New Zealand Players (E)


MN Eaddy (Auckland Women, Matamata Women)
P Eade (Auckland Second XI)
W Eadie (Eastern Districts of Southland)
N Eady (Southland Women)
FC Eagle (Canterbury Women)
LE Eagles (Central Districts Women, Wellington Women)
DJ Earl (umpire)
GH Earl (St Albans)
KD Earl (umpire)
M Earl (Waikato Valley)
MD Earl (Bay of Plenty)
N Earl (Otumoetai Cadets, Waikato Valley)
RG Earl (Greerton)
CE Early (New Zealand Women)
GM Early (Otago Second XI, Otago Under-22s)
HD Earney (Hawke's Bay)
Earnshaw (Auckland Cricket Society)
K Earnshaw (Canterbury Under-17s, Canterbury Under-19s)
EC Earwaker (South Canterbury, Southland)
JF East (Auckland, Auckland Under-20s)
N East (Waikato)
LK Easterbrook (Belmont Intermediate School Girls)
Eastwood (Onehunga)
AM Eastwood (Auckland Development Women, Auckland Under-21s Women)
K Eathorne (Otago Under-17s)
N Eathorne (Otago Under-19s)
SW Eathorne (Otago)
TJ Eathorne (Johnsonville)
AE Eaton (Auckland Women)
LE Eaton (South Canterbury)
A Eaves (Auckland Under-20s)
Eayley (West Coast (South Island))
M Ebert (Taranaki)
RJ Ebert (Hutt Valley)
RR Ebrey (Auckland Women)
GJ Eccles (Thames Valley)
DA Eckford (North Middlesex, Suburbs-New Lynn)
AD Eckhoff (Otago)
LRJ Eckhoff (Otago)
AG Eckhold (Otago)
K Eddington (Central Districts Under-20s)
SMM Eddington (Christchurch Boys High School)
WL Eddington (Canterbury)
A Edekar (Auckland Under-17s)
AJ Eden (Nelson Women)
BR Eden (Nelson, Nelson, Marlborough and Westland, South Taranaki, Taranaki)
BT Eden (Nelson Women)
J Eden (Nelson)
L Eden (St Kentigern College, Auckland Girls)
MR Eden (Nelson, Nelson, Marlborough and West Coast)
RC Eden (Nelson)
TG Eden (Nelson)
W Eden (Nelson)
SAW Eden-Whaitiri (umpire)
L Eder (North Canterbury)
AJ Edgar (Wellington)
BA Edgar (New Zealand, New Zealand Under-23s, Wellington)
GE Edge (Heaton Intermediate School)
SG Edgecombe (Johnsonville)
Edie (Southland)
A Edie (Central Otago)
G Edie (Central Otago)
R Edie (Central Otago)
K Edkins (Counties)
JHM Edmond (Christ's College, Christchurch)
D Edmonds (Technical Old Girls)
DB Edmonds (Auckland)
JN Edmonds (Canterbury Women Second XI)
MJ Edmondson (Central Districts A, Central Districts Under-18s, Central Districts Under-19s, Hawke's Bay, Napier Technical Old Boys)
EE Edmunds (Wellington)
MR Edmunds (Otago)
H Edser (Canterbury)
DR Edward (Northern Districts Under-23s)
SJ Edward (New Zealand Under-23s, Otago)
Edwards (Oamaru)
AJ Edwards (Otago)
CH Edwards (Hawke's Bay)
D Edwards (Wairarapa)
DR Edwards (Otago Country)
GA Edwards (Hawke's Bay)
GN Edwards (Central Districts, New Zealand, New Zealand Under-23s)
H Edwards (Wellington Under-17s)
KR Edwards (Thames Valley)
L Edwards (Taranaki)
L Edwards (Canterbury Under-17s)
L Edwards (Otago Under-17s)
L Edwards (Palmerston North Girls High School)
LJ Edwards (Wellington)
N Edwards (Nelson)
NP Edwards (Northern Districts Women)
PF Edwards (Nelson)
R Edwards (Nelson)
RF Edwards (Northern Districts Under-23s, Northland)
SJ Edwards (Canterbury Country)
W Edwards (Midlands)
W Edwards (King Country)
WS Edwards (John McGlashan College)
MN Eeles (Wellington Women)
AM Eggers (Southland Women)
Eggleston (Taranaki)
FJ Eggleton (Taranaki)
DJ Eginton (Nelson)
Eglington (Manawatu)
C Eglinton (Manawatu)
G Eglinton (Horowhenua and Kapiti)
HW Eglinton (Medbury School)
W Eichbaum (South Canterbury)
G Elder (Southland)
A Elhers (Marlborough)
PJ Eliason (Taranaki)
T Elkington (Waikato Valley)
AE Ell (New Zealand Women)
AE Ell (Wellington Technical College Old Girls)
JA Ell (Wellington)
VM Ell (Wellington Women)
P Ellerm (Wanganui)
P Ellerm (Marlborough)
JC Elley (scorer, umpire)
J Ellingham (Southern Hawke's Bay)
JD Ellington (North Shore Women)
W Ellington (Wairarapa)
MB Elliot (umpire)
Elliott (umpire)
Elliott (umpire)
Elliott (Manawatu)
Elliott (1st Divisional Team)
A Elliott (Marlborough)
CG Elliott (Balmacewan Intermediate School)
E Elliott (Hawke's Bay)
G Elliott (Poverty Bay)
GD Elliott (Gauteng, Griqualand West, Leicestershire, New Zealand, New Zealand A, Quetta Gladiators, Surrey, Transvaal B, Wellington)
GM Elliott (Wairarapa)
HS Elliott (Taranaki)
JG Elliott (umpire)
JH Elliott (New Zealand Services)
LS Elliott (umpire)
N Elliott (Wairarapa)
S Elliott (Auckland Development Women, Auckland Under-21s Women)
SJ Elliott (Wairarapa)
T Elliott (Auckland)
TK Elliott (Canterbury Second XI, Canterbury Under-20s)
V Elliott (North Taranaki, Taranaki)
WLT Elliott (Auckland)
TK Elliotte (South Canterbury)
AF Ellis (umpire)
AM Ellis (Canterbury, New Zealand, New Zealand A, New Zealand XI)
APG Ellis (Wellington Under-20s)
CHT Ellis (Wellington Under-20s)
H Ellis (Canterbury, Hawke's Bay)
HE Ellis (Hawke's Bay)
K Ellis (North Otago)
MCG Ellis (Canterbury Invitation XI)
MJ Ellis (Otago Boys High School)
MR Ellis (Auckland Under-20s)
N Ellis (Auckland)
N Ellis (umpire)
PA Ellis (Canterbury Under-19s)
R Ellis (Nelson)
RH Ellis (Central Districts)
S Ellis (Auckland Women)
SC Ellis (Otago Boys High School, Otago Under-18s)
SH Ellis (Auckland)
T Ellis (Auckland Under-17s)
TC Ellis (Southland)
W Ellis (Bay of Plenty)
JN Ellison (Auckland Under-20s)
MP Ellison (Auckland A, Auckland Under-17s, Auckland Under-19s, Civil Service North, Karori, New Zealand Under-19s)
C Ellmers (Southern Hawke's Bay)
DJ Ellwood (umpire)
LD Ellwood (Franklin)
C Elmers (Southern Hawke's Bay)
CJ Elmes (Otago)
RJ Elmes (Otago Under-23s)
M Elrick (Waikato)
LR Els (umpire)
CM Elstob (umpire)
B Elton (Bay of Plenty, Northern Districts Under-19s)
CH Elton (Auckland Under-17s, Auckland Under-18s)
RA Emanuel (umpire)
E Emery (Royal New Zealand Air Force)
RWG Emery (Auckland, Canterbury, New Zealand)
Emlen (Franklin)
Emmerson (umpire)
VC Empson (Combined Services)
NJ Emslie (Auckland Under-23s)
England (Wellington)
JE England (Canterbury)
JI Englefield (Canterbury, Central Districts, New Zealand A, New Zealand Academy)
SP Englehardt (Auckland Women, Wellington Women)
PM Enoka (North Harbour Women)
WS Enoka (Auckland)
MA Ensor (Northern Districts Under-21s Women)
CM Enting (New Zealand Services)
J Entwhistle (Manawatu)
W Entwhistle (Manawatu)
PB Erasmus (Auckland)
WH Erickson (Southern Hawke's Bay)
TM Erwood (Central Districts Under-17s)
D Esau (New Zealand Army)
HR Escott (Canterbury)
PR Escott (Auckland Second XI, North Harbour)
RP Escott (Auckland Second XI)
Esson (Marlborough)
AE Esson (Wairarapa)
D Esson (Marlborough)
Eunson (Southland)
Evans (umpire)
AD Evans (Wellington Women)
CD Evans (Taranaki)
CE Evans (Canterbury)
ED Evans (Hawke's Bay, Waikato)
G Evans (Nelson)
GH Evans (Epsom Girls Grammar School)
H Evans (Northern Districts Under-19s, Poverty Bay)
J Evans (Wellington Under-19s)
JT Evans (umpire)
O Evans (Auckland Normal Intermediate School)
P Evans (scorer)
J Evemy (Otumoetai Cadets)
E Everest (South Auckland, Waikato)
J Everest (Otago)
JK Everest (Auckland, Northern Districts)
R Everest (Otago Women)
D Everett (Hutt International Boys School)
HJ Everson (Auckland Under-23s)
OJN Everson (Otago)
CL Eves (Canterbury Development Women, Wellington Development Women)
P Ewan (West Coast (South Island))
TA Ewan (South Auckland)
AM Ewart (Epsom Girls Grammar School)
C Ewart (Auckland-Manukau)
C Ewart (Cornwall)
DJ Ewart (Bay of Plenty)
GL Ewart (Taranaki)
MF Ewart (Cornwall Under-19s)
RL Ewart (Bay of Plenty)
R Ewen (umpire)
GP Ewing (Auckland)
W Ewington (Wairarapa)
CA Exton (umpire)
R Eyes (Buller)
R Eyles (Nelson)
R Eyre (Manawatu)
W Eyre (Manawatu, South Auckland)





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