New Zealand Players (P)


AF Paape (Central Otago)
JC Pabst (Auckland)
L Pacey (Manawatu)
J Packer (Wellington Under-19s)
N Packiyarajah (Northland)
RL Packwood (Northern Districts Second XI, Northern Districts Under-20s)
DL Paetz (Wellington)
C Paewai (Technical Old Girls)
Page (umpire)
Page (Nelson)
AHC Page (Canterbury)
CJ Page (Northland)
E Page (Wellington Women)
EM Page (Auckland Women)
FF Page (Otago Under-18s, Otago Under-19s)
GL Page (Auckland Women, New Zealand Women)
H Page (Wellington)
IA Page (Dublin University, Northern Districts A, Northern Districts Second XI, Northland)
JAM Page (Auckland Women)
JE Page (Wellington)
M Page (Central Districts Women)
ML Page (Canterbury, New Zealand, New Zealand Army)
WP Page (umpire)
BM Paine (Auckland Women)
J Paine (Central Districts Under-17s, New Zealand Maori)
M Painton (Auckland Women)
A Pairama (Central Districts Under-17s)
E Paisley (St Hilda's Collegiate Secondary School)
J Paisley (Birkenhead City and Takapuna)
K Paki Paki (Nelson)
RM Palacio (Waikato Valley)
AL Palethorpe (Wellington)
Palmer (Waikato)
Palmer (umpire)
C Palmer (Taranaki)
E Palmer (Rangi Ruru Girls School)
EV Palmer (Canterbury)
G Palmer (Hamilton)
R Palmer (Eastern Command, Franklin)
W Palmer (North Taranaki)
JI Pamment (Auckland)
H Pandya (Manawatu)
BM Pankhurst (Canterbury Under-20s)
RMF Pannett (Wellington Women)
AH Panther (Auckland Under-20s, Auckland Under-23s)
BA Panther (Auckland Under-20s)
AL Panting (Otago Under-20s)
TGM Papesch (Auckland Under-20s)
BR Papps (New Zealand Universities, North Otago, Otago Under-20s, Otago Under-23s)
DM Papps (Canterbury Under-19s)
M Papps (Nelson Women)
MD Papps (Hutt Valley)
MHW Papps (Canterbury, New Zealand, New Zealand A, New Zealand Academy, Wellington)
RJ Papps (Nelson)
TJT Papps (Canterbury)
TO Papps (scorer)
VL Papps (Nelson Women)
GH Paramor (Otago)
S Paranjpe (Otago Under-19s)
B Parata (Marlborough Boys College, Wairau Valley)
NE Parata (Hutt Valley, New Zealand Under-19s, Wellington Under-19s, Wellington Under-22s)
R Parata (Hutt Valley, Wellington Second XI)
AA Parikh (Auckland Under-17s, Mount Albert Grammar School)
A Paris (Nelson)
L Paris (scorer)
MJ Parish (Hutt International Boys School)
D Park (Central Districts)
JB Park (Bay of Plenty, New Zealand Universities)
PST Park (New Zealand Universities)
R Park (Wellington Under-20s)
Parker (Wanganui)
EJ Parker (Northern Districts Women)
J Parker (Nelson Women)
JM Parker (New Zealand, Northern Districts, Worcestershire)
KJ Parker (Auckland)
M Parker (Otago Under-20s)
M Parker (St Hilda's Collegiate Secondary School)
MM Parker (Otago)
NM Parker (Canterbury, New Zealand, Otago)
PCS Parker (Wellington Under-19s)
R Parker (Hawke's Bay)
S Parker (Waikato Diocesan School for Girls)
T Parker (Canterbury Under-17s, Canterbury Under-19s)
TS Parker (Otago)
W Parker (New Zealand Ambassadors)
WH Parker (Otago)
B Parkerson (Canterbury)
D Parkes (Midlands)
H Parkes (Rangitikei)
N Parkes (New Zealand Air Force, New Zealand Services)
R Parkes (umpire)
MM Parkhouse (Wellington Women)
K Parkin (New Zealand Air Force, Wellington)
Parkinson (Westland)
H Parkinson (Bay of Plenty)
I Parkinson (Buller)
N Parkinson (Manawatu, New Zealand Universities)
R Parkinson (Rangitikei)
V Parkinson (Taranaki)
R Parks (Midlands)
BJ Parlane (Mount Maunganui, Newcastle, Northern Districts Under-19s, Northland, Poverty Bay)
ME Parlane (New Zealand Academy, Norfolk, Northern Districts, Wellington)
NR Parlane (Auckland, New Zealand Academy, Northern Districts, Wellington)
TJ Parlane (umpire)
DL Parnell (Counties)
AC Parore (Auckland, New Zealand, New Zealand A, New Zealand Academy, New Zealand XI, Northern Districts)
L Parore (Auckland Under-20s, Parnell)
MJ Parr (Canterbury Under-17s, Canterbury Under-19s, Taranaki)
R Parr (Auckland Under-20s)
S Parr (Auckland Under-20s)
HR Parrington (Taranaki, Wellington, West Coast (North Island))
AW Parris (Hawke's Bay, Southern Hawke's Bay)
KR Parris (umpire)
CS Parrish (New Zealand Navy)
R Parry (Wellington XI)
RJ Parry (Hutt Valley, Wairarapa)
N Parshotham (Auckland Under-21s Women)
CK Parsloe (Wellington)
JR Parslow (Auckland Under-19s)
JS Parson (Canterbury, New Zealand Under-23s, Wellington)
AEW Parsons (Auckland, New Zealand Under-23s, Sussex)
LV Parsons (Northern Maori, Waikato Valley)
M Parsons (Bay of Plenty, Northern Districts Under-19s)
M Parsons (Wellington Under-19s)
R Parsons (Midlands, Southern Hawke's Bay)
S Parsons (scorer)
JE Partel (Otago Women)
Parton (umpire)
D Parton (Wairarapa)
CS Partridge (Hutt Valley, Wellington Under-23s)
HJ Partridge (Northern Districts Women)
LE Partridge (Auckland, New Zealand Army)
M Partridge (Hutt Valley)
MR Partridge (Auckland Women)
F Pascoe (West Coast (South Island))
T Pasfield (West Coast (South Island))
MJ Passell (Northern Districts Under-23s, Northland)
A Pasupati (Wellington Under-20s)
MY Pasupati (Auckland, Wellington)
YS Pasupati (North Otago, Onslow, Otago A)
BJ Patchett (Canterbury Under-20s, Canterbury Under-23s)
G Patchett (Marlborough)
J Patchett (Bay of Plenty)
K Patchett (Marlborough)
W Pate (Horowhenua)
AY Patel (Central Districts)
B Patel (Bay of Plenty)
B Patel (Otago Under-22s)
BR Patel (Wellington B, Wellington Under-23s)
D Patel (Birkenhead City and Takapuna)
DN Patel (Auckland, New Zealand, New Zealand XI, Staffordshire, Worcestershire)
JS Patel (New Zealand, New Zealand A, New Zealand Academy, New Zealand XI, Warwickshire, Wellington)
KB Patel (Auckland Schoolgirls, Auckland Under-21s Women)
M Patel (Hawke's Bay and Manawatu Women)
MG Patel (University-Grange)
N Patel (Wellington Girls' College)
NA Patel (Central Districts Under-18s, Central Districts Under-19s, Manawatu, Palmerston North Boys' High School)
RU Patel (Auckland Under-20s)
G Pateman (South Canterbury)
H Pateman (South Canterbury)
G Patersen (Wairarapa)
Paterson (Waikato)
A Paterson (Wellington)
A Paterson (umpire)
AG Paterson (Nelson)
AT Paterson (Central Districts)
B Paterson (Otago Under-17s)
BJ Paterson (referee)
BM Paterson (Franklin)
DG Paterson (umpire)
GR Paterson (North Otago)
HB Paterson (Bloemendaal, Canterbury Country, Canterbury Under-19s)
HM Paterson (Wellington Women)
JL Paterson (Auckland, Canterbury, Hawke's Bay)
L Paterson (Hawke's Bay)
PE Paterson (Canterbury Women, Canterbury Women Second XI)
B Paton (umpire)
CB Paton (Scots College)
DD Paton (umpire, scorer)
EA Paton (New Zealand Women)
FR Paton (umpire)
L Paton (Taranaki)
LM Paton (Scots College)
A Patrick (Wairarapa)
BC Patrick (Northland, Wairarapa)
DM Patrick (Wellington)
GM Patrick (Otago)
WR Patrick (Canterbury, Otago)
K Patten (Franklin)
MRC Patten (Counties Manukau, Hamilton)
G Pattenden (Waikato)
B Patterson (Otago Under-19s)
F Patterson (Waikato)
HM Patterson (umpire)
I Patterson (Taranaki)
JM Patterson (Wellington Women)
L Patterson (North Shore Women)
MWJ Patterson (Canterbury Country, Canterbury Second XI, Canterbury Under-20s, North Canterbury)
L Pattie (Nelson)
BMK Patton (Central Districts)
A Paul (Wanganui)
DC Paul (Counties, Counties Manukau)
JM Paul (Otago)
K Paul (Bay of Plenty, New Zealand Universities, Northern Districts Under-23s)
OC Paul (umpire)
RS Paul (Franklin)
SR Paul (New Zealand Colts, North Otago, Otago Under-20s)
S Paulin (Otago Under-17s, Otago Under-19s)
BA Pauling (Northern Districts Under-23s)
S Pauling (Taranaki)
EE Paull (umpire)
W Paull (Otago Under-20s)
HT Pavey (Canterbury Country)
JG Pawley (Central Districts)
J Pawson (Canterbury Under-19s)
JD Pawson (East Christchurch-Shirley, East-Christchurch Shirley)
MJ Pawson (Central Districts)
SJ Pawson (Canterbury)
M Pay (Southland Women)
N Pay (Southland Women)
ESJ Payne (Wellington)
GL Payne (Otago Second XI, Otago Under-22s)
I Payne (Northland)
ID Payne (Otago Under-20s)
IW Payne (Otago)
M Payne (Otago Under-19s)
N Payne (Canterbury Women, Netherlands Women, New Zealand Women)
OR Payne (Otago XI)
R Payne (Central Districts Under-19s, Wairarapa)
R Payne (Wanganui)
RE Payne (Hawke's Bay)
RS Payne (North Otago)
GC Paynter (Horowhenua and Kapiti, Hutt Valley, Taranaki)
H Paynter (Northern Districts Under-20s)
DH Payton (Central Districts, New Zealand Under-23s)
JSC Payton (New Zealand Ambassadors)
S Payton (Wairarapa)
G Peach (Auckland Under-20s, Auckland Under-23s)
Peacock (Westland)
A Peacock (Northern Districts Under-17s)
GG Peacock (Hawke's Bay)
M Peacock (Canterbury Under-19s)
JW Peake (New Zealand Services, West Coast (South Island))
Pearce (Westland)
AM Pearce (Canterbury Under-20s)
E Pearce (North Shore Women)
H Pearce (umpire)
J Pearce (Canterbury Under-19s, Marlborough, Marlborough Boys College)
N Pearce (Canterbury Women)
T Pearce (Northern Districts Under-17s, Northern Districts Under-19s)
TM Pearce (umpire)
WC Pearce (Canterbury)
H Pearless (Nelson)
WH Pearless (Otago)
RH Pearpoint (Wanganui)
RJ Pearpoint (Marlborough, Nelson, Marlborough and West Coast)
C Pearson (Northland)
DE Pearson (Otago Under-20s, South Island Colts)
DW Pearson (Central Districts Second XI, Hawke's Bay)
E Pearson (Wanganui)
HT Pearson (Auckland, New Zealand Services)
KA Pearson (Otago Under-20s)
LR Pearson (Otago)
N Pearson (New Zealand Universities)
R Pearson (Central Otago)
SN Pearson (Auckland, Auckland A, Takapuna)
V Pearson (Northland)
SL Pease (Central Districts Second XI, Central Districts Under-22s, Hawke's Bay)
HJS Peddie (Technical Old Girls, Wellington Women)
GW Pedersen (Auckland Under-20s)
G Pederson (Midlands)
TG Pedlow (umpire)
G Peebles (Bay of Plenty)
J Peel (Southland)
J Pegden (Central Military District)
L Pegden (Manawatu)
M Peirce (Otago Under-17s)
BM Pelham (Auckland Women, Otago Women)
R Pemberton (Auckland Under-17s, Auckland Under-19s, Howick-Pakuranga)
Penfold (South Taranaki)
C Pengelly (Nelson)
MF Pengelly (umpire)
RA Penhearow (New Zealand Under-23s, Northern Districts)
CM Penman (Manawatu, Rangitikei, Wanganui)
H Penman (Otago Women)
J Penman (Poverty Bay)
WA Penman (Manawatu)
AJ Penn (Central Districts, New Zealand, New Zealand A, New Zealand Academy, New Zealand XI, Wellington)
MS Pennal (scorer)
A Pennell (Wellington Under-17s, Wellington Under-19s)
G Penney (Kaipara Flats)
A Penning (Auckland Women)
HR Penny (South Taranaki, Taranaki)
T Penny (Northland)
BR Penrose (Wellington Under-20s)
A Pentecost (West Coast Women)
FP Pentecost (Canterbury Women)
T Pentecost (Wellington Under-19s)
CA Pepperell (Taranaki)
RB Pepperell (North City, Wellington Under-19s)
Percy (Waikato)
GR Percy (Central Districts Under-23s, Wairarapa)
K Percy (Wairarapa)
RW Percy (Hawke's Bay)
T Pere (Poverty Bay)
T Pere (Upper Hutt United, Wellington Under-17s, Wellington Under-19s)
MCH Perera (umpire)
C Perham (North Taranaki)
CL Perham (Northern Districts Under-17s, Northern Districts Under-18s)
W Perham (North Taranaki, Taranaki)
Perkins (Westland)
D Perkins (Hawke's Bay)
JS Perkins (Wellington Under-23s)
KT Perkins (Auckland Women, New Zealand Women)
N Perkins (Wanganui)
N Perkins (Canterbury Under-19s)
WR Perkins (Wellington)
R Pero (Tai Tapu School)
B Perrett (Hamilton, Poverty Bay)
E Perrett (Rangitikei, Taranaki)
EG Perrin (Canterbury)
G Perrin (Manawatu)
KH Perrin (umpire)
KH Perrin (Hawke's Bay)
Perry (Central Otago)
A Perry (Canterbury)
AC Perry (South Canterbury)
C Perry (Wairarapa)
CTH Perry (Canterbury, Tasmania)
DL Perry (Auckland)
DL Perry (Wellington Second XI, Wellington Under-19s, Wellington Under-20s)
E Perry (Wairarapa)
EC Perry (Central Districts Women, New Zealand A Women, New Zealand Women, Wellington Women, Yorkshire Women)
WW Perry (Wairarapa)
J Peter (Ashburton County and South Canterbury)
MH Peters (New Zealand Women)
D Petersen (Midlands)
SJ Petersen (Wellington Under-19s)
A Peterson (Wairarapa)
AM Peterson (New Zealand Women, Northern Districts Women)
IM Peterson (Auckland Women)
SJ Peterson (Auckland)
WJ Peterson (Wairarapa)
PJ Petherick (New Zealand, Otago, Wellington)
D Petre (Otago Country)
J Petre (Southland)
M Petre (Otago Under-17s)
EC Petrie (Auckland, Gentlemen, New Zealand, New Zealand XI, Northern Districts)
FRS Petrie (Southland)
N Petrie (Canterbury Under-20s)
RG Petrie (Canterbury, New Zealand, Wellington)
D Petrie-Deely (Wellington Girls' College)
P Petrowski (Central Districts Under-17s)
GE Pett (Northern Districts Under-20s, Thames Valley)
DE Pettet (scorer)
A Petty (Taranaki)
L Petty (Taranaki)
R Pewhairangi (Southland)
T Pfahlert (West Coast (South Island))
Q Phelan (Otago Women)
J Phelps
L Phelps (Wairarapa)
S Phelps (Poverty Bay)
D Philip (Poverty Bay)
WJ Philip (umpire)
JM Philips (Northland)
E Phillip (umpire)
JH Phillipps (New Zealanders)
Phillips (umpire)
Phillips (Nelson)
Phillips (Southland)
BA Phillips (Taranaki)
D Phillips (Auckland Women)
EM Phillips (Wellington)
G Phillips (Wellington)
GD Phillips (Auckland Under-19s)
H Phillips (New Plymouth Girls High School)
J Phillips (Wellington City)
J Phillips
J Phillips (Wellington Under-20s)
JA Phillips (New Zealand Navy)
JG Phillips (Canterbury)
JK Phillips (Hawke's Bay)
JM Phillips (Northland)
K Phillips (Hawke's Bay)
KM Phillips (New Zealand Universities)
LA Phillips (Otago Women)
M Phillips (Rangitikei)
M Phillips (Otago Country)
M Phillips (Canterbury Women)
N Phillips (Northland)
PP Phillips (North Island Colts, Wellington, Wellington Under-20s)
R Phillips (Wellington)
RM Phillips (Otago A, Otago Under-23s)
RP Phillips (South Canterbury)
J Philpott (Wellington Under-17s)
PS Philpott (Canterbury)
Philson (Auckland)
K Philson (Thames Valley)
MS Phipps (umpire)
T Phipps (Buller)
LA Phyn (North Shore Women)
AC Picard (Counties, Counties Manukau)
CH Pichard (Southern Hawke's Bay)
Pickard (Southern Hawke's Bay)
A Pickard (Southland)
BD Pickard (Auckland Women)
P Pickard (Franklin)
RM Pickard (Auckland Under-23s, Franklin)
Pickering (Westland)
Pickering (Manawatu)
IM Pickering (New Zealand Women)
Pickett (Oamaru)
CJ Pickett (Wellington)
W Pickford (Southland)
AD Pierce (Hawke's Bay, Otago Under-20s, Otago Under-23s, Southland)
G Pierce (South Canterbury)
LJ Pierce (Ashburton County, Otago Under-20s)
RA Pierce (Central Districts)
RF Pierce (Hawke's Bay)
W Pierce (Canterbury)
Pierpoint (Ashburton County)
RJ Pierpoint (Marlborough)
Pigott (umpire)
AD Pike (Auckland Secondary Schools)
JA Pike (Hutt Valley High School)
MM Pike (Hutt Valley High School)
JP Pilcher (Wellington Women)
DC Pile (Wellington Under-17s)
E Pilling (Waikato)
D Pimm (Central Districts Under-17s)
P Pimm (Central Districts Under-17s)
S Pimm (Hawke's Bay)
D Pinder (Midlands)
JHN Pine (New Zealand Universities, Otago Under-20s)
Piner (umpire)
J Pinfold (Manawatu)
J Pinfold (Central Districts Under-20s)
DD Pink (Southland Women)
M Pinkham (Auckland Under-19s, Parnell)
B Pinney (New Zealand Universities)
DRT Pinny (New Zealand Academy Development Squad, Northern Districts A, Northern Districts Under-17s, Northern Districts Under-19s, Northland)
MW Pinny (Hamilton, Northern Districts Under-17s, Northern Districts Under-19s, Northland)
GM Piper (umpire)
Pirie (umpire)
D Pirie (Auckland Under-19s)
DR Pirie (Hawke's Bay)
RJ Pitcairn (umpire)
G Pitches (umpire)
GI Pitches (Otago Under-19s)
I Pitches (North Otago)
NM Pitches (Otago Under-20s)
RJ Pither (New Zealand Under-23s, Wellington)
B Plaskett (North Canterbury)
AS Player (Auckland)
RA Player (Auckland Under-20s, New Zealand Universities)
WR Playle (Auckland, New Zealand, New Zealand XI, Western Australia)
W Pleasants (Wanganui)
D Plumb (Ashburton County)
DM Plummer (scorer)
KV Plummer (New Zealand Women)
MR Plummer (Auckland Under-19s, Auckland Under-22s, New Zealand Under-19s)
ZAA Plummer (Auckland Women)
PW Plumtree (Central Districts Second XI, Hawke's Bay, Taranaki)
PW Plumtree (Taranaki)
KJ Plunkett (Hutt Valley)
BM Poananga (Rangitikei, Wanganui)
Pochin (Westland)
Pocock (Poverty Bay)
BA Pocock (Auckland, New Zealand, New Zealand Academy, New Zealand XI, Northern Districts)
MG Pocock (Northern Districts)
D Pollard (Midlands)
GJ Pollard (Poverty Bay)
IB Pollard (Wellington Under-23s)
K Pollard (Midlands)
MA Pollard (Wellington)
V Pollard (Canterbury, Central Districts, New Zealand, New Zealand XI)
YJ Pollard (Auckland Women)
W Pollitt (Canterbury)
ND Pollock (Northern Districts)
WA Pollock (Central Districts Under-23s, Southern Hawke's Bay)
RW Pollok (Southland)
MR Polson (Otago Under-20s)
R Polson (Mid-Canterbury)
N Pomare (Rangitikei)
JB Pomeroy (South Auckland, Waikato)
W Pomeroy (South Auckland, Waikato)
A Pond (Marlborough)
F Pool (Wairarapa)
GA Pool (umpire)
M Pool (North Taranaki, Taranaki, Wairarapa)
R Pool (Wairarapa)
AV Poole (Southland)
E Poole (Southern Hawke's Bay)
J Poole (Central Districts Under-17s, Central Districts Under-19s, Marlborough)
J Poole (Celtic)
R Poole (Franklin)
V Poole (Southland)
HD Pooley (umpire)
MB Poore (Canterbury, New Zealand)
C Pope (Wairau)
CD Pope (Central Districts Under-17s, Central Districts Under-18s)
CH Pope (North Otago)
J Pope (Thames Valley)
J Pope (Northern Districts Under-20s)
JF Pope (umpire)
JM Pope (Wellington Under-20s)
R Pope (New Zealand Services)
TRW Pope (Southland)
B Popli (Northern Districts)
L Popli (Poverty Bay)
F Porch (Auckland)
B Porteous (Manawatu)
J Porteous (umpire)
L Porteous (scorer)
A Porter (Ashburton County)
AW Porter (umpire)
D Porter (King Country, Midlands)
G Porter (King Country)
J Porter (Otago Women)
JA Porter (umpire)
I Posa (Hamilton)
MW Posa (Auckland)
AJ Postles (Auckland)
BJ Postles (Auckland)
CJ Postles (Auckland Second XI, Auckland Under-23s)
HW Postlethwaite (South Canterbury)
MW Potae (Southern Districts Women)
BM Pothan (Central Districts Women)
NMR Potiki (Wellington Women)
DF Potter (Auckland, Northern Districts)
G Potter (Wairarapa)
J Potter (Buller)
RL Potter (Auckland Women)
Potts (Taranaki)
E Potts (Nelson)
DK Poulgrain (Central Districts Second XI, Hawke's Bay)
P Poulos (scorer)
MG Poultney (Northern Districts)
W Poutu (Poverty Bay)
A Powell (Waikato Valley)
F Powell (umpire)
G Powell (Otago Under-17s)
GA Powell (New Zealand Under-23s, Otago)
GS Powell (Wanganui)
IJ Powell (New Zealand Women)
J Powell (South Canterbury)
JL Powell (Canterbury)
LM Powell (New Zealand Women)
RFJ Powell (Canterbury)
S Powell (Nelson)
T Powell (Auckland Under-17s)
F Powell-Harper (Bay of Plenty)
D Power (Otago Under-19s, Tattenhall)
E Power (Taranaki)
S Power (Palmerston North Girls' High School)
A Powley (Auckland Under-19s)
AL Powys (Canterbury)
RAN Powys (Canterbury)
G Prain (Hawke's Bay)
R Prasad (Wairau Valley)
R Pratley (South Canterbury)
R Pratley (Southland)
Pratt (Nelson)
A Pratt (Northland)
AE Pratt (Auckland)
D Pratt (Midlands)
G Pratt (Buller)
NA Pratt (Northern Districts Women)
PM Pratt (Taranaki)
T Pratt (Central Districts Under-19s, Central Districts Under-20s)
RJ Prattley (Otago Under-18s, Southland)
Prebble (Ashburton County)
Prebble (Marlborough)
MD Prebble (Canterbury Women)
C Preece (Auckland Women, Northern Districts Women)
D Preece (Canterbury Women)
M Preece (Canterbury Women)
ES Prentice (Auckland)
JD Prentice (scorer)
BN Presland (Northland)
CM Presland (Northern Districts)
ML Presland (Wellington Women)
NJ Press (Upper Hutt United)
TD Prestage (Canterbury Women)
BR Prestidge (Central Districts Under-23s, Manawatu, Taranaki, Wellington Under-20s)
GR Prestney (Taranaki)
AH Preston (Wellington)
F Preston (umpire)
H Preston (Wairarapa)
J Preston (Otago Under-17s)
JP Preston (Canterbury Second XI, Canterbury Under-20s)
KJB Preston (Central Districts Under-17s, Central Districts Under-19s)
PR Preston (Wellington Under-20s)
R Preston (Canterbury Under-19s)
PR Pretswell (Northern Districts Under-21s Women)
Price (umpire)
Price (Nelson)
B Price (Wairarapa)
CR Price (Ashburton County, Canterbury Under-20s)
G Price (Hamilton)
G Price (Marlborough)
GV Price (Northern Districts Second XI)
H Price (Auckland Women)
J Price (Southland Women)
Joe Price (Nelson)
John Price (Nelson)
W Price (umpire)
MH Price Moor (Hutt Valley High School)
LM Prichard (New Zealand Women)
EW Prideaux (Wellington)
DW Priest (Central Districts Under-23s, New Zealand Universities, Wairarapa, Wanganui, Wellington Under-20s)
K Priest (Canterbury Under-23s)
MD Priest (New Zealand Ambassadors)
MW Priest (Canterbury, New Zealand)
RA Priest (Central Districts Under-23s, Wellington Under-23s)
RH Priest (Central Districts Women, New Zealand Women, Staffordshire Women, Wellington Women)
WA Priest (Otago)
FL Prime (Auckland)
BL Prince (Wanganui)
HW Prince (Wellington)
A Pringle (Rangitikei)
A Pringle (Central Otago)
A Pringle (Southern Hawke's Bay)
C Pringle (Auckland, Netherlands, New Zealand)
MR Pringle (Auckland)
LG Print (Central Districts Women)
R Print (Mid-Canterbury)
C Priscott (Northern Districts Under-20s)
C Pritchard (Auckland Women)
J Pritchard (Ashburton County)
TL Pritchard (Kent, New Zealand Army, New Zealand Services, Warwickshire, Wellington)
W Pritchard (umpire)
RA Procter (Otago)
EW Proctor (umpire)
I Proctor (Canterbury, Hawke's Bay)
J Proctor (Wellington Under-17s)
ML Proctor (Auckland Women)
RN Proctor (Waikato)
PWC Prosser (umpire)
NA Proudfoot (Canterbury Country, Canterbury Second XI, North Canterbury)
RH Prouting (Otago)
B Provan (Otago Women)
T Prow (Wairarapa)
CJ Pryce (Matamata Women)
CR Pryor (Auckland, Otago)
G Puckle (Grafton)
RA Pudney (Auckland)
KL Pulford (Australian Capital Territory Women, Central Districts Women, New Zealand Women, Northern Districts Women, Western Australia Women)
SJ Pulis (St Peter's Cambridge)
R Pullar (umpire)
RJ Pullar (New Zealand Women, Otago Women)
GDV Pulley (Canterbury Under-23s)
R Pulley (Wairarapa)
A Puna (Northern Districts)
A Puna (Northern Districts Under-19s)
D Puna (Hamilton)
KN Puna (New Zealand Under-23s, Northern Districts)
N Puna (New Zealand, Northern Districts)
RA Puna (Northern Districts Under-17s, Otago Under-19s)
S Puna (Hamilton)
HA Purcell (Manawatu, South Canterbury)
W Purcell (Poverty Bay)
Purdie (North Taranaki)
S Purdie (Rangi Ruru Girls School)
C Purdue (Southland)
E Purdue (Southland)
JW Purdue (Otago)
BR Purser (Taranaki)
B Purvis (Otago Under-19s)
NA Purvis (Otago Under-20s)
M Pusiaki (St Kentigern College)
JT Putohe (Counties, Counties Manukau)
AG Putt (Auckland)
M Putt (Taranaki)
KF Pyatt (Canterbury Women, Wellington Women)
SN Pye (Midlands)
J Pyle (Central Otago)
J Pyle (Central Otago, Green Island, Otago Under-17s, Otago Under-19s)
S Pyott (Havelock North High School, Havelock North Intermediate School)





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