Ireland Players (P)


A Pack (Viscount Milton's XI of Carlow, Kilkenny and Coolattin Clubs)
R Padhamandan (umpire)
Padmadaban (umpire)
R Padmanabahan (umpire)
R Padmanaban (umpire)
R Padmanaban (Dundrum)
M Padmanabhan (umpire)
R Padmanabhan (scorer, umpire)
Pagden (Royal Artillery (Major Boothby's Battery))
DE Page (Railway Union)
F Page (Malahide, Malahide Second XI)
T Page (Cliftonville)
Paget (Curragh Camp, Vice Regal Lodge)
AE Paget (Woodbrook Club and Ground)
Pagrat Singh (Old Belvedere Second XI)
P Pahari (Malahide Third XI)
R Pahuja (Merrion Second XI)
W Palliser (Dublin, Vice Regal Lodge)
A Palmer (Leinster, Leinster Second XI)
A Palmer (Civilians)
A Palmer (Academy)
M Palmer (Academy, Carrickfergus)
N Palmer (North County, Woodvale)
N Palmer (Irish Universities)
R Palmer (scorer)
G Paltridge (YMCA)
R Panda (Midleton Second XI)
P Pande (Laurelvale)
R Pande (Laurelvale)
RC Panton (Clontarf)
L Pappan (Malahide Third XI)
L Pappan (Dundrum)
R Parashurama (Civil Service)
H Parekh (Phoenix Second XI)
S Parekh (Phoenix Second XI)
P Pargett (Instonians)
R Parhill (scorer)
P Park (Derriaghy)
P Park (Civil Service)
P Park (Irish Schools)
PS Park (Civil Service North, Ireland Under-15s, Ireland Under-17s, Northern Cricket Union Under-15s)
PS Park (Ulster Schools)
PS Park (Holywood)
A Parke (Killyclooney)
CP Parke (Pembroke)
M Parke (Strabane)
M Parke (Strabane)
A Parker (Pembroke)
CBD Parker (Dublin University)
F Parker (Military)
J Parker (Pembroke)
J Parker (Bangor)
TA Parker (Dublin University, Ireland, Leinster, Leprechauns, South Leinster)
TA Parker (Pembroke)
WT Parker (Phoenix)
A Parkes (Rush)
D Parkes (Dublin University)
D Parkes (Phoenix)
J Parkes (Carrickfergus)
M Parkes (Strabane)
H Parkhill (Limavady)
I Parkhill (Creevedonnell)
IN Parkhill (Carrickfergus)
M Parkhill (scorer)
R Parkhill (scorer)
R Parkhill (Ulster Town)
A Parkinson (Merrion, Merrion Second XI, Merrion Third XI)
DJ Parkinson (Merrion)
HV Parkinson (Leinster)
S Parkinson (Irish Schools, Leinster, Leprechauns, South Leinster)
S Parkinson (Merrion)
M Parks (Strabane)
V Parmar (Pembroke Second XI)
B Parmeter (umpire)
J Parmeter (umpire)
C Parnell (umpire)
CS Parnell (Lord Fitzwilliam's XI, Wicklow, Wexford and Carlow)
J Parnell (Coolattin, Dublin)
N Parnell (umpire, scorer)
D Parr (Cork County)
P Parr (Derriaghy)
WFG Parrott (Leinster)
B Parry (Academy)
MC Parry (Ireland, Warwickshire)
PD Parry (Dublin University)
PD Parry (Leinster)
B Parsons (Railway Union)
E Parsons (umpire)
L Parsons (Abberton and District, North Down)
T Partridge (YMCA Second XI)
T Partridge (Pembroke Second XI)
MN Paruk (Irish Universities)
A Parvez (Cork County)
Parvez Ali (Cork County)
H Pasha (Civil Service)
G Pasley (Dublin University, Irish Universities, Phoenix)
G Pasley (Leprechauns)
B Passgate (Dublin University)
JR Patchell (Dublin University Second XI)
D Patel (County Clare Second XI)
I Patel (Balbriggan)
M Patel (Leinster)
N Patel (Glendermott)
T Patel (Dublin University, Merrion)
S Pateman (Civil Service)
C Paterson (Leinster Second XI)
A Patil (Downpatrick)
M Patil (Leinster)
R Patil (Dundrum)
JK Patrick (Ulster)
EC Patrickson (County Wicklow)
EH Pattenden (North)
L Patternott
A Patterson (Cliftonville)
A Patterson (scorer)
A Patterson (Creevedonnell)
A Patterson (Fox Lodge)
AD Patterson (Bedfordshire, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Sussex)
B Patterson (Dublin University)
C Patterson (Leinster, Leinster Second XI, Saintfield)
G Patterson (Downpatrick)
G Patterson (North Down Second XI)
J Patterson (Dublin University)
J Patterson (Belfast Harlequins)
J Patterson (Civil Service North)
J Patterson (Civil Service North Second XI)
M Patterson (Sion Mills)
MW Patterson (Bedfordshire, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Surrey)
N Patterson (Cliftonville)
NJ Patterson (Royal School Armagh)
P Patterson (Ardmore)
P Patterson (Irish Universities)
R Patterson (Clontarf, Clontarf Second XI, Clontarf Third XI, Old Belvedere)
S Patterson (Sion Mills)
TJT Patterson (Ireland)
A Patton (Rathmines School Past and Present)
C Patton (Strabane, Strabane Second XI)
D Patton (Ardmore)
GR Patton (Phoenix)
J Patton (scorer)
J Patton (Church of Ireland Young Men's Society)
M Patton (Irish Universities)
R Patton (Strabane)
R Patton (North Down)
R Patton (Sion Mills)
T Patton (umpire)
T Patton jun (Strabane)
T Patton sen (Strabane)
T Patton Snr (scorer)
D Paul (Dublin University)
D Paul (Merrion Second XI, Merrion Third XI)
E Paul (Dragons Women)
L Paul (Ireland Women, Scorchers Women, Typhoons Women)
P Paul (Malahide, Malahide Second XI)
T Paul (Nenagh)
J Paul O'Dwyer (Leinster)
W Pawlett (Dublin)
J Peacock (Waringstown)
CI Peacocke (Dublin University)
JRH Peacocke (Dublin University, Ireland)
JB Peak (Irish Universities)
BW Peake (YMCA)
J Peake (Northern Cricket Union)
W Peake (Railway Union)
D Pearce (Dublin University)
WG Peare (Munster)
A Pearson (Bessbrook)
C Pearson (Curragh Camp)
D Pearson (Laurelvale)
D Pearson (St Johnston)
PA Pearson (Cork, Phoenix, Vice Regal Lodge)
R Pearson (Glendermott, Killymallaght)
R Pearson (Bonds Glen)
S Pearson (Phoenix)
S Pearson (Laurelvale)
W Pearson (Laurelvale)
W Pearson (Belfast Wanderers)
JN Peatt (University College, Dublin)
H Peel (Cork County)
J Peel (JS Pollock's XI)
A Peer (Old Belvedere)
IGM Peer (Pembroke)
D Peet (Cork Harlequins)
D Peet (Cork Harlequins Second XI, Cork Harlequins Third XI)
C Peirce (Coolattin)
C Peiris (Strabane)
Pemberton (Officers of Ireland)
WC Pemberton (Ireland)
WC Pemberton (Leinster)
WC Pemberton (Clontarf)
N Pembroke Scorer (scorer)
S Pender (UCC)
S Pendyala (Merrion Third XI)
G Pennell (Dublin, United Ireland Eleven)
JC Pennell (Ireland)
DN Penney (scorer)
AF Penny (Dublin University, Ireland)
AR Penny (Leinster, Leinster Second XI)
JAC Penny (Ireland, Maryborough)
JF Penny (Dublin)
JS Penny (Civil Service)
JW Penny (Civil Service)
PS Penny (Dublin)
R Penny (Civil Service, Dublin)
T Penny (Civil Service, Dublin)
H Pentland (Leinster)
D Peoples (scorer)
J Peoples (umpire)
Pepall (Woodbrook Club and Ground)
Pepper (Players of Dublin)
A Pepys (Armagh)
A Pepys (Military)
J Percy (Waringstown)
S Pereppadsan (Nenagh)
D Perera (Strabane)
V Perera (Bready)
Perfect (Portoro)
L Perrin (Phoenix)
C Perrins (Civil Service)
B Perrott (Cork Harlequins)
TC Perrott (Ireland, Leinster)
C Perry (Terenure)
J Perry (Downpatrick)
N Perry (Dublin University)
S Perry (umpire)
SR Perry (umpire)
FF Persse (Dublin University, Malvern College)
RA Persse (Ireland, Phoenix)
WA Persse (Phoenix)
A Pervaiz (Laois)
A Perves (Munster Reds)
C Peters (Donemana)
N Peters (Leinster Under-15s, Merrion, Merrion Third XI)
A Peterson (YMCA Second XI)
E Peterson (Phoenix)
N Peterson (Leinster)
S Peterson (Leinster)
M Petrie (Dublin University)
ME Petrie (Merrion)
M Petriw (Laois)
M Petriw (Laois)
N Petts (umpire)
JS Petty (Phoenix)
R Pharafurate (Civil Service)
J Phelan (Railway Union)
Phillips (Military)
Phillips (Leinster)
I Phillips (umpire)
J Phillips (umpire)
P Philson (Brigade)
R Philson (Brigade, Creevedonnell)
R Phipps (North Kildare)
J Piali (umpire)
DC Pickeman (Ireland)
C Pienaar (Newbuildings)
C Pienaar (Waringstown)
Pierce (Viscount Milton's XI of Carlow, Kilkenny and Coolattin Clubs)
Pierce (Eglinton)
A Pierce (Eglinton, Eglinton Second XI)
C Pierce (Eglinton)
M Pierce (Glendermott Second XI)
AR Pierse (Curragh Camp)
J Pierson (Postal Services)
G Piggott (Northern Cricket Union Under-13s)
Pigot (Phoenix)
DR Pigot (Dublin University, Irish Universities, North Leinster, Phoenix)
DR Pigot (Phoenix)
DR Pigot (Phoenix)
DR Pigot (Phoenix Park)
DR Pigot jun (Ireland)
DR Pigot sen (Dublin University, Ireland)
JE Pigot (Leprechauns, South Leinster)
JE Pigot (Railway Union)
JE Pigot (Railway Union)
JH Pigot (Phoenix)
JH Pigot (Pembroke)
JM Pigot (Phoenix, Stonyhurst College)
JPM Pigot (Dublin University, Europeans)
DR Pigot Jun (North Leinster)
DR Pigot Junior (Phoenix)
DR Pigot Senior (Phoenix)
JH Pigott (Ireland XI)
HAC Pike (Chippenham, Dublin University, Irish Universities)
J Pike (Cork, United South of Ireland Eleven)
RL Pike (Ireland, Na Shuler, United South of Ireland Eleven)
AH Pilkington (King William's College)
GK Pilkington (County Wicklow)
RKC Pilkington (Pembroke)
WG Pilkington (Dublin University)
A Pillai (Dundrum)
J Pillai (Dundrum)
JK Pillai (umpire)
JK Pillai (Dundrum)
JK Pillai (Dundrum)
R Pillay (Laois)
S Pillay (Glendermott)
S Pilly (Glendermott)
C Pim (Munster Under-15s)
JNR Pim (North)
WR Pinion (Downpatrick)
C Pinkerton (County Clare Second XI)
WJ Pinkerton (Dublin University)
Piper (Phoenix)
S Plant (North County, North County Second XI)
T Plant (North County)
A Pleass (Malahide)
Plumpton (Buttevant Garrison)
M Plunkett-Cole (Phoenix)
Poddington (North)
D Poder (Merrion, Merrion Second XI, Pembroke)
D Poff (Pembroke, Pembroke Second XI, Pembroke Third XI)
F Pogson (Cork)
S Pol (County Galway)
D Poland (Dundrum)
KA Poland (Ireland Under-23s Women)
M Polllock (Burndennett)
C Pollock (Burndennett)
C Pollock (scorer, umpire)
G Pollock (Burndennett)
JH Pollock (Royal School Armagh)
JS Pollock (Free Foresters, Ireland, Marylebone Cricket Club)
L Pollock (Burndennett)
M Pollock (Burndennett)
R Pollock (Knockharley)
S Pollock (Woodvale)
S Pollock (Ballymena)
W Pollock (Ireland, Woodbrook Club and Ground)
C Polloock (scorer)
WM Polson (scorer)
R Pook (Dublin University)
J Pope (scorer)
R Pope (Ireland Under-17s Women)
R Pope (scorer)
AM Porter (Dublin University)
D Porter (umpire)
G Porter (Creevedonnell, Strabane)
G Porter (Ardmore)
M Porter (Fox Lodge, St Johnston)
M Porter (Burndennett)
R Porter (South Leinster, South Leinster Under-19s, Ulster Town)
WTS Porterfield (Gloucestershire, Ireland, Marylebone Cricket Club, Warwickshire)
O Posgate (Dublin University)
M Poskett (Ireland Under-15s, Ireland Under-17s)
M Poskitt (North West Under-13s, North West Under-15s)
M Poskitt (Coleraine)
Posnett (Wicklow, Wexford and Carlow)
B Posnett (Officers of the Curragh Camp, Officers of the Garrison)
CE Posnett (Ireland)
RJ Posnett (Military, Rugby School)
G Potts (North West Under-15s)
M Potts (Greystones)
S Poulis (scorer)
R Poulose (Greystones)
R Poulouse (Greystones)
D Poulton (Carrickfergus, Swardeston, Swardeston Second XI)
Powell (Cork)
Powell (umpire)
B Powell (Dublin University)
F Powell (North of Ireland Cricket Club)
G Powell (Dublin)
GG Powell (Pembroke)
JA Powell (Dublin University)
P Powell (Phoenix)
C Power (Downpatrick)
C Power (Northern Cricket Union Under-17s)
D Power (Leinster)
DJ Power (scorer)
EM Power (scorer, umpire)
JVT Power (Cork County, Ireland, Ireland Under-19s, Ireland Under-21s, Munster, Munster Reds)
RW Power (Ireland)
C Powers (Northern Cricket Union Under-17s)
M Powers (scorer)
AD Poynter (Ireland, Middlesex)
SW Poynter (Durham, Ireland, Middlesex, Warwickshire)
L Prabakhar (County Clare Second XI)
Prabsharan Singh (Balbriggan)
A Pradeep (Merrion)
S Prakesh (Coleraine)
K Prasad (St Johnston)
V Prasanna (Malahide Second XI)
V Pratap (Eglinton)
Pratik (Malahide Second XI)
DM Pratt (Ireland Women)
DM Pratt (Phoenix)
DMM Pratt (Ireland)
JN Pratt (Merrion)
O Predergast (Ireland Under-17s Women)
C Prendergast (Dublin University, Irish Universities)
C Prendergast (scorer)
C Prendergast (Pembroke Third XI)
J Prendergast (Pembroke Second XI, Pembroke Third XI)
J Prendergast (scorer)
O Prendergast (Scorchers Women)
P Prendergast (Clontarf, Irish Universities, North Leinster)
P Prendergast (Scorchers Women)
AH Prentice (Armagh)
S Prentice (scorer)
J Preston (Bessbrook)
K Pretorious (Strabane)
N Pretorious (The Hills)
R Pretorious (Waringstown)
R Pretorious (North Down)
K Pretorius (Strabane)
R Pretorius (North Down)
K Pretorus (Strabane)
Price (Dublin, Vice Regal Lodge)
A Price (Ireland, Vice Regal Lodge)
A Price (United Ireland Eleven)
AE Price (Military)
AH Price (Dublin University)
AW Price (Military)
G Price (Bangor)
J Price (Dublin University)
JG Price (Phoenix)
K Price (Malahide)
S Price (Instonians)
SHR Price (Dublin University)
W Price (Downpatrick)
C Primmer (Munster Reds)
G Prince (Bangor)
K Prince (Fox Lodge)
A Pringle (The Hills)
C Pringle (Cork County)
MC Pringle (scorer)
C Prinner (Cork County)
HA Prior (Old Belvedere)
JA Prior (Ireland)
JA Prior (Old Belvedere)
JW Prior (Malahide)
L Prior (Clontarf Second XI)
N Prior (Irish Universities, North Leinster)
G Pritcher (YMCA)
S Proctor (Church of Ireland Young Men's Society)
WEP Protheroe-Beynon (umpire)
J Pryor (Malahide, Malahide Second XI)
J Pryor (scorer)
JWJ Pryor (Dublin University, Ireland Under-15s, Ireland Under-17s, Ireland Under-19s, Malahide, North Leinster)
V Puli (scorer)
S Pullbrook (Leinster, Leinster Second XI)
V Purbiya (Malahide Second XI)
P Purcell (Holywood)
CD Purdon (North)
HD Purdon (Ireland)
K Purewal (Strabane)
K Purewal Singh (Strabane)
M Purse (Ballymena)
FC Purser (Dublin University Long Vacation Club)
L Purton (Ireland Women)
S Pv (Nenagh)
A Pyne (Malahide, Malahide Second XI)
K Pyne (scorer)
K Pyne (Ireland Women)
N Pyne (North Kildare)
N Pyne (Leinster Second XI)





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