Kenya Players (P)


A Padamski (scorer)
B Panchal (Mombasa Simba Sports Club B)
N Panchal (Mombasa Simba Sports Club A)
BK Panchani (Shree Cutchi Leva Patel Samaj)
Y Pandya (Mombasa Simba Sports Club A)
Pane (Kenya Kongonis)
P Pardeep (Rift Valley Sports Club)
H Parekh (Mombasa Simba Sports Club A)
S Paresh (Coast Cricket Association Under-25s, Coast Cricket Association XI, Kenya Cricket Association Invitation XI)
KA Parmar (Eastern Aces, Kenya Under-19s)
Pascoe (Kenya Kongonis Chairman's XI)
A Pascoe (Kenya Kongonis)
Patel (Kenya)
Patel (Eldoret Invitation XI)
Patel (Suleman Verjee Indian Gymkhana)
A Patel (Nairobi Combined Schools)
A Patel (Young Kenya)
A Patel (Kenya Under-19s)
Arvind Patel (Kenya, Kenya Asians)
AC Patel (Kenya, Kenya Cricket Association XI)
AK Patel (Rift Valley Rhinos)
AKA Patel (Rising Stars Chuis)
AS Patel (Coast Gymkhana)
Bhupendra Patel (Central Province)
Bipil Patel (Central Province)
BJ Patel (Kenya)
CM Patel (Gujarat)
D Patel (Rift Valley Rhinos)
Dhanyaj Patel (Central Province)
DK Patel (Kenya Under-15s)
DV Patel (Kenya)
H Patel (umpire)
H Patel (Kenya)
H Patel (Kenya)
H Patel (Nairobi Provincial Cricket Association XI)
H Patel (Harilal Shah's Invitation XI)
HKA Patel (Kenya Under-19s, Rising Stars Chuis)
HN Patel (Kenya Under-19s, Sameer Simbas)
J Patel (Kenya Under-19s)
J Patel (Young Kenya)
Janak Patel (Central Province)
Jayraj Patel (Central Province)
Jitu Patel (Central Province)
JC Patel (Kenya)
K Patel (umpire)
K Patel (Kenya)
K Patel (Kenya, Nairobi Combined Schools)
K Patel (Northern Nomads, Rift Valley Rhinos)
K Patel (Kenya Under-19s, Rising Stars Chuis)
K Patel (Kenya Kongonis)
K Patel (Nairobi Club)
Kirit Patel (Central Province)
KA Patel (Kenya)
KA Patel
KJ Patel (Kenya Under-15s)
KP Patel (Coast Gymkhana)
KP Patel (Burhani Sports Club)
M Patel (Kenya)
M Patel (Coast Pekee)
MF Patel (Kenya Asians)
MK Patel (Kerugoya Cricket Club)
ML Patel (Kenya)
MN Patel (Kenya Under-19s)
MS Patel (Coast Gymkhana)
MS Patel (Burhani Sports Club)
N Patel (East African Invitation XI)
N Patel (Kanbis Tigers)
N Patel (Express Ndovus)
N Patel (Harilal Shah's Invitation XI)
Navin Patel (Central Province)
Nilesh Patel (Central Province)
NK Patel (Kenya)
NKG Patel (Kenya Under-19s)
P Patel (Kenya)
Paresh Patel (Coast Pekee)
Pradeep Patel (Coast Pekee, Kenya A)
PL Patel (Kenya Under-19s, Western Chiefs)
R Patel (Kenya Under-19s)
R Patel (Kenya Cricket Association Invitation XI)
R Patel (Mombasa Sports Club)
RA Patel (Kenya, Kenya Asians, Kenya Cricket Association XI)
RB Patel (Kenya)
RB Patel (Nairobi Provincial Cricket Association XI)
RCR Patel (Kenya, Kenya Cricket Association XI)
RM Patel (East Africa)
RM Patel (Coast Cricket Association XI, East African Invitation XI, International XI)
RN Patel (Kenya)
RR Patel (Kenya)
S Patel (Kenya)
S Patel
S Patel (Asian Sports Association, Kenya)
S Patel (Kenya)
S Patel (Young Kenya)
S Patel (umpire)
S Patel (Rising Stars Chuis)
S Patel (Kenya)
S Patel (Coast Gymkhana)
S Patel (Burhani Sports Club)
S Patel (Mombasa Sports Club)
Sunil Patel (Central Province, Kenya Cricket Association XI)
Suresh Patel (Central Province)
SC Patel (Kenya)
SP Patel (umpire)
SSV Patel (Kenya Under-19s)
U Patel (scorer)
V Patel (Kenya Cricket Association XI, Mombasa Sports Club)
V Patel
V Patel (Young Kenya)
VC Patel (Coast Cricket Association XI)
YC Patel (Kenya)
H Pathak (Mombasa Simba Sports Club A)
Patrick (Kenya Combined Schools, Kenya Under-25s)
GJW Pedraza (Kenya Kongonis)
HJ Pedraza (Kenya Kongonis)
JD Pedraza
JW Pedraza (Kenya Kongonis)
R Pedraza (Officials)
R Pedraza (Kenya Kongonis)
V Pendra (Kerugoya Cricket Club)
T Pepper (Kenya Kongonis)
TWD Percival (Kenya Kongonis)
Peshawari (Suleman Verjee Indian Gymkhana)
E Pettifer (Mombasa Heat)
R Pettitt (Kenya Kongonis)
Phillips (Kenya Kongonis)
B Phillips (Mombasa Heat)
M Phillips (Kenya Kongonis)
S Phillips (Mombasa Heat)
HB Philpott (Kenya Kongonis)
HR Philpott (Kenya Kongonis)
HEB Pilbrow (Eastbourne College, Europeans)
H Pindolia (Kenya Under-19s, Southern Stars)
PN Pindolia (Western Chiefs)
K Pindoria (Shree Cutchi Leva Patel Samaj)
M Pindoria (Kenya Under-19s)
WF Pineo (Kenya Kongonis)
Piyush (Kenya Cricket Association Invitation XI)
DMG Pocock (Kenya)
VD Pollock (Settlers)
VO Pollock (Kenya Kongonis)
T Popat (Kenya Under-17s)
A Porbunderwalla (Burhani Sports Club)
AJ Posnett (CO Oates' XI)
EJ Potter (Kenya Kongonis)
D Powrie (Europeans)
Pradeep (Coast Cricket Association XI)
Pradeep (Kenya Cricket Association XI)
Prakash (Rift Valley Cricket Association XI)
P Pramudith (Mombasa Heat)
P Premji (selected for Kenya Women)
R Premji (Kenya Under-19s)
TD Preston (Kenya Kongonis President's XI)
A Price (Kenya Kongonis)
DJ Pringle (East Africa)
C Print (Kenya Kongonis)
D Pritchard (Kenya Kongonis)
A Procter (Kenya Kongonis)
P Prodger (Europeans, Kenya, Kenya Kongonis)
A Pryce (Kenya Kongonis)
K Purohit (Kenya)
FJ Purssell (Kenya Kongonis)
Pyarali (Kenya)
Pyaralli (Kenya Asians)
Pyara Singh (Mombasa Simba Sports Club B)





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