Wright (Manawatu)
E Wright (Karori)
EL Wright (Auckland, Canterbury, Wellington)
ER Wright (umpire)
F Wright (scorer)
GT Wright (Canterbury)
H Wright (Auckland)
HC Wright (Manawatu)
HG Wright (North Canterbury)
HJ Wright (Karori, Wellington Under-17s, Wellington Under-19s, Wellington Under-23s)
J Wright (Taranaki)
JF Wright (North Otago)
JG Wright (Auckland, Canterbury, Derbyshire, New Zealand, New Zealand Under-23s, Northern Districts)
JL Wright (Northern Districts)
K Wright (umpire)
M Wright (Wairarapa)
M Wright (Whangarei Girls High School)
MJE Wright (Northern Districts)
NH Wright (North Canterbury)
NQ Wright (North Canterbury)
PJ Wright (Hutt Valley)
RJ Wright (Franklin)
SJ Wright (Morrinsville Intermediate School Girls)
W Wright (South Canterbury)
OL Wrigley (Royal New Zealand Air Force, Wellington)
Wyatt (Wellington)
IE Wyatt (Auckland)
J Wyatt (Horowhenua and Kapiti)
JL Wyatt (Northern Districts)
K Wyatt (Otago Under-21s Women)
SJ Wyber (Otago Under-21s Women, St Hilda's Collegiate Secondary School)
GA Wycherley (umpire)
B Wyeth (umpire)
R Wyeth (umpire)
R Wyeth (St Albans)
RSE Wyeth (umpire)
W Wyinks (Otago)
CA Wylds (Wellington Women)
A Wylie (Manawatu)
R Wylie (Taranaki)
R Wylie (Central Districts Under-19s)
RN Wylie (Central Districts)
S Wylie (Balmacewen Intermediate School Girls)
T Wylie (umpire)
R Wyllie (Bay of Plenty)
CC Wymer (Counties)
AD Wynen (Morrinsville Intermediate School Girls)
WT Wynyard (Auckland, Wellington)
M Wysocki (Rangitikei)





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